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michigan cannabis seed bank

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Michigan cannabis seed bank

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Simply provide a photo clearly showing any seeds that germinated unsuccessfully and those will be replaced hassle free, no questions asked.

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Tracking No. Have comfort knowing your order was shipped out the same day with email tracking.

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Facts about the Cannabis Industry in Canada

There is a poll conducted way back in 1997 about the Canadians who are into the organization of cannabis. Last 2016, the poll was given again and it was found out that 7 in 10 Canadians is in favor of the usage of cannabis in their state.

Myths about the Cannabis Industry in Canada

  • It is unbanked

It is a myth that the cannabis industry in Canada is unbanked. In fact, there are chartered banks in Canada that offers depository services for the cannabis dispensaries. Most of the cannabis dispensaries in Canada that has large amounts of cash transactions gets the depository services.

  • Cannabis is a commodity

Cannabis is a consumer good and it caters to a broad scope recreationally and medicinally. It is not a commodity because if a consumer needs medical assistance he/she will not think of how to save money on the first thought while on the recreational or adult use, cannabis is still superior to the use of alcohol.

  • Cannabis product will fall

There is a theory of supply and demand. As the supply increases, there is a momentary decrease in its monetary value but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a permanent decrease in prices.

  • Cannabis legalization will lead to an increased use

This is a myth because the use of cannabis is still controlled, it means that not all are eligible to use it and the government of Canada ensures to promote responsible usage of cannabis. There are studies conducted that there is no direct correlation between the legalization of cannabis and the increase of its consumers.

Things to Consider About The Cannabis Industry in Canada

  • Regulations

The government of Canada decided to approve the legality of cannabis in Canada because they want to demolish the rapid growth of the black market, and they want to protect the youth who are already exposed to marijuana. Upon venturing into their cannabis industry, make sure that you are fully knowledgeable about their policies to avoid inconveniences.
Growing Environment

Because of Canada’s geographical properties and rich land, it is one of the most countries that has the best cultivation grounds that can produce quality cannabis products. AThe agriculture sector is also one of the most growing industries in Canada and it is where the cannabis is into.

Whether you would use cannabis for recreational or medicinal consumption, as long as you would follow Canada’s rules and regulations you won’t be in trouble getting hold of it. As a cannabis user, you should also be responsible enough.

When you buy cannabis from them, you do not only satisfy yourself but you are able to help their community through economic growth.

As long as you are in the right age, you are able to have access to both recreational or medicinal cannabis that can be acquired from an online cannabis store or from a physical cannabis store.

Final Thoughts

Knowing some facts in buying weed in Canada will guide you to have a good buying experience. These facts are helpful and the good-to-know information will help you access if you can be a responsible cannabis consumer. As the cannabis industry has been legalized, there are also misconceptions circulating about the cannabis industry in Canada. It is important to differentiate the facts from the myths so it won’t affect your buying experience.

DIY: Seed Containers for Storing Cannabis Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds after curing and harvest is one of the crucial things that need to be done properly to preserve its freshness, potency and natural characteristics of cannabis seeds. It is not always practical to use containers designed for storing cannabis because it’s pricey. If you can create your own storage container, then it is a perfect way to recycle and be innovative in helping the environment.

How to DIY Cannabis Storage

In doing your DIY storage, you can make use of recyclable things such as glass container from your condiments or containers of food that have an airtight packaging. In recycling, it is important to make sure that these containers are completely sanitized before use to avoid any contaminants that affect your stored cannabis seeds. It is not advisable to use plastic-based containers, especially for long-term storage because plastics degrade over time by air, light and temperature fluctuations.

Things to Consider in Doing DIY Storage

  • Make sure that if you are recycling materials, it should be from a biodegradable material.
  • Make sure that the materials to be used do not contain chemicals that may pose harm to cannabis seeds and consumers.
  • In doing DIY storage, it is helpful to get materials that are naturally sourced.

Different Types of Cannabis Storages

  1. Dark Glass Airtight Container

This type of storage is recommended if you would store cannabis for later use. In using this type of storage, it is advisable to fully fill the container so as not to invite too much air.

2. Cannabis Humidor

This is a wooden, mahogany container that ensures the proper humidity level is maintained. It also provides you an aesthetically way of storing cannabis. Cannabis humidor and tobacco humidor are mistakenly considered as the same thing but they are totally different in terms of materials used. It is important to check whether or not you are using a humidor intended for cannabis to ensure that your cannabis will be stored properly.

3. Vacuum Sealing

This is a type of storage is an excellent method if you want to preserve cannabis’ freshness. You’ll just have to place the properly cured and dried cannabis in a special plastic bag to be sealed in a vacuum-sealing machine, with this the air from the plastic is extracted.

4. Boveda Packs

This is a special kind of plastic that has salt and water to help absorb extra moisture that maintains the relative humidity in cannabis. This type of storage is advisable if you would only store the cannabis in a short period of time.

5. CVault

This type of storage goes perfectly with cannabis humidor and Boveda packs. It has a natural agent that maintains the humidity. CVault is the most advanced way of storing cannabis because it is lightweight and impenetrable to light.

6. Stainless Steel Type Storage

This is one of the storage options that most cannabis connoisseurs use because of its durability and its metal components do not interact with the natural substance of cannabis.

Tips in Storing Cannabis

  1. For a longer period of storing, the use of a or freezer is advisable to ensure that the freshness of the seeds is still fresh. If storing for a short period of time, placing it in cupboards and drawers would be good as long as it is placed in the right container.
  2. Avoid transferring cannabis seeds from the fridge or freezer to room temperature too often since cannabis seeds are sensitive to changing temperatures.
  3. When using a fridge/freezer, make sure that the seeds are placed in an airtight jar or zip lock to avoid build-up of frost because if there is a frost build up the cannabis seed cell structure may be damaged.
  4. A good hygiene environment will prevent contamination and spread of plant diseases among your cannabis seed collection. A way of extending the life shelf of your cannabis seeds is to ensure that your seeds are away from water and humid environment.
  5. Even though your cannabis seeds are placed in an airtight and opaque container if it is exposed to sunlight then it may induce unhealthygermination. The humidity level increases rapidly if your container is exposed even with slight sunlight exposure.
  6. Humidity and temperature go hand in hand to ensure that cannabis seeds are stored safely. If the humidity and the temperature are at the optimum level then you can easily zero out moisture that makes your cannabis seeds wilted and active to fungi, molds and pest infestations.
  7. Avoid touching the cannabis seeds because your hands may carry grease that contains bacteria that may potentially damage the seeds.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways by which you can utilize your resources in making sure that you are storing your cannabis seeds properly. Make sure that the way on how you DIY your cannabis storage is safe for your cannabis seeds to ensure that you are sealing it’s natural properties until you use it.

Top 10 Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Denver

Denver is a place where cannabis dispensaries can freely grow and cultivate cannabis seeds but it is also a place where you can buy high-quality seeds that are potent and is known to have good genetics. Denver’s cannabis industry aims to cater to all kinds of consumers providing their needs for recreational or medical uses. In this article, we’ll show you different kinds of cannabis seeds that are grown in Denver.

Godfather OG

According to different sources, this strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains. It has Indica-dominant genetics that is a cross breed of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. The reason why it is known to be the most potent cannabis strain is because of its THC content that ranges between 34-36% which makes it known to be “the Don of all Kush’ strains”.

This strain won a lot of High Times Cannabis Cup for being one of the best Indica strains. It gives a high that will incredibly give you cerebral high in just a few hits. Its high is addictive because it also has euphoric effects that give total relaxation that leaves users the feelings of happiness and calmness.

2. Irish Cream

This is an Indica dominant strain that is a cross breed between Real McCoy and Cookies and Cream. This strain is known to be the coffee-and-cream flavored intoxicants because of its taste and aroma brought by its potency. It has an exceptionally powerful cannabis strain that aims to give you a pleasant experience with its 27% of THC content.

This strain offers a classic taste and aroma of fresh herbs, pine and sweet taste of cream. Its potency is ideal for treating anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain. It cerebral high tends to make you sociable, relaxed and happy, an all at once experience.

3. Chemdawg

This strain is known to be a pungent marijuana strain. It was originally crowned as the record holder for the highest THC content of 32.13% with unknown genetics or history. It has balanced hybrid genetics that makes up its overall qualities that are loved by consumers.

This strain is known to have uplifting effects that are conducive for boosting creativity. This is a strain not intended for a newbie because of it’s high but once you handle it, you will incredibly enjoyable. This strain may be difficult to grow but it is worth it because it is high-yielding and it is extremely potent.

4. White Tahoe Cookies

This strain is known to be the new kid in the block because of its characteristics that came from its Indica-dominant genetics. It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tahoe OG that contributed to its strong qualities. It has a THC content of 27% that brings an enjoyable high.

In terms of its effects, it would only take in a couple of minutes to serve its euphoric high that will make you understand how potent this strain is. It has a relaxing vibe that will turn into the feeling of sedation perfect for those who are suffering from insomnia and other sleep issues.

5. Strawberry Banana

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is known to be a delicious strain that tastes like a desert. But don’t fall for its taste and aroma because, at a THC content of 31.62%, it will definitely give you a punch. This is a strain perfect for novice and connoisseur because of its growing difficulty and it impacts on human consciousness.

As the name implies, it has the flavors of the sweet and fruity scent of banana and strawberry that delivers an overall cerebral head high that makes you feel total relaxation that is a fantastic way to handle chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

6. Emperor Cookie Dough

This is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid that has an extremely potent effect that has a cross breed between Emperor OG and the Girl Scout Cookies. One thing that makes this strain standout is because it offers balance effects that boost both mind and body functioning with its THC content of 31%. It has a combination of mental and physical stimulation that contributed to its potency.

This strain has a biscuity scent with hints of citrusy notes when properly harvested and cured. When exhaled you will have an initial impression that this strain has accents of the sweet tart. After its sweet fragrance has been smoked, it will give the user sensations of cerebral effects of mental engagement in doing complicated tasks and will give the feelings of well-being. As the high remains in the body, its sedative effects will take effect that will let your energy gradually increase as you fell asleep.

7. Canna Sutra

This strain is derived for the popular love guide Kama Sutra that has properties that enhances senses for romantic encounters. It has a THC content that measures between 23%-29%. This strain offers a potent and body high effects along with its balanced combination of an earthy and sweet flavor and aroma.

It has a dense small-medium bud gives a subtle effect but after a couple of minutes, it will give you the of serenity and contentment. Because of its THC content, users may feel the vibe to be trippy. This strain benefits recreational and medicinal cannabis.

8. Veganic Strawberry Cough

This strain has a genetic makeup as an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica that makes it an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross breed between strawberry fields and an old staple Haze genetics. This strain consists of THC content that ranges between 20-26% that makes it a favorite by veteran consumers because of its consistency.

Consumers may feel the feelings of elation a euphoric high while giving you a melted feeling from fatigue and tiredness. The effects of this strain may be felt quickly within 10-15 minutes. It has a distinct taste and smell of the tropical sweetness of berry with some notes of grass and earth with an after taste of herbally and spicy.

9. Northern Lights

This is a strain known to be the two hit and quit strain because of its mental and physical high. This award-winning strain received a lot of recognition in Cannabis World Cups as an outstanding potent recreational and medicinal cannabis strain. It has Indica ancestors that are bred from Afghani and Thai that contributed to its outstanding qualities. It is considered as a potent strain because its THC content can reach up to 33%.

This strain is a perfect night time strain that is highly sedative that can relieve chronic pain and that it can relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety. Consumers may feel munchie feeling that is a great help if you are having a loss of appetite. This is a perfect strain for those who prefer quality over quantity.

10. Sour Diesel

This strain is popular for its energizing and positive high brought by its potency with a THC content that ranges between 25-27%. This strain is distinguished by its fuel like smell that indicates its ability to provide Indica physical relaxation and a Sativa High.

The effects of this strain give a peasant and warm head high rush that can easily uplift the mood and leaving a sense of euphoric high that leaves you the feeling that is free from mild stress, anxiety, and depression. It has a long lasting high that could last up to 2 to 3 hours that is why experts would remind that if you have a low THC tolerance, limit the dosage intake of this strain.

Final Thoughts

Dispensaries in Denver are quite picky about the strain types that they want to sell to the consumers. These strains not only have great qualities but these strains are easy to grow because of their natural hardiness.

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In these times where everything can be deceived, the word trust can be so hard to achieve and receive. You will carry the burden of proof to clear your name out of so many allegations and accusations coming from the hearsays of the greater public. The same applies to the Marijuana Seed Banks of the world which competes with one another to gain the public’s trust and support.

Noble as this may seem but to fit and be considered as a Trustworthy Cannabis Seed Bank requires too much money, collective efforts, meeting the standards and creation of effective crisis management, especially during the times that you have to defend the company itself in legal battles filed in different international and local courts.

Having been said and done, what are the things that we have to see before trusting a Marijuana Seed Bank?

The Ten Commandments

1. Vision

Before creating and building their own shop, every businessman checks their company’s steps in connecting with the customers and the ability to deliver its mission to our market with clarity and precise messages. Seed banks exist because they are able to talk with their customers thru their shop’s dreams and aspirations, aside from being commercialized.

Apart from conveying the message of convenience and secrecy, many seed banks exist because they evolve and innovate while staying intact with what they aim for commercial competitions that happen within the realms of the Cannabis world.

2. Authenticity

It is an established and long existing policy in advertising that in order for you to captivate the public, your targeted audience specifically, you have to create your own identity- easy to remember, fast to recognize and memorable to the people’s minds.

You don’t have to go big quickly with this because the most effective tool in establishing your own name is with gradual steps, starting from your friends, to your community then your city, the region, the province, the state, and the country, then ultimately, the world.

As long as you bear your own-made original content, trademark, and strategy in marketing your bank, there will be nothing more against yourself.

3. Public Recognition

In these days where everybody claims to be associated with the Hollywood Stars or politicians, their proof of evidence highly matters. The same applies to the Marijuana Seed Banks that their products have won many awards during the past few decades, even in the early 90s. Remember that you will not go through their achievements alone, but their authentic affiliation with these groups so that you will be confident enough to whom you are transacting with.

There are cases of falsification of records by other online sites and discreetly steals information of the credit card numbers of some customers that lead to serious and dangerous criminal acts.

4. Recognizes and follows the rule of law

The best way to authenticate a public document is simply by asking for the help of your government. They have the power to investigate, research, contact, and conduct in-depth analysis for different confidential and controversial matters in this world.

If these governments can do vast and extensive studies, what more with the marginalized Cannabis sector of the world? The users multiply year by year, but the seed banks grow very slow for the past few decades, and with this, the government can have more time to do surveillance with these seed banks, especially if they are planning to do evil transactions with the public-be it in actual or in digital methods.

Remember that the government has the ultimate power above anything else in a country with established political systems. They can control anything and tolerate everything.

5. Creative thinking

Your seed bank must have these creative approaches and strategies, enough to attract customers in the long run. Your promos, packages, way of shipment and other logistical and commercial prowess is keenly observed by your other competitors.

In one way or the other, your seed bank will produce a good marketing strategy, be followed by others, or you will follow their rates just to go progressive with the trend that they are setting.

There’s nothing wrong in observing the other seed bank’s strategy, as long as you will not copy their materials, or you will be subject to a legal problem which draws negative reputation and reviews.

6. Ease of Access

How are you going to reach your targeted customers? Is it limited to the platforms of social media? Or will you still consider buying phone lines for another option of communication 24/7? The choice is yours.

Remember, Cannabis users are most of the time, paranoid when it comes to shipping their deliveries, especially when they live in the regions where Marijuana items are illegal.

Most of the reviews from the public will rely on the span of time that you will consume, just to deliver their ordered seeds right at their doorsteps. The quicker your response, the better image you will build.

7. Resourcefulness

This relies on the company’s ability to create effective ways in promoting their featured products, especially in the field of Marijuana Industry. Another thing is their ability to produce tough answers to the tough questions they may receive from people questioning their abilities and the swiftness of the product’s delivery.

As much as possible, every seed bank must offer solutions and remedies to their customers’ problems, especially when it comes to the product’s delivery, which is the riskiest part of your transaction with them.

After all, when you sell anything to the public, you have to think and be streetwise in knowing life hacks to make your business weigh lighter and better, right?

8. Values-Oriented

In business, an entrepreneur should not think of the value of each product sold to the open market. The group’s cultural value should matter as well.

International and Multinational companies excel more in the world of business because of the concrete values that they impose on their employees and executives. They spent decades in building the company’s development, achievements, and modernization. And to keep it up, their core group has developed a code of ethics for work, for interaction with other employees and even with the other companies.

The same thought and agenda are applicable with the Seed banks, though they can use this on a smaller scale. Regardless of the scale, what’s important is that the inculcation of values must apply.

9. Terms of Payment

In doing business, offering your clients the convenience and comfortability are one of the toughest jobs to keep. Aside in keeping an eye with the legal transactions, you also have to keep the lines of fund transfers or remittances open every single day.

Seed Banks are required to do it because there are cases of illegal transactions that happened when the apps being used by the companies, are failing to work well.

Mysteriously, there were reports of illegal transactions that happened during the down times of the modes of payment, aside from cash. These banks believed that it is the people from the black market that infiltrated their systems, stealing much information of their clients and customers, as well as their own bank’s details.

With this, the seed companies pushed themselves to upgrade and accept more modes of payment, aside from the banking services. Now, they also include the cryptocurrency of bitcoins in paying their products for fees.

10. Customer Care

One of the reasons why a customer, irate or not, stays in a reputable seed bank because its needs are duly and the concerns are carefully answered with clarity, swift actions, and positive results.

Majority of the businesses being established in the world, in and out the Marijuana Industry, tends to forget the real definition of Customer-Oriented works and Customer Care Service. They only aim for the high markups and promising profits, not minding what the customers may say and how can these things affect their future operations.

Whatever the problem is or how complex the issue is, the company should have a clear response or measure on how to retroactively respond to the pressing situation affecting their customers.

Do Your Research!

There’s no harm in searching if you are looking for a seed bank and personalized Marijuana merchandises up for retail. To have a long-term goal in this Industry is a gift of brilliance! In a world where everybody only wants temporary happiness, your ability to stay loyal with your chosen seed bank is indeed a precious gift for both of you.

Aside from seeking a sustainable future, you will also discover different groups with various attitudes when it comes to running a business and keeping it active for more than the initial target that they did during their debut in this vast and ever-changing industry. They will always put their best and present their achievements before you, but remember, a man’s value will not base from his achievements alone, but with his character when he struggled to achieve and reach the end goal of everything- to be on top.

The Legality of Marijuana in Colorado

Growing and consuming your own cannabis plants comes with its own set of rules and regulations. Not all states are given the legal authority to allow its citizens to smoke weed whether for recreational or medical use, let alone cultivate their own plant. A state that allows the medical and recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and looking for the marijuana seed banks in Colorado can be a good place to start your cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado came after the passing of Amendment 64. That means adults aged 21 or older in Colorado can legally possess one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC. It also comes with perks such as enjoying many types of concentrates, edibles, topicals during your visit. And as an addition, cannabis seeds are also available for sale in Colorado.

The legality of Marijuana in Colorado – An Overview

Here are some of the vital information that you can use as a reference if you’re living in Colorado and wants to acquire cannabis.


You should be an adult 21 years or older in order to possess 1 ounce of marijuana in Colorado. A government-issued identification to prove that you are 21 years or older like a drivers license or passport will be enough.

Take note that you don’t have to Colorado resident to possess recreational cannabis and there’s no type of registration system. Only the residents who want to apply for a medical marijuana card is required to register with the state.

Purchasing Limits for Marijuana Seed Banks in Colorado

Acquiring cannabis from any marijuana seed banks in Colorado comes with its purchasing limits of 7 grams or less for tourists while for Colorado residents could purchase up to 28 grams. However, this law has been recently changed in June 2016 and now both tourists and residents can purchase 28 grams just in one transaction.

Colorado allows cannabis stores to operate from 8 am until Midnight. Cities are allowed to have their own rules within that timeframe. A good example is that Denver stored must be closed by 10 PM.

If you need to purchase cannabis after 10 PM, you can go to Edgewater or Glendale. You need to check store hours before going to different cities.

The law in Colorado allows its residents 21 years or older to cultivate up to 6 plants. The 3 of these plants can be in the flowering stage stored in an enclosed, locked space.

The law in Colorado does not permit the consumption of marijuana openly and publicly. But there’s a place where tourists and locals can come together and smoke marijuana products safely and legally. They are referred to as private cannabis clubs.

Frequently Asked Question About the Legality of Marijuana in Colorado?

Who can sell cannabis in Colorado?

Storefronts that sell recreational marijuana in Denver should be licensed as a marijuana dispensary. But not all medical marijuana dispensaries sell recreational marijuana.

Before going to the actual store, it will really help if you check on what type of marijuana they sell and their store hours. Keep in mind that it is illegal for any unlicensed person or entity to sell marijuana.

Who can buy cannabis in Colorado?

You must be 21 years and older and you must present a government-issued ID for proof of age. If your age is between 18-21 years old, you’ll need to apply for a medical card if you want to purchase marijuana.

You don’t have to be a resident to buy recreational marijuana, however, only Colorado residents can avail of the medical card. Also, it’s considered illegal to buy from an unlicensed store.

Where can I smoke cannabis in Colorado?

Cannabis can’t be consumed openly or in public in Colorado. Under the law, the list of public places includes transportation facilities, schools, music, sports or amusement venues, parks and playgrounds, and rooftop cafes.

You also can’t smoke indoors of public areas such as restaurants, theaters or office building. But, you can find several locally licensed consumption venues in Colorado Springs and Denver. Colorado residents can smoke in the comfort of their own homes, but this should be in line with the smoking restrictions of their homes or lease.Media

How much Cannabis can I possess?

Both Colorado residents and tourists can purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana at a time. Medical marijuana patients may purchase and possess 2 ounces of marijuana at a time.

What are the rules for edibles and concentrates?

The possession rules apply to all types of marijuana but dispensaries can only sell 8 grams of concentrates and edibles and it should not contain more than 800 milligrams of THC. Marijuana edibles can’t be consumed in public.

Am I allowed to give or sell marijuana to someone under 21 years old?

No. It’s still considered illegal to give or sell as retail the marijuana to anyone under the age of 21.

What is the penalty if you’re caught possessing or consuming marijuana if you’re not yet 21 years old?

In Denver, for people aged 18 to 21 that have been caught possessing marijuana will face a civil penalty and not a criminal citation. The schools can also impose additional disciplinary policies for students caught with marijuana on school property.

Other legal penalties can range from fines to jail prison sentences. Residents and tourists are highly encouraged to follow the rules as they are simple and breaking them will have a serious record on your personal file.

Is it okay to have marijuana inside my car?

Yes, you are allowed to carry marijuana in your car. But you have to make sure that it’s inside a sealed container and it should never cross state boundaries. Keep in mind that although you’re allowed to keep it in your car, it’s considered illegal to consume marijuana while in your car.

Will I get a DUI for Driving after smoking cannabis?

Yes. The legal limit for driving after smoking cannabis is 5 nanograms or less of delta 9 THC per millimeter of blood. Anyone who has more than that has a risk of getting arrested for DUI.

Will I be able to fly out of Denver with Marijuana?

No. The Denver International Airport prohibits the possession, use, display, and transfer of marijuana on its property. Other airports in Colorado have similar rules but might be less strict.

Ordering the Right Marijuana Seeds to Buy

This world has been flooded by different seeds and strains of Cannabis vegetation. From the valleys of the United States to the winter wonderland of Canada crossing the Atlantic and reaching the flatlands of the Netherlands then heading south to the mildly cold farms of Uruguay, different communities are now witnessing the robust growth of Marijuana farms.

And as the economic flood goes higher, you might go overwhelmed on ordering the right seeds for you to grow. Don’t worry, you can take these few tips to assure that the seeds you have chosen will definitely bear good fruits for the future years.

Knowing Marijuana Seeds

Just like the other plants existing in this world, Marijuana plants came from seeds- dioecious seeds to be exact- and these seeds are responsible in the boom of the entire industry for years.

Its reproduction is generally sexual and needs the presence of a male and a female plant. However, scientific studies suggest that female plants can reproduce without the male counterpart and harvest plants for medical and recreational use. On the other hand, there are variants of Marijuana plants that produce male and female seeds in one plant, making their reproduction be faster than any other cannabis plants.

When reproducing, a male seed must pollinate a female flower plant. If the seeds mature, the female plant will die and these new seeds will fall off to the ground and grow into new plants. Plants with both male and female flowers create male seeds and pollinate the surrounding female flowers to grow new batches of seeds. This is hermaphroditic reproduction.

Things to Consider

Your Desired Effects

Are you going to buy these seeds because you need it for Medical Purposes? Or just because you plainly want to try these things out and see if the fruits that those will bear can make you feel better than what you are feeling right now?

Before anything else, you have to check on why do you need the seeds. If the purpose is for medical matters, then determine which illness do you have that can be treated by Marijuana seeds, especially when you have a job to do every single day. Or if only for recreation, then you still have to consider your working hours, and the lifestyle you have right now.

There are instances that people buy things because those are trending. They are unaware that impulsive buying may lead to bigger problems in life. And instead of saving you and your soul for further stress, it is you who will put your own life at risk if you are buying just for nothing.

So, if you have something to be cured, check your sickness first and better if you’ll consult your doctor before anything else. If your sickness requires you to gain complete sleep at night, then consider using strains intended for night use. If you have to be uplifted and feel active, then consider using the seeds good for daytime use.

The bottom line with this factor is the need to have a clear goal and objectives on why are you going to use the Marijuana Seeds, to avoid any substance abuse and to protect the seeds and those who persevered to grow them for some months in their facilities.

Your Budget

After checking your objectives on why should you plant some Marijuana Seeds, it is important to check on your available money- or simply called the budget. You should not dare to buy any Marijuana items out in the market, without checking your budget allotted for Cannabis spending.

Also, avoid applying for short-term or long-term loans that can fulfill the shortcomings you are experiencing right now just to buy your wants and not your needs. It only shows your indecisiveness in managing your finances, considering that the Marijuana seeds you will plant may have further problems in the long run, which may add up to your initial cost upon buying the seeds.

In these times where mostly, everything is expensive and seldom overpriced, being a practical and frugal person gives you a lot of advantages in life, including the ability to be happy on small, petty, and simple things in life.

Not only that, you are being trained to divert your attention in buying the more important things aside from buying your wanted Marijuana Seeds. We have to understand that Marijuana Seeds are potentially expensive because of what they can do to its users for the next few months.

Your Climate

Consider this sample, you plan to buy your best outfits because you are going to have a trip to Norway. You are packing up your clothes and started to travel from where you live up to the airport in Oslo and from there, you realized that the outfits you bought may not completely warm you up due to the intense coldness that Norwegian cities experience in almost the entirety of the year.

If in case you did not anticipate that kind of coldness which may linger you for days, chances are that you will not wish to stay longer in Norway and go home instead, suffering from the sudden change of weather, heat, and the climate itself.

The same applies to Marijuana Seeds that differ in every strain. Little did you know that these seeds also have the category depending on which region they will maximizable grow. You cannot simply plant your seeds in Canada if the climate that suits them is relatively warm. On the other hand, you cannot plant seeds that are good for winter regions in places where the sun directly shines every single day.

Your Space

When you are still in the process of planning the blueprint of your dream house, do you consider the sizes of the rooms you should have to give you privacy and space from the rest of the world?

The same goes for your Marijuana Seeds. They cannot be simply planted in places where the rooms are too small for them, triggering a pressure and stress for them to adapt in these kinds of places, especially when the seeds require you to have a spacious ground for growing as they are huge and spreads more than what you expect.

Apart from it, Marijuana Seeds require you to have a plan on making their growth and development be fully observed, followed and checked. To have a spacious room for your seeds’ growth is a must and not to be treated as an option.

If you want to optimize the quality of your seeds, better invest in holding them to a bigger room where the other factors for germination are carefully designed and attached inside the room.

Your Chosen Seed bank

A Seed Bank is purposely designed and built for Scientific Studies about different seeds which are intentionally used for storing and keeping seed genes for future purposes, hence they are gene banks.

Seed Banks scattered throughout different nations function as the library of information and room of experiment for seed development, genetic studies and other pertinent measures needed for innovating and maintaining the Biological Diversity of the world.

They are expected to lead the revival of previous strains that ceased to exist, as well as the creation of new breeds for the next generations, and to act as the brain of Cannabis Industry that will keep all of the necessary and important matters subject for archiving and storage.

However, if your chosen seed is not available with the bank you are seeking for, then consider trying the other services of other seed banks available locally or thru online.

Your Commitment

On top of these things, you must have the dedication, determination, and perseverance to keep and enhance the growth of your seeds in the future. As Mike Fishbein says, “Wealth, job title, and happiness are some of the most common measures of success. It’s important to measure success in the right way because it informs how you spend your time and effort. If you don’t measure success in terms of what’s truly important to you, you can’t work towards getting there”.

In the case of ordering the right seeds, your contentment and happiness will measure your success in the future. It may sound petty, but the first step in achieving successful cultivation of Marijuana Strains is through your wise decision in choosing the seeds that you will buy from a seed bank, plant in your home and nourish those in the future.

You will find disappointments, face frustrations, and experience short temperament in the next few months, but what matters most is your commitment to protect the seeds from any foreign bodies, to make them grow, nourish them like they are your children and harvest their fruits for your benefit- be it for medical, recreational, or economical.

In the end, it is only you who will be directly involved to all that you’ll do for Marijuana Seeds, so be responsible enough in upholding your commitment for everything about your own weeds.

Do’s and Dont’s You Should Know Before Visiting Weed Seed Store

Cannabis stores have been consistently stocking up on different strains to ensure every demand is met. Going to visit a store can be an exciting visit especially if you’re a novice grower just starting out your cannabis garden.

Keep in mind though that cannabis seeds stores are not the typical stores that you can just walk in to and do your shopping. Since they are selling cannabis, which some people still consider unlawful, they may implement certain rules and regulations to ensure that there’s comfort in their stores.

Do’s when Visiting a Weeds Seeds Store

Here are some of the things that you should know before or even during your weeds seeds store visit.

Knowing the reason for your Visit

Every budtender would want to know the reason why you’re visiting a cannabis seed store. They would also throw in additional questions such as what’s your goal in cannabis production, you should be prepared for your answer to this.

A budtender will explain to you how important it is to illustrate an experience that you would want to use the weed into, if you’re thinking of smoking the plants you’ll be cultivating that is.

Most buyers will explain that they want weeds that will go with them on certain occasions such as concerts, drinking, anxiety in the crowd or even for relaxing after dinner.

They will also ask you what kinds of results are you looking into, do you want to feel relaxed or uplifted? They can suggest strains that will either help you become more active to do your physical activities or something that will help you wind down and help you get to sleep.

Be Honest and Prepared to Ask a lot of Questions

You should never be afraid to ask a question regardless if it sounds silly or basic to you. You should remember that the budtender is there to answer every question you might think of.

For some cannabis seeds stores, you don’t need to have an appointment scheduled, but if you prefer to have a consultation in private, you should call ahead to make reservations.

Remember that for budtenders, no question is too silly or too beginner. They really appreciate if the customers ask a lot of questions especially the novice ones so as not to waste the time of going there.

Know what forms of Payments are Accepted & Bring Cash if Necessary

For some cannabis seed stores, cash may be the only option to pay for the seeds. Others have worked around and allow the use of credit and debit cards.

It’s very important to know what forms of payment the store accepts to avoid the regret of trying to purchase your seeds yet finding out that you don’t have enough cash for it. You can call the store ahead of time to ask or check their website.

Make sure you aware of any Health Issues you might encounter that can affect your Cannabis Experience
The side effects of using cannabis intake are not usually serious but they exist. It’s very important to know how your body reacts to it. The effects of cannabis are not just physical, some may experience increased anxiety level.

If you have medical conditions, it’s best to consult with your doctor first and ask him what would be the best way to consume cannabis. Although your budtender may be knowledgeable on the strains that will work for you, professional help may be beneficial in the long run.

Only buy the cannabis you really feel comfortable with

Budtenders will advise you to purchase cannabis that you really want to grow or use. Once you have tried it and you felt like it’s not for you, unfortunately, it’ll just be charged to experience as it can’t be returned.

If you’re not sure if that is the perfect weed for you, you can ask if the store sells edibles such as cookies or gummies that have used the strain you want. That way, you’ll experience the effect of the strain without having to go through the whole process of cultivating it.

Don’ts when Visiting a Weeds Seeds Store

Here’s a list of the thing that you should not do prior to or during your cannabis store visit.
Never ask for a sample the products

Sampling the cannabis products while inside the cannabis store is not permitted by the government. You can ask endless questions to the budtender even look at the seeds personally and as long as you want.

But asking to sample a weed while inside the store is a completely different story. If a person smokes weed while inside the store, he risks himself together with the store of going to jail.

Bringing persons under the age of 18

Some teenagers have blood for curiosity especially for cannabis and they might ask to join your trip to the cannabis store. Fortunately, they are not allowed to enter a cannabis store as they might not be able to comprehend everything that’s in there.

The law that says any person under the age of 18 is not allowed to smoke and cultivate cannabis also implies simply going to the store.

Going there a few minutes before closing time

You might be a paying customer but following the store’s operation time is necessary. These cannabis stores are regulated by the government even the hours of operations that they follow.

It is included in the contract or the permit they have signed that they are only allowed to operate within a certain time, otherwise, they might lose the chance of getting their license granted for the next term.

The operation hours are made to ensure that they better serve the community, and if you go there a few minutes before closing, stayed and caused the store to open overtime, you risk their permits and they might get closed for violating federal law.

What you can do is call ahead and verify their store hours to make sure you have plenty of time to stay there and get all the information you need.

Where to Buy Pot Seeds with Guaranteed Assurance

The world has been so busy in propagating the Marijuana Items, especially on intensifying the potencies of each Cannabis Strain to make them stronger and have a long-lasting effect for each user. Little do these eager and excited people know; they may end up failing if they do not focus on the means to produce quality and practical pot seeds for our future generations.

This is how the seed companies step in. They are committed to delivering excellent cannabis seeds without you worrying on the probability of their growth and development for the future years. With their efforts to innovate and modernize, they indeed, are committed to being the right choices on where to buy pot seeds.

Where to Buy?

Because Canada and the Netherlands, as well as the other nations in Europe, have legalized the use of Marijuana, these countries are the primary sources of quality stores that you can trust in terms of the Pot Seeds.

The Canadian Seed Shops

  1. Crop King Seeds (Vancouver- 2005)

One of their most popular and largest Seed Bank is the Crop King Seeds. Started in 2005, it was a small online store, challenged by the legality of selling Cannabis Seeds. Years after, they re-opened and became a boom in Canadian Seeds Industry.

Currently, this Cannabis Seed Company caters Marijuana Farms and Growers around the world. They extend their services to the places where other shops can’t reach due to the restrictions of the law. Their produced Cannabis Strain- the White Cookie, landed in the Top 10 Best Marijuana Strains of 2015.

2. Sun West Genetics (Vancouver- 2009)

Sun West Genetics, another Cannabis Seed Company, is another home-grown Canadian Seed Shop that boasts many Cannabis Seeds and caters customers all over the world. Already in the market for 10 years, this Seed Company is actively engaging with the efforts to support Marijuana legalization in other parts of the world.

They are the first company to apply Seed Tracker Technology, an innovation which exactly points the seeds’ location upon delivery and its status from purchasing online to delivery at your doorsteps.

MJ Seeds Canada, another competitor in Cannabis Seed Banking, boasts its fast shipping to different parts of the globe. Started in 2009, MJ Seeds are known to deliver the seeds with the finest quality and have a low chance of failure when planted.

Their same-day shipping is one of the fastest in the market, considering your place, even if you live far from North America. Customers who buy seeds from them were deeply amazed by the fast turnaround of their shipment, compared to others who may take 2-3 days before the real package arrival.

4. Sonoma Seeds (Vancouver- 2009)

Started in Vancouver, this seed bank encourages its customers to grow weeds organically. It steps in as one of the Vital Seed Banks due to different payment methods they receive. Remarkably, it is one of the banks to receive payment thru Bitcoin.

With their different terms of payment, people are considering their company as an accessible and reliable source of quality organic seeds in the Marijuana Industry.

5. Rocket Seeds

Unlike the first four companies, Rocket Seeds is a retail and shipment company, built only for the Marijuana Industry. They are known to deliver Marijuana Seeds from Crop King, Sun West and Sonoma Seeds in a short time, making them a potential group to be reliable, effective and fast in Marijuana Shipments.
They are accessible through their Social Media Platforms and an e-mail linked in their site.

6. The European Companies

Dinafem (San Sebastian, Spain)

Another Spanish pride of the Cannabis Industry, Dinafem boasts relatively huge variations of Cannabis strains that a single store can offer. Founded in 2002, this seed bank originated from San Sebastian, Spain. From their humble beginnings, the workers behind this seed bank tirelessly worked for the success that it harvests today.

Dinafem gained a lot of recognition across the European nations, including in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands because of their excellent products and useful strains in the field of Medicine.

This group has produced the renowned strains of Moby Dick, Critical Cheese, Bubba Kush, and the Blue Widow. Currently, Dinafem produces 62 Cannabis Strains- one of the largest collections in the Spanish Marijuana Industry and in the world.

7. Kalashnikov Seeds (Russia)

This Russian Comrade is now making its name in the midst of American, Dutch, Canadian, and Spanish Competitors in the Marijuana Industry. There is no Cold War here, just pure fun and Marijuana Innovation.

The former Red Soldiers of the Soviet Union capitalized on their empire’s break-up in 1990. These soldiers turned abandoned military bases into vast Marijuana Plantation in the distant and rural area of Eastern Russia.

As retiring from military service has been foreseen by the company’s founders, they officially established Kalashnikov seeds in the year 2000 and continues to excite growers in the West, to this date.

Some of their famous strains are Amnesia Molotov, Moscow Blueberry, AK Kush and Baikal Express. Truly, these seeds are captivating for the public, created from Russia, with love.

8. DNA Genetics (The Netherlands)

This has been one of the leading brands of Dutch-run seeds that operates from Amsterdam and delivers to the rest of the world. You may be surprised at what economic conglomerate does it came from- the CGC or Canopy Growth Company of Canada.

Formerly called Tweed Marijuana Inc., this corporate giant is now dominating the Cannabis Industry as the largest and biggest company that ever existed in the history of Marijuana Market. The Canopy Growth Company started its humble roots in Ontario, Canada and continues to run overseas for further expansion and better services to the rest of the Marijuana enthusiasts.

CGC has joined the New York Stock Exchange last May 23, 2018, as very first Cannabis Corporation to enter the arena of New York’s Roaring Stocks. Despite showing stability in joining the stocks and trading, there were growing concerns about the ease of doing business with the company, due to the unstable condition of the vast Marijuana world in the present days. Apart from it, this company is seriously hampered by the legal restrictions of Marijuana products around the world.

9. Canna Seeds (Denmark)

If you think that the Netherlands is the only country to have an excellent Seed Stores, then think again. Surprisingly, Denmark, its neighboring country, also has its own shop, like the Canna Seeds.

The Canna Seeds started last June 2010 and operate in the Danish Kingdom for 9 years, providing excellent commercial and customer services for all of its Medical Cannabis Users. Apart from Denmark, it also serves different customers who are looking for new shops, far from overpricing of the mainstream shops and expensively bragging their reputation to each of their products.

Denmark is known to be one of the liberal countries of Europe to allow Medical Cannabis use instead of prohibiting the life-saving practice, to protect its citizens from the realm of the Black Market, and to effectively regulate the illegal activities entangled with the issue of selling Pot Seeds.

Despite the stricter rule, Canna Seeds manages to keep operating and supporting its Medical Pot Users, provided that they are recognized by the law.

10. Canna Pot (Germany)

Germans are not only known for their famous beers, but for their Seed Shops as well. One example is the Canna Pot lying at the heart of the German Republic.

Canna Pot is known to have an auction house for its rare Pot Seeds on which it can help you scan the most affordable seeds being sold at the most reasonable, and sometimes most influential prices.

Apart from it, this Shop sells Lowryder strains produced by their partner farms, which is a must-try for the enthusiasts who will drop by in Germany and wants to experience Oktoberfest with a twist.

In addition, they offer 165 partner seed banks where you can place orders and assure its delivery in a fast-paced setting, like the mainstream producers in the Netherlands and in Canada.
Indeed, the Germans are amazing.

Buy yours now!

The Cannabis Industry is growing better than what the world has seen before. In fact, it can be seen with the participation of several Cannabis Companies with the International Trading and Stocks Exchange of the world, just like the mother company of DNA Genetics.

The seeds planted decades ago with blood, thirst, and efforts are now bearing bountiful harvests from the vast lands of Latin America, to Commercial Districts of Canada, up to the Coffee Shops of the Dutch Lands.

Now that the Industry grows bigger every year, the new challenge which should be addressed wisely is how are we going to create a sustainable Cannabis Industry for the upcoming years, especially when our children will be the ones responsible for taking good care of everything that we will leave, especially the Pot Seeds and its sales, as well as the other transactions of this industry.

The Status of Medical Marijuana in Michigan

There are different seed banks in Michigan today that are catering to people who are in search of medicinal benefits. People who have issues with their health are now depending on cannabis strains since it helps them get relief. If you are from Michigan and wish to find the best seed bank that could help you with cannabis seeds and strains then read on and we will share with you all the things you need to know about marijuana seed banks in Michigan today.

Medical Marijuana Seed Banks in Michigan

More and more people especially those who have health issues are relying on the medical benefits of cannabis strains. They even prefer to use it instead of their medications. The relief they get from this product helps them to focus and even function just like any normal person does. Below are some of the medicinal benefits you could get for using cannabis strains.

People who are suffering from cancer are one of the most benefited from using cannabis strains. They find relief from severe pain due to their chemotherapy and radiation sessions. Cannabis strains help them get the relaxation they need from the pain they are enduring. They find peace and it helps them get a good rest especially during the night when the pain is at peak.

Cannabis strains are also helping people with muscle issues like those with Parkinson’s Disease and other muscle spasm related illness. These people have an issue with their muscles thus results in involuntary movements of their bodies that most of the time could affect the way they speak. But with the help of cannabis strains, they can function normally again and do the tasks they wish to accomplish.

There are also patients who are dealing with mental issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, and even depression find relief from using cannabis strains. They eventually feel relaxed and euphoric without the feeling of lethargy. With this, they can do their jobs and even help them stay in focus.

However, just like any other medication, this kind of relief should be taken with extra care. Your doctors will only be the ones to provide you the right dosage based on your present health condition to avoid addiction.

How to Find the Best Seed Bank?

It is important that you only get the seeds and cannabis strains from licensed and legit resources like the seed banks, breeders, and dispensaries. Through them, you will be able to get the best kind of strain that will work best for you. Through them as well, you will be able to buy the seeds you need if you are planning to grow and cultivate your cannabis strain. But how can you find the best in town? Below are some useful tips that will help you find the best one in Michigan today.

Check for online details

Since the world of the internet is now revolving, it will surely provide you amazing details and info regarding this matter if you will do some online research. You will find tons of webpages and even shops that are selling such kind of item. Through the net as well, you will find the best seed bank here in Michigan that could provide you the kind of seeds and strains that will match up your needs. Make sure to check out those webpages and sites that will help you find the best seed bank in your state.

Don’t forget to take down notes

Once you are online, make sure that you take down notes. See to it that you write down those important details like location and contact details that would help you reach the seed bank you wish to check out. This way, you will not forget a single thing. Doing so will again provide you more advantages since you can also compare their offered features through the notes you have gathered. This will again help you find the best seed bank online.

Make sure to get in touch with the company as well so you will be able to know more about their offered services and products. Bear in mind that a good seed bank should have a good customer care service. This will help and ensure that you will get the answers and assistance you need right away and do not need to wait for weeks just to hear from them again.

Take recommendations and referrals

Another effective way that would help you find the best seed bank in your area is to make recommendations and referrals from your friends, breeders, and growers online. Through these referrals, you will be able to check the most trusted and reliable seed bank in your state. This method is very much preferred since these people have already tried and tested a certain provider. This might just work for you.


Reading and considering reviews will surely help a lot. Through those feedbacks and comments posted by real people, you will see and determine which seed bank you should trust when it comes to producing and producing seeds and strains. However, make sure that you take extra care in choosing the right reviews to consider. Bear in mind that a review with too many negative points will not do you any good as well as those with too much good side since this could only be their way to advertise their banks.


Finding the best marijuana seed banks in Michigan should not be that hard if you will only follow the tips, we have shared with you above. The medicinal cannabis strains in this state are growing since more and more people with health issues rely on his kind of remedy. If you wish to get the same results and you happened to be a resident of this state, then the tips above will help you find the best seed bank today. It is important that you never compromise your health and settled for anything less just like by choosing the best seed bank here in Michigan today.

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