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Насколько им доверяют? Проверьте репутацию Marijuana Seed Connect на основании 286 отзыва. Learn about The Seed Connect including who they are, their products, and where you can find them.

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Cool shop. Healthy stron clones, wide variety Purchasd 4 clones, topped them after 4 days and now have 8 healthy plants. Staff was friendly and informative. No BS promises and they guarantee the seeds to germinate and the feminized are female. All in all I would recommend them. The people leaving negative reviews don’t know what they are doing. I am a noob and have had zero problems with my girls! Hats off to Dante and his brother. These guys are great to do business with.

Customer Service Sucks Balls I am a first time customer and found the strain I’ve been looking for. Pink Panties. I also ordered a few other stains. I loved the fact that they offered a germination guarantee ( I mean the seeds ain’t cheap). I was super sad when the first one did not germ. Dropped another one in to germ and it popped in less then 48 hours. I reached out to get my replacement seed and was told I would need to pay shipping AGAIN. WTF. I already paid $11 to get the damn faulty seeds in the first place and I should not have to pay a single penny for the defective merchandise. I will not be doing business with this craptastic company again.

I dont know bout the bad reviews but. I have purchased many times from them, autos, fems, and reg an NEVER had a problem with 1 seed I love the autos most people just don’t know how to grow them to a lot of vet growers autos are very tricky, they want what they want when they want it an most DO NOT like stress training. I love Seed Connect an will only recommend them for the price, shipping, genetics, an customer service IF NEEDED

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Excellent Received seeds in 2 days, came up in 2 days, clones were very nice, will be buying again, A tip of my Hat and two thumbs up!!

Great staff, deals, and quality product. One stop shop for all seeds/plants! Recommend everybody to check out!

Completely a waste of money got ripped off by paying 45 plus shipping for three bean 1 of wich didn’t pop and other two are photos with completely different growth one is tall other is short and bushy definitely better seed banks that sell seeds a lot cheaper

Hi Daniel. I looked for your name and order in our system. Seems that your not one of our customers??

Hey 4/20 all I can say is that it was very impressive what the Retail store manager James and his staff put on there. To make your experience awesome. I had a very good time. Door prizes give away to free Jamba juice served to all customers. They a food truck with fantastic array of dishes food. They had a big tent for customers to keep the sunshine off of you while you waited to come in it was indeed a hot day. The crowd was insane. Really great time a really great experience.. Once again this is Sunny side what more can I say. James is the man he get my salute thank you sir for a awesome great time my brother keep up the great work. My peeps will be back. Love you guys.

Excellent costomer service. Had 2 seeds out of 12 not germinate. Called and Dante replaced them with no problem. Good freebies everytime I go in. All around great place to get seeds

Got some black mamba photo period seeds one turned out to be an autoflower. Light schedule is 18/6 Hopefully the other two aren’t bag seeds lol.

Visit via the barber shop to a room with some clone seedlings, 20 or so. You’re offered extensive lists of clone seeds, in excess of 100 or so. Each list is priced according to expected success of growth of the seeds. Very professional yet welcoming set-up.

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2 clones and 2 pack of seeds. Hot mess & JMO clones went to flower in 3 weeks. strong structure on these girls. Super sour queen and Black african magic 90% germ to seedling from the seeds. Gonna be a great labor day. )

I wanted to try local and give this place a chance but it was a waste of my time. Forget the money I spent the time I wasted growing his autos and they all turned out to be photos was very upsetting. Dante you really need to get your seeds in order brother. I have talked to the Az cannabis community on different pages and multiple ppl have said the same that their autos were just photos. Replacing the seeds does nothing for anyone if we cant trust your genetics. A lot of people get passed a seed not popping for them but auto vs photo come on man. You have a great shop and you talk a big game on growing but the fact is your a beginner in the seed game and it shows. Hopefully you fix your mistakes. Also an apology goes along way. It doesn’t make you less of a man to say sorry.

My Favorite Spot to Grab HEALTHY clones and very good genetics as far as seedlings. Stop here for all your cline/seedlings need.

Awesome spot definitely recommend going in vs ordering online. The owner hooked me and gave me a lot more then I paid for. Definitely a great deal!

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1949 E University Dr #110, Tempe 85281, США

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The Seed Connect

The Seed Connect (Marijuana Seed Connect) is a cannabis seed supplier based in Tempe, Arizona – one of the largest marijuana seed banks in the USA. We complement the seeds we breed at our certified ranch with seeds sourced from the leading breeders and seed houses worldwide.

We sell premium marijuana seeds backed by a germination guarantee. (We replace seeds that don’t germinate)
Familiar safe and secure payments with Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Credit/Debit Cards, or Bitcoin
Fast Delivery – US deliveries arrive in 3-5 days.
Reliable shipping with tracking numbers
Free shipping for orders $100 and over
Free Extra Seeds* with every order
Free Seed Points that can be used at checkout.

Get 20% off with Coupon LEAFLY when you shop at

Want to get in touch? Call (602) 318-9728 or email [email protected]
*While stocks last.

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