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high yield autoflower cannabis seeds

High yield autoflower cannabis seeds
If grown indoors, expect a big yield of 450 to 670 gr/m2.

Top 10 High Yield Autoflower Seeds

Everyone enjoys making life easier for themselves.

Autoflower strains have become hugely popular due to their compact size, rapid growth and their ability to automatically start flowering without having to change your grow light cycle.

Simply put, they’re very easy to grow and perfect for beginners.

This is all thanks to their Ruderalis gene.

However, it’s this gene that also means autoflower yields are smaller compared to pure Indica or Sativa strains.

This leads many autoflower fans to wonder what the highest yielding auto-flower strains are.

In this article, I’ll cover the top 10 High Yield Autoflower Seeds, so you can ensure that your Auto yield is as large as possible!

Top 10 High Yield Autoflower Seeds

Here’s a quick look at our top 10 high yield autoflower seeds with the grams per square meter that they produce indoors.

A more detailed review of each strain is listed below:

650g g/m2*

660g g/m2*

650g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

600g g/m2*

Strain Yield
1. Super Critical Auto
2. Tangie Matic Auto
3. Girl Scout Cookies Auto
4. Gorilla Glue Auto
5. Stardawg Auto
6. Crystal Meth Auto
7. Gorilla Glue #4 Auto
8.Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto
9. West Coast OG Auto
10. Amnesia Gold Auto

*Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates based on a standard grow setup and ideal conditions.

Final yield can be more or less than this based on the following factors:

– Plant training technique, such as SoG
– Experience ( first time growers can expect a smaller yield)
– Grow light used
– PH and Nutrient levels

1. Super Critical Auto

Yield: 650g/m2**
Flowering time: 6 – 7 weeks
Effects: Relaxing, body, lasting

At the top of our list is the impressive Super Critical Auto

This indica-dominant strain springs from the high-performing and award-winning genetics of White Widow, Skunk and Big Bud.

With its famous heritage, you can expect nothing less than outstanding yields from this fast-growing strain.

Super Critical reaches its flowering stage in about 7 weeks and reaches a height between 70 to 120 cm.

It will be ready for harvest after 2 to 3 more weeks.

In fact, with the **Sea of Green (SoG) growing method, you can bring harvests up to a massive 800g/m2 and outdoor harvests go up to 35 grams per plant.

Super Critical Auto provides an intense and fast-acting effect. It starts as a body stoned that develops into a relaxing, almost sedating, high.

It’s potency and long-lasting effects make it a great strain to take for pain or after a long hard day.

2. Tangie Matic Auto

Yield: 450 – 670 g/m2*
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Effects: calming, cerebral to body, potent, creative

The Tangie Matic Auto’s sativa-dominant traits start you on a clear-minded, creative head high that slowly develops into a de-stressing and calming body stone.

Its THC production can go up to a substantial 23%. Therapeutically, it’s recommended for chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and even as an appetite stimulant.

This plant doesn’t take kindly to stress during its growing stage so training might not be an option.

When taken care of, the Tangie Matic Auto will be ready for harvest in around 9 weeks, growing to about 80 to 150 cm tall.

Typical yields are promising at 50 to 350 grams per plant when grown outdoors.

If grown indoors, expect a big yield of 450 to 670 gr/m2.

Adding to its calming effects is its refreshing citrus smell. Along with those aromas are equally fruity tangerine flavors and spicy, herbal undertones.

3. Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Yield: 500 to 650 g/m2*
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
Effects: Potent, cerebral, body,

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant auto strain that’s easy to grow and enjoys regular feeding.

Its genes are the result of Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes combined with autoflowering genes

In just 8 to 9 weeks, you’ll get a cannabis plant about 60 to 100 cm high with big plump buds.

Yield is a whopping 500 to 650 g/m2 when grown indoors.

If grown indoors, you can expect to harvest at least 70 up to 300 grams per plant.

True to its name, the Girl Scout Cookies auto smells and tastes like cookies.

Its sweetness is almost candy-like with strong notes of nutmeg, chocolate, and sugar.

This strain is a heavy hitter with both mind and cerebral highs.

You’ll feel quite the social butterfly with bursts of creativity and humor.

Therapeutically, the Girl Scout Cookies Auto is great for relieving pain, PTSD, muscle spasms, and neuropathy.

4. Gorilla Glue Auto

Yield: 4oo – 60o g/m2*
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
Effects: Relaxed, happy, pain relief

The appropriately named Gorilla Glue Auto is one of the stickier indica/sativa/ruderalis strains out there.

Its buds are big, tight, and compact with incredibly sticky trichomes that will glue up your scissors and gloves when harvesting.

Its THC levels are off the charts at 24%.

This strain is also a pretty discreet option, growing to a height of 60 to 100 cm after 8 to 9 weeks.

Despite its frame, you can expect a harvest of 4oo to 60og/m2 when grown indoors.

The aromas from this strain are reminiscent of pine and diesel with lemony notes.

Its taste is quite close to its smell – mostly citrus fruit and pine flavors.

Gorilla Glue Auto induces happy, relaxed feelings which is a primary reason why this strain is great for stress, PMS, migraines, and back pain.

5. Stardawg Auto

Yield: 400 – 600 g/m2*
Flowering time: 60 days
Effects: Cerebral, clear mind, body, strong, hungry

Stardawg Auto is the combination of hybrid strains Genetics Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg.

Due to these genes, Stardawg Auto is a big yielder (400-600 g/m2 indoors/5o-3oo g/plant outdoors) with lots of sticky resin and THC production of up to 22%.

Stardawg Auto grows to a discreet height of 70 to 120 cm which is great for indoor or stealthy growing.

At about 60 days, the strain matures and lives up to its name with bright green buds and big glistening resin crystals.

Adding to this distinct look is the smell of pine and mixed citrus and flavors leaning heavily towards lemons.

Its effects are quick. You’ll feel mentally stimulated, with a strong mind hit and body stone.

The strain is great for stimulating appetite and treating asthma, glaucoma, epilepsy, anxiety, and nausea among others.

6. Crystal Meth Auto

Yield: 400 – 600 g/m2*
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
Effects: Happy, cerebral, relaxing

The quick-growing, big-budded, and beginner-friendly Crystal Meth Auto is quickly rising in popularity.

The strain is a poly-hybrid of several different strains, including Mexican, Early Skunk, and ruderalis genes.

The potent Crystal Meth Auto is a beauty with its purple, red, and black foliage and frosty trichomes.

Adding to that is its unusual but appetizing hazelnut flavor and equally nutty but strong aroma with hints of pine.

Eight to 9 weeks after germination, this cannabis strain will mature and typically grow 70 to 120 cm tall.

Its heavy 400 to 600 gram per square indoor yield (50 to 300 g/plant if grown outdoors) will give you an uplifting, happy head high-that’s the 20% THC in those full buds.

Moreover, its therapeutic benefits are recommended for stress, depression, pain, PMS, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis.

7. Gorilla Glue #4 Auto

400 – 600 g/m2*
Flowering time: 55 – 58 days
Effects: Strong, happy, relaxing, cerebral

The Gorilla Glue #4 Auto is an award-winning strain and is held by some to be one of the best.

It is the result of crossing strains Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubble.

It boasts a THC content of up to 23% and yields around 50 to 300 grams per plant when grown outdoors or 400 to 600 g/m2 indoors.

The Gorilla Glue #4 Auto reaches its flowering stage in around 55 to 58 days after germination.

Its typical frame of 14o to 200 cm tall may make stealthy growing a little difficult. However, when you do grow this strain, you’ll be met with sweet spicy aromas and hints of berry.

Tastewise, it’s much closer to coffee or chocolate with a diesel-y aftertaste.

Unlike the classic Gorilla Glue, that is also on this list, the GG4 is sativa-dominant.

The strain delivers a strong euphoric high while simultaneously relaxing the body. It carries medicinal properties that may benefit those with sleeping problems.

8. Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto

Yield: 450 – 600 g/m2*
Flowering time: 10 weeks
Effects: Relaxing, calming, body

You can expect dense, large, and frosty buds from the Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto.

The strain is a product of finely-tuned genetics that makes it hardy and resistant to pests, drought, and mold.

This much-loved autoflowering strain can stretch to a height of 170 cm when grown outside.

Depending on container size, it can grow up to 130 cm indoors.

This strain flowers quickly at around 8 weeks and will be ready for harvest in a couple more weeks.

In its 10th week, the strain’s THC-filled buds (up to 22%) can produce outdoor harvests up to 70 grams each per plant.

When grown inside, expect yield to be around 450 to 600 g/m2.

Northern Lights x Big Bud Ryder Auto strains give of pleasant citrus smells with flavors hinting at pineapples and mandarin oranges.

When taken, this strain produces a relaxing and calming body high.

Hence, you’ll find it useful for pain relief, stress, and migraines.

9. Amnesia Gold Auto


600 g/m2*
Flowering time: 9 – 10 weeks
Effects: Happy, strong, cerebral, psychedelic, long-lasting

Amnesia Gold Auto is the product of combining two sativa-dominant strains, Amnesia and Lennon, with an autoflowering ruderalis.

This strong is a vigorous grower and will reward you with strong branches and full buds.

The Amnesia Gold Auto stretches to a height between 60 to 160 cm in its 9 to 10-week growing period.

Expect THC content to be around 19% In approximately 70 days, those buds can yield you a heavy 600 g/m2 if you are an indoor grower.

On the other hand, If you’d rather grow outside, harvests can still go up to 150 grams per plant.

When taken, Amnesia Gold Auto brings pleasant flavors of sweet citrus that will both surprise and stimulate appetite.

It delivers strong, long-lasting happy head highs and decidedly psychedelic effects.

10. West Coast OG Auto

Yield: 500 – 650 g/m2*
Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
Effects: Happy, calming, relaxing, long-lasting

West Coast OG Auto shares the same characteristics with the OG Kush strains available in the US West Coast albeit with autoflowering genes.

It carries similarly strong aromas that smell of wood, citrus, and almost fresh coastal scent.

Odors can be quite intense so filtering is recommended. In terms of taste, it’s decidedly citric and fruity.

Expect it to develop amber-colored buds when mature at the 9th-week mark.

Grow to an average of 90cm high, it’s quite the chunky plant.

Speaking of high, the indica-dominant strain brings a steady long-lasting high that is equally relaxing and euphoric.

Its medicinal benefits range from stress and pain relief, to help with paranoia, anxiety, and ADHD.

Indoor harvests are at an exceptional 500 to 650 g/m2 or 70 to 300 grams per plant when grown outside.

Ever since the introduction of the first autoflowering strains many breeders and growers have worked very hard to bring the best out of cannabis ruderalis and while a few years ago autoflowering strains were seen as easy to grow, but usually low quality plants that would give you a smaller yield, the new generation of autoflowering strains are great and some of them perform just as well as “normal” feminized and regular plants.

Top 10 highest yielding autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis strains are popular for many reasons; they are fairly easy to grow, grow very fast, don’t depend on photoperiod, they remain relatively short and can deal pretty good with tougher conditions and colder weather.

Ever since the introduction of the first autoflowering strains many breeders and growers have worked very hard to bring the best out of cannabis ruderalis and while a few years ago autoflowering strains were seen as easy to grow, but usually low quality plants that would give you a smaller yield, the new generation of autoflowering strains are great and some of them perform just as well as “normal” feminized and regular plants.

Whether you are looking to grow a fast flowering indica or a hybrid sativa, there is probably an autoflowering strain that can guarantee you a great plant that will give you an impressive quality weed and an even more impressive high yield.

We have carefully gathered a Top 10 of high yielding autoflowering strains for you to pick from for your next grow! Have a look: