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kush pot seeds

Kush pot seeds
1st BHO (Feno 3) – IV Mallorcannabis Cup 2017 (Fran Terra Growshop)

Kush pot seeds

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Our new strain, which we’ve decided to call “Unknown Kush” (DS23), has a high level of THC and has been developed for medicinal use.

To achieve this, we’ve used one of the most sought after strains in American medicinal dispensaries owing to its therapeutic properties, which are very useful in treating conditions such as:

– Sleep disorders
– Eating disorders
– Analgesia

BAY 11, a sativa strain which won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Award, was sent to us as a clone directly from California.

In order to achieve our objective of creating high quality medicinal seeds, we crossed this with a second strain, the genetics of which we don’t want to reveal and which we’re simply going to call UNKNOWN KUSH (DS23) and which gives this plant its name.

The result is an indica/sativa hybrid which gives off an aroma of Haze and Kush at the same time and which produces a clean, yet deeply complex, taste that is a very pleasant mixture of abstract flavours with intense metallic incense notes with acidic traces of lemon, which evoke those legendary kushes and that are so highly valued in the USA.

This strain produces fat, dense, pale green buds that are pleasingly uniform and with a very high PISTIL/LEAF ratio that makes smoking them a real pleasure.

Another of its highly desirable characteristics is the massive number of trichomes produced which cover its leaves, flowers and branches, creating a thick layer of RESIN that gives the plant a sparkly appearance.

This strain has a very important “spiritual dimension”, and if used with respect and common sense, has a great capacity to make you feel at one with yourself and the rest of the world

It’s very common for someone to walk into a room where desconocida kush is being smoked and say: hmmmmm. unknownnnnn. 😉

THC: +21%

2nd Outdoor – Copa Castillo – Fuerteventura 2016 – Asociación Weed Family

3rd Indoor – Copa Acmefuer – Fuerteventura 2017

3º Extracciones Categoria Profesional – II Cannabis Cup Castellón 2017 (Terra Grow)

1st BHO (Feno 3) – IV Mallorcannabis Cup 2017 (Fran Terra Growshop)

2nd BHO (Feno 2) – IV Mallorcannabis Cup 2017 (Ruben Terra Growshop)

1º Premio Exterior – Copa Cannamex – Mérida 2017 (HousePlant Don Benito)

1º Premio Extracción BHO Profesional – Weedkend – Asturias 2017

1º Outdoor – Oceánica Copa Cannabica – Uruguay 2017

1º BHO – Copa Delicious Tibet – Uruguay 2018

3º Indoor – Copa Cannabica ACBB – Spain 2018 (Josexu Acmefuer)

1st Outdoor – Secret Cup – Vizcaya 2018

1st BHO – Neurocopa del Pacífico – Chile 2018 (Grimey Gardens – MI)

1st Outdoor – A.C. Bolera Besaya – Cantabria 2018

2nd BHO – San Canuto – Acmefuer Fuerteventura 2018 (Grimey Gardens – MI)

3rd Prize – Extracción con Solvente – Copa Esmeralda – Colombia 2019 (#GrimeyGardens – @yonnyospina)

1st Prize BHO – GrowBarato Cannabis Cup 2019 (#GrimeyGardens)

3rd Prize BHO – Continental Cannabis Cup – Miami 2019 (#GrimeyGardens)

3rd Indoor – Copa Caba – Argentina 2019 (Cultura Grow)

1st Prize Extracción – Copa de las Flores – Colombia 2019 (#GrimeyGardens)

3rd Prize Outdoors – Expo 1422 – Argentina 2019 (Rodrigo Gonzalez)

Kush pot seeds
Perfect for: OG Kush lovers in need for speed.

Quick Kush

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  • OG Kush Auto

Perfect for: OG Kush lovers in need for speed.


Spawned from an OG Kush elite clone of ours and a selected male from our OG Kush Auto elite line, Quick Kush turns into a slender, mid-sized plant with large leaves and evenly distributed elongated branches. To these amazing qualities, we must add an exquisite beauty that certainly lives up to her predecessor’s. If her scents, flavours and effects weren’t so exceptional, she could well be a perfect ornamental plant noted for her elegance and splendour.


Quick Kush is as productive as the original version. Let’s not forget that OG Kush was known, among others, for her incredible yielding capacity, which is, by the way, kept intact in this fast version capable of producing half a kilo indoors and up to 1 kilo outdoors. In terms of quality, she’s the best, as is to be expected from the most famous strain of the west coast. Expect many buds all over the multiple branches of this plant; incredibly compact and resin-packed flowers endowed with an extraordinary potency.

Aromas and flavours

Quick Kush has the power to hypnotize crowds of cannabis lovers with her mostly oily and lemony scent highlighted with smoky undernotes. She will surprise those who come to meet her, that’s for sure. Although the mixture may seem quite strange at first, there must be a reason why everyone rushes back to her again and again, mustn’t there?


Quick Kush delivers a pretty potent high. Her being quicker than the ‘normal’ version means that she’s exposed to more hours of sunshine and heat, and so reaches her potential more easily, boasting very high THC levels.

The quick rendering of the legendary OG Kush mirrors her mother’s effect. And, obviously, with such high THC rates, it is not a bearable effect, but a really strong kick that is more suitable for fearless cannabis heavyweights.


Quick Kush is ridiculously easy to grow. Fair and square: she’s super resistant, super quick and super grateful. You can spare yourself for other genetics because this one will not demand much attention. She feels at ease in warm and dry climates, and she doesn’t require heavy feeding. In fact, a standard watering and feeding regime will be enough for the most famous girl in California to produce numerous thick buds in some 50 days. OG Kush takes quite a lot of time to flower. That’s why we thought that pushing the accelerator a bit would be an interesting twist. A well-founded decision that our team of breeders made after intensely working with this strain.


  • Lower climate-related risks: in the northern hemisphere, OG Kush is ready for harvest in October, sometimes early this month or by mid-month (Mediterranean area and southern Europe) and in other cases by the end of/mid-October (the rest of Europe). But, thanks to the quick blooming of this Quick version, which is one to two weeks faster, harvest time will arrive after 49-56 days of flowering, by mid-September in southern Europe and a month later up in the north. Her buds will be ready earlier than usual, which means that we’ll no longer have to worry about the rainfall and low temperatures that autumn generally brings with it.
  • Lower external risks: your plants being ready for harvest 15-7 days earlier implies:
    1) A lower risk of becoming a victim of theft (we do know OG Kush is extremely precious. It’s better not to play with fire). Now, with this Quick version, you’ll save yourself a couple of weeks of unnecessary exposure.
    2) A lower chance of being spotted. Whether you’re growing in your garden or on your balcony, your neighbours will have a week less to gossip about the delicious oily, lemony and smoky aroma that comes from your house.


  • Greater cost-effectiveness: the Quick version is indeed far quicker. Yes, but how quick? Well… about 20 % quicker. This means that, should you decide to grow indoors keeping the lamps on all year long, with OG Kush you’ll obtain 6 crops per year, while with Quick Kush it’s possible to get 7.5 crops/year. No more and no less than 1.5 extra crops per year. Pretty good, right?

Characteristics of
Quick Kush cannabis seeds

Genotype 50% Sativa – 50% Indica
THC 23%
Maturation(Interior) 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior) mid-October
Flavor Liquorice
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 500 g/m2 Indoor | 800 g/pl Outdoor
Odor High
Effect Narcotic
Resistance to mold High
Pest resistance High
Sex Feminized
Lineage Bay 11 x Unknown Kush
BHO Performance 26%
Irrigation tolerance High
Medicinal Value Very high
Sex Feminised
Genotype 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Cross OG Kush x OG Kush Auto
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 49-56 days
Indoor yield 500 g/m 2
Outdoor harvest time Mid-September
Outdoor yield 1000 g/plant
Outdoor height 3 m
THC * 18-25%
CBD * 0.1%
THC/CBD ratio 250:1

* Cannabinoid content (THC, CBD…) may vary depending on external factors such as the growth medium, the grower’s experience, the growing technique (SOG, SCROG…), the environmental conditions and genetic variation.