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where do marijuana seeds come from

Stress techniques will work but whatever genetic weakness caused the plants to produce a male flower under stress will be carried on to the seeds. This means the resulting seeds have a known tendency to produce hermaphrodites. Fortunately, environmental stress is not the only way to produce male flowers in a female plant.

Marijuana Cultivation/Producing Seeds


Sooner or later every grower is going to want to produce marijuana seeds. Developing a new stable strain is beyond the scope of this discussion and requires the ability to grow hundreds or even thousands of breeding plants. However, just about any grower can manage to preserve some genetics by growing f2 seeds where they have crossed a male and female of the same strain, or can produce a simple cross which would be referred to as strain1xstrain2 for instance white widow crossed with ak-47 would be referred to as a WW x AK-47. You can produce some excellent seed and excellent marijuana this way.

To Feminise or not to Feminise Edit

There are numerous myths surrounding feminized seeds. Feminizing seeds are a bit more work than simply crossing two plants naturally. However it will save you a lot of time in the end. If you make fem seeds properly then there is no increased chance of hermaphrodites and all seeds will be female. This means no wasted time and effort growing males and it means that all your viable seeds produce useful plants. Since roughly half of normal seeds are male this effectively doubles the number of seeds you have.

Feminized seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, which will be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers. For gardeners who require a quick and easy cultivation process, feminized seeds are the ideal choice. Some medicinal cannabis users may be deterred from growing their own supply because of the perceived difficulty of growing or of identifying the different genders and removing males early in the blooming period. Feminized seed-strains offer a simple solution to these issues, as there is no need to spend time in the first weeks of flowering checking for male plants.

Other times you will have no choice but to produce feminized seed because it will be a female plants genetics that you want to preserve and you won’t have any males. Perhaps you received these genetics via clone or didn’t keep males.

The new thing on the market for commercial Cannabis cultivation are auto-flowering feminized strains. By crossing of the cannabis ruderalis with Sativa and Indica strains many cultivators have created interesting hybrids which boast benefits from both sides of these families.

The first ‘auto-flowering cannabis seed’ which came on the market a few years ago was the Lowryder #1. This was a hybrid between a Cannabis ruderalis, a William’s Wonder and a Northern Lights #2. This strain was marketed by ‘The Joint Doctor’ and was honestly speaking not very impressive. The genetics of the ruderalis was still highly present which caused for a very low yield and little psychoactive effect. Not very attractive.

Auto-flowering cannabis and the easily distributed seed have opened a whole new market in the world of the online grow-shop, making it easy for home growers with shortage of space to grow rewarding cannabis plants in many different varieties. To grow plants indoors, a growing medium (e.g. soil or growing Potting soil, irrigation (water), fertilizer (nutrients), light and atmosphere need to be supplied to the plant.

Auto-flowers have been rising in popularity fast and there are now auto flower growers communities. These Web properties allow users to get information on how to grow these non photo-sensitive plants and what are the best practices when producing and germinating auto-flower seeds.

Selecting Suitable Parents Edit

There are a number of important characteristics when selecting parents. First are you making fem seeds? If you are then both parents will be female. This makes things easier. If not then the best you can do is select a male with characteristics in common with the females you hope to achieve from the seed.

Obviously potency, yield, and psychoactive effects are critical to the selection process. But some other important traits are size, odor, taste, resistance to mold and contaminants, early finishing and consistency.

Collecting and Storing Pollen Edit

In order to collect pollen you simply put down newspaper around the base of the plant. The pollen will fall from the plant onto the newspaper. You can then put this newspaper into a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator or freeze it. Pollen will keep for a few months in the refrigerator and can be used on the next crop. Filtering the pollen through a silkscreen, drying, and freezing can extend viability for decades. At least one reader indicates success using pollen treated in this manner and stored at -30 c for 17 years. The chance of viability does decrease with time, even in the freezer, so the more fresh the pollen the better. Wrapping the pollen in a layer of aluminum foil and then a layer of plastic should help to protect it from freezer burn. Additionally, oxygen evacuation such as with a heavy gas like nitrogen or vacuum sealing should provide additional assurance of preservation.

Pollinating a Plant Edit

To pollinate a plant you can brush the pollen on a flower with a cotton swab or you can take the plastic bag, then wrap the flower inside it and shake, trapping the pollen inside for easier transportation. In this way you can selectively pollinate plants and even individual buds and branches.

Male Isolation Edit

A male plant or a plant with male flowers will pollinate your entire crop rendering it seedy. You probably don’t want THAT many seeds so how can you avoid it? Moving the male to another room might work but if that other room shares an air path via ducting or air conditioning then pollen may still find its way. One technique is to construct a male isolation chamber.

A male isolation chamber is simply a transparent container such as a large plastic storage tub turned on its side (available at your local megamart). Get a good sized PC fan that can be powered with pretty much any 12v wall adapter, by splicing together the + (yellow or red on fan, usually dotted on power adapter) and the – wires (black on fan, usually dotted power adapter) just twist with the like wire on the other device and then seal up the connection with electric tape. Then take a filtrate filter and cut out squares that fit the back of the pc fan so that the fan pulls (rather than pushes) air through the filter. Tape several layers of filter to the back of the pc fan so all the air goes through the filter. Now cut a large hole in the top of the plastic container and mount the pc fan over top of it so it pulls air out the box. You can use silicon sealant, latex, whatever you’ve got that gives a good tight seal.

This can be used as is, or you can cut a small intake in the bottom to improve airflow. Pollen won’t be able to escape the intake as long as the fan is moving but you might put filter paper over the intake to protect against fan failures. You can also use grommets to seal holes and run tubing into the chamber in order to water hydroponically from a reservoir outside the chamber. Otherwise you will need to remove the whole chamber to a safe location in order to water the plant or maintain a reservoir kept inside the chamber.

Making Feminized Seed Edit

To make feminized seed you must induce male flowers in a female plant. There is all sorts of information on the Internet about doing this with light stress (light interruptions during flowering) and other forms of stress. The best of the stress techniques is to simply keep the plant in the flowering stage well past ripeness and it will produce a flower (with seed).

Stress techniques will work but whatever genetic weakness caused the plants to produce a male flower under stress will be carried on to the seeds. This means the resulting seeds have a known tendency to produce hermaphrodites. Fortunately, environmental stress is not the only way to produce male flowers in a female plant.

The ideal way to produce feminized seed through hormonal alteration of the plant. By adding or inhibiting plant hormones you can cause the plant to produce male flowers. Because you did not select a plant that produces male flowers under stress there is no genetic predisposition to hermaphroditism in the seed vs plants bred between a male and female parent. There are actually a few ways to do this, the easiest I will list here.

Colloidal Silver (CS) Edit

This is the least expensive and most privacy conscious way to produce fem seed. CS has gotten a bad name because there is so much bad information spread around about its production and concentrations. It doesn’t help that there are those who believe in drinking low concentration colloidal silver for good health and there is information mixed in about how to produce that low concentration food grade product. Follow the information here and you will consistently produce effective CS and know how to apply it to get consistent results.

Simply construct a generator using a 9-12 v power supply (DC output, if it says AC then its no good) that can deliver at least 250ma (most wall wart type power supplies work, batteries are not recommended since their output varies over time). The supply will have a positive and negative lead, attach silver to each lead (contrary to Internet rumors, you aren’t drinking this so cheap 925(92.5%) Stirling silver is more than pure enough. You can expose the leads by clipping off the round plug at the end and splitting the wires, one will be positive and the other negative just like any old battery. Submerge both leads about 2-3 inches apart in a glass of distilled water (roughly 8 oz). Let this run for 8-24 hrs (until the liquid reads 12-15 ppm) and when you return the liquid will be a purple or silver hue and there may be some precipitate on the bottom.

This liquid is called colloidal silver. It is nothing more or less than fine particles of silver suspended in water so it is a completely natural solution and is safe to handle without any special precautions. The silver inhibits female flowering hormones in cannabis and so the result is that male flowering hormone dominates and male flowers are produced.

To use the silver, spray on a plant or branch three days prior to switching the lights to 12/12 and continue spraying every three days until you see the first male flowers. Repeated applications after the first flowers appear may result in more male flowers and therefore more pollen. As the plant matures it will produce pollen that can be collected and used to pollinate any female flower (including flowers on the same plant).

Silver Thiosulfate (STS) Edit

Silver Thiosulfate is a substance that has similar principle, application and results of CS, but is more difficult to make. STS is more difficult to acquire, but it can still be obtained directly from a chemical supply company. STS is not an expensive or controlled substance.

Gibberellic Acid (GA3) Edit

This is probably the most popular way to produce feminized seed, but at the same time the least effective. GA3 is a plant hormone that also causes the plant to stretch uncontrollably. It can be purchased readily in powdered form, a quick search reveals numerous sources on e-bay for as little as $15. Simply add to water to reach 100ppm concentration and spray the plant daily for 10 days during flowering and male flowers will be produced.

Where do marijuana seeds come from
Dip the brush bristles in your chosen sterilization liquid and wait for them to dry completely before working. When you are ready to start, wear clean clothes and put on some clean latex gloves, or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Where do marijuana seeds come from

Produce your own marijuana seeds by selectively pollinating one or more flowers on a female plant, rather than the entire plant, with pollen from a male plant. When the plant is harvested, a single small flower that was pollinated will contain at least ten seeds.

By producing your own seeds, you will always have a steady supply to start new plants from, trade with other growers you know, or sell. You will not have to pay for seeds that can be expensive and/or hard to acquire.

Seeds should be stored in a cool, dark, dry environment to maximize their life span. A fridge with low humidity levels is a good place for seed storage.

The male and female marijuana plants have to be the same strain unless you are experienced with breeding, and working on creating new strains. You can not just cross two different strains, the resulting seeds will be genetically unstable.

Once the sex of the plants is apparent, male plants should be removed from the area the female plants are growing in, or they will pollinate all the female flowers, also called buds, in the grow room.

That means you will need 2 grow areas that are separated far enough away from each other so there is no chance of male pollen accidentally reaching female plants.

Unless you need thousands of seeds, it is better to pollinate a limited number of female flowers. Marijuana from buds that have been pollinated will be less potent than marijuana from buds that have not been pollinated, so it is in your best interest to keep the number of flowers producing seed to a minimum.

By selectively pollinating a limited number of female marijuana flowers, the potency of the remainder of the crop won’t suffer.

After a few weeks flowering, the pollen sacks on the male plant will open and release pollen. Pollen can be seen on leaves that are under sacks that have opened.

Collect some pollen by brushing the pollen sacks on a flowering male plant while holding a clean sterilized plate underneath. The plate will catch some of the pollen as it falls from the pollen sacks.

After collecting the pollen, bring it to the area where the females are growing. Turn all fans off and make sure no breeze will blow the pollen into the air. If necessary, cover the plate with a bowl or something that will serve a similar purpose.

Choose one or more flowers on a female plant for pollinating. It is best to choose small flowers that are lower down on the plant. Keep in mind that each small flower you pollinate will produce at least 10-50 seeds.

Pollinating smaller flowers is done so the larger buds are not affected while the smaller flowers produce seed. It does not mean that the seeds will be of lesser quality, just that the premium marijuana isn’t sacrificed on seed production when lower quality flowers can serve the purpose just as well.

When you have decided which flowers to pollinate, load some pollen on your paintbrush by pressing the bristles into the pollen that you’ve collected on the plate.

Brush all over the flower very gently so that you’ve covered every bit of the flower that can be accessed by the brush. Repeat this process a few times, spending 1-2 minutes per flower. Add more pollen to the paintbrush if you think it necessary.

Do this gently as if you were painting the flower. You do not want any pollen getting in the air where it could land on other flowers not intended to produce seed. Turn fans off during this procedure, and if possible leave them off for a day or two after.

If you require fans that will blow on pollinated flowers, then it is best to cover them for 2-4 days with a plastic baggie, coarse cheesecloth, or something else that will cover the flowers, while letting some light through, and prevent the pollen from being blown off and into the air.

When you remove the covering, do it just after the fans turn off for the night. This is so any pollen disturbed won’t be blown onto other flowers. Also the fans will be off for a few hours after, so any pollen you disturb and get in the air will have a chance to settle, away from other flowers.

After you have covered as much of the flower as possible, you can stop, or repeat the process on another flower. Do this until all the flowers you want to pollinate are done.

When you finish doing that, mark the flowers that have been pollinated with a twist tie, red twist ties are usually very easy to see, or something else that makes the pollinated flowers easy for you to identify.

When harvest time comes, it is a simple task to find and keep track of the pollinated flowers. Dry them with the rest of the crop, and do not use heat to speed drying or you could kill the seed.

When the bud is dry enough you can break it up and remove any seeds. To grow plants from seed, the process is started by initiating germination. Instructions for germinating marijuana seed is located here.

A) Turn all fans off, make sure there is no breeze.
B) Brush pollen sacks on a flowering male plant.
C) Hold a plate underneath to collect pollen that falls.
D) Transport pollen to female plants.
E) Choose female flower(s) for pollinating.
F) Load some pollen on an artist paintbrush.
G) Brush pollen all over female flower gently.
H) Try to cover every bit of the flower you can.
I) Mark the flowers that have been pollinated.
J) Gather seeds after harvesting and drying the crop.
K) Store seeds in cool, dark, dry environment.
L) If possible, keep between 40-60°F/4-15°C.

List Of Materials
twist ties
artist paint brush
male marijuana plant
female marijuana plant
clean cloth or paper towels
hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

1 — Cleanliness is very important. The paint brush must be restricted to seed production only. Sterilize the plate and brush with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Put it on a cloth or paper towel and wipe the entire plate and brush handle.

Dip the brush bristles in your chosen sterilization liquid and wait for them to dry completely before working. When you are ready to start, wear clean clothes and put on some clean latex gloves, or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.

2 — Try to select the best male and female plants you have available when producing marijuana seed. Do not include unhealthy or scrawny specimens just because they are there.

3 — Dry the flowers that have been pollinated with the rest of the crop they came from. When they have dried fully, gather the seeds together so they can be stored until they are needed.

4 — For long term storage, dry seed can be housed in plastic or paper. Some people have reasons for choosing one over the other.

5 — Warm temperatures and high humidity will reduce the lifespan of marijuana seed. Stored in an area that is dark and dry with temperatures of 60°F/16°C or more, they will remain viable for up to 1 year.

6 — Stored at temperatures between 40-60°F/4-15°C in a dark and dry area like a fridge, marijuana seed will remain viable for at least 1 year, and up to 3 years, after the plant they were produced by has been harvested.

As a seed ages, it loses vitality. This means seed that is too old will take longer to germinate, and the resulting plant will grow slower and be less resistant to disease and other things that a healthy plant can fight off.

When germinating older seed to produce a crop with, choose the seeds that germinate quickest and exclude any seeds that are slow to germinate or look unhealthy after germinating.

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