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tahoe hydro og seeds

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, PMS, PTSD

Tahoe Hydro OG

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, PMS, PTSD

Pungent, Earthy, Pine

About Tahoe Hydro OG

Tahoe Hydro OG by Tahoe Hydroponic Company, which won the 2016 Jack Herer Cup for Best Indica Flower, is a rich cross of Tahoe OG and OG #18. This strain has a distinct aroma of lemon and fuel with complex earthy notes on the exhale. It is ideal after-hours, saddling the consumer with heavy limbs and deep relaxation. A potent indica, Tahoe Hydro OG works wonders on chronic pain, nausea, and restlessness.

Tahoe hydro og seeds
When thinking of “OG”, most minds wander to either “Original Gangster” or “OG Kush”, right?

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Wind Down Your Wild Weekend With Tahoe Hydro OG’s STIX

When thinking of “OG”, most minds wander to either “Original Gangster” or “OG Kush”, right?

Legend has it that in the mid 90’s a cannabis grower handed a fellow grower a bowl to sample. He then mentioned that it was “so good because it was mountain grown”.

The second grower noticed a common scent found within his own crop. He corrected the first grower saying; “This Kush isn’t mountain grown, its Ocean Grown Kush, Bro!”

Fast-forward to present day. On the shores of lake Tahoe, an industry favorite Indica strain awaits.

Tahoe Hydro Co., or “T.H.C”, has “become a leader in the cannabis industry”. Their team of cultivation management experts dedicate themselves to producing award winning Indica. This month you can sample Tahoe Hydro Stix in the Vegas Weekend Box.

The Las Vegas Weekend Box curates the top products from the Las Vegas cannabis community complete with an educational guide to safe consumption in Sin City.

It was Tahoe Hydro’s commitment to quality that won them first place at the 2016 Jack Herer Awards. Since then, the team has earned awards for all categories of flower and for their cultivation management, setting new industry standards for Indica.

Tahoe Hydro OG STIX

If you are visiting Vegas or a Nevada local, you’ll now have the chance to keep it OG with Tahoe Hydro’s latest premium pre-roll, dubbed STIX.

One quick puff, and you’ll notice this is a hard hitting strain, with earthy notes upon exhalation. With its complex terpene profiles, this ultra-premium pre-roll doesn’t disappoint. It will leave you with heavy limbs and a feel of deep relaxation, perfect for a relaxing evening in after a long day walking the Las Vegas strip in the desert heat.

Do you like to view your beautiful premium buds before lighting up? So does Tahoe! Rolled with Tahoe Hydro’s OG strain inside transparent paper, STIX let’s you take a peak. Tahoe Hydro OG leads Nevada not only in highest registered terpenes, but also by their double digit scores of myrcene and limonene. “Most other genetics register only half of that,” the team explained.

So keep it OG by heading to your nearest Nevada dispensary and asking for The Weekend Box so you can try Tahoe Hydro’s STIX on your next Vegas getaway.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.