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pure power plant seeds

Pure power plant seeds
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Pure Power Plant

5 Marijuana seeds

The specs

Low Medium High


A strain that embodies her name perfectly! Pure Power Plant definitely gives you the energy to get your day started, but watch out because she can get out of control and too much will cause you to melt.

Sativa lovers can rejoice because PPP delivers a delectable head high that gets you focused and makes you creative. What is really nice about this strain however, is how her indica side shines through and before sativa lovers recoil in horror, let us just say that her indica heritage plays perfectly into her strong sativa high.

Her indica heritage creates this wonderful body sensation where you just feel the most gentle pressure around your body and on your face. This along with her energetic head buzz proves a powerful combination for combating fatigue.

Our tip for this strain: She might at first hit you with a more sativa high, but be warned. After repeated use, the gentle pressure on your body starts transforming into a cozy blanket that wraps you tight in it’s warmth and your bed will start looking better and better.

What we love about this strain: A great strain for beginners and those that like a hands off approach to growing. She has a great yield and short height, thanks to her indica side. Plus, her high has a great gradual effect that starts sativa and moves into indica territory when really dosing hard. This is great if you can only grow one plant at a time, but still want variations in the highs.

Quote from a customer: “Great plant. Got my order in about 10 days. Germinated all 5 thinking they might not all pop, but 5/5 sprouted. Picked the best 1 to grow out. Very fast growing. Topped it twice and she turned into a bush. Flowered a little over 8 weeks. Very low smell while growing. Great for a closet. Really happy with the finished product as well – nice happy high without locking me to the couch. Overall a great plant very easy to grow and very enjoyable smoke. Thanks Nirvana” -Nathan R.

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Pure power plant seeds

Pure Power Plant

Pure Power Plant feminized by White Label is the perfect hybrid of these times.

It has proven itself to be a very easy to grow, stress-free strain, that is very popular amongst as well as starting growers as commercial growers and real experts.

She grows very quick and guarantees a very good yield with a lot of nice and firm buds covered in sticky trichomes.

This hybrid strain earns its name to her powerful smoking, which is dominated by her Indica stoning effect, but has a very nice Sativa high to it!

Characteristics of
Pure Power Plant cannabis seeds

Sex Feminised
Genotype Indica-dominant
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 50-60 days
Indoor yield High

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