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lazy train seeds

This cannabis sativa strain is very popular in the 90s due to its bright-green stinky sugary buds that give fast-acting and strong high effects. The seeds of Sour Diesel makes uniform-structured that usually grow and flower at nine to ten weeks. This is a perfect stable line of seed for cannabis breeders.

Top 20 Best Pure Sativa Strain Users are Wanting to Know

Cannabis Sativa has been utilized all over the world for recreational and medical purposes, mostly for recreational use. Cannabis growers frequently pick cannabis sativa strains for their cerebral and boosting high effects. The question there is, with too many hybrids in the market, what is the best pure sativa strain that you can get?

Sativa cannabis plants have longer cycles of flowering and have thinner leaves than their counterparts, cannabis indica plants. Sativa plants are also taller, there are some that can grow up to twenty-five feet, though their regular size can only grow up to twelve feet tall.

While refined cannabis sativa strains take longer to flower than refined cannabis indica strains, cannabis growers are still recompensed for their efforts with amazing yields. One of the most well-known strains, the outstanding Haze, that takes up to twelve weeks to complete in an indoor environment, but the medical high effects are wanted by experts connoisseurs.

Cannabis sativa strains are homegrown to the world’s most significant cannabis growing areas such as in India, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. Varieties of cannabis sativa strains are perfect for consumers who delight in herb all day, and the boosting high is ideal for creative activity. Here are twenty of the best pure sativa strain users may want to know.

Ghost Train Haze

This was named as one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world due to its high-energy effects. It actually grows faster despite being a sativa, with only eight to nine weeks flowering cycle. The buds of Ghost Train Haze #1 produce many crystals which makes it a main ‘sugar leaf’ strain, ideal for lazy trimmers or someone who likes to create concentrates out of cut leaves.

Original Sour Diesel

This cannabis sativa strain is very popular in the 90s due to its bright-green stinky sugary buds that give fast-acting and strong high effects. The seeds of Sour Diesel makes uniform-structured that usually grow and flower at nine to ten weeks. This is a perfect stable line of seed for cannabis breeders.

Laughing Buddha

It got its name for its high energy and giggly effects that the buds generate. Laughing Buddha grows like a Christmas tree shape with big branches in its sides. The plant is very convenient to grow outdoors, indoors, and even in a greenhouse.

Hawaiian Maui Wowie

It has a delightful fruity cola and has been well-known and one of the most favorite sativa strains in the cannabis scene for many years. It can grow into large plants which are very ideal for outdoor. Maui Wowie is also a stretchy plant and can take as long as twelve weeks to complete its flowering cycle.

Strawberry Cough

This cannabis sativa strain will surely satisfy anyone’s cravings for a fruity yet strong flavor. Strawberry Cough turns purple and red throughout its flowering cycle especially in cool weather, plus it is very convenient to grow for both outdoors and indoors and can manage rainfall very well.

Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze has always been one of the top choices in the marijuana scene for many years. It can grow very large and has a flowering time of ten to eleven weeks. It has a flavor of anise seed, lemon, and tropical fruit and is very smooth to smoke with a creeper high effect.


This is an eye-catching cannabis sativa strain that produces powerful citrusy buds. It can actually manage high temperatures and average levels of humidity without mold issues, the flowering time is eight to nine weeks.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner sativa strain has a hashy, lemony, and very pleasant spice aroma. It is a well-known strain and very high in demand this year, 2019, for both cannabis growers and stoners. Bruce Banner yields big and sticky buds and is very ideal for dry and fair weather.

Bay 11

This is a genuine beauty queen that has a colorful and luxuriant appearance. Bay 11 has very high yields of large buds, and its flowering time is around nine to ten weeks. It has many trichomes and a wide coat of resin develop on this special sativas.


Malawi is an old cannabis sativa strain to have been taken in Africa from traders in Arab throughout the 15th century. It is a euphoric and an energetic landrace strain of sativa that grows large outdoors.

The Thai cannabis sativa strains are some of the trippiest and most psychedelic stones in the world. Thai plants can grow strongly, frequently stretching above any other plants in the grow room. These special buds will not disappoint you as long as it can complete its flowering cycle that takes usually around eleven to thirteen weeks.


This pure sativa has been stabilized by cannabis growers in Europe. Kilimanjaro is a 100 percent sativa strain that can manage much light and is an ideal strain for cannabis growers in wet, rainy weathers, and high latitude areas.


It is one of the easiest strains to grow that produces banana-finger fan leaves. It has a spicy flavor and not the fruitiest tasting weed, but still has a very smooth smoke.


The Destroyer cannabis sativa strain is a very convenient alternative to developing other Thai sativa strains which can flower up to eighteen weeks or so. The plant has large colas and bud-filled branches of little airy flowers.

Cannalope Haze

It is a special sativa strain that can grow larger and stretchy. Cannalope Haze got its name due to its cantaloupes taste. It has compact and solid buds for such a sativa-dominant strain.

Casey Jones

This cannabis sativa strain was named after the well-known engineer who got killed in a devastating train wreck. Casey Jones has a gardenia-like aroma and flavor with a spike and dash of citrusy sweetness.


Trainwreck carries a combination of full-strength sativa and indicia effects which affects the mind with a quick head high next to a crashing indica body high. This surely generates an explosive high.

Blue Dream

This modern sweet strain is perfect for those who are looking for a high-quality rock solid nuggets. It has a high level of THC that produces lively effects and delightful taste.

Jack Herer

This cannabis sativa strain was named after the Emperor of Hemp. Jack Herer is a mind sativa strain with crystals coated buds. It tastes like crème Brulee that has a nutty and creamy flavor.

G13 Haze

G13 Haze has a crazy looking appearance and is available in feminized and regular seeds. It has a fruity, tropical and earthy taste. A great special sativa strain that is every cannabis grower’s and user’s delight.






Ethos (6 pk feminized) – $100:

10th Planet (Planet of the Grapes R1 x The “Pluto Cut” of Quattro Kush) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Banana Daddy R1 (Grand Daddy Purple x Banana Hammock) – Total Cannanino >10 seeds
Banana Hammock RBx1 (Grape God x Mandarin Sunset) – 22-25% THC / 1-2% CBD
NEW! LIMITED! Candy Store R1 (Lemon Berry Candy OG x Ethos Cookie #16) – Total Cannabinoids 30%+ / 1-3% CBD / 1% CBD / Outdoor: very early for a cookie!
Citradelic Sunset (Ghost Train Haze x Mandarin Sunset) – 25-30% THC
Citral Flo R1 (Sour Flo x Citral Skunk) – 25%+ THC
Citral Glue (Ethos Citral Skunk x Gorilla Glue #4) – 30% THC
Crescendo RBxV2 (Crescendo #7 x Mandarin Cookies #17) – 25-30% THC / 1-2% CBD / 1-2% CBG
Crescendo RBx1 ([Chem D x i95 x Mandarin Cookies] x Headband x i95) – 30% THC / Total Cannabinoids: 30-37%
Early Glue (Early Glue RBX1) – 25%+ THC / early harvest outdoor
Early Lemon Berry R1 (Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Memberberry RBX pink grapefruit pheno) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Ethos Apex R1 (Lilac Diesel #10 x Mandarin Cookies #17) – 24-28% THC
Ethos Chem OG RBx1 (Colorado Chem RBx3 x OG Kush RBx4) – 30% THCa
NEW! LIMITED! Ethos Cookies R2 (Ethos Cookies #1 x Ethos Cookies #16) – Total Cannabino >BOGO SLH x Ethos Cookies #16
Ethos Glue RBx3 (Gorilla Glue 4 x [Ethos Kush IBL x GG4] x Gorilla Glue 4)
Gorilla Glue #4 S1 (Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel) – 25-30% THC / 10 seeds
Grandpa’s Stash (1994 Super Skunk x 1992 OG Kush x 1970s Afghan Kush) – 20-25% THC/ 1-4% CBD
Grape Diamonds R2 (Grape Diamonds* x Pink Grapefruit*) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Inzane in the Membrane (Noneya x Bizness) – 30-35% THC / 10 seeds
LIMITED! Lilac Cookies Bx2 ([Lilac Diesel x Forum Cut Cookies] x [Mandarin Cookies x Lilac Diesel Bx3]) – Total Cannabinoids over 30% / 1% CBD / 2-3% CBG / .5% THC-V
Lilac Diesel RBx1 ([SLH x Forbidden Fruit] x [NYCD x Cherry Pie] x [Citral Glue x ChemDi95]) – 25% THC / 1-3% CBD / 0-2% CBG
Mandarin Cookies R1 V2 (Ethos Cookie #12 x Mandarin Sunset R1)- 25-33% THC / 1-2% CBD / 1-2% CBG
Mandarin Cookies R2 (Mandarin Cookies #3 x Mandarin Cookies #17) – 30% THC / 1% CBD
Mandarin Dreams
(Storm Trooper OG x Mandarin Sunset R1) – 25%+ THC / .5% CBD
Mandarin Sunset
(Herijouana x Orange Skunk) -24% THC / 14% Terpenes
Mandarin TK
(Triangle Kush x Mandarin Sunset) – 20-24% THC
Mandarin Zkittlez (California Black Rose x Mandarin Sunset R1) – 25% THC / 1-2% CBD / 1-2% CBG / early outdoor harvest
Member Berry RBx1 (Skunk Berry x Mandarin Sunset) – 24-28% THC / Cup Winning Flower + Extract
LIMITED! MoRockin’ Kush R2 ([Moroccan F-2 x Pakistani Kush F-3] x [Moroccan F-2 x Pakistani F-3]) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Orange Harambe #1 (Harambe #1 x Mandarin Sunset) – 24% THC / 1% CBD
LIMITED! Orange Kush Cake R1 ([Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean] x Triangle Kush x Mandarin Cookies R2) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
NEW! Orange Velvet Underground ([Sour Tangie x Mandarin Sunset] x Orange Velvet [Clone only]) – Cannabino >10 seeds
NEW! LIMITED! Original Mandarin Cookies (Forum Cut Cookies x Mandarin Sunset) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Pillow Factory (Black Fire x Mandarin Sunset) – 25% THC / 1% CBD
Purple Majik R1 (Cherry Heirloom Purple Clone x Mandarin Sunset) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Purple Sunset R2Bx ([Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies] x [Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies] x Mandarin Sunset) – Total Cannabinoids 25-35% / 1-2% CBD / 1% CBG / Outdoor early-mid season
Rawtton (Chem D x Mandarin Sunset) – 22-30% THC / 15-20% Terpenes
Skunk Hero (1994 Super Skunk x Mandarin Sunset) – Total Cannabino >10 seeds
Snowball S1 (The White x Chem 4 OG)
Sour OG Cheese
( x Colin OG) – 25%+ THC
Terpwin Station (Gorilla Glue #4 x Mandarin Sunset) – 25% THC / 15% Terpenes
Zour Apples (“Plantman” Jack x Ethos Glue) – 25-30% THC
Zweet Inzanity (Durban Poison x Rainmaker x Citral Glue) – 30% THC / Yield: Completely Inzane! / Terps: Loud AF! SOLD OUT

ETHOS (10-15 pk regulars) – $100:

Citral Flo BX1 (Citral Flo #10 x Temple Kush F2) – 25%+ THC SOLD OUT
Ethos Hash Plant Bx1 (Ethos Kush IBL #13 x California Black Roze) – 25% THC / 1-3% CBD
Forbidden Zkittlez Bx2 (Forbidden Fruit x Mendo Royal x California Black Roze)
GMO Zkittlez (GMO Cookies x [Zkittlez x OZ Kush] – Total Cannabinoids 30%+ / 1% CBD / 2-3% CBG
Headband Cookies Bx1 ([Chem D x i95] x Mandarin Cookies x [Headband x i95] x California Black Roze) – 25% THC / 1-3% CBD
Lemon Berry Candy OG Bx1 (Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x Lemon Grape Bubba Temple aka LGBT) – 25% THC / Outdoor early to mid season
Lemon OG Haze F-4 (Lemon OG Haze F-3 x Lemon OG Haze F-3) – 23-27% THC / 1-2% CBD / 1-2% CBG
Lilac OG Bx1 (Triangle Kush x Lilac Diesel Bx3) – 25%+ THC / 1-2% CBD / 1-3% CBG
Peach Crescendo F-1 ([Chem D x i95) x Mandarin Cookies x Peach Rings) – 30% THC
Temple Kush A line (Temple Kush x Temple Kush) – 25%+ THC
Temple Kush B line (Temple Kush x Temple Kush) – 25%+ THC

DNA Genetics (6 pk feminized) – $80:

24k Gold (Kosher Kush x Tangie) – Indica 60/40
El Fuego – Indica 70/30
Florida Gold (Florida OG x Jews Gold cut) – Indica 70/30
Florida Lemons (Florida OG x Lemon Skunk) – Indica 60/40
Holy Grail Kush (Kosher Kush x OG#18) – Indica
LA Confidential (LA Affie x Afghani) – Indica
Lemon Walker (Lemon Skunk x Skywalker) – Indica 60/40
Skywalker Kush (Skywalker x OG Kush) – Indica
OG #18 (OG Kush s1) – Indica
Purple Wreck (Purple Urkle x Train Wreck [T4]) – Indica 60/40
Sour Kush (Sour Diesel x OG Kush) – Indica 70/30
Kushberry (OG Kush x Oregon Blueberry) – Indica 70/30 *pick n mix only
Rocklock (Warlock x Rockstar) – Indica 80/20
Cannalope Haze (Haze Brothers x Mexican [Michoacan]) – Sativa 95/5

BOHDI SEEDS (11 Pk Regular Seeds) – $95

Black Triangle (Triangle Kush x 88′ g13/hp)
Dream Lotus (Blue Dream x Snow Lotus)
Forest Queen (Strawberry Milk x 88’/g13/Hash Plant)
Granola Funk (Forum Girl Scout Cookies x Wookie 15)
Hashplant #4 (Chem #4 x 88’/g13/Hash Plant)
Lavender Jack (Vintage Jack Herer x Wookie #15)
Lazy Lightning (Headband Loompa x 88’/g13/Hash Plant)
Pinball Wizard (Super Silver Haze x Wookie #15)
Raspberry Hashplant (Goji OG f2 raspberry x 88’/g13/Hash Plant)
Soar (Columbian Red x OMG)
Soraya (Afkanastan x Snow Lotus)
Soul Mate (Pinesoul x Wookie)
Space Monkey (Gorilla Glue #4 x Wookie #15)
Wookie Hashplant (Wookie #7 x 88’/g13/Hash Plant)
Wookie Orgasm (Orgasmatron #7 x Wookie #15)

Crockett Family Farms (12 pk regular) – $100:

Tangie (Cali-O x Skunk) – Sativa 70/30
Clementine (Lemon Skunk x Tangie) – Sativa 70/30
Sour Banana Sherbet (Sour D x Banana Sherbet) – Hybrid 50/50
Sour Sunset (AJ’s Sour Diesel x secret Sunset Sherbet) – Indica 60/40
Lemon Banana Sherbet (Lemon Skunk x Banana Sherbet) – Hybrid 50/50
Sugar Sap (Citrus Sap x Ranger) – Sativa 80/20
Banana Split (Tangie x Banana Sherbert) – Sativa 60/40
Citrus Sap (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tangie) – Sativa 70/30
Tangieland (Candyland x Tangie) – Indica 60/40
Hell’s Fire (Hell’s OG x Crockett’s Confidential) – Indica 70/30
Strawberry Fields (Strawberry Banana x Tangie) – Sativa 65/35
Double Tangie Banana (Tangie x Tangie/Banana) – Sativa 70/30
Clifford (Guava Dawg x Tangie) – Sativa 60/40
Taffie (LA Affie x Tangie) – Hybrid 50/50
Sour Kosher (AJ’s Sour Diesel x Kosher Kush) – Sativa 70/30

Heritage Collection: DNA & CRockett Family Farms Limited ed. (6 PK Feminized) – $100
♦ Limited Release. While supplies last. Only 100 packs of each released. ♦

Cough Drops (Harlequin x LA Confidential x Harlequin)

IRVING DRIVE GENETICS SEEDS (6pk/12pk) – $60/$100

Jolly Ranch (Romulan x Sour Diesel x Panama) – 90/10 Sativa
Now & Later (Jamaican Grape pheno #2 x Mandala #1)


Blueberry Snowdream (Blueberry x Sunshine Daydream) – Indica 90/10 *pick n mix only
Snowberry (Snow White [Black Domina x Afghan Kush x Buddha Tahoe OG] x Blueberry Snowdream) – Indica 60/40
Grape Snowcone (Grandbaby Grape x Blueberry Snowdream) – Indica 95/5 SOLD OUT
Blue Sugar Haze (Sugarplum Haze x Blueberry Snowdream) – Hybrid 50/50
Snow White’s Cherry (Snow White x Sunshine Daydream) – Indica 70/30
Moon Man (Apollo 11 x Sunshine Daydream) – Sativa 65/35
Thunderstruck CBD (AC/DC x Blueberry Snowdream) – Sativa 60/40

Pick N’ Mix:

Crockett Family Farms: $10/seed
DNA Genetics: $12/seed
DiamondNugz: $5/seed