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wtf seeds

the seed is : 2607709163063854234

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WTF seed : 2607709163063854234

ok let me get this strait there is this seed that is unreal and as if it could happen BUT IT DID HAPPEN.

the seed is : 2607709163063854234

now you spawn in front of a pyramid seem normol but its in the JUNGLE! i had not explord around but WTF

its got 2 diamonds alot of bones and i can not remember the rest but still WTF i have not seen this before
if you dont belive me try it.

comment below if it works for you.
oh year its in 1.3.2

Nolalu Gold x Colombian Gold – none germed

WTF all my seeds are DEAD!



I went to Spain a while back, took a bunch of seeds with me. Now I’m finally getting round to trying to germ some and nothing is sprouting!

Blueberry IBL – none germed

Nolalu Gold x Colombian Gold – none germed

2001 Mr Nice SSH – none germed

Sweettooth #3 x Hawaiian – 3 out of 15 germed, 1 died after a week, other two struggling at 2 weeks old, will probably die

Blueberry x (SWT3/Hawaiian) – none germed

Kali Mist – none germed

Original Haze – none germed

Colombian Gold – none germed

Malawi Gold x Colombian Gold – none germed yet

Malawi Gold – none germed

Malawi Gold x (Colombian Gold x C99) – none germed

Durban Poison – none germed

This is crazy, nothing like this has happened before, could they have passed my suitcase through some machine that has killed my seeds? I am praying this isn’t the case as I had a lot of irreplaceable things! I still have seeds that never went to Spain, but less desirable lines, oh bummer!