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possession of cannabis seeds

In this blog, we try to answer the question per country: is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

Is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

In general, the purchase of cannabis seeds as a collector’s item or for other purposes than breeding is considered legal. However, the legislation on cannabis is often very confusing. Many countries tolerate the use, possession and cultivation of small quantities, other countries have a total ban while more and more countries are legalizing cannabis or working on it. However, cannabis seeds are a separate story in this discussion.

In 1962, a single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was signed by 180 Member countries in the context of a global legislation that considers cannabis an illicit substance. Not the seed itself.

Strictly, a cannabis seed is not a weed nor a drug. The seed contains no narcotic components so you won’t get stoned from it but what it makes complicated is that you can grow a cannabis plant with a cannabis seed.

Conclusion: technically cannabis seeds are legal in all of these 180 member states. In theory, it’s perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as long as they are not germinated and the public prosecutor can’t prove that you want to grow cannabis. Many countries therefore don’t see cannabis seeds as illegal but also not as legal. The seed itself is probably allowed, but the germination of the seed isn’t always. A lot of ambiguity.

In this blog, we try to answer the question per country: is it legal to buy weed seeds online?

Different rules per country

In Europe it’s allowed to buy and sell small quantities cannabis seeds (online). However, big sales to individuals aren’t allowed because it can encourage large-scale breeding. Yet it remains unclear where the dividing line is between small and large scale quantities.

In addition, in spite to the 1962 treaty all countries in the world still have their own regulations regarding cannabis seeds We therefore strongly advise everyone to check the legality of cannabis seeds in their own country before buying.

Please note: Below, you see a list of countries and the regulations. We have done our greatest best to display the regulations per county as clearly as possible. The regulations concerning cannabis seeds can be adapted per country and from time to time. Because it’s impossible for us to keep up with the regulations for each country, this information should never be interpreted as legal advice. We don’t want to encourage the sales of cannabis seeds in countries where cannabis seeds are illegal.

If you think the information on this page is incorrect or when information is missing, please let us know immediately. In that way we can adjust the information and provide everyone with up-to-date and relevant information.

Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds in the Netherlands online and in a legal way?

In the Netherlands cannabis seeds are legal and may be bought and sold. However, the legislation is unclear about the amount of cannabis seeds you can buy or sell without promoting large-scale breeding. What might be amazing is that growing more than 5 cannabis plants is illegal in Holland and is seen as a criminal act. However, if you cultivate a maximum of 5 cannabis plants it will be tolerated by the Dutch law.

The legality of cannabis seeds in Germany

Are you planning to buy cannabis seeds in Germany? Good news. Buying cannabis seeds online is legal in Germany. The seeds don’t fall under the German narcotics law. However, Germany is one of the few countries that prohibit the sale of cannabis seeds, but because free movement of goods is allowed within the EU it’s permitted to receive cannabis seeds in Germany.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online in the UK?

If you live in the UK and you want to buy marijuana seeds we have some good news. In the United Kingdom it’s legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you buy your seeds. That may be in the United Kingdom itself or from another country. However, keep in mind that the germination of cannabis seeds is still illegal in the UK.

Can you send cannabis seeds to the USA in a legal way?

Inhabitants of the USA have to deal with other regulations. According to federal law, weed seeds are banned in all states, but because several states such as Michigan, Oklahoma, Vermont, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Columbia now allow medical marijuana (and weed for recreational use) the rules for purchasing seeds are adjusted.

Therefore residents from the United States are dependent on the legislation in their own state. For example, the rules in California are different than in Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Washington, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Hawaii, or NYC.

If you live in a state where it’s legal to buy medical or recreational cannabis it’s probably also allowed to buy cannabis seeds. However, you have to check this before you buy your weed seeds.

Is it possible to legally buy cannabis seeds online in Canada?

Are you a Canadian resident and do you want to buy cannabis seeds? Please pay attention to the following. Although the federal government made it legal to grow four plants per household if the seeds originate from a legal source, it’s not possible to buy cannabis seeds legally. In Canada, there are no legal sales points for cannabis seeds available. This means you can’t buy cannabis seeds without breaking the law.

In addition, rules concerning home growth vary from province to province. For example in B.C, plants may not be visible to the public and in New Brunswick the plants must be in a confined space.

Can you buy cannabis seeds legally in Australia?

In Australia it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds. However, it’s only legal if you have a prescription for medicinal cannabis. This also applies to the cultivation of your own weed. If you don’t have such a recipe and you are caught with marijuana seeds, the police will probably consider the seeds as illegal and confiscated them.

For non-medicinal users, cannabis seeds are therefore illegal. Nevertheless, there are dispensaries that are currently selling seeds. In addition, most Australians are buying cannabis seeds via online web shops.

Is it legal to buy weed seeds online in New Zealand (NZ)?

In New Zealand cannabis seeds are illegal and you can’t buy them in dispensaries. Therefore, most new Zealanders are buying cannabis seeds online.

Are cannabis seeds legally for sale in Spain?

Spain is a decentralized country with autonomous regions that can define their own regulations. Nevertheless, the policy of the provinces on cannabis seeds is almost the same everywhere: buying and selling cannabis seeds in Spain is permitted for private use. It’s therefore not strictly illegal to own and grow a few cannabis seeds in Spain unless it can be proven that you are planning to trade in weed.

Legality of cannabis seeds in France

In France, weed seeds are legal as long as they are not used for the cultivation of a cannabis plant but residents in France can’t buy cannabis seeds in head shops. They have to buy the seeds online.

Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds in Italy legally?

Italians can buy cannabis seeds both online and in stores but like in many other countries the germination of the seeds is an illegal activity.

Can cannabis seeds in South Africa be legally purchased?

South Africa has decriminalized the use of cannabis in a private room, but there are still some question. For example, whether you can buy cannabis seeds legally. South Africa has a strange policy when it comes to cannabis seeds. In South Africa the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds is prohibited, but you may have cannabis seeds in your possession..

Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds online in Mexico legally?

To us it’s unknown whether cannabis seeds in Mexico are legal or illegal.

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Possession of cannabis seeds
4. There are various shops in the UK who have been licensed to sell highly potent seeds of cannabis.

The Legality of Buying and Selling Cannabis Seeds in the UK

If you want to buy cannabis seeds UK there are specific rules and regulations that you have to follow. The legalization of cannabis seeds in the UK has still various questions marks that need to be answered. This is the only way people will get access to the medicinal properties of the seeds that can help cure various health conditions. Many individuals are planning to invest in the seeds, but they are not aware of the laws. Here we have everything you need to know about the legalization of the cannabis seeds in the UK.

State laws you should know related to cannabis seeds

In the United Kingdom, cannabis seeds are legal to sell, buy and trade.

1. People are allowed to sell the seeds as over the counter drugs they can also sell it by delivering to the mail address.

2. However, there are some rules related to the quantity that you can possess. If you have extra seeds, it will create issues for you in the future.

3. If you are caught cultivating or selling cannabis seeds for commercial purposes, you may have to deal with some serious consequences.

4. There are various shops in the UK who have been licensed to sell highly potent seeds of cannabis.

5. However, there are still changes to be made in the rules and regulations. Assure that you keep an eye on all the changes in the laws to assure that you will not have to deal with any issues.

Buying and possessing cannabis seeds

There are certain precautions that you are to take if you are planning to buy or possess the seeds. You should know that the utilization, growth, possession, and sale of marijuana in the UK is illegal. However, you can have the cannabis seeds that you are only allowed to use as fish bait, bird food or collection items. You are not allowed to consume cannabis seeds. The real question is how the authorities will find out whether you are planning to use marijuana seeds for yourself or not.

In case you are caught with the marijuana, or it seeds in any form there are various legal processes that you have to go through to give the proof that they are not used for cultivation. If it is proved that the person possessing cannabis seeds is cultivating it for commercial benefits there are certain legal penalties that he may have to deal with depending on the severity of the crime.

Selling cannabis seeds

If you are planning to start a business of selling cannabis seeds, there are various things you have to consider to assure that your shop is legal. First, you have to properly explain to the consumers that they are not allowed to use the seeds or cultivate them. They are only allowed to collect the seeds or use them for bird food.

Even if you are the owner of the marijuana shop, you are still not allowed to cultivate the seeds. You have to assure that the seeds you are selling will only be utilized in different tasks that are not related to the growth of cannabis. You have to get your shop approved by the authorities for further business.

You should know that there are certain punishments that you will have to deal with in your will not follow the laws related to the selling and buying process of cannabis in the UK. Make sure that you get informed on a regular basis to assure that you can change your course of action accordingly.