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mango kush seeds

Mango kush seeds
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Mango Kush (fem)

  • 65% Indica 35% Sativa hybrid
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
  • Fast flowering plant for quick results
  • Nice taste and aroma
  • Perfect for social occasions


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Mango Kush Seeds

Mango Kush was engineered for its tantalizing flavors and aroma. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that gives you a boost of positive energy and helps you remain in good spirits. This makes it a great choice when you’re out on the town socializing with friends.

Plant type 65% Indica 35% Sativa
THC Up to 16%
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors and cool climate
Plant size Compact
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Sweet
Effects Happy | Relaxed

THC levels for this strain of marijuana are generally moderate. However, this is still one potent Kush. It’s very popular and comes highly recommended by dispensaries as a medical marijuana strain. That’s because it acts as a tranquilizer, allowing you to relax and feel happier. Plus, its medicinal properties help to free you from your worries and physical aches.

Mango Kush Strain Origin

Mango Kush is a mysterious strain simply because its exact history is unknown. But, according to experts, it may be a cross between Mango indica and Hindu Kush. This energizing hybrid is a great representation of the Kush lineage.

This strain is an indica dominant hybrid. It is 65% indica and 35% sativa and has a THC level of 11-20% (average 16%) and a CBD level of .30%.

Mango Kush is one of the fast-growing marijuana strains as far as weed popularity is concerned. It is very popular on the west coast in cities such as Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles. But you’ll also find it in other cities such as Detroit and Aurora, Colorado.

Mango Kush has gained a lot of popularity in the medical field globally as a medical cannabis strain. It is readily available in the cannabis market for purchase, including some coffee shops and most dispensaries.

Growing Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

These are feminized seeds. Female plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the Fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors.

We advise also reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.

Mango Kush Plants

Interested in growing your own marijuana? Well, Mango Kush is a simple strain to cultivate. So, if you’re new to cultivating cannabis, this is the strain for you.

Like the Hindu Kush strain, Mango Kush buds are bushy and dense, which makes them produce high yields in small spaces. This is especially true when methods such as Sea of Green (SOG) are incorporated.

Mango Kush is well known for its large buds. However, pruning this herb is important for ensuring that the cannabis plant stays healthy. This is because pruning and trimming ensure airflow and maintains the shape of the herb.

The Best Climate For Mango Kush

Unlike the Banana Kush strain, Mango Kush can be grown indoors as well as outside. The plant will do well indoors, provided the required humidity is kept constant. It is also easy to cultivate mango kush indoors.

Mango Kush does well when grown in temperatures between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit. This plant is able to withstand cold night temperatures but performs very poorly when it comes in contact with rainfall, especially during the flowering period.

Feeding Mango Kush

Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage.

We recommend giving your plants:

Flowering & Yield

If all conditions are at optimum levels, the plant can produce a high yield of about 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, this type of kush prefers a warm climate with adequate sunlight. While outside, this plant produces a high yield of about 16 ounces per plant.

It takes around 9 weeks for mango kush to flower and adequately produce a high yield. Best of all, growing this strain is considered moderate, so it can be easily grown by newbie growers.

Experiencing The Mango Kush Strain

Mango Kush is one of the best strains of marijuana in terms of effects. This strain, once smoked or taken other ways, has an effect that makes the user very happy. Its pungent, fruity, mango smoke is a laughing gas. It induces giggle fits that leave the user smiling and ready for good and pleasant moments. It also makes you very talkative and sociable.

This strain also has a relaxing effect and is very ideal for dealing with stress and depression. As a hybrid, it also has an effect of inducing a state of euphoria. Due to this effect, this is the right cannabis strain for an evening after a long day of hard work. Mango Kush uplifts and embraces a user in a warm and fuzzy way.

Mango Kush has a few mild adverse effects. Many of these effects don’t last for long and can be prevented or minimized to a certain degree. One of the main effects is dryness of the mouth and eyes. This is mainly caused by dehydration. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water while enjoying this strain.

This strain may also cause dizziness, which may lead to a slight headache. Users may experience some feelings of paranoia, especially if taken in large quantities.

Mango Kush Taste & Smell

The hybrid known as Mango Kush delivers a sweet, fruity flavor that reminds you of. you guessed it. mangos. You’ll enjoy the sweet, piney flavor that sneaks up on you with each toke. Prepare to taste its tropical fruity flavors on your lips. Its aftertaste comes with sweet, earthiness, which helps to enhance its pleasant euphoria.

Mango Kush has grown to become a popular strain of cannabis due to its incredible fragrance. With each puff, you’ll fill the room with the aroma of pungent earthiness and sweet fruits. And, of course, keeping with its name, you’ll also smell a whiff of mangoes in the air. The fragrant aroma lasts for a while, delivering an awesome smoking experience.

Uses for Mango Kush

Mango Kush has a lot of medicinal value. It is recommended as medical cannabis for patients regularly. This strain is very useful for chronic disorders as well and is well known to treat symptoms related to:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain (joint pains, headaches, migraines, etc.)
  • Lack of appetite among others

This cannabis strain has powerful tranquilizing properties. So, it is highly recommended for medical marijuana patients struggling with insomnia. It also acts as a strong painkiller and has been known to help ease and eliminate pain associated with various illnesses.

Buy Mango Kush Seeds

Mango Kush feminized seeds are available for purchase in packs of 5, 10 or 20 seeds.

If you love the sound of Mango Kush or a tried and tested fan, you will love the Fruity Kush Mix Pack too. This is a heavily discounted combination deal including Banana Kush and Blackberry Kush feminized seeds.

ILGM Guarantees

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Mango kush seeds
Although Mango Kush is touted to be a social strain, most people use it in the evening. Following the body relaxation, soon users feel drowsy. Patients and anyone else with trouble sleeping can use it to help them get quality sleep.

Mango Kush Strain Review

by bonzablogadmin · Published December 16, 2017 · Updated February 12, 2019

When it comes to smoking marijuana, the flavor is one of the things users consider before purchasing a strain. The taste of a cannabis varies and can range from offensive to the most pleasant. Though some prefer smoking strains with harsh and rough flavors, others prefer the mouth-watering ones like the Mango Kush.

To this day, no one knows who bred Mango Kush. Nonetheless, the consensus is that it is a cross between two Indica-dominant hybrids – Mango and Hindu Kush.

Mango, from its name alone, is already indicative of how it smells and taste. It is also the same traits that were passed on. The Hindu Kush, on the other hand, is a landrace strain found in the mountain range in Afghanistan bordering Pakistan. In combining the genetics of both these strains, the result is one that delivers not only a delightful scent but also one that can induce deep relaxation.

Mango Kush is the perfect choice for capping the night off. While it begins with a decent cerebral head high, it also brings users to a state of bliss and finally, a restful sleep.

Mango Kush Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Mango x Hindu Kush
Sativa / Indica Ratio 35 / 65
THC % 11% to 20%
CBD % 0.3%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks / Mid to Late October
Average Yield 400 g/m2 / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

As mentioned, the traits that made one of its parent strains popular is evident as it exudes a fresh mango aroma that is reminiscent of being on a tropical island. It is also quite pungent and accompanied by the refreshing, earthy scent.

The delightful fruity aroma is also very evident with its flavors. Upon exhaling, a citrusy note adds to its exotic taste.

Mango Kush Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


After a hectic day, there are many ways to ease out exhaustion. For some, it might be doing some chores or just laying down to rest. To cannabis users, it might be smoking an Indica dominant strain that sends them to slumber in no time. Still, there are some who opt to get things done before hitting the bed. That is where Mango Kush comes in.

The cerebral effects of Mango Kush come in lightly. This strain is known to prompt giggles and happiness. Due to that, users tend to feel a craving for social interaction. Hence, there are more than a few people opting to use it in the company of others.

Even as it induces an invigorating high, body relaxation can occur soon after using the strain. Its Indica side helps soothe tired muscles as if one is getting a therapeutic massage. This, combined with the cerebral high it delivers, results to a night of unwinding and tranquility. For those who want to use it to feel sedated, a few more tokes of Mango Kush can quickly send them to dreamland.

Mango Kush Effects – Image powered by

Adverse Reactions

When it comes to adverse reactions, expect the usual dryness of eyes and mouth even if used in moderation. Of course, that goes without saying that anytime someone exceeds personal limits, then there are also other conditions that may occur.

Other adverse effects of the strain include feeling dizzy and having a headache. A few people may also feel a little bit paranoid.

Mango Kush Adverse Reactions – Image powered by

Medical Use and Benefits

Although much of the psychoactive traits of Mango Kush should appeal to recreational users, it also has medical benefits as well.

Primarily, the strain is excellent at crushing stress. It does so with its euphoric buzz that results in happiness. This same mood-enhancing trait is also useful to people with depression and anxiety.

The heavy-hitting body sedation which induces relaxation can also be helpful for pain relief. As such, patients can use it to fight off the suffering caused by the illnesses ailing them.

Although Mango Kush is touted to be a social strain, most people use it in the evening. Following the body relaxation, soon users feel drowsy. Patients and anyone else with trouble sleeping can use it to help them get quality sleep.

Mango Kush Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

Growing Mango Kush

Mango Kush is like a machine that slowly gains momentum when grown. In the beginning, it usually grows just like other strains. Then towards the end of the cycle, it vegetative growth accelerates. It is also quite sturdy in that even with its massive buds; support is rarely needed. Trimming is required for it to stay in shape and to retain proper air flow. Though it might sound difficult, novice users may still grow this strain.

For indoor growing, the temperature should be around 20 and 27 degrees Celsius. It thrives well when Sea of Green (SOG) technique is used. Flowering can be triggered in 8 to 9 weeks, with yields that reach up to 400 grams per square meter.

An ample amount of sunlight is needed when this strain is grown outdoors. Outdoor flowering usually occurs in the third to fourth week of October with yields of up to 450 grams per plant.

Have you grown or used Mango Kush? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.