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wedding crasher seeds

Wedding crasher seeds
Banana OG x Purple Punch F2 (REGS)

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2 (REGS)

10 seeds in a pack


Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2 (REGS)

10 seeds in a pack

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  • Archive Genetics (28)
  • Cannarado (41)
  • Cannarado – Daily Driver (6)
  • Cannarado – Sundae Driver (16)
  • Capulator (1)
  • Clearwater Genetics (14)
  • Compound Genetics (23)
  • Cookies (4)
  • CSI Humbolt (9)
  • Cult >(10)
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  • In House Genetics (8)
  • Just Dropped New Seeds (50)
  • Karma Genetics (5)
  • Mamiko Seeds (0)
  • M >(3)
  • Mota Rebel Genetics (3)
  • Mystery Box (0)
  • North Genetics (4)
  • Obsoul33t (8)
  • Oni Seed Co (24)
  • Pheno Addicts (10)
  • Phinest (2)
  • Pirates Seeds (5)
  • Relentless Genetics (19)
  • Second Generation Genetics (7)
  • Seed Junky Genetics (53)
  • Sin City Seeds (10)
  • Symbiotic Genetics (12)
  • The Captains Connection (7)
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  • LA Pop Rockz $ 150.00
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Wedding crasher seeds
A small amount of phenotypes were Cookies dominant, and had a earthy spicy flavor with hints of black pepper & fuel.

Wedding Crasher Seeds By Symbiotic Genetics Will Be Available Saturday 12/02


This Saturday 12/02/17 at 9 a.m. will be the premiere release of Wedding Crasher seeds by Symbiotic Genetics. Don’t miss on this epic seed drop! They will sell out fast. $200 per pack. 10 seeds per pack. Limit 2 packs per member.

This highly anticipated release from Symbiotic is a cross of Wedding Cake (bred by Seed Junky Genetics & sourced from Jungle Boys) and Budologist’s flagship Purple Punch F2 stud male.

The first round of tester phenos flowered out by The Village displayed many notable characteristics from both of Wedding Crasher’s parents.

Most phenos flowered so far by The Village leaned slightly more towards their Wedding Cake ancestry, featuring robust indica dominant buds with a mellow earthy kushy food-like aroma. Grinding down buds from these phenos brings out a ‘woodsy campfire spicy fuel’ essence from Wedding Cake‘s TK & Cookies ancestry. The effect from these phenos have a deeply relaxing ‘thick buzzing body-high’ with the power of classic OG/Cookies cultivars.

Other phenotypes are more Purple Punch dominate; very reminiscent of old-school Grandaddy Purple from years back (before it was watered down). These phenos have notes of skunky GDP, Urkle, gourmet coffee, and Punch’s signature synthetic perfume-like blue sports drink fragrance. The effect on these phenos is more smooth & soothing much like Purple Punch, but with added strength. Ideal for relaxing muscles and decreasing anxiety.

A small amount of phenotypes were Cookies dominant, and had a earthy spicy flavor with hints of black pepper & fuel.

This cross is notably strong! The Wedding Cake adds a lot of medicinal strength to the Punch, and the Punch brings out a more complex flavor and soothing anti-anxiety qualities.

The flowering time on this strain is 10 weeks. Most phenos were average/high yielding. The Cookies dominant phenotypes have the lowest yield.

There are an abundance of wonderful phenotypes to be found in these seed packs . ENJOY!!

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Pictured is The Village’s phenotype #4, which was a very balanced hybrid. Notes of both TK and GDP in the flavor.

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Available Saturday December 02 here at SSCC and at TLC in Los Angeles.

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Each seed in each vial is genetically unique. There are unlimited possibilities.

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Pictured is The Village’s phenotype #18; a Punch dominant phenotype with a flavor and nose very similar to GDP, but with added skunkiness.