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Top Shelf Elite Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that have been busy crafting new exciting hybrids that use rare and coveted cannabis phenos PROMOTION: Get 20% off using code TOPSHELF20 at checkout

Top Shelf Elite

We are expert cannabis seeds sourcers, that aim to deliver the freshest cannabis seeds of the highest quality.

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Top Shelf Elite

Nicknamed ‘The Flamethrower’ by the Top Shelf Elite team, it lives up to its name and then some.

Auto Truffle Berry

The Auto version of Truffle Berry has an outrageously sweet taste profile that makes it worth the price of admission alone.

Silver Napalm

One of Top Shelf Elite’s most esteemed high power strains, Silver Napalm is a must-grab for most enthusiasts.

Truffle Berry

Expect an unforgettably mouthwatering flavour, along with a splendid high.

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