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What about my PROTEIN?!

Raw Food Cafe on Bali -The Seeds of Life

D > Our DNA receives messages and blueprints that it uses to rebuild and repair via the foods we consume. There is a lot more to that old adage “You are what you eat”. We actually are, except we don’t become kale, we become the nutrients the kale provides us. I know what foods I want to become. The cleanest, purest, most omnipotent life force I can get into my belly. And it’s looking more and more like raw living foods provide us with the highest potential.

What if we as humans are a part of nature? What a thought! Well there are some of us who have grasped the idea that we are, and there are some of us who have not, yet. The Seeds of Life Raw Food Cafe on Bali and Raw Food Chef Certification are committed to simply providing an avenue for those who are trying to establish an abundant fun healthy lifestyle, gain leverage on health issues and or to find a deeper connection to themselves, which is fundamentally a deeper connection to everything.

Well then, how does this lifestyle give us greater leverage and a deeper connection? It seems that everything is a ‘vibration’ or a ‘frequency’. With the latest technology, we understand that now. So if the thoughts we think give off these ‘vibes’ then what is driving these thoughts? One of the contributors is food. If food is a vibration then what vibrations have you got running through you now? Are they life force vibrations?

Evidently, nature is all about good vibrations because that’s what harmony is. A symphony of good vibrations. If we are in harmony or in tune with nature, then natural law suggests we will, like nature, be able to thrive. It’s our birthright.

The foods we eat have an abundance of vibrations running through them. We can see this now through Kirlean photography. We can see the energetics or ‘life force’ within that particular food as an electrical storm which is what we want inside of us! That’s where the power is. Some foods give off a greater field of this electricity. It’s interesting to note that up to weeks even months after being picked, some fruits and vegetables are still radiating this field. Even more interesting to note is that as soon as an animal has been killed, this omnipotent field or ‘life force’ has completely diminished. Vibrations?

It is this field that many scientists are interested in, some are calling it the ZPE or zero point energy field. You might be familiar with Nicola Teslas work on ‘free’ energy? It is the kinetic energy that exists throughout the universe and it doesn’t look like it’s running out any time soon.

Now have we just opened a can of earthworms?

We are ‘designed’, if you like, to consume the vitamins and minerals from the Earth. However, we do not have the equipment to go munching on chunks of cobalt, manganese, iron etc. Nature has conveniently supplied us with beautifully packaged, soft and juicy fruits and vegetables which are our link to the Earth’s minerals as they grow out of this precious, mineral rich soil.

I have a passion for sacred geometry, ‘the language of the Universe’. There are some foods like Sunflowers that more clearly express this geometry or ‘language’ as specific and intricate geometrical patterns. In the sunflowers example, we can see this in the seeds. Through Kirlean photography we can see the ‘life force’ radiating. I believe that if we can eat more of these foods that are clearly expressing this language, then we are connecting to that ZPE field at a fundamental level and the source of all things via the simple everyday act of eating.

Is it about 100% raw or 100% health?

It is true that some of us can consume just about anything for our entire lives and show no visible signs of degradation. However, just because we can eat processed foods doesn’t mean we have adapted to them. Adaptation is a process that takes generations to achieve and looking around us today we can see how we are not Adapting to this ‘new’ brand of food. What is going to happen to our genetics as a result of this conditioning? Some of us are already feeling the pinch of poor food choices.

What’s the big deal with raw foods?

The first thing we denature through processing/heating food are the critically important enzymes. We then lose up to 95% of the proteins (which are then mutated into other ‘things’). Sugars and starches (which are similar) are then mutated into things like acrylamides and so on. You don’t need a science degree to understand that what happens to these particulates when processed. They change from their natural state to an un-natural state. Natural bodies need natural foods.

What does it mean to me?

It means the information is readily available today to grasp with both hands on your path to superior health whilst having heaps of fun being creative in the kitchen!

My body is different to other peoples bodies. Do I really need raw foods that

Fundamentally, we all need the same stuff. Some need more than others and some need less. However, the basis is the same. We need nutrients. The mechanism of hunger is not one whereby we interpret this message from the brain (or somewhere, where is it?) as feed me anything. Especially if its pizza, burgers, candy and so on. In fact, this message is one whereby the body is telling us to feed it nutrients i.e. calcium, magnesium, vitamins, enzymes etc. So! if we were to do exactly that by eating a handful of superfoods, for example, our hunger would turn off. Maybe that’s a key to controlling our weight!?

Didn’t dogma get run over by karma? How do I approach this way of life?

People can get obsessive about anything! One thing we would like to make clear is the importance of loving yourself enough to feel if something is working for you or not. We advise taking it slowly as you transition. Some of us can jump straight in there like we were raised on raw foods, others need a little time. And this might mean taking 10 years in transition. The most important thing is to increase the level of nutrition via conscious choices that will ultimately lead us to higher levels of awareness.
What’s the point of all this? Is just to eat great healthy food? I don’t think so. For me, it’s about reaching my full potential. That’s the goal and that’s what I’m zoning in on. Yoga (or another cultivation practice), ultimate nutrition, conscious eating choices, laughing, good friends, a passion or 20, fresh air and water and free will. These are our birthright and just the beginning of what will follow if you stay on the raw path.

What’s next? Can I take it another level?

The Seeds of Life are completely integrated at every level to ensure your experience is one of integral nourishment and that means we have the capacity to go as deep as you are willing. We have over 40 years of food handling, nutritional and healing experience between us. We can guide you on your path to the next level whether it be a professional raw food chef, retreat chef, lifestyle enthusiast or even if you simply want to take your home prepared meals to the next level for your friends and family. It’s a lifestyle that is so much more than just preparing food. We are well informed on superfoods, natural supplementation, tonic herbalism, healing, lifestyle choices and making connections.

Do I have to give up chocolate, cakes and other tasty delights that make me feel good?

Definitely not, in fact you will be pleasurably surprised to learn how to alchemise healthy raw chocolates, raw vegan cheese cakes, muffins, crepes, butters, frostings and virtually all variations to your favourite delights.

Can’t I just throw any foods together in a bowl and dive in?

We will show you the ease and importance of food combining. Foods are made from chemicals, albeit natural. However, they can and do react with each other. Even some foods that are less fibrous will break down quicker and ferment in the gut leading to indigestion, putrefaction, toxicity and acidosis when combined with higher fibre foods.

What about my PROTEIN?!

The best sources of protein for human consumption are repeatedly being shown by various studies to be raw plant proteins (‘Becoming Raw’ by Vesanto Melina, Brenda Davis, & Rynn Berry is a great read). Animal proteins raw & especially cooked are linked to many health issues. They go on to say “(cooked) saturated fats, cholesterol and destructive free radical reactions combined with the lack of fibre (to clean), fewer phytochemicals and few antioxidants challenge the idea of including animal protein in a human diet.”

The quality of protein is an essential consideration as is the amount. However a balance of amino acids is even more important. Amino acids are the building block of protein which are necessary for supporting our immunity, cellular structures and bio-chemical reactions.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per 1kg or 0.028ounces per 2.2 pounds of body weight per day. (diet, climate, body shapes & sizes will make this number vary).

Calculate your recommended protein intake in grams this way:
1. calculate your body weight in kilograms (for pounds, divide the total body weight by 2.2)
2. multiply your body weight by 0.8

Why am I losing weight?

As we transition, most of us experience weight loss. It’s a natural part of the process because the majority of us have built our bodies from foods that are not of the highest quality. What you will experience is the bodies incredible ability to heal and transform itself when given the chance. As we peel back the layers of the old foods (and the emotional attachments to the food) and programs, the body starts to repair a rebuild itself on the new foundations it is being given. The body will then restore to its correct weight that it is required to, depending on the purpose whether it be for office or the gym.

What is this life force and how can I see it? Where is it expressed?

Life force can be measured in absolutely anything. Life is animated by this force or electricity and in foods, the life force as a measure is a property that allows something to be able to reproduce in nature. It is the living matrix that makes up that particular food. And it surrounds all living things, trees, water, rocks, seeds, fruits and you! It is a matter of life and death for us as living systems, that we eat foods that have this electrical charge of life itself and an abundance of enzymes.

What else can I do to optimise this new lifestyle and project me to the stars with both feet firmly on the ground?

The first step is education. There’s a lot of hocus pocus in the big bad world today, but the most self-empowering thing we can do is to find things out for ourselves so as we can truly be owners our experiences. Only you know what is right for you. We offer a fun and clear approach to a simple but fundamental act we do every day. Eating.

And – SUPERFOODS!! less is more. For some it seems a little too ‘extravagant’ or ‘elitist’ to even grasp this ‘new category’ of foods. But what are they exactly?

Simply, they are foods that have an abundance of beneficial nutrients.

Like cacao, for example. Magnesium is up there as one of the most deficient minerals in humans today and cacao is one of, if not the highest natural sources of magnesium. Not to mention the other beneficial minerals and neurotransmitters that are of an abundance in raw cacao. Making raw chocolate with superfoods and tonic herbs all of a sudden becomes a powerful and fun nutrient delivery system that’s a great way to get adults and kids making and consuming nutrients. Can I lick the bowl?!

More and more ‘super-nutritious-foods’ are being discovered all the time as we uncover what it is in foods that makes them healthful. A small handful of goji berries and a half a dropper full of marine-phytoplankton prov >

Tonic herbalism is another self-empowering system we use every day to give us that lever-edge. So, let’s be clear and realistic about this approach to health and vitality. We do not heat treat foods and therefore, preserve the integrity of the natural nutritional profile of the food i.e. enzymes, proteins, life force etc. Tonic herbalism (particularly a Taoist (balanced) approach) is focused on extracting different constituents from roots, barks, leaves etc. that our bodies do not have the bilic acids to extract and they can handle very high temperatures. Like polysaccharides, for example. They can handle temperatures of up 250+degC. Also beta-glucans and sapponins. These allies are all very powerful and are necessary for immune support (resisting enervation and supporting nerve force). Some have adaptogenic properties that have been used in various cultures for up to 5000years to bring about great health. We love tonic herbalism and can show you the path to understanding more of this powerful system.

Water and Life Force

What do raw and living food lovers drink?

Living spring water that we gather fresh from the source. Freshly extracted juices consumed within minutes of extraction. Within minutes from extracting the juice or ‘life water’ from the fibre of the fruit or veg, ‘Zeta potential’ (measurement of energy within the degree of structure in a colloidal system) loss occurs and sediment or separation appears leaving free radicals behind. We don’t like to drink free radicals. We like fresh coconut water bursting with electrolytes (mineral salts and acids), superfood smoothies, green smoothies, structured water, colloidal mineral beverages and sprouted living plant mylks made from activated seeds, sprouts and nuts.

How can you tell if something is a raw living food?

Foods that have not been processed in any way, shape or form are raw and living foods until they have been prepared over 118degF or 48degC.

Is there a difference between living foods and raw foods?

Living and raw foods both contain enzymes. In living foods, the enzyme content is much higher. Raw, unsprouted nuts contain enzymes in a “dormant” state. To activate the enzymes contained in almonds, for example, soak them in water for 8 hours. Once the almonds begin to sprout, the enzymes become “active” and are then considered living. In the context of this web site, the terms are used loosely.

What is a living foodist or raw foodist?

Firstly, they’re an individual who wants more from life. They want the edge, self-empowerment, clarity, we call it ‘the glow’. Secondly, they’re a person who eats 75% or more living/raw food. The more, the better. Optimally one should eat 100% raw and living foods, if it feels right for them.

Doesn’t the acidic ph of the stomach destroy enzymes?

Viktorus Kulvinskas, one of the world’s foremost and most experienced active researchers into enzyme nutrition, has information showing how stomach acid merely deactivates food enzymes. The enzymes are then reactivated in the more alkaline small intestine. Many people who eating more or all raw foods, remark on the difference in our energy levels, lighter digestion and a deeper connection with nature by eating enzyme-rich living foods. When we remove cooked protein from our diet, our stomach doesn’t need to produce as much acid (which has its own problems), thus creating a lighter, more balanced and energetic vehicle.

Why eat only organic foods?

When juicing or eating foods, it is very important to choose to consume only organically grown produce. “Conventional” or “industrial” produce is grown with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are toxic and/or harmful to your body. Organic foods are grown without the use of these harmful substances, taste better, and are more nutritious.

Do I need to eat all organic to be raw?

No, but if you had the choice between nasty lab-made pesticides and healthful consciously grown foods, I bet your instincts would suggest the latter. It has been shown that organic produce contains less pesticides and other toxic residues. It’s worth mentioning that it has been shown that organic food may tastes better and contain more nutrition. Could it be that the flavour in food is the nutrition? OMG! I’m inclined to ask for a refund from all the non-organic produce that I have bought that was labelled healthy, tasty and delicious that has turned out to be otherwise.

Will rinsing wash off the pesticide from industrially grown produce?

It can remove some of the surface pesticide residue, but not the pesticide that was the foundation for the produce growth cycle. Some of the most severely tainted types of produce are strawberries and bell peppers. Some of the least tainted are carrots and avocados.

Is this a “new” fad diet or something?

Considering we’ve been on the planet longer than fryer pans and ovens, I think not. Only now, we’re able to get super creative and take all of those delicious gifts from nature to a whole new level by activating.

We’ve got a bit going on here so allow us to give you a tour..

Seeds of life

We’ve got a bit going on here so allow us to give you a tour..

Here in Ubud, Bali, we have our Raw Food Culinary Academy where we teach people the art of creating vibrant living foods & ways to extract the most nectar out of life. We have been doing raw food & yoga retreats here for many years, so a raw food cafe in felt like the next step for us. We compliment the great range of restaurants and events in Ubud – the world epicentre of the raw living food & yoga movement.

Welcome to The Seeds of Life

Raw Food Cafe, Tonic Bar and Raw Food Academy in Ubud, Bali

Our driver is ultimate optimised nutrition in all its forms for all beings. I (Ben Richards) am:

  • A holographic kinetics facilitator for 12+ years assisting over 3600 clients with accessing and clearing trauma.
  • A raw food chef for 11+ years.
  • A living foods teacher and consultant with a strong focus on nutrition, superfoods and the Taoist approach to tonic herbalism.
  • An author of the ‘Intuitive Flow’ massage technique.
  • A life coach / seed planter.

Over 20+ years of study, I have tried and practiced various different modalities of nutrition. Recently, I completed The Plant Based Nutrition course with Dr T. Colin Campbell at ECornell University. I have a tea masters certificate with Wild Tea Qi. I have studied many healing modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, sports massage, structural integrity, Thai massage, myofascial release, acupressure & courses in acupuncture, crystal & aroma therapies, shamanism and energy work outside the field of traditional therapies. This has spawned a massage technique I call ‘Intuitive Flow’ which had a profound effect on me because through it I was understanding the story of a person’s life and ultimately, how our thoughts create our realities. Many of these systems only treat the effects, applying a ‘band-aid’ over the issue. This drove me deeper. For the last 11 years, I have been an active facilitator of holographic kinetics, the most effective modality in healing our spirit of its traumas that I have found. It addresses and clears the causes of imbalances arising from our past lives, from the morphogenetic field (genetic hereditary line), or from inter-dimensional interference.

Hospitality has been the financial driver of my studies. After 25+ years working in the industry from award winning through to dodgy kitchen teams and cocktail bars to managing high end restaurants and food and beverage outlets in 5 star hotels, I have developed a passion and a keen eye for excellence, quality and a sense of joy in the service industry. I simply come alive when I serve up the best and happily offer my passion and skills to you here on Bali and around the world at different events.