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Lord Jones Pore Detox Face Oil contains CBD, squalane, and a blend of oils to provide a dose of hydration to the skin while soothing inflammation. Ahead, one editor reviews the face oil and discusses how it improved the look and feel of her skin. Lord Jones new Pore Detox CBD Face Oil with blue tansy boasts noticeable improvement in pores after just 2 weeks of use.

This Lightweight Face Oil Revived My Dehydrated Skin

The majority of my skin concerns—uneven complexion, excess oil, large pores—all stem from one thing: a lack of hydration. I have dehydrated skin (a condition), which is different from dry skin (a skin type). It can be a little confusing, so let me explain. My skin type is combination skin which means that I have both dry patches and oily spots. In order to prevent my oil production from revving up and my dry patches from looking even more thirsty, it’s important for me to keep my skin hydrated.

Outside factors, like the weather, can suck the hydration out of your skin, leaving it dehydrated. When your skin becomes dehydrated, it overproduces oil to make up for the deficit, which can leave you with greasy skin, stretched-out pores, and breakouts that you didn’t ask for. Introducing a face oil as the last step in your skin-care routine can help lock in the hydration from your serums and creams and prevent moisture from escaping your skin’s barrier, leading to a reduction in your oil production and more balanced skin. So, yes, while it might sound counterintuitive, using a face oil can actually help decrease your sebum production and reduce the appearance of large pores.

Pore Detox CBD Face Oil

To help combat my dehydration, I introduced this face oil into my skin-care routine to see if it would aid in maintaining hydration, minimize the appearance of my pores, and even out my skin’s complexion.

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What ingredients are in the formula?

Tea Tree, Jojoba, Niaouli, and Blue Tansy Oils: This blend of oils restore lost moisture and remove acne-causing bacteria from your skin while also improving the appearance of its tone, texture, and firmness.

Squalane: Derived from olives, this lightweight hydrator works to repair and soothe your skin’s moisture barrier.

Full-Spectrum CBD 300 mg: When applied topically, this high-quality, hemp-derived form of CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits.

What concerns does it address?

Whether you have acne-prone skin or you’re looking for a product that can offset redness, this face oil is worth including in your skin-care routine. While more research still needs to be done in regards to CBD’s topical benefits, initial studies have shown that it can help decrease oil production, reduce inflammation, calm the skin, and soothe redness. There’s more: CBD also has antioxidant properties, which means that it helps prevent free-radical damage that can cause premature aging.

How do you incorporate it into your routine?

Using the dropper, I’d apply a few drops of the oil onto my skin as the last step in my morning and evening routine and then use my fingers to blend in the product. Normally, I’d skip using a face oil in the morning because most formulations wouldn’t mix well with my makeup, but because this oil’s formula is instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving no trace behind, it eliminated any previous concerns.

In just a short period of time of using the product, I’ve noticed that my skin looks balanced, more hydrated, and less stressed. The application process is a breeze, thanks to the precise dropper applicator which makes it easy to target specific areas of concern without making a mess or overusing the product. The face oil also has a light pleasant herbal scent that I found to be relaxing, especially when I used it before bed.

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The Final Verdict

Whatever your skin concerns, there’s a very high chance that this face oil helps to address them. Thanks to its CBD-infused formula, it prevents hydration from evaporating from your skin, regulates sebum production, reduces the appearance of large pores, and keeps breakout at bay, making it a perfect fit for basically every skin type. I can confidently say my skin has reaped the benefits from including this face oil into my routine.

The New Lord Jones CBD Face Oil Is Your Path To Poreless Skin

Over the last five years, the fervor for face oils has reached a fever pitch. Throughout the 2000’s, telling someone to use cosmetic oil on their face was nearly an impossible sell. Whether the consumer apprehension was due to a fear of breakouts or perpetually shiny skin, beauty buyers were so opposed to the idea of oils, they began creating heightened demand for products labeled ‘oil-free’. For a time, face oils were only seen on the beauty shelves of a natural grocery store. Now, cosmetic oils are in every high-end product and luxury shop. In part, the shift to cosmetic oils has been on account of the cyclical nature of beauty trends: while matte was the way of the 90’s and 2000’s — dewiness, highlighted features, and glass skin trends dominate the current billboards and couture presentations.

In addition to glowing, oiled skin, another beauty trend has recently presented itself at the forefront of Instragram ads. Since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the Farm Bill), the production and sale of CBD has infiltrated practically every consumer market — especially beauty. And like with all bandwagons, brands jumped onto CBD skincare and cosmetics with lightening speeds. While some are taking advantage of a momentary consumer fad, other brands are proving that they are invested in hemp-derived CBD for the long haul.

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Pore Detox CBD Face Oil

“I don’t intuitively understand why CBD would go into a mascara,” said Summer Frein, general manager of Lord Jones. One of the first brands to cultivate and sell high quality, full spectrum CBD products, Lord Jones shows an immense amount of thought and care during their product development. Because of this, they’re quickly proving to be the name that breaks through the hype bubble and outlasts market mania. With their newest launch, Pore Detox Face Oil, Lord Jones is taking on more targeted skin concerns. While many of their foundational skincare products like the Body Lotion and Heavy Duty Chill Balm addressed chronic pain and restoration through the clinically-proven healing properties of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, this new launch expands to the brand’s skincare portfolio while simultaneously cementing itself in the pantheon of skincare products often referred to online as, ‘Holy Grail’.

In addition to formulation, Lord Jones excels in all of its packaging. “We’re always asking how can we make your beauty routine more beautiful,” Frein said while describing the process of combining practical functionality with creativity to make the face oil’s luxury packaging with bespoke dropper. Along with the rise of cosmetic oils, the beauty industry has also witnessed the returning flow of vintage and new generation dropper bottles.

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