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marijuana sativa seeds

Our famous Sativa seeds for sale, now at AMS. Order them online and you will receive free seeds. An offer you can not refuse!

Sativa seeds

Happy with Cannabis Sativa seeds

The energy of Sativa gives you focus and happy feelings all day long. Growing Sativa cannabis seeds are also recommended for medicinal smokers because of the positive effects on pain relief. According to Leafly, Sativa weed seeds grow out to tall strains. They can reach out several meters, mostly under 3 meters. The light green leaves are long and thin like the well know marijuana icon.

The warm roots of Sativa seed

Sativa seeds find their origin in the countries around the equator: from South America to Asia and even in Africa cannabis Sativa seeds are the most popular weed seeds. Smoking Sativa buds is like drinking fine wine, it makes you hungry for more. In most cases, you’ll get extra high of a puff of Sativa. So, smoking one after another means getting higher and higher.

From grow till yield

The Sativa seeds of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) take a long time before you can harvest them. But breeding cannabis Sativa seeds will be rewarded because the floating high of these Sativa seeds is immensely popular amongst smokers. Artists use Sativa to get creative. Feeling down and depressed? Smoke Sativa! There is always a reason to light up this darling, so buy Sativa seeds now.

Fertilizer: for strong strains

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has more to offer than regular and Sativa seeds. A product you really love, at least we think you will, is marijuana fertilizer. It’s vital for the getting the best out of your Sativa cannabis seeds. And to make smoking even more intense, we have great vaporizers. Smoking Sativa weed through a vaporizer a healthier way to get your high.

Sativa seeds selected by experienced growers

Top breeders from The Netherlands are selecting, developing and innovating the assortment seeds of AMS. Order high-quality cannabis Sativa seeds at affordable prices. Rather smoke Indica or regular? No problem, we have them too. AMS is a Dutch seed bank with more than 15 years experience. Sharing wisdom, passion, knowledge, and experience with you is our priority.

Love your cannabis Sativa seed

Sativa seed like the extra attention. Treat your cannabis Sativa seeds with love, give them water, feed and cherish them. We promise you, they’ll grow out to great beauties. If you need help with breeding your beloved Sativa seeds, we’re happy to help. And you can always check out our online grow guide.

Who’s most wanted?

Our most popular Sativa seeds are Amnesia Trance, Aussie Blues, Haze, Light of Jah. And you have to try XTRM Super Silver Haze. Many of our Sativa seeds have ever won the Cannabis Cup. By selective breeding, for years our growers succeeded to optimize the genetics of Sativa marijuana seeds for more successful growth and bigger yields.

Sativa seeds around the world

Fond of our beloved Sativa marijuana seeds? Buy Sativa seeds online at AMS and we guarantee you delivery of your favorite beans. No matter where you live, your Sativa seeds are delivered to your door. The order is packed discreet, our envelopes look like normal mail and contain no marijuana-related content. Nobody has to find out what the postman is bringing you. So, chill out!

Wide offer of marijuana seeds

Did you check out our assortment? Then you probably know that AMS delivers over 120 different weed seeds. Name your beloved smoke, we have it. From Sativa seeds like Durban Poison to special weed like AK47 XTRM, Indica, feminized and regular seeds. When you find it difficult to choose your next seeds to grow, take a look at our marijuana seeds table.

Cannabis sativa seeds for sale

Buy Sativa seeds at AMS. Choosing your supplier is one of the most important things in breeding Sativa seeds. Of course, love, water, fertilizer, and temperature are important too. But the quality of your Sativa weed seeds is the only thing that makes a difference between great and bad harvest. We want to be the best seed bank by offering excellent quality, service, and expertise.

Questions about Sativa weed seeds?

Did you know our Sativa Strains have the best THC levels and give you an amazing high? No? Well, now you do know. If you have more questions like these or if you just any advice on growing your own Sativa seeds? You can contact us at all times. Fill in the form or mail us and we will answer within 24 hours.

Satisfied customer priority to AMS

Our main goal is to see you happy as our customer. We want you to have good times growing Sativa seeds and better times when you’re in the role of a happy smoker. We aim to be the best seed bank and are glad to hear from you. Leave your opinion on the independent review website Kiyoh. And read what other customers think of AMS.

Dutch Sativa seeds for sale

Now you know Sativa weed is perfect to smoke out with friends, stay focused, feel happy and even for medical use. Turns out Sativa seeds are the next you have to breed. Because the happy high and buzz are something you need to experience. Find the Sativa seeds that fit you best and grow them now.

Our famous Sativa seeds for sale, now at AMS. Order them online and you will receive free seeds. An offer you can not refuse!

The best flavors

We’ve got over 120 strains of marijuana seeds with the best flavors at AMS. Enjoy classics like Rainbow Kush, White Widow, and Bonfire Feminized.

Furthermore, Sativa varieties typically produce high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) rather than the psychoactive and intoxicating Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Though cannabinoids form the major component of Sativa, other constituents include proteins,

Sativa Seeds

Classified by Carl Linnaeus in the year 1753, Cannabis Sativa varieties have been cultivated for centuries for its hemp fibre and for its psychoactive resins, among the other benefits which the plant has been known to offer, for those who consume it. Originating from equatorial countries in Central America and South East Asia, including the likes of Thailand, India, Mexico and Colombia, Sativa varieties are better suited for warmer climates and hence thrive if grown in the outdoors.

Moreover, the plant’s structure is constructed in such a way whereby it can reach heights up to twenty feet, and thrives in humid atmospheres and tropical climates. The leaves and flowers will also look different, with Sativa strains featuring long, thin foliage and long, cylindrical buds in comparison to stocky, dense Indica varieties. Sativa requires a slightly longer time to grow, taking between ten to sixteen weeks to mature and hence ensuring a higher yield.

Furthermore, Sativa varieties typically produce high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) rather than the psychoactive and intoxicating Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Though cannabinoids form the major component of Sativa, other constituents include proteins,

enzymes, simple acids, fatty acids, simple esters, lactones, simple ketones, non-cannabinoid phenols, pigments, flavonoids, and vitamins. The flowers of the plant, though to a lesser extent the leaves, stems, and seeds as well, contain the psychoactive chemical compound, cannabinoid, which is consumed by users for recreational and medicinal purposes. One such Sativa strain is the Amnesia Haze, one of the top yielding Cannabis plants, which has an immediate and cerebral high with psychedelic overtones; unlike other Sativa plants, it works great for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Primary Effects and Medicinal Benefits

The therapeutic effects of Cannabis Sativa have been used for many millennia, the mythical founder of Chinese herbal medicine (Shen-Nung) mentions hemp in 2737 B.C. and in the 19th century, Cannabis was an important component of apothecaries for many uses. Particularly when it comes to the treatment of pain in the joints and muscles, migraines and cramp like pains, Cannabis Sativa has been utilised for its therapeutic properties.

In the present day even preliminary research has found the effects of CBD, found in Sativa, to be wide-ranging, having sedative, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-arthritic, anti-nausea, and anti-convulsive properties, thus making CBD-rich Sativa seeds the top choice to incur such benefits.

Cannabis Sativa has also been used in medical practices as a therapeutic alternative for people with mental illnesses since it tends to produce a variety of primary effects leading it to be sought out by many users. These effects include Sativa being uplifting, cerebral and good for creativity thereby providing an overall energetic effect which is likely to stimulate conversation and creativity. As a result of the aforementioned, Sative tends to be consumed during the day while its counterpart, Indica, is consumed at night time. In addition to this, Sativa is also affiliated with certain medicinal benefits i.e. Sativa can be helpful for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even fatigue, making Sativa Seeds a further therapeutic source.

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