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which marijuana seeds produce buds

Which marijuana seeds produce buds

Which Marijuana Seeds Produce Buds

Male, Female and Hermaphrodite

There are three general kinds of marijuana seeds that you could possibly encounter: male, female and hermaphrodite. And if you are a beginner in growing marijuana seeds, it is good for you to know which kind of seed to grow when you want to produce buds and harvest good quality weed in the future. But it’s an entirely different story if you want to breed marijuana seeds because this happens by pollination and with this process, female plants need the males who have the pollen in them. Therefore, knowing the gender of your seeds is really helpful because it is a first step to successful harvests.

Only Female Seeds produce Buds

Despite having three kinds of possible seed gender, only female seeds produce buds. However, the female seeds can turn into hermaphrodites during its growth stage, especially when it experiences a lot of stress. A hermaphrodite marijuana plant means that that particular plant is both male and female. When they undergo a lot of stress, its defense mechanism in order to make sure that it survives for propagation is to turn hermaphrodite. By being both male and female, it ensures itself that it can self pollinate and therefore produce offsprings.

Don’t waste time on Male seeds

But if you are a marijuana grower who wants to harvest buds with high THC levels in the future then you should not be wasting your time with the male seeds. However, the problem lies when your marijuana plants are still seeds. It is almost impossible to tell whether the seed is either male or female. Even expert growers have a hit and miss problem on this matter. This means that it would be extremely hard especially when you are a beginner. Therefore it is important to purchase your seeds from a trusted seller or a seed bank, if possible. Doing so will ensure that you have more success and less problems in the future.


As mentioned earlier, female plants can turn into hermaphrodites. This process happens mostly because of environmental stress. These stressors include change in light cycle during the flowering period (if they are not autoflowering), drastic and extreme changes in temperature, extreme dryness and damage to its parts in any physical way. Other factors could be the invasion of bugs and pests. Some pesticides and fungicides could cause conversion of female marijuana plants into hermaphrodites too.

Which marijuana seeds produce buds
Such stress includes changes to hours of darkness during flowering, dramatic changes in temperature, drought and physical damage.

Cannabis Plants: Male, female and hermaphrodite

Determining the gender of your cannabis plants is the first step to a successful grow. Female plants are the only ones that produce bud cannabis. While it is fairly easy to spot the gender difference, cannabis does come with a curveball. Plants can also be hermaphrodites. And female plants can switch to this state during growing stress.

Cannabis plants are not gender neutral. There are female plants, from which the actual bud flower comes. Male plants produce the pollen. However, the cannabis plant is a bit odd in this respect. Female plants can turn hermaphrodite in certain circumstances – meaning they are both male and female. This happens in a situation where the plant is highly stressed, and fears for its ongoing survival. It becomes both genders as a last resort to self-pollinate and continue to spread seeds.


Regular cannabis seeds are usually about 50% male and 50% female. The female plants produce bud cannabis. Male plants produce seed pods. They can also produce tiny amounts of THC via trichomes on the leaves. However, if you are not growing your cannabis as a science experiment don’t mess with male plants. It is a waste of time.

Obviously, particularly to the non-expert, all seeds look alike. That is why it is so important when growing cannabis, to buy seeds from a dealer or seed bank. While the plant is in the early stages of growing, it is also impossible to determine gender.

There is only one more problem. Cannabis plants can be both male and female in the right circumstances.


Cannabis is actually much like other plants – with most having this ability. In essence, female plants have the ability to develop male characteristics. This usually occurs thanks to environmental stress. Plants will develop male characteristics at a certain point in the grow cycle in an effort to ensure seeds are produced before the stressor can kill the plant.

Such stress includes changes to hours of darkness during flowering, dramatic changes in temperature, drought and physical damage.

There are other environmental factors which can stress a plant into a sex conversion. This includes as a reaction to insects or disease. It can also occur with the use or overuse of certain kinds of pesticides and fungicides.

However, this tendency is also considered to be a sign of inferior plants. A good mother plant will not show signs of hermaphroditism even when subjected to this kind of stress. All cannabis can turn, but high-quality genetics will resist the urge the most.

As in the human world, hermaphrodite plants are considered a bit strange. In the cannabis one, they are dreaded. Breeders suggest removing such plants from a grow. The reason? They could create accidental pollination of the buds. If a pollen sac from one of these plants is allowed to come in contact with the buds of other plants, those buds will stop developing. They will instead, produce more flowers and seeds.


The first sign of gender appears at the V shape on the plant where stalk meets stem. The plant will develop little green shoots or pre-flowers here. The plant may show pre-flowers when in the vegetative or growing stage. This is also more the case when the plant is a clone.

However, there are other ways to find out if any of your plants are hermaphrodites. The first is to check the kind of flowers they produce. The second comes at the end of the growing process. However, it is important to check before you grow the next time. If you find seeds in your harvested bud and you know you have no males, you have a hermaphrodite plant.


The first answer is an established breeder. The best way to start with an all-female crop is to buy the feminized seeds from an established source.

However, since this is a problem that will not disappear during the growing process, here are some guidelines for checking your grow.

Female plants take a bit longer than males to show signs of gender after flowering. The plants begin to develop a few wispy white hairs where the buds will soon grow. These flowers begin to form between the stalk and stem. Female pistils are always white (never green).

Male plants literally have grape-sized “balls” of pollen. The balls will show up about a week or two after the plant has entered the flowering stage. They also produce a growth that is a distinct yellow colour and look a bit like bananas.

If the male is allowed to continue growing, the pollen sacs will burst open. The pollen they spill can contaminate your other plants.

Hermaphrodite plants have both male and female flowers. That is also why it is so important to remove them.


While it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Growers who start with the right seeds and maintain a healthy grow environment do not have many problems. For this reason, however, it is important to watch your cannabis plants.

It is fairly easy to spot the difference in buds as the plants mature. That is also why it is generally a good idea to grow more than one plant – even the first time. Observation, practice and patience are the keys to a good and healthy grow. Feminized seeds produce femal plants 99% of time, and should one turn hemaphrodite, simply take care to remove it.