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trip seeds

Trip seeds
Pensando en aquellos amantes de las indicas hemos realizado este hibrido cruzando nuestra m�tica Herijuana con un macho con tonalidades purpura de DeepChunk/Panama, Hibrido recomendado tanto para SOG como Scrog. Cogollos ba�ados en tricomas desde los primeros estadios florales, con aromas florales con dejo a crema. Una aut�ntica joya que florece como indica pero de aspecto m�s sativo que hacemos llegar a los apasionados de las indicas.

Trip seeds

Here you can find all info about H.D.P from Trip Seeds. If you are searching for information about H.D.P from Trip Seeds, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

H.D.P is a mostly indica variety from Trip Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±62 days ) and outdoors . Trip Seeds’ H.D.P is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Trip Seeds’ H.D.P Description

Pensando en aquellos amantes de las indicas hemos realizado este hibrido cruzando nuestra m�tica Herijuana con un macho con tonalidades purpura de DeepChunk/Panama, Hibrido recomendado tanto para SOG como Scrog. Cogollos ba�ados en tricomas desde los primeros estadios florales, con aromas florales con dejo a crema. Una aut�ntica joya que florece como indica pero de aspecto m�s sativo que hacemos llegar a los apasionados de las indicas.

2do lugar CABA 2013 categoria Hash, Argentina
2do lugar Copa Uruguay 2013 categor�a Hash, Uruguay
3er lugar Kta del fin del mundo 2013, Argentina

Genotipo: Herijuana x DC/Panama
Altura: 130-180
Rendimiento: Alto
Floraci�n: 58-65 d�as

Sorry, no proper english description up to now!

Trip seeds
Don’t fuck with these. Get lsd or something. All I expirence on 7 was extreme nausea chewing it with tea. Really not worth it at all, you just feel a little funny and really really sick.

Trip seeds

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are one of our most popular products. But what do these seeds actually do? Are they really that trippy?

Let us explain with the short preparation and trip guide for Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.

What is Hawaiian baby woodrose?

The seeds of the Argyreia nervosa contain a naturally occurring tryptamine called LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide), which is closely related to LSD. It is a member of the Convolvulaceae family which also includes the morning glory (Ipomoea).

Hawaiian baby woodrose effects

The trip you experience is similar to LSD -though less intense- and can last 6 to 8 hours. Effects include euphoria, tranquillity and visuals. But the one defining effect people report on during a trip is the severely altered perception of time and space.

Common side effects include nausea (particularly when chewing the seeds), dilated eyes and typical hangover feelings such as vertigo.


To start with, a few warnings: don’t underestimate the powerful effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and always have a sitter present. You may just need that extra hand when you find yourself melting into your couch. What seems cool at first can quickly become a nauseating nightmare that goes on for hours.

The seeds themselves can be chewed but the husk is what causes nausea, so this method of consuming the seeds is usually not a very pleasant way of taking LSA seeds. Grind the seeds in a coffee grinder, then soak them in purified water (not tap water) for 24 hours. Afterwards, filter the ground seeds (for example with a coffee filter) and drink the resulting material as a tea. Drink slowly over a period of 20 – 40 minutes. This process reduces the toxins you ingest when chewing the seeds, and should reduce nausea.

How many seeds you need to trip differs from person to person, but here are some general guidelines. First-time users should ‘test the water’ with no more than 2 or 3 seeds. For an average Baby Woodrose dosage we recommend 4 – 8 seeds, be very careful with taking more. Take the seeds on an empty stomach.

Guide video

Trip reports

A few bits and pieces from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose reviews and trip reports added by Azarians:

  • In-finit-E: I could see my thoughts and I could dissect light beams into single strands of rays. I felt pure. in tune with the cosmos.
  • Ladyyaga: HBWR is NOT a recreational drug. It is an amazing teacher, though. Folks should take enough but not too much. Enough that it will blow your mind, but not too much as it is rough on the stomach.
  • Seedlover: Giant lizards bowed down to me as they marvelled in my strength to open each and every jar in my fridge.
  • – Martin: I was seeing rainbows and teddy bears and my whole room turned cartoony.
  • – PRGRM: It’s like salvia 100x, times infinity. not for the casual.
  • – Andrea: Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are not a joke. It’s not a thing to do to have just fun, they are very very powerful, it’s a very strong experience. Never do it alone. please believe me.

So are you ready for a psychedelic challenge full of strange animals, cosmic love and cartoony weirdness? You can find Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds in our smartshop.


In case we didn’t make it clear yet; don’t be fooled by the word ‘baby’. It’s better to feel nothing and slightly increase the dose next time, than to experience your stomach turning inside out and projectile vomiting.

More information

Image: Michael Le Roi under Creative Commons license


hawk 19-05-2012 09:28:27

Great guide to lalaland, thanks a lot!

jinjin 12-10-2012 16:36:33

idk ive tripped plenty of times alone as well with my girl. I dont see no harm in it if you’ve experienced with psychedelics. But i agree, dont go overboard and limit yourself. cause the longterm health effects are actually painful.

psychonaut 02-03-2013 07:50:33

I have ingested HBWR seeds quite a few times now. No visual effects for me. Although I did get a nice body high and a couch-lock. They are definitely a teacher and not a recreational psychedelic.

thefourthhorse 27-08-2013 04:34:54

first time right here and now. sub lingual admin. about fifteen minutes in and im aa bit nauseous.

LSD25 09-10-2013 11:19:15

I say love the teacher, just have someone with you doing it, with the best friend who is my brother, love him to death me and him far, and we experience so much, and LSA great but LSD25 is not for weak ones, and trip lasting for 18 hours, found so many answers to my questions, and felt depressed for month just because the beauty wasn’t there after all effects are gone, and I felt I had to protect it and have everyone in the world experience at the same time

Big mike 20-10-2013 15:17:39

Just did them last night. Me and my freind thought that it was just going to make us feel awful, then after about 2hours, we were in a penara bread and started noticing the effect clearly. It creeps up on you, let me tell ya. Best sleep you’ll ever have in ur life afterwords though.

son 23-04-2014 20:19:38

yeah , best sleep because you never wake up ,my friend died off just 4 of them . nah BULLSHIT! me and my mates had them and it was alright , it was a nice feeling when i took (8). but i wanted a good trip so i took 3 more , not a good idea i didn’t vomit(although i have a strong stomach) but ifelt like i could not fathom anything , i merely just kept saying ‘ i don’t know ‘ too everything and i felt very agitated and just wanted to sleep . although when i was just on the 8 seeds it was wonderful, you felt like you could connect with everyone and anything around you , i recommend

blahblahh 08-08-2014 01:08:41

Yeah good stuff for ANYTHING in my opinion. if the body load isn’t there, its a heavenly time. If you eat them straight or just get too many bad alkaloids, you’re doomed to hell most likely. You can get yourself a month long hangover or a month long-after glow. be smart. if a setting sounds bad in any way, don’t do it, wait for a better day no matter how much you don’t want to. you’ll feel out of it day after. I can work retail day after no problem. But then again I can go to work tripping no problem. LOL. Have fun. Not much of a recreational drug, but potentially super therapeutic and beautiful with values way beyond something like a fun recreational time you would be trying for on weed. It teaches everything you already know.

tittieslover 13-12-2014 04:16:15

LoveLSA: when you use theright way, I took massive amounts of morning glory for a few months and bleh never again, Ill stick to HBWR seads from now on, if I ever trip LSA again, I think Ill stick too the magic truffle from now on. Or CCC’s which is my fave. My suboxone makes it 1000 x more fun 😉 but honestly I’m clean right now and Idk if I want to go back, there’s too much negative effects from all my using, I wish I had never used heroine and meth. ruiend my life. Think Ill stick too the good memmories I have. Believe me I have enough too get me through 🙂 much love ya’ll keep trippin for my addicted ass!

Hindsight 16-03-2015 11:43:14

It takes so long for them to kick in so me and my mate ended up munching through 32 each.
It was an experience and a half and felt like death the next morning but the trip was amazing

Poon the slayer 20-04-2015 00:39:38

This shit is intense, don’t ever fuck with it in a high dose. My first time I took around 1,300 mg seeds, my own conscious became louder than my voice and I couldn’t tell wether I was talking or not. Over all trip was great lots of geometric shapes. I’ve moved on to HBWR seeds so I won’t have to ingest as much.

AAAAAAAEEZAAAAAZZA< 03-01-2016 02:36:49

damn. HBWS is awesome. it takes a bit to kick in [my mate learned the hard way poor soul took 10 and had to get her stomach pumped] but if you take like 3 or 4 you get a nice trip after an hour to an hour and a half

Couchpotato 03-02-2016 21:46:30

Did it once, was good trip although by chewing them the back of my troat got numb. I have some left for making a tea next time. Hopefully that would negate the feeling.

Bigsmoke 13-02-2016 18:05:20

These things are awesome haha took 8 when I was like 14 and lost the Use of my ears haha thought everyone was messing me around until I started messing around with the tv to make sure it wasn’t on mute, also watched my clock for a fair while as it was going insane also haha highly recommend I chewed that shit at 14 and wasn’t a thing wrong with it so anyone who complains is just a girl or too bent to handle the perks of Mother Nature

Ganjababiee 09-04-2016 18:03:58

How long does it take to kick i . I’ve eaten 8 and its been about an hour

Reveriesmoker 21-05-2016 07:32:18

I tried morning glory few days ago. the stomach sickness was pretty bad but once passed that it was pretty heavenly. colors were vibrant,objects proportions were changing ( literally turning big then becoming small) i reached out to the cabinet and it started shifting away. at the peak i played some jazz on the piano and was laughing at the same time my brain felt like it was having an orgasm. anyway i just took woodrose seeds right now lets see how it goes fam.

trippyhippy16 19-07-2016 16:34:36

I took 1 after another after another so I took 3 altogether lol, was expecting more than I got but I got a euphoric feeling from them although I have tripped before. Next time illl be taking twice as much ⚠

Av 26-07-2016 13:16:45

I took 4 of them and I just had tons of pain all over my body for about 3 hrs. Didn’t experience any hallucinations whatsoever next time I’ll try and take 8

Qqq 01-08-2016 12:06:08

I do not recommend. Awful feelings of sickness. Very bad cramping.

JohnD 14-08-2016 09:47:08

Scraped the seeds with the some sand paper, burnt the ends a wee bit then drenched them in water, it’s day 12 after the seeds and I’m still feeling kinda shitty, should I be worried ?

JohnD 14-08-2016 09:47:56

I had 6 by the way but didn’t extract them :S

L$A 17-08-2016 03:44:47

I have a question I once took 100 hbwr seeds and the effects were crazy I was hardcore tripping for 3 days straight then I passed out for 3 hour then woke up and felt slight euphoria. A little bit later I felt fine no damage. So can anyone explain how this didn’t kill me or damage me?

ET 17-08-2016 07:42:18

You’re dead m8. This is heaven

L$A 19-08-2016 07:52:20

Then where r all the bitchs mate? Jk, but anyway I’m just wondering bcuz now if I eat 100 seeds nothing happens even after a year of being sober, can any explain?

HRLSA 26-08-2016 00:40:06

New to it, first time but ordering soon. Any tips?

L$A 01-09-2016 03:43:01

Ya don’t be like me and take a 100, also were do y’all get your hbwr seeds maybe mine were tampered or something

taos 03-09-2016 19:03:50

I got mine from herbal flame and they work pretty well. now that I know that you can survive 100, it is really tempting

peyotebloom 25-09-2016 09:48:44

Did 10 of them last night and was a mental trip. Took a while to really kick in but I could feel quite quickly that it was going to be intense. I ground them up and soaked them in hot water for 24 hrs. Drank the brew and also for good measure swallowed all the mush. Didn’t get full on visuals though I definitely noticed the time and space warping. After about 2 or 3 hours I just made it to the toilet and proper projectile spewed..and then lay there head slumped over the edge of toilet feeling pretty great for the first time. After that my stomach was pretty stable and I just saw out the trip. Lasted about 8 hours. Definitely not your dancing around, contemplating great thoughts, happy truffle trip. More of a self reflecting no nonsense trip. I was alone and I have to say I enjoy tripping alone but I think I’d have liked my girlfriend with me, even if she’d only been lying snoring away on the other couch.
Definitely an experience, which is what life is all about, so good in that respect. I’d maybe advise less seeds. Not sure how it would be but maybe it would be small smoother ride.

Dumb ass who took 25 04-11-2016 16:12:11

I wanted to trip extremely hard So i decided that 25 would be a good amount and i chewed them all up into a paste amd swallowed it, the next two hours consisted of puking untill i was dry heaving and then just completely detaching from my body and becoming one with the void on nothingness, all in all it was the sickest ive ever felt in my whole life and i will never do them again but hey i mean i tripped balls

TugSpano 13-11-2016 21:29:08

Can you plug this instead? Take the tea as an enema and skip nausea?

natan 26-11-2016 16:07:50

hi all, it’s my first time trying any psychedelics of any kind, i ordered some seeds from eBay. Wondering how i could make tea out of them? Thanks

Wonky 29-11-2016 21:34:48

After 2 hours and 7 seeds I figured nothing would happen so I began to drive home from my friends. I noticed a slightly higher feeling but then as I looked into the sky I saw cubes of the world start to disappear and turn into void. I ended up stopping and just watching chunks of the world disappear around me. It was crazy and I would definitely suggest trying them

Wonky 29-11-2016 21:35:01

After 2 hours and 7 seeds I figured nothing would happen so I began to drive home from my friends. I noticed a slightly higher feeling but then as I looked into the sky I saw cubes of the world start to disappear and turn into void. I ended up stopping and just watching chunks of the world disappear around me. It was crazy and I would definitely suggest trying them

Tobin 29-12-2016 17:43:45

100 hbwr seeds? And you didn’t get so sick you felt the need to tell and warn us about what happens when you eat 100 hbwr? That would be an unpleasant experience with lingering after effects. LSA is not the same psychoactive chemicals found in truffles or mushrooms, that would be psylocybin and psylocine and LSA isn’t as good as either. High possibility of hangover effects from LSA

Josef Fritzl 29-12-2016 17:52:06

Way too many people talking like they take drugs routinely when really this is the hardest thing they’ve ever done.
Too giddy over the novelty of the fact it’s an illegal hallucinogen that they are willing to take.

Why you always lyinnn’

Anal inspextor 27-01-2017 03:22:36

Can I put my finger in it?

Red Indiana 14-03-2017 06:58:31

I have already tried magic mushrooms, i had to pop 15 of them. So can anyone suggest a suitable dosage for me of hbwr?

Mike 22-03-2017 04:18:47

Is this stuff real or a scam? Like is the LSA really in the seeds?

Hiptrip 16-04-2017 08:01:13

I’ve tripped on pure lsd25 over 400 times,the seeds are different tho,the naseau is a small price to pay to dissolve into and see the molecules floating around, some are you,most are external..Greatest mind opening ever..They showed me Enlightenment. 15 wet seeds with fuzz scraped off,chew em up..And hang on. Also don’t do the larger ones like acorns,you want the pebble size 1/3-1/2″ BEST TRIP EVER

ZachM 01-09-2017 19:51:37

My first time taking the seeds I took around 12-14, cant remember exactly how much, after a few hours and the visuals started to actually feel like lsd and it felt like it it too, but then me and my friends that I was tripping with decided to go smoke pot and I swear to god I’ve never been so high in my life it was beautiful and intense and I believe I was “enlightened” in some sense I felt pure bliss and joy. Without out a doibt my moldy memorable experience.( about a week later I made a tea with 16 seeds in it but didn’t get nearly the same trip, I actually fell asleep)

Triping like hell 05-09-2017 22:50:52

Man im on 14 atm on a come up itz wild as fuck gota love dis shit peace is real it is hbwr no doubt peace bitches

Jennawv05 12-09-2017 23:12:02

Those seeds are the best drugs in the entire fuvking world 5 of us tripped last night I never want to do anything ever again it’s like molly acid with out the chemical feels visuals are late but worth it James said if was one he’ll of a fun only down side is it gives you leg cramps but God damn I had the best night of my life we all did omg and the sex we had the best sex of our life’s ever EVER we all did 10 each some did more later

Cracker 23-09-2017 07:57:43

How many should i take if im just gonna chew em.

Boi 26-09-2017 20:26:53

Don’t fuck with these. Get lsd or something. All I expirence on 7 was extreme nausea chewing it with tea. Really not worth it at all, you just feel a little funny and really really sick.

Fishy 15-10-2017 02:36:40

After doing these seeds roughly 20 times over the course of 4 years, I can say without a doubt that this is the best psychedelic drug I have ever taken. After trial and error, I’ve determined the hands down best way to use these seeds. You need to chew them to a pulp for at least 5 minutes, them swallow. Here’s the catch: you HAVE to be willing to puke up the seeds within one hour of ingestion. Consume, wait 20-60 minutes, then you’ve got to puke and you will have a life changing experience. I also do not recommend ever using these seeds without plenty of marijuana.

freeinthepain 29-03-2018 23:17:11

Making tea with HBWR seeds to abort a cluster headache cycle. This is the second round in a 3 dose regimen (dose, wait 5 days then dose again, ect.) For round 2, I soaked then crushed two seeds and steeped for 24 hours before drinking it. I followed up with a single seed dose 2 hours later. Got the body buzz, light on the visuals – which is what i’m aiming for – but the best part? 24 hours without a headache. Did this break the cycle? I don’t want to jinx it and say yes, but right now I’m feeling good and immensely thankful to be free of this excruciating pain at this very moment.

Pjf 08-04-2018 15:47:16

When it says purified water it means a closed bottle like from the market or it has to be filtered water ? And i am also confused by the comments is it really stron beacuse a lot of people said they hadent any visual effects or something

DUTCHMAN 09-04-2018 16:06:10

I’m an experienced LSD Tripper. I’ve done it over 400 times I’ve done so aside mushrooms probably over a hundred times and DMT probably 30 times. So how many seeds would I have to crush up to get good trip

Deeps 11-04-2018 09:52:50

Can a person of age 60 with a heart disease have 5 of this? Are there any risks?

zerper666 12-04-2018 18:51:24

I took 9 and it just made me annoyed

Fhbcg 29-04-2018 22:41:57

So i took the seeds 3 weeks ago ! I Still have some visuals ! Nothing crazy ! i read about the hppd but i dont think i have this because i dont feel depressed and i dont have anything from the symptoms that i read . The only thing i have is that when i see the trees and the nature i see them just like when i am tripping with shrooms . I have read a lot but i didnt find anyone metioned something like this ! Can anyone help me ?

Tweakerboy 15-05-2018 11:35:12

Lol I’ve done LSA plenty of times. For me it was like a walk in the park. I would say it IS a mind expanding chemical. I’ve done them plenty of times by myself with no issue. I’ve become very nauseous from taking these only one time out of the 10+ times I have, but the nausea went away after a while and I was back to flyin.. I know everyone is different, so if you’re gonna take these, just know you are not me. It might not be as fun of an experience for you as it was for me. So.. beware.

Tweakerboy 15-05-2018 11:39:41 addition to my recent comment, I have had moments of tranquil during my trips. I came down on some heavy realizations that were conflicting yet so emotionally uplifting. I became a different person after my second trip. My whole worldview was rocked. I knew during my trip that I would never be the same after all of it was over, and I guess I was right, so again.. beware..
I prefer LSA over LSD because the lessons LSA taught me stuck with me to this day for years, whereas LSD only stuck with me for a few weeks.

Swimmy 07-06-2018 14:46:01

Extracted and took all the lsa from 40 hwbr about 3 hours ago. I am alpha and omega. The beggining and the end. There is nowhere I am not and not anywhere I am. The veil has been lifted. I am star dust being tugged on by gravity from other particles of dust. We are all dust. We shall return to dust. Take these seeds and you will return to the dust. You shall return but not all of you will return. I control my body on earth from the past. I go to work and do my daily routine from the womb of the universe. Will this end? My mind has aged millions of years in here. I hope to return from the womb to rejoin you. I know now what to do.

ALEXEI 10-06-2018 03:24:29

I relived the same day for 1000 years trapped in the same moment unable to free myself from the curse of repetition. Terrifying but an amazing experience. These seeds dont play they will show you things of your life that you will need to see, so you can grow as an individual

Baba 23-06-2018 10:23:07

Hey guys , I came to know about this today only ! Will somebody please explain where to find this from Kerala. India , please help

Emezie 21-08-2018 00:48:28

Bought 100+ of these online, took a few of them as tea. hope I don’t die 🙂

PsychGuy 12-09-2018 06:54:04

So I’ve tried several psyches like salvia, LSD, DXM and these seeds.

I have to warn you to make sure you make it into the tea because that eliminates about 90% of the nausea. You may still feel some and this is not as good as LSD but for the price ($1 a trip) and ease of purchase (ebay) this is a good choice for a poor mans legal psychadelic. Know the effects last about half the time as acid which is a good thing because I think acid lasts way too long. If you do not make a tea you will throw up and cramp and have a shit time. You may think “I don’t want to prepare it and I want it now” but this is always a bad idea. I did this once and spent the entire time puking and dry heaving and cramping in my bed. Now if you do it right and add some peppermint oil you can have a good time. First wash the seeds and scrape the outside fuzz off. Then Grind it up. 3 methods that work: coffee grinder, hammer, and Mortor and pestle. Then put it in some water and make a tea for 4 to 24 hours. Then filter it out with a coffee filter at least twice. After this you can drink it with maximum effects and limited nausea.