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high yield cannabis seeds

High yield cannabis seeds
Our marijuana fertilizer is both suited for growing in soil as well as growing hydroponically.

Extreme Yield

Finally The Highest Yielding Strains All In One Place

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How Do High Yield Seeds Work?

You looking to get a massive yield on your next grow? You are going to love our extreme yield seeds selection! The best part is we’ve collected together both indica and sativa high yield strains.

Now you can get the most from your grow in the strain of your choice! Some strains also feature hybrids so you can get a double hit of enjoyment with strains like Super Lemon Haze that is a delicious mix between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

How Hard Are High Yield Seeds To Grow?

Great question. Our extreme yield seeds require more space and care-for obvious reasons. There are also no autoflowering seeds available for high yields.

Thankfully these seeds aren’t anywhere near as hard to grow as you would think. They require basic but consistent care where you ensure light cycles, temperature, marijuana fertilizer, and water. For the cultivators you can grow them high and use simple but easy to follow ways to get the most for your grow.

Want to get the biggest yield possible but aren’t sure how? Check out our grow guides for more information on everything you need to know to make the most of your extreme yield growth.

What Type Of Yield Can I Expect?

The number of grams you can get per plant is surprising. Before I tell you the amount, make a guess at what you think it is. Got it? Okay.

The amount you get per plant, on average, is 450 grams! Now that number will go up or down depending on a dozen details from strain type, light availability, and more. Some strains produce up to 600 grams but require up to six feet of space to grow upward.

Your best bet is to check out the seed strains we feature to get a better idea of the average yield, what you can expect, and check out what other users like you had to say about the grow.

As always, genetics is important but you need the right growing conditions to get the maximum out of your harvest.

Seriously, Check Out Our Reviews

We always tell people to make sure they buy seeds from a trusted supplier. That’s why we tell everyone to visit our review page (here). We have thousands of independent reviews. With us you can be confident you are getting the best quality possible!

For this specific set of seeds, I suggest checking out the reviews on the product page itself. Why? Because you can see pictures from fellow growers and see just how big they can get!

Need Help With Your Marijuana Seeds?

Worried that you’ll kill your seeds? We get it. Growing can be scary. Thankfully, we can help. That’s why we created a series of grow guides you can follow to get great yields even with zero experience.

We also know that every situation comes with its own specifics and even our guides don’t cover questions you might have. That’s why we also built a robust support forum where you can post questions and get answers from expert growers who’ve been doing it for years!

So try it out! You’ll be amazed at how much better the quality of your bud will be, unlike what you are used to from the dispensary when you control every part of the process!

How to grow high yield strains

For the highest possible yield, you will probably want to grow your seeds hydroponically. You can learn more about hydroponics in our growing guides. When you grow plants hydroponically, you have complete control over the nutrients that the plant receives so you can make sure that it is as healthy as possible. When you grow your plants hydroponically, you are likely to achieve a yield that is up to 20 percent larger than you would have if grown in soil.

However, that doesn’t mean that growing high-yielding seeds in soil is a bad idea. You are just less likely to achieve the highest possible yield. That is because soil holds nutrients naturally, so there is more room for error.

Our marijuana fertilizer is both suited for growing in soil as well as growing hydroponically.

If you need both seeds, nutrients and plant protector I advise you to grab our Heavy Yield Grow Kit. This set contains everything you need for a top-notch grow!

Buying high yield seeds

If you are looking to grow a high-yielding strain of marijuana, you are at the right place! We offer a wide range of seed options and can help you find a high-yield strain that has all of the other characteristics you are looking for in a plant. Our seeds can fulfill a variety of needs. Do you want to use your cannabis medicinally or for a recreational high? Do you want the calming effects of indica or the energizing effects of sativa? Wherever you are growing, and whatever type marijuana you decide – we offer high yield strains that will work well for you. Plus, when you order your seeds from us, you can trust that you will get exactly what you are paying for.

Can’t choose which high yielding strains to pick? We have a seed variety pack that’s just for you. Be sure to check out the High Yield Mix Pack.

As soon as you receive your seeds, it’s time to start preparing to grow them. If this is your first time using high-yield seeds, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the extra challenges that can come along with this kind of cannabis. Before you get started, you might choose to peruse our forums and learn from the experience of other people who have grown successful crops. Additionally, as your plants are going, you can use these forums as a source of wisdom, since they are full of experts who can answer any questions you have about how to get the most out of your high yielding seeds.

Once your plants have matured, you’ll simply harvest and prepare them like you would any other crop of marijuana. Then, you can enjoy your huge harvest any way you like!

High yield seeds are best to be on a budget and take out more for money. Below are some high yielding strains that can offer a substantial reward for little extra care and attention.

High Yielding Seeds

High yield seeds are best to be on a budget and take out more for money. Below are some high yielding strains that can offer a substantial reward for little extra care and attention.


This White Widow and Blueberry-derived plant soar with a sweet flavour and sweeter effects. This Sativa-dominant (60%) grows over a meter tall indoors. Outside can stretch up to 2 meters. On average, Fruit Spirit will yield 475–525g/plant out and 375–425g/m² inside. The plant consisting of dense, frosty buds, it carries an aroma that will have irresistible outcomes for growers. After an 8-week flowering period, Fruit Spirit will be ready for the chop. Extra care and consideration should be taken to maximise the flavour profile after harvesting. With 18% THC, the plant is uplifting but not too overwhelming, making it an excellent strain for any time of day.


Combining Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights genetics, breeders end up creating one of the first Haze classics, Super Silver Haze. Growing to about 100cm tall indoors and reach up to 200cm in the outdoors. This plant needs lots of light to reach its full potential. Plant yields between 600–650g/plant outdoors. Flowering time is 9–11 weeks. The smoke from Silver Haze is outstanding. The Haze effect will go straight to the brain, and the sweet flavour makes the taste buds quiver in anticipation.


White Widow is a Dutch classic from the Netherlands. Initially created by Sativa-Indica hybridisation. White Widow grows to about 1m tall indoors, reaching up to 2m outdoors. It needs lots of light but can be produced in colder climates of France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Ideally, it can yield 450–500g/m² indoors and 550–600g/plant outdoors. The plant provides excellent results in northern European climates. The flavour is clean and pine-fresh, with a hint of citrus on the exhale, the effects from smoking White Widow are almost psychedelic high.


Amnesia Haze has its Sativa-dominant nature with vigorous growth and large yields. It can grow up 210cm in height outdoors, 140cm indoors. Like most natives, the flowering period is pretty long, 10–11 weeks. However, it is among the best-yielding cannabis strains, producing between 650–700g/plant outdoors and 600–650g/m² indoors. The flavour is fresh and fruity. This is a strong strain, and it’s hard to keep the brain from shutting off after a good session.


Northern Lights is an Indica dominant hybrid but carries much sativa in its leaf structure. It can grow as high as 1.2 m tall indoors and can stretch to over 2 m tall outdoors. It will yield on average 50-60g/plant, or about 500g/m2 indoors and in outdoors, it can give as much as 625 g/plant. When placed in full sunlight and provided enough water, they can grow into a tree and deliver excellent results for yield. Flowering is complete after 7-8 weeks. Northern Lights is one of those smokes that guarantees an extraordinary session for the next few minutes.