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weed seeds growing indoors

Below you see our top 5 best cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

Best cannabis seeds for indoor growing

Due to the many advantages growing indoors has become very popular over the years. However, not all the strains are suitable for indoor cultivation. Finding the best weed seeds for indoor can therefore take some time. Especially when you have a lot of choice like here at You will compare different types and look for a species that meets your needs in terms of tastes, yields, flowering time, effects and flavors. Probably many species will meet your criteria. Therefore making a choice can be hard.

Which cannabis seeds are best for indoor growing?

Do you already have experience with growing indoors? Then you probably already know from experience which species are suitable for indoor cultivation. However, this doesn’t apply to everyone. In addition, experienced growers may also require a new specie to grow indoors. In those cases it’s convenient when someone provides you a top 5 with the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

That’s why we present a top 5 with our best marijuana seeds for indoor growing . Moreover, the seeds listed here are suitable for both novice and advanced growers. In that way every reader can take advantage of this article.

Top 5 best cannabis seeds for indoors

Below you see our top 5 best cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

1. Critical feminized

Our Critical feminized seeds are probably one of the best weed seeds to grow indoors and not without reason. Critical is very suitable for extremely small spaces, the strain is easy to grow, has a very short flowering time, will reach a height of about 1.2 meters and the yields are quite large. When the plant is pruned at the bottom, the buds grow at the top. In that way it’s possible to position up to 16 plants per m2. This allows the yields to reach up to 500 grams per m2.

2. AK feminized

The AK feminized seeds are one of our favorite >best indoor cannabis seeds . The ak 47 seeds are in second place in this top 5, but actually this strain deserves a shared first place. Thanks to the genetics (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani) the AK is known for its extremely high mold resistance and high yields wich can reach up to 600 grams per m2. A very stable strain and easy to grow. With the AK, a harvest failure is almost impossible.

3. Amnesia Haze feminized

Amnesia Haze is another >best indoor cannabis strains . The strain is worldwide known because of its very high THC level. Thanks to its properties Amnesia Haze is very suitable for indoor cultivation. The only “drawback” we can think of is the relatively long flowering time of 10 to 12 weeks. However, every disadvantage has its advantage. Due to the long flowering period the weed is extremely strong, the yields can reach 650 grams per m2 and both the taste and the smell are sublime.

4. Northern Lights feminized

Many experienced breeders won’t be surprised that we listed Northern Lights feminized in this top 5. Northern Lights is an easy to grow strain with yields up to 550 grams per m2 and a very short flowering period of just 7 – 8 weeks! Moreover, the weed is loved by practically every cannabis enthusiast. Haven’t you tried this strain yet? You should! Ask many a grower and he will recommend this strain.

5. Power Plant feminized

Last but not least … Power Plant. You won’t see Power Plant listed in the most top 5 lists online. However, in our opinion Power Plant is one of the best indoor cannabis varieties and undervalued as an indoor plant. The strain has all the characteristics that an indoor grower needs. A relatively short flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks, a high mold resistance, easy to grow, a short plant height and yields up to 550 grams per m2. In short: what do you want more?

We ship our products internationally and we use stealth delivery. So, no matter where your home is, ordering indoor plant seeds with us is safe. Even the mailman will not have a clue that you ordered indoor weed to grow. Our envelopes are anonymous and do not have any marijuana-related content on it. Make sure your transaction description doesn’t have that too than our little secret stays a secret.

Indoor Seeds

Growing cannabis indoors

Do you want to be growing cannabis indoors? Our range of indoor plant seeds refers to plants that are particularly recommended for indoor growing. Although all of them do well in a greenhouse and outdoors, these seeds grow to their full potential when growing cannabis indoors. Here at AMS, you will find some of the all-time best, award-winning indoor marijuana seeds. These strains were selected because they thrive in indoor conditions, giving you the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing cannabis indoors now.

Excellent seeds for indoor growing

The indoor marijuana seeds of the Dutch seed bank Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are premium quality. If you are a fan of indoor growing, you will see our seeds are bursting with life. We have a wide range of Indica, Sativa, hybrids and more. After you set up your indoor grow room, the next step is to decide which indoor seeds you would like to grow.

How to pick your ultimate favorite indoor weed?

To pick your favorite indoor weed, you need to make a selection of the aspects you are looking for. Like the size of the plant, the growing time it needs, the period of flowering and the yield. Of course, the flavor of the plant and the effect your indoor weed has on you is very important too in making a choice.

Handy marijuana seeds table

Growing weed indoors for the first time? It matters if you are an experienced breeder or if you are just starting out. Growing weed indoors can be easy, but with some seeds, indoor growing can be a hell of a job so you need all the experience you can get. Use our marijuana seeds table to make your choice, so you can reach a full harvest of the indoor weed of your desires.

Stealth and guaranteed delivery

We ship our products internationally and we use stealth delivery. So, no matter where your home is, ordering indoor plant seeds with us is safe. Even the mailman will not have a clue that you ordered indoor weed to grow. Our envelopes are anonymous and do not have any marijuana-related content on it. Make sure your transaction description doesn’t have that too than our little secret stays a secret.

AMS: your excellent seed bank

AMS is the best seed bank worldwide. Situated in Amsterdam the weed capital of the world, we have the privilege to work with the best growers. They select and improve our range of indoor marijuana seeds, as well as the regular, feminized, and outdoor seeds. We have an impressive assortment of more than 100 sorts of weed seeds and useful and fun products.

High-quality indoor weed for affordable prices

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you can get high-quality indoor marijuana seeds at affordable prices. As you could read above, we have a wide range of product for growing weed indoors. You can make a selection between indoor weed that is easy, moderate or difficult to grow. All our indoor seeds are selected by the best Dutch breeders we have worked with for years.

Get the best out of your space with indoor growing

With indoor growing, you don’t always have a lot of space. But hey, that’s why indoor plant seeds grow into strains that stay short. Make sure all the elements in your space are stable: the amount of light, the temperature, proper ventilation, a humid atmosphere, water of good quality and be aware of bugs and pests. So take precautions before starting growing your seeds indoors.

Tip: Check out our Grow Guide to find out what your plants favor while growing marijuana indoors.

Passion for indoor weed

Over the years, we’ve gained lots of experience. Ever since AMS started, 15 years ago, we have had only one priority: share our passion for marijuana, an acquaintance in growing and our enthusiasm with you. Therefore, we are always happy to help you out. All you have to do is ask: mail or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We can answer all your questions about growing cannabis indoors or the best starting seeds indoors.

Customer: “AMS seeds are first class”

AMS guarantees that their collection of weed seeds is of excellent quality. It isn’t any different in our range of indoor marijuana seeds. Service, expertise, and discreteness are all synonyms for Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. What is your experience with the Dutch seed bank AMS? Please share it with us too on Kiyoh.

AMS: all you need for indoor growing

Order your high-quality indoor marijuana seeds now online at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. We offer the best supplies you need for starting to grow seeds indoors, and at affordable prices. Buy a package of ten indoor seeds and get extra seeds for free. Stay up to date about discounts and other actions, sign up for our newsletter.

Needed when growing weed indoors: good fertilizer

Make sure you have proper supplies when you’re growing weed indoors. Think about the nutrients, kits, soil, and lighting such as fluorescent or LED lights. Besides that, fertilizer is a fundamental part of a good harvest. It is necessary for growing weed indoors, like for the root formation and the development of a strong plant. Our marijuana fertilizer is a product of excellent quality. Try the organic Flower Power Fertilizer.

Harvesting indoor marijuana is exciting. Period! So start growing marijuana indoors now with the best indoor seeds available. You’ll find them at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

The best flavors

We’ve got over 120 strains of marijuana seeds, with the best flavors at AMS. Enjoy classics like Medijuana, White Widow and Super Nova Feminized.