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lowryder weed seeds

Lowryder weed seeds
The US breeder known as the Joint Doctor is credited as the creator of the first commercially successful 100% autoflowering cannabis strain. Lowrider Magazine was the good doctor’s favourite car-mag, and the inspiration for the strain name. Willy’s Automatic didn’t really capture the essence of this game-changing hybrid anyhow. Lowryder was the perfect name for the original cannabis bonsai.

Lowryder: The First True Autoflowering World-Star Weed

Today’s autoflowering hybrids rival the finest photoperiod varieties. Once upon a time, ruderalis was regarded as ropey, substandard sinsemilla. Then, along came Lowryder, which changed the game forever. This is the true story of the ruderalis hybrid that made autoflowering cannabis awesome.


The US breeder known as the Joint Doctor is credited as the creator of the first commercially successful 100% autoflowering cannabis strain. Lowrider Magazine was the good doctor’s favourite car-mag, and the inspiration for the strain name. Willy’s Automatic didn’t really capture the essence of this game-changing hybrid anyhow. Lowryder was the perfect name for the original cannabis bonsai.

Lowryder is a three-way crossing nearly thirty years in the making. Beginning with a cross of the legendary Northern Lights #2 with the mysterious Mexican Ruddy, they finally hit the jackpot with the introduction of William’s Wonder genetics into the mix.


Northern Lights #2 was commonly known as “Closet Queen” during the 1980s, and until the end of the decade, was a pillar of pioneering Dutch seedbanks. Today, this prized breeding stock has been lost somewhere in time. “The Indian” is weeping. The plant was even more compact than the Northern Lights we know today, and therefore favoured by early indoor growers. This short and dank phenotype was crossed with virtually everything during the ‘80s to create faster-flowering, more potent hybrids for indoor cultivation. Northern Lights #2 played a big role in moving cannabis cultivation indoors.


Gifted to the Joint Doctor by a dreadlocked Mexican pal, the “Mexican Ruddy” is still an unsolved cannabis mystery. Eventually, this enigma will be unravelled as we already have the technology. Unfortunately, the genome mapping of cannabis hasn’t even begun. All we can say for sure about this cannabis curiosity is that this is where the autoflowering trait comes from. Some say it’s a cross of Mexican sativa and Siberian ruderalis engineered at the University of Mississippi in the early 1970s. Another version claims it’s the product of the University of Ottawa cannabis research. And we have a few more far-out myths to share a little later. For now, let’s settle on the fact that it’s definitely ruderalis of some sort, and the seeds came from a Mexican dude.


William’s Wonder is a refined blend of old-school Afghan genetics, reputedly developed by legendary breeder Sam the Skunkman and Sacred Seeds during the 1970s. Ironically first appearing in the ‘87/’88 Super Sativa Seed Club catalogue, her heavy-indica charms found favour amongst the cult of indoor cannabis cultivators. William’s Wonder or Willy’s Wonder was the magic ingredient that turned a mediocre photoperiod mix of NL#2 and Mexican Ruddy into the fully automatic Lowryder. The F1 NL#2 x MR offspring still carried the dominant photoperiod trait. Only the triple-threat Lowryder is 100% Autoflowering.


To the modern micro-grower or super-auto sybarite familiar with cultivating next-gen autoflowering strains, it’s difficult to imagine the ropey ruderalis of old. It’s sad but true that many now-world-famous US and European breeders had autoflowering genetics within their grasp as early as the ‘70s.

Regrettably, the vast majority of breeding projects were abandoned early, and the autoflowering trait was ruthlessly weeded out. Huge mistake! Back then, it seemed like the right move. Indica-sativa crosses were the focus, and nobody had the time to figure out the secret to unlocking the autoflowering trait from otherwise undesirable “ditch weed”.

FINOLA is autoflowering industrial hemp from Finland with negligible THC levels. Crazy as it seems, this variety has been suggested as the possible secret identity of Mexican Ruddy or a usurper. It’s true that quite a few seedbanks have dabbled with industrial hemp autos, but with limited success. For starters, the resulting progeny are not uniformly autoflowering; often, up to 50% will not inherit the trait.

Moreover, boosting the psychoactive power of a hemp hybrid even to a modest 10% THC is not really viable. Furthermore, FINOLA can grow as tall as 1.8m; that’s significantly larger than the pint-sized 30–50cm Lowryder. The evidence to support FINOLA as an ingredient is circumstantial at best. This myth is busted.


The first Lowryder seeds became widely available around 2003. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years, but that’s a long time in 21st century cannabis breeding. Lowryder has evolved and changed with the times. In fact, two of our own star auto strains share Lowryder genetics. Both Diesel Automatic and Quick One are dank descendants of Lowryder.


Diesel Automatic brings together the connoisseur darling head stash NYC Diesel with the upgraded Lowryder #2. Compact, low-maintenance, and a real mix of the best attributes from both parent strains, Diesel Automatic is already a favourite with microgrowers and outdoor growers farming in cooler climates. 14% THC flowers release a familiar flavour-blast of fuel upon combustion. Diesel Automatic delivers a clear, uplifting high. 50–70cm tall plants with an impressive flower-to-leaf ratio can yield as much as 110g/plant in 8 weeks from seed.

Diesel Automatic
Diesel x Ruderalis
325 – 375 g/m 2
40 – 70 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
40% Sativa, 30% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
60 – 110 g/per plant (dried)
60 – 110 cm
8 – 9 weeks after germination
A clean and clear high without euphoria
Diesel Automatic

Diesel x Ruderalis
325 – 375 g/m 2
40 – 70 cm
7 – 8 weeks
THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
40% Sativa, 30% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
60 – 110 g/per plant (dried)
60 – 110 cm
8 -9 weeks after germination
A clean and clear high without euphoria


Quick One is our homage to Lowryder. The breeders at RQS fine-tuned the classic line to create a fast and furious autoflowering strain to meet the demands of the modern grower. Squat, 50–60cm plants will explode with bud sites and will be ready for harvest in 8–9 weeks post-germination. A blistering pace and bumper yields of up to 150g/plant are possible after a Royal renovation. Quick One is not too heavy or overwhelming. Rather, her fruity citrus nugs are a relaxing chill-out stash with a respectable 13% THC.

Lowryder weed seeds
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Lowryder Autoflower

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  • Very easy to grow plants
  • Good for relaxation


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Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Generally, marijuana plants are photosensitive. This means that they enter the flowering phase when the number of hours of sunlight per day falls below a certain benchmark. For indoor marijuana growers, it means that they need to decide when they want their marijuana plants to start flowering. They do this by reducing the number of hours of light their plants are receiving per day (or, rather, increasing the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness that they are exposed to).

Plant type 80% Indica 20% Sativa
THC Up to 14%
CBD Medium
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors and sunny climate
Plant size Compact
Flowers 9 weeks
Yields 4 to 6 oz per 3x3ft
Uses ADD | ADHD | Anxiety | Bipolar disorder

Lowryder Autoflower Origins

It took nine generations of breeding Cannabis Ruderalis to accomplish this strain. Cannabis Ruderalis was originally crossed by Joint Doctor Seeds with Northern Lights #2 as well as William’s Wonder, with the purpose of achieving a small marijuana plant. Lowryder marijuana is a feminized plant that is Indica dominant (80% Indica and 20% Sativa).

What are Lowryder Autoflowers

Once upon a time we only knew cannabis indica and cannabis sativa plants. These are seasonal plants that start growing in Spring and are ready to be harvested when days turn shorter – so towards Fall.

Indoor growers learned to imitate nature by manipulating this light cycle.

In the early ’80s a third species, Ruderalis, was brought to Amsterdam. This plant is a cannabis relative that was discovered in Siberia. Breeders found that this Ruderalis plant would flower after just a few weeks, regardless of light differences. These ruderalis genes were combined with existing indica and sativa strains and the autoflower type was born.

Nowadays you can find autoflowering variants of all sorts of popular strains. They grow smaller plants but they’re easier to grow and you can harvest much sooner than with photosensitive plants. Great for new growers, growing in a small space or if you want multiple harvests per season!

Autoflowering plants take light out of the equation, at least when it comes to starting the flowering phase. They are generally smaller in size, as they are designed to begin flowering after (usually) 10 weeks or less. Many growers prefer autoflowering strains of marijuana because, with them, more than one harvest can be achieved within a growing season.

Growing Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Growing Lowryder medical marijuana is a fairly easy task, as the strain is good for beginners and does not injure easily from harshly cold conditions. A grower needs between 40 and 45 days to flower this marijuana strain from start to finish of the flowering period. Overall, allow between 7 and 9 weeks from the start. The buds will be conic and small, with a pleasant earthy aroma.

We advise also reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.

Lowryder Plants

Lowryder is a type of autoflowering hybrid strain that was designed specifically to give it its small size. It is compact, making it an excellent balcony plant. It generally does not reach heights greater than 10 to 18 inches tall.

The main intrigue of the Lowryder marijuana comes with its slow but strong onset. This applies both to its cerebral effects and to its medicinal effects.

Preferred Climate

Lowryder autoflower marijuana is a hardy marijuana strain and can be easily grown in all climates (which is part of what makes it so appealing for beginners).

Growers living in the far North, (such as Finland and Canada) often prefer Lowryder because the plant can withstand colder climates quite well. The shorter lifespan also helps, as the periods between frosts will be shorter in the North.

Feeding Lowryder

Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage.

We recommend giving your plants:

Flowering & Yield

It has a fairly low yield, ranging around 90 grams per square meter (3 oz per 3 square feet).

Experiencing The Lowryder Strain

As mentioned above, the effects of Lowryder marijuana have a slow onset, meaning users must be informed and rather patient at first. That said, it doesn’t take long before those effects can be felt quite powerfully.

Technically Lowryder marijuana has “medium” levels of THC, at around 14% THC content. Its relaxation effects are extremely high — it’s about as relaxing as a strain of marijuana can be. It can also have quite sleepy effects. The other positive effects include uplifted spirits and a general increase in happiness. Creativity can also be pleasantly improved by consuming Lowryder marijuana.

Of course, there are also some negative effects associated with Lowryder. Dry mouth is the most common complaint that comes with smoking Lowryder, with paranoia as a close second. Very occasionally dizziness and dry eyes are associated with Lowryder as well.

Lowryder Smell & Taste

An earthy aroma is a defining characteristic of the Lowryder marijuana strain. As far as taste, this strain includes citrus flavors sweeter flavors, and more of a pungent aroma.

Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Strain Taste & Aroma At-A-Glance:

Uses For Lowryder

Lowryder marijuana makes for a good medical marijuana strain, and it is commonly known in particular for helping treat anxiety. That is far from the only ailment that can positively benefit from the consumption of Lowryder marijuana, however. Along with having medium levels of THC, this strain of marijuana also has medium levels of CBD. That means that it is also effective at relieving pain (among other things).

There are a variety of physical ailments that can be treated effectively by consuming Lowryder. For example, the medium levels of CBD in the strain allow it to be quite effective in treating pain of all sorts.

Pain is not the only physical ailment that Lowryder marijuana can help with. Nausea is another one, making it an excellent medicine for people suffering from stomach problems, undergoing chemotherapy (which often leads to nausea and loss of appetite), and eating disorders.

Additionally, its abilities to relax a user can help with muscle relaxation and anything associated with muscle tension or other types of tension.

Psychological ailments can also widely be treated with the Lowryder strain of marijuana. Lowryder is generally considered the most effective in its treatment of insomnia. This is because it has such relaxing effects as well as the fact that it causes the user to feel sleepy and relieves them of some stress or anxiety (which can also factor into not being able to fall asleep). In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a strain of marijuana that works more effectively for treating insomnia.

Indeed, stress is the next most effective use of Lowryder. Nearly as successful as the strain is with treating insomnia, many people opt to take it simply as stress or anxiety relief. This goes hand in hand with its effective treatment for depression. Additional psychological ailments that can be effectively treated with Lowryder are ADD and ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Buy Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

You can buy Lowryder seeds per separate pack of 5, 10 or 20 seeds.

If you’re down with Lowryder, you will love to add the other two strains featured in the Spicy Mix Pack to your collection. This is a heavily discounted combination deal which includes the OG Kush and Super Skunk feminized seeds.

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