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maine cannabis seed bank

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Maine cannabis seed bank

Click on the links below to read a brief description of cannabis seeds for sale online from The Strainbank.


Our website is contantly being updated. Below is the most updated pricing as of 3/16/18; for any applicable discounts email [email protected] directly.

Qty Feminized Mixed
10 Pack $180 $125
25 Pack $405 (10% Off) $280 (10% Off)
50 Pack $765 (15% Off) $530 (15% Off)

Worried about a portion of your order not germinating? The Strainbank offers the most straight forward replacement policy in the industry.

Simply provide a photo clearly showing any seeds that germinated unsuccessfully and those will be replaced hassle free, no questions asked.

Choose Strains. Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before calling us.

Call Us. Once you’re ready, call us so that there’s no confusion as to what strains and quantity you want.

Online Payment. Patients receive a Quote over the phone and make secure payments online.

Tracking No. Have comfort knowing your order was shipped out the same day with email tracking.

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Your Message Matters To Us

For us to process so many requests, we allow medical marijuana patients to reserve specific cannabis strains by placing orders online.

1. FREE SHIPPING – not many places offer free shipping and if they do it’s only after you spend a bazillion dollars, not sure about you but saving $15-$20 is not trivial, I can always find another use for that money.

Maine Seedlings & Clones

Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Maine

Seed Bank

Marijuana seeds at 25% off!…

One question we are asked often (really often) is “where can I buy seeds?“.

I answer that question by telling folks where we buy seeds and why, let me share that with you.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable source for medical marijuana seeds then you need to check out “I Love Growing Marijuana“.

Here are the reasons we use them:

1. FREE SHIPPING – not many places offer free shipping and if they do it’s only after you spend a bazillion dollars, not sure about you but saving $15-$20 is not trivial, I can always find another use for that money.

2. FAST SHIPPING – Not only is there shipping free, it’s fast too! On three separate occasions we placed one order with I Love Growing Marijuana and also ordered seeds from another seed bank at the same time, twice I Love Growing Marijuana got their seeds here first (6 days and 3 days faster) and once they arrived on the same day as their competitor.

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE – Their customer service CANNOT be beat, let me give you an example (cuz it happened to us). Placing international credit cards orders can be “iffy” even when you notify your credit card company before hand about the order. I Love Growing Marijuana was having a sale and we tried multiple times to place our order – called the credit card company to pre-qualify the sale, placed our online order only to have the credit card company decline the charge. Well by the time we got things straightened out with the card company the sale was over! We contacted I Love Growing Marijuana customer service and explained our dilemma to see if they could do anything to help us and before then end of that day a special code was emailed to us so we could place our order and receive the sale prices! We didn’t get this kind of service because we have some big account with them or because this was a large order, NOPE to both. We didn’t use our company name and the order was right around the $100 range, so what we experienced is the kind of phenomenal customer support that everyone gets.

4. GREAT RESOURCES – It’s not just about seeds, you can head over to their website for some really useful and FREE resources to help your grow be as successful as possible. You’ll find indoor grow guides, outdoor grow guides, harvesting tips AND a Free Marijuana Grow Bible!

And if all of these reasons are not enough to convince you, how about 25% off your order ! Yes, they were kind enough to create a 25% off discount code just for our readers, simply follow this link ( and use the code “CLONES2016” to get 25% off your entire order!

Happy shopping and we would love to hear about your experience with I Love Growing Marijuana because we’re sure it will be as outstanding as ours.