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highrule genetics seeds

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Only Cannapot (which handles all orders and payments) knows your personal data like email or your deliveryaddress! The featured breeders do not see any data or information about the customers – they only can have a look at the statistics about the sales without any personal informations!

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i am sorry had bad day seen hiim make this he so nooob



What connector did you use for the driver and power cord wires

HighRule Genetics ok bro really doesn’t tell me much there are bunch of different products from wago that look nothing like that

Dope, a spyder killer right here. Looking forward to scoop a couple of these!

@Nugbender any 100k pot will do..

@HighRule Genetics Just bought 1, which potentiometer did you get?

@HighRule Genetics What type of potentiometer did you get and is the driver removable from the light?

they are sweet, with the dim feature you can do everything from clone to flower with these

Great video, thank you so much. Hey, can you spell out the names of the wire connector and dimmer switch you ordered? TIA

wago connectors. 100k potentiometer

Finally a video on the saber 100 thanks man.

@GroProdigy i have never tried, but im sure its possible. you wont need to because HLG wouldnt use it if it blocked out much light at all

HighRule Genetics quick question can the optics be removed?

yea im really enjoying the light. i like them for their ability to veg and bloom.

@highrulegenetic how did the orange sundae grow ?

@playerkiller69 go to my website, and check out grapefruit cake, the picture is of the mom i used in the cross, which was orange sundae

HighRule Genetics I just purchases some from thinktankseed bank and saw your video. To bad there no video or picture from the orange sundae

orange sundae was good. great genetics. and great genetics to breed with. as i did.

where did you order your light and how much ?

this is available here,

how did those f4 turn out?

@Jack Frost 3 females made it full term, there where a few heavy mutations in the line so some plants were culled. i had two beauties, tall, high yielding and frosty, finsihg at 9 weeks. flower was very frosty. everyone loved it. indica effects i think.

Did you take any females full term? Taste,smell, potency ?

great, i selected a male and made a few crosses

i got a few packs been holding on to them. I popped a pack a week or two ago, i’m going to cross all females with my insane lpc 75 x km11 male

nice, maybe you can take it to the f5 i made of this line

Hi bruz, did you put the driver on back of light bar or was it like that when you received it? I’m in Australia & here they say to not do that with this light, they said to mount seperate from light. Looks heaps cool. I just ordered one. Your vid is the only vid on you tube about this light that I can find. Thank you.

IF you purchase the new saber light 100W with the driver included, it should show up just like mine, This light includes a special driver that runs cool

Nice easy and simple. ??

Jay Paul yea it’s bright too ?

Thanks for doing a video on this light ?

tallcat77 yea I’ll be posting more videos of the light over some food crops ?

Wow .. cant watch you.. all the bullshit and no usefull.

Whered you buy from what site

@Cameron they do, but you have to mail them cash, then wait for them to recieve it, its a hastle. i made a cross with the orange sundae, i crossed it to wedding cake f4. it will be a better strain, check out my website for more information, i accept paypal or venmo, and ship with a T shirt for descreet

@HighRule Genetics do they ship nationwide and do they offer discreet

Awesome job. It’s nice to see ppl put the proper work in.

I run 3 of thease lights in a 2×6. Got over a pound first run with them. Counting popcorn buds. Awsome light

@HighRule Genetics thanks. I really wish i can post content. Maybe one day soon. But yea the hlgs are amazing. Couldnt been more happy with them. Penetration like the sun.

wow phenomenal results! i really enjoy these lights as well.

How much grams are u pulling in a 2×4 with these lights an driver

decent video but i would like to know what the connector you used to connect the plug to the driver.

leo a Y’XIAN LLT L20 3Pin Wire Connector IP67 Waterproof Junction Box External Sleeve Coupler Ø 5-9mm Cable Range

By any chance have u found a video that has shown that process

How is the light holding up? I have everything I need is the qb96’s, if im getting 4 qb’s I should have 2 drivers and 2 power cords right?

@HighRule Genetics thanks! btw i bought what i said up there but neither came with that black thing you screwed on to connect the driver and the ac outlet, what are they called?

love the light, the added red really makes this light special to me, it depends on how your building the light tho idk what your doing

Thanks man very interesting stuff, I did not know that was possible ✌️ keep it green brother

Very cool light buddy, how are you getting on with it now? dose it bloom well? ✌️

Cannarado has got the Heat 4 sure

????? Nice choice for your next run! Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

ill be doing my best to update this phenohunt, as well as my other hunt im doing with some wedding cake

Very very nice light great job

hes has a drver u need b tipe browe u have sh it plasic dimer

u dont put pad on sink di ck hed its ur frast led light omfg u put pad on chip di ck asss so u dont need line sh it up

this isnt even good trollling.

380 watts in a 2×2?? That’s overkill

its a 2×4 sorry, this thing would flwoer a 4×4 on full power

Slick your new and will learn next time put the thermel pad on board first

Pretty dope man. I have a grow scrogged out now. Check out my very first vid i just uploaded and let me know what you think

Thanks for the great video. You did skip the wiring for the boards though. What are the dimensions of your rail?

yea when its built i go over the wiring a little bit. i used 4 foot piece, cut in half, so 2 feet, i mounted the boards 22 inches apart. i think that 18 to 20 inches apart would be more ideal. thanks for your comment, like and subsribe

would it be possible to use 4 of these in one fixture?

no i think youd need two drivers

Hey dude Iam deciding between the boards and the Cree cob 100wat xl maybe 4 cobs or you think I should get the boards running a 3×3 tent

@Jay Money 3000 kelvin HLG 550 and you can run it at 80 percent jsut fine

+Medical Resin hug 550 what Kelvin though some say 3500 some say 3000

+Medical Resin yeah I’m aiming for the best in a small tent so way I got it figured was small tent but make it high potential so I want to smash light and get bud weight end of season

@Jay Money you would be fine with the 300 watt light. your tent would always be low heat. but if you wanted to have more light in there and pull more weed potentially, then get the HLG 550, its actual wattage is 480 watts. and you would have the ability to dim it to your needs.

+Medical Resin just 300 watts I was thinking I would need around 4 or 5 hundred

LOOOL. Nice idea. Pressure like a firefighter hose. LMAO Nice

That’s a 2×5 or 2×4, but not a 2×2 ;-P Great job. Subbin.

@inanç uslan it is a good light, sure.

hi levent do u recommend this ?

Maybe 2 x HLG185 H54A would suit some people better for individual control of lights plus brighter too 3.4A vs 2.8A


i found the oem company that made these from China for cheap

Awesome. What kind of wago connector you use?

Haha that’s dope! Great thinking! Way to grow son!

I needed this! Just got two of the qb96 v2s and am wanting to do this same thing. (2x) Qb 96 / HLG 550 / (2x) Qb 96 is my plan for a 4×8

i am sorry had bad day seen hiim make this he so nooob

Ron Jon thank you! It was a great build and I love the product

Nice job! Looks perfect for the 2×4

Used a couple of 600w blurples in a 4×2 tent for my first ever grow and I’m now looking to replace them with the HLG320 QB kit but I can’t make up my mind between the 3000k and 4000k versions. I’m not planning on setting up separate veg and flower tents any time soon so the light has to do well for both veg and flower in my confined space of 4×2. Which would you go with? I’m leaning towards the 3000k as the kit is intended for flowering 4×2 and vegging 4×4 so I figured that 3000k will be just fine for veg in my 4×2. Anyways, I’m rambling here. Any thoughts?

You can also get their deep red and blue QB11 boards to change your spectrum. More blue in the last few days of flower will increase resin production.