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pure seeds

The Pure Seeds will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

The Pure Seeds

The Pure Seeds is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.

The Pure Seeds can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.

The Pure Seeds will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

The Pure Seeds can produce an outrageous amount of weed, but may require a little extra attention.

The The Pure Seeds strain has large proportion of Sativa genes in its background.

Large yields can be expected from this variety, The Pure is extremely homogenous, and is perfectly adapted for all growing methods. Whether she is being grown indoors, in a greenhouse or in the great outdoors, the Pure is a strain that expresses the best of both its Sativa and Indica heritage.

Pure Seeds Availability

Pure Seeds

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About Pure Seeds

Pure Seeds is a cannabis seedbank created in 2008 after many years of experience cultivating genetics worldwide. This is what has led them to develop different but easily cultivated genotypes for all types of growers, from professionals to aficionados who enjoy a mix of flavours, aromas and effects adapted to the demands and needs of the individual.

Product Information

The Pure Seeds Collection is relatively a small elite range which only the finest marijuana genetics are included and these comprise of 7 feminised and 3 autoflowering seeds. Top sellers in the range are Big Skunk which is a cross of Northern Lights x Skunk and popular for its short flowering time of only 45 – 50 days and an early outdoor harvest in September with rich intense peachy flavours. Viking Haze is a cross of Jack Herer and Haze and is one of the most productive haze strains of its type with THC levels exceeding 20%. Of the autoflowering cannabis seeds in this range THC Auto with its fruity harvest of 100 gr per plant comes out tops but don´t overlook Custom X this is a great strain for the novice grower and thrives in most grow set ups and conditions. Pure Seeds also focus on the medicinal side of growing cannabis and within their catalogue is B3 Medical and 2 CBD strains CBD Pure and CBD Ultra.

Pure Seeds Availability

Pure Seeds are available in our store in feminised varieties breeder packs are available in 1, 3 5 and 10 and collection packs of 6, here at the Original Seeds Store we also offer bulk seed bundles from 20 – 200 seeds.