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About Sin City Seeds

Sin City Seeds

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About Sin City Seeds

Sin City Seeds – Home of the Dank! This collective of like minded underground Las Vegas breeders strive to create one of a kind dank originals of high yielding medicinal marijuana and then share these wonderful creations with the masses. By combining their skills as growers and breeders, and also have their vast seed collections and Californian elite clones, Sin City Seeds had the genetic melting pot of quality lineages to create new and exciting strains of marijuana.

Product Information

Some of the world’s most sought after marijuana genetics have created a strain library that any seed breeder would be proud of, and in a short time Sin City Seeds have a strain catalogue full of varieties you’ll want to grow and grow. When you buy a strain from one of the Sin City Seeds seed lines, you know you are buying quality cannabis seeds that have been created with 100% dedication and the guys at SinCity know that you will love growing and harvesting their seeds as much as they love creating them. The different seedlines offer varieties often with a common them. White Nightmare features White Nightmare crosses, Buddha Cherry features Buddha’s Sisters crosses, Sour Line features Sour Jack crosses, White Moonshine features White Moonshine crosses and SinCity Originals feature Blue Power crosses. Sin City Seeds also feature a range of high medicinal value seeds including Medicinal Glue and Cancers Nightmare which is a cross of the infamous Cannatonic.

Sin City Seeds Availability

Sin City Seeds are available here at the Original Seeds Store in regular and feminized so check the seed pack size and seed type before ordering. Breeder packs are available in 7 and 14 feminised seeds and 15 regular seeds however, for your convenience here at the store we offer a full range from single seeds to bulk packs of 200.

Forget the phrase ‘What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City’, because Sin City Seeds are going global!

SinCity Seeds

Forget the phrase ‘What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City’, because Sin City Seeds are going global!

Sin City Seeds is made up of a dedicated group of skilled medical marijuana breeders who endeavour to produce completely unique, high yielding genetics and spread them across the world.

However, the most important factor for Sin City is to cater for patients and caregivers who use marijuana medicinally. By providing fully tested, genuine quality seeds with medicinal value, Sin City have a popularity that is continuously evolving. You can buy Sin City seeds with Seedsman today.