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montreal cannabis seeds

The Cannabis Act of October 18, 2018, allows for the growth of four plants for personal use for all legal age residents of Canada. The following are the best seed banks found in Canada where you can purchase your cannabis seeds.

Marijuana seeds vendors that you can trust

Today everything can be accomplished through online purchasing. Buying your marijuana seeds is no different. Here is where the problem can occur. Weed seeds, including feminized seeds, do not come cheap. These seeds are virtually an identical copy of the female parent plant. Sometimes this procedure is referred to as cloning by seed.

The integrity of the seed bank from which you are purchasing is a necessary piece of information in deciding which seed bank you will use. Try to ensure that the company is a trusted, established seed bank, providing the best seeds possible. This is the information you needed before you hand over your money.

What are the legal aspects of purchasing marijuana seeds?

The Cannabis Act of October 18, 2018, allows for the growth of four plants for personal use for all legal age residents of Canada. The following are the best seed banks found in Canada where you can purchase your cannabis seeds.

Crop King Seeds are perhaps the top seed bank in Canada. They are originating from Canada and USA. This company has an extensive stock and a wide variety of marijuana seeds available for purchase. The seed banks inventory contains feminized seeds, dwarf auto-feminized seeds, and other sought after seeds.

For the grower looking to cultivate plants high in CBD, this is the seed bank for you. Some of the best medical seeds from this seed bank include:

· CBD Auto Cheese

· CBDutch Treat Fem

The company ships within Canada and worldwide

Quebec Cannabis Seeds origin stems from Quebec. The fifteen-year-old company is well known for the breeding of high content CBD and THC quality strains. Fast service and great seeds are offered and delivered by this company

Delivery is worldwide

Montreal Cannabis Seeds originating in Montreal offer five years of providing hand-picked maturity tested seeds. This company guarantees germination and backs up the promise with replacement offers

Delivery is within Canada and worldwide

True North Seed Bank originates in Canada and is known for providing good quality seeds at fair prices. This company offers promotions including a 20% bonus on your next order. The company offers feminized seeds regular seeds, and new hybrids. The choices are great, along with the quality of customer service provided. All of the purchasing is guaranteed and comes to your door in discreet packaging.

Delivery is within Canada and worldwide.

I49 originates in Canada. This is a relatively new seed bank, with an excellent reputation. The company offers a wide selection of seeds suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. Feminized seeds are a hot item here along with seeds that contain high CBD levels

Delivery is with Canada and shipped in discreet packaging.

When you receive your seeds, they should appear dark with spots or stripes (green seeds indicate immaturity). They should present with a shiny wax coating, and the shell should be hard. Finally, there should be no cracks or holes in the seed, indicating insects may have been present.

Above are some of the best-recommended seed banks in Canada. As with any business, there can be scams. Do your due diligence and ask some questions before you order your cannabis seeds online.

1. Check out the reviews written online about the company, the product and customer service

2. Purchase from a known source recognize the name from where you are planning to purchase

3. What is the return policy or refund policy the company implements?

So now you have a list of reputable seed banks located in Canada. Choose your company wisely, be patient, and harvesting “will soon come.”

How to successfully germinate old cannabis seeds

The thing is, that even if you are having difficulty germinating old seeds, there are several things you can do to achieve a higher success rate.

I found their ad online and since I wanted seeds right away; I called them and made an order on the phone. They asked for my CC number and I gave it to them.

Montreal Seedbank Seedbank Review

User Rating ( 33 reviews)

  • Product Quality: 4.27
  • Delivery Speed: 3.86
  • Customer Service: 3.13
  • General Impression: 3.75
    (on a scale between 0 und 10 points)

SeedFinder Info

Montreal Seedbank is listed as “red” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely not recommend to order in this shop! Lots of problems here – or they simply try to fool you.

User Reviews

User User Comments Delivery country Date Q F S
guest United States September 2019
guest Canada July 2019
guest United States May 2019

My earlier post did not appear to register – just posting another warning on “True North” seedbank. I paid extra to ensure delivery and the seeds did not arrive – taken by US Customs.

True North told me they would do nothing to help. More importantly – on the same day as the True North transaction, my Visa card started to get hit with false, fraudulent charges. Now my Visa has to be canceled. I do not use the card often, its obvious the fraud was caused by True North Seedbank.

I have ordered seeds probably 2 dozen times and never had any problems like this. These guys appear to be scammers – beware. We should not tolerate this abuse in the age of legalization, our community deserves better.

United States May 2019
guest United States May 2019

Most (but not all) of their prices are a bit on the high side and shipping is higher than any other seed bank I?ve seen but you can get some good deals if you spend some time looking around the site, comparing prices, and wait for one of their sales or their buy-one-get-one-free offers even with the shipping cost added in.
Ive ordered from them 3 times without any problems. I will add that if you try to get in touch with them via their toll-free number, you will be put on hold indefinitely so Id recommend using another method.

United States April 2019
guest January 2019
guest United States September 2018
guest Canada July 2018
guest United States July 2018
greengenes United States May 2018
guest Canada April 2018
guest United States February 2018
MtnGrwn United States August 2017
guest Canada May 2017
guest United States May 2017
guest United States April 2017
guest United States April 2017
Sailormoses United States December 2016
guest November 2016
guest United States August 2016
joe180 May 2016
guest Canada April 2016
guest United States March 2016
guest Slow. Poor communication.
Suggest finding another seed shop
United States March 2016
guest Ive waited over three weeks for an order that “should be next week”. The “should be..” comes directly from their CSR. Its been my experience so far with these guys that next week never comes. DO NOT ORDER FROM TNSB, you will wait forever, not to mention throw your money to the wind! Good 1st impression TNSB. unfortunately Ill be supporting over seas companies rather then Canadian, really sucks that a Canadian would f*** a fellow Canadian up the a*s(with some sand as lube). True North Seed Bank October 2015
guest Second order had one error, promise to correct was immediate, delivery is slow as it seems they have different stock at different facilities, quality seems excellent based on germination, packaging mostly breeder original. First order got a call saying their error, 2 of my choices out of stock, website needs more updates and not Android friendly. True North Seedbank Bowmanville, On October 2015
guest Did not get product. June 2015

I personally do not trust these people!! Here are the reasons why:

I live in the USA in Washington State.

I found their ad online and since I wanted seeds right away; I called them and made an order on the phone. They asked for my CC number and I gave it to them.

I made an order for what I was told would amount to $56 USD ( I had a free coupon for a supposed 20% discount that I got in my email, otherwise it would have been $71 USD ).

This was on the 26th of March of this year. I was told that I would have my seeds in hand, in no more than 5 days (on the 31st). Also, that since I have called it in on plastic, they would be shipped that same day.

Great service (or so I thought)! The 31st came No seeds. So I called them.

True North SeedBank said that they had ship them out that to give it until the end of the week (April 3rd).

April 3rd came and went?. No seeds. Called them again on Monday: This time they said that the seeds that I had ordered were suppose to come to the warehouse no later than April 10th .

Now I started to become suspicious; because when I ordered the seeds on the phone they were supposedly in stock and ready to be shipped! They asked me to wait (LIKE I HAD ANY CHOICE) until then.

The 10th came and went ?. NO SEEDS Again!! So I called the third time mid week on Wednesday the 15th.

Here is what they told me:

From the date that I paid for them to 21 days later (on April 15th), they never had the seed to begin with!!

The website said they did ?

The salesperson that answered the phone said they did (even said they were shipping that day)?.

They took my cash as if they did?

But in fact: there were never any seeds to start with!!

Now, I’m pissed with them and I asked them: Well, when are you going to get my seeds?? They said: I don’t know when they are going to come. But we can put you on a waiting list and when they do come we will let you know.

They took my cash and sold me something that they NEVER HAD TO START WITH! And now they want me to go on a waiting list for something that they don?t even know when or if they will get.


Now at that point, I am really pissed!! THIS TO ME IS BLANT THEFT/STEALING

April 2015
guest Order was never sent.
-email & phone calls go unanswered.
April 2015
guest Didnt even ship my order for almost a month. Awful customer service. Gave me a false tracking number. At least the seeds were still in the breeder packs, hopefully they are genuine.
Do Not use True North!
January 2015
guest This seed bank is a joke. I ordered from them and it took roughly 3 days to just receive confirmation of my order (they did take my payment on the day I placed the order). In that confirmation they stated that they were going to need up to an additional 14 days to process my order. In the email I received it also stated in addition to the up to 14 days for processing i should wait another 14plus days for delivery. Gurenteed shipping is 35 dollars, which is, not a bad price if they actually processed and shipped quickly. Once I read the email the high cost of both the seeds and shipping coupled with the extremly long waiting time made me want to cancel my order. I sent several emails over the course of a few days trying to inquire about my order, all of them went unanswered. Finally unanswered emails, outrageous prices and true norths super slow processing and shipping times made me annoyed enough to terminate the order with my credit card company. I will never contemplate going back to these jokers and I will make it a point to tell friends and strangers a like about my expiriences with true north cheat bank. January 2015
guest Their website was having complications with their my cart feature so I called in an order of elemental seeds. They emailed me back and said they couldnt get them even though the website lists them in stock. Ive been waiting for a refund to be issued but Im getting a lot of beating around the bush and no refund. Never again. January 2015

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