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marijuanaseeds com au

Marijuanaseeds com au
* Please contact us as soon as possible if, in 25 business days you haven’t received your package. If you fail to notify us within 90 days after the delivery timeframe, your order will be marked received.

Our Cannabis Seeds

Welcome to Weed Seeds Australia

Premium Rare & Medical Cannabis Strains

We stock premium grade medical and cannabis cup winner strains, grow guides, fertilisers, grow boosters, mould & pest control products plus more.

Growing your own weed couldn’t get any easier if you’re with us. We have taken the time out to research what goes into a plant to make sure it’s a beauty. Weed Seeds Australia take pride in making sure our customers are completely equipped with the right knowledge of marijuana strains, soil, fertilisers, pest and diseases etc before growing.

To start you off, we have a free outdoor grow guide for you to follow. After that, it is recommended you purchase the perfect strain for you, good quality soil, fertilisers and mould & pest control products to ensure your grow goes well.

These prerequisites are not 100% necessary, but they do add to an overall great grow. Without the right strain the local environment could affect the steady growth of your plant. Without the proper fertiliser your plant won’t have the right nutrients it needs to grow and flower properly. Without the plant booster your plant won’t grow and flower as efficiently as it could. Without the right pest and disease products, your plant could die.

If you take the time out to do the the right things, your plant will reward you! Remember, healthy plant = huge yields!

Weed Seeds Australia FAQ

Can You Trust Our Australian Cannabis Seed Bank?

We like to say for people to be their own judges by purchasing and reviewing our products but if that doesn’t cut it, have a look at our Facebook page to the top right. We have over 650+ likes on there and that wouldn’t happen unless people are happy with our seed bank.

We’re also mentioned in top cannabis forums like, and etc. Check the reviews on our product pages as well before you buy anything. They’re uncensored comments from other people in Australia regarding our products and service. That should give you a fair gauge of how reputable we are.

When will my marijuana seeds arrive?

Our seed bank is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe). Shipping to Australia takes from 1 to 3 weeks. Your package is posted within 2 business days after receiving payment. The usual delivery times are 10 to 15 days.

Sometimes your package may be held up at customs which can cause your order to be prolonged. But because our seeds are well hidden, customs will allow the package through after being inspected.

If your package doesn’t make it, it’s our courtesy to resend new seeds. Absolutely free!

How is the arrival of my cannabis seeds guaranteed?

If your package doesn’t show up, it is our duty out of courtesy to resend the same order. For free! We have the following reshipping conditions:

* After 25 days, free reshipping takes place. Most orders are delivered within 2 weeks. The packages that don’t, will be sent in the next 2 weeks. International mail and customs may go through various delays, thus the waiting time.

* Please contact us as soon as possible if, in 25 business days you haven’t received your package. If you fail to notify us within 90 days after the delivery timeframe, your order will be marked received.

* In the event you enter an incorrect address (Like accidentally typing the wrong address number), we cannot resend the order for free. The address you provide is printed out EXACTLY as you entered. However, as we do not like leaving our customers out in the cold, we provide a discount code for your next purchase with us.

* You can give us an different address for the 2nd time of shipping. We will also utilise a different stealth approach.

If unfortunately your marijuana seeds get crushed during shipment we may ask you to provide us a clear picture of the cannabis seeds in its original packaging.

Does our seed bank accept credit card, bitcoin, cash or bank transfer?

The short answer is yes. We accept credit card payments, bitcoin, cash or bank transfer. Just to mention as well, all orders from credit card purchases will never have a statement on the account mentioning anything associated to cannabis seeds.

You will get a few emails as soon as you make your order:

* One email will ask you to complete your order. Your bank account will not be billed and your order wont come through until you have confirmed this email.

* If you didn’t input your credit card credentials, click the link in the second email to do so.

If you have you have entered any information incorrectly, simply start a new order. Orders that have not been paid will be removed automatically.

More Information

Our website is setup to be a web portal which directs users to another website. The website the user is directed to is usually more useful, newer or more appealing to the audience.

With Weed Seeds Australia’s scenario, we have chosen to direct users to the company ILGM Seeds who has been successfully shipping rare & medical cannabis seeds to Australians in need for a number of years now. ILGM Seeds has always been of high value to our team of bloggers, friends and family thus the reason it is our chosen Aussie cannabis seed bank to promote.

ILGM have never failed to deliver, resends lost orders, always quick, uses old school Airmail (which is great) and reliable with communication. Your always assured your order is getting to you.

Whats in store at our Australian Cannabis Seed Bank? Many, many things..

There is a selection of incredible cannabis strains in store at Weed Seeds Australia. All of them bred by experts and tested to grow well in the Australian environment. Just some of the strains we have which will thrive in the Australia atmosphere are; Super Silver Haze, OG Kush, Big Bud & Blueberry. Read our Marijuana Seeds Australia review on our strains to find out more!

Some of our Cannabis Strains

Weed Seeds Australia Values

We Service Australis & Australasian Areas

Weed Seeds Australia provides the finest quality cannabis seeds, plant boosters, cannabis eBooks plus more! We’re your local, green thumbed gardeners and are here to look after the community. We pride ourselves of staying true blue to Aussies and helping the community cultivate a better future.

Hi Mate
Just confirming delivery is 100% for sure !
Western Sydney NSW
Suppose Im just looking for a good feeling before ordering .
You could tell me anything .. pmsl

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions you want to ask Weed Seeds Australia, this is the place to do it. Whether its about cannabis seeds, delivery times etc. Feel free to ask here.

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So basically i click on “visit seedbank” on the home page, go to the other website and order from there?

That’s it, it’s simple as that.

Sweet, thumbs up on the updates!

Yeah it looks better than before, and is allot easier for everyone to use.

Thank You Weed Seeds Australia! I wish I could shake your hand with the ecstacy I feel from receiving your strains. You have made my day quite vibrant with the arrival of White Widow and OG Kush. Again, thank you!

Don’t have a heart attack now ? ahah but in all seriousness, comments like yours is what keeps us going! cheers and good luck!

I orded so when does it arrive roughy for tassie?

Did you get them. Just curious because I live in tassie and want to buy online seeds too.

Yeah bro ? they’ve already sprouted too

Give or take 2 – 3 weeks

I just came, seeds arrived!! Thanks Weed Seeds Australia! cant wait


Want to order some seeds, how long will it take to recieve some to rural west victoria ??

Hey mate, thanks for your interest, shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. Any longer and we’ll replace the seeds for ya.

Thanks ! got my order.

good to know Canna!

this site luks fair similer both r good tho. have ordered from all the seed banks that shiip to australia. had to point it out and thumbs up brah!!

healthy competition doesn’t hurt right?

Hey i ordered seeds directly from the “i love growing marijuana” website. They never arrived, reordered, never arrived. Was refunded. If i order through this portal am I guaranteed to get my seeds?! Waited 4 months and got nothing last time

Yeah shouldnt be a problem. Try it again

Hi Mate
Just confirming delivery is 100% for sure !
Western Sydney NSW
Suppose Im just looking for a good feeling before ordering .
You could tell me anything .. pmsl

Yeah ofcourse mate! Main cities get fast delivery too!

Also, do seeds have an odour that would be detectable by quarantine detector dogs?
I know I must sound paranoid, but I’ve had that many things confiscated by customs over the years……with letters stating I had 14 days to produce appropriate prescriptions/documents or they would be destroyed!

Should be alright Marg!

Which is the best for THC content? Do you have indicated strain?

Thanks heaps for the delivery!

Gday, I have sent away for seeds five times from four different seed companies (not this one ) and spent nearly a thousand dollars, and I have only received one order and that was back in 2011, since then nothing. Can anybody help, are our names being entered on a customs alert database or something, because I cannot get a thing through and I am so bloody angry! and afraid to order any more. and by the way do all the seized seeds end up in the hands organised crime, because I have never heard from customs, not once or do Aus post just nick them.

Bloody hell I can.t win for loosing, the site that one is taken to to order seed is one that has just in the last four weeks failed to supply my order, blooody hell!, no seeds for me then, not fucking ever it seems.

and to top it all off the guarantee is bullshit as well!

I posted recently that I had not received my seeds, while that is true my claim that the guarantee
is dishonoured, this is false. They do honour there guarantee and for my posts I unreservedly retract my statements and apologize.

glad things we’re sorted Kim! There is a lot of interest with our seeds so keeping up with all these orders gets pretty hefty as you could imagine.