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One of the few companies that does everything right inside US borders, HempWorx CBD is a brand that talks the talk of transparency and industry standards, and In-depth HempWorx reviews based on expert opinion & user ratings. Is HempWorx legit? Is it worthy? Learn inside our complete HempWorx review.

Hempworx Review: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2022)

One of the few companies that does everything right inside US borders, HempWorx CBD is a brand that talks the talk of transparency and industry standards, and also walks the walk. They are an up and coming brand that is genuinely dedicated to educating CBD users on the history (fun fact: the first American flag was made out of hemp), and science of cannabinoids. The Quitnet team is excited to review HempWorx and their CBD oil to see if this company is actually offering the CBD market anything new. Here’s our Hempworx CBD review (updated for 2022).

Hempworx CBD

The most interesting thing about HempWorx is its business model. The company doesn’t rely on in-house marketing and advertising to spread the word about their products; they instead reach out to online and in-store retailers to get their products to their customers.

Another standout about them is that instead of playing up the miracle supplement angle, HempWorx pays homage to the cannabis plant; its legacy, magical proprieties and even the controversy that has long surrounded the once maligned plant.

HempWorx CBD prides themselves on solely working within the US – every ingredient they use to produce their oil and every test performed happens right here on American soil. This kind of model means they don’t have to rely on another country and allows a greater level of reliable service to their customers.

This brand also creates oil that is non-GMO and organic. They provide a wealth of information on their site about CBD and appear to genuinely care about their customers.

Is this enough to make their oil worth purchasing?

Our Hempworx CBD Oil Review

HempWorx CBD oil is offered in two strengths (500mg, 750mg) and three flavors – Natural, Cinnamon or Peppermint. 30mL is contained in each bottle for a total of 30 servings.

They also offer both strengths in a CBD isolate which contains no THC and is a full-spectrum oil, which means you’ll get the benefit of terpenes, flavonoids and a ton of other cannabinoids besides CBD in each bottle.

  • 500mg; contains 10mg of CBD per serving, price is $69
  • 750mg; contains 15mg of CBD per serving, price is $89

From the amount of CBD in one mL of the oil, the Quitnet team made a guess about the effectiveness of this product; we thought it would be great for alleviating mild symptoms.

After trying it, we were pretty spot on with our prediction. The amount of CBD in each serving is less than the amounts we’ve seen in some stronger oils, but the effects were still there. HempWorx CBD oil does work and may even be used for more moderate pain.

If you have mild to moderate symptoms or have had trouble keeping stronger oils down in the past, this oil from HempWorx is a really good option. It was able to ease anxiety, keep panic attacks at bay and even alleviate mild back spasms and chronic lower back and leg pain.

CBD products by Hempworx CBD

HempWorx offers a range of other high-quality CBD products that include:

  • CBD Infused Coffee
  • CBD Coffee Creamer
  • CBD Anti-Aging Cream
  • CBD Pain Relief Rub
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Almost every product costs $69.

Why Choose Hempworx CBD?


We thought it was strange that everything was either $69 or $89 until we realized it was wholesale pricing. HempWorx may be targeting distributors and home-based employees, but you still get to take advantage of the pricing. The only thing is, we find it to be a little bit overpriced for the effectiveness and potency.

That being said, HempWorx offers a pretty great deal – buy 3 get 1 free. If you’re able to swing this, you actually save a lot of money! For those who buy monthly supplies, this is an opportunity that’s hard to pass up. We have never seen a deal quite like it, but it’s real and looks to always be available. It’s an incredible non-wholesaler offer, it’s almost like they know the sign up process is horrible and this is their way of apologizing.

Kentucky-grown hemp

It’s hard to stress just how impressive it is that their hemp comes from Kentucky hemp farms. They are not the only brand to have an agreement with Kentucky farms, but the very few that do tend to produce some of the highest quality CBD oil and CBD products.

Comprehensive 3rd Party Lab Results

The Quitnet team gave a collective “whoa” when looking at the detailed nature of HempWorx CBD’s Certificates of Analysis. They have some of the most up-to-date reporting we have seen. The bottles also come labeled with batch numbers that you track if you wanted to.

Besides the stellar reporting, they also use ProVerde one of the most trusted and reputable lab testing companies in the nation. HempWorx really pulled out the stops when it came to making sure they are transparent.

Special CO2 Extraction

Their unique extraction method doesn’t dilute products with fillers or contaminants. Using low temperature CO2 extraction to remove CBD from the hemp plants is the best method to ensure purity and potency. This combined with the organic hemp they use basically guarantees a pure CBD oil that is strong and effective.

What Could Be Better?

Ordering Process

HempWorx forces you to create an account before you can put a single item into your cart, which we found off-putting and annoying. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice not to feel like you’re being pushed through the website. They also don’t ship internationally (so if you live in the UK, you’re better of choosing a company like Blessed CBD or Vibes CBD).

Remove Dosage Guidelines

It’s not hard to understand their process, the information on the website (history, fun facts etc.) are obviously for home-based and store distributors. That’s fine – learning is fun to us! But it’s important to remember that dosing should be left up to the customer (with guidance from a doctor when applicable). Start slow and increase your dosage as you find how the oil interacts with you individually.

They list specific dosages and offer advice for epilepsy, anxiety sleep disorders and many more. Underneath the guidelines is a statement claiming the dosing statements haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, so it’s good to see that they are making sure people understand they are not making medical claims.


HempWorx CBD does every step in the CBD oil production process right and with a genuine love for the product. The site gives the feeling that it is tailored for the wholesale retailer, but it’s very apparent that they care about the public interest and helping people earn money if they choose to start a home-based business. It’s great to see that!

HempWorx CBD is set up for vendors looking to sell the product and it shows, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they produce a fine CBD oil that works well for mild to moderate symptoms. If you deal with moderate to severe symptoms or chronic pain and inflammation, you may feel another option is the way to go.

The buy 3 get 1 free deal really makes it hard for us not to recommend this brand to those who may need a deal and quality oil. The oil is going to make a difference for the people it was made to help. If you fall into that category, they are definitely worth giving a try.

HempWorx Reviews

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You’ve probably noticed that CBD is booming the entire market. But what you don’t know is that some of the supplement providers are not playing according to the rules. For that reason, it’s a must to examine each of the CBD-related products to know whether or not they’re safe to use.

If you’re tired of looking and want to jump straight to the best CBD brands, you shouldn’t hesitate and check out cbdMD, Charlotte’s Web and CBDistillery.

Value For Money

Table: cbdMD, Charlotte’s Web and CBDistillery comparison.

This time, I will introduce you to HempWorx CBD products and provide you with all the necessary information about the HempWorx CBD oil. You will find everything starting from its ingredients, to a variety of HempWorx customers’ reviews. I will even find the answer to the questions: Is HempWorx legit? Is HempWorx scam?

Verdict at a glance

The majority of the HempWorx customers seem to be pleased with their CBD oil. HempWorx CBD oil comes from naturally grown hemp plants that are produced within the US and monitored by the USDA. Overall, products are worthy of the pricing and seem to have a positive impact on its users.

  • Natural
  • Produced within the US
  • Tested by third parties
  • Untraditional ordering process
  • Not potent enough for some users

Table of Contents

HempWorx Reviews: Introduction

Let’s begin this HempWorx review with a short introduction to the brand. HempWorx works within the country, which means that every ingredient they use to create their signature CBD oil comes from the US.

Even though they provide an “About Us” page, there’s very minimal information about the company itself. However, I managed to find out how they’re making their popular CBD oil. First of all, they use CO2 extraction with all of their oils, then dry raw materials to remove all the pathogens, molds, and heavy metals. Such an extraction method gives customers high-quality hemp extracts.

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And, since the legal limit of the THC is 0.3%, none of their products fail to meet this norm. I’m completely sure of that because HempWorx is constantly being tested by third-party labs and no one can prove to be otherwise. That’s good news, but this HempWorx review hasn’t even started.

Now, you should know that HempWorx offers a variety of CBD-related products that I will definitely introduce you to. But, in this HempWorx review, we’ll be mostly focusing on their traditional product – HempWorx Hemp Oil.

HempWorx Reviews: Pros

I will start off with the positive side of the HempWorx review, then I will discuss its flaws, general information, and conclude everything. So, let’s begin.

Wide Range of Products

What you probably expect from a good retailer is the wide range of products you can choose from. It won’t be a problem with HempWorx because they provide options for everyone’s habits and needs.

Here are the HempWorx products you can choose from:

  • 500mg & 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Hemp-Infused Coffee
  • CBD Keto Coffee Creamers
  • Renew Anti-Aging Cream
  • Revive Cream
  • Relief Icy Pain Rub
  • HempWorx for Pets

Based on the HempWorx reviews, it’s completely sure that their most favored product is Hemp Oil. You can try three different flavors, including cinnamon, peppermint and natural. And, you can either get it with THC or THC free – it’s for you to decide.

So, now that you know your alternatives, let’s move further.

Grown and Produced in the US

Even if CBD is booming at the moment, you would be surprised how many brands are oriented more into marketing rather than your health. In order to protect yourself, you should be aware of the product you’re using, mostly, on the hemp plants your oil is made of.

HempWorx products are made from the industrial hemp plant – it’s only one of more than 85 cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. As you may know, hemp is a plant that is very similar to cannabis. However, they have one major difference – hemp contains very minimal traces of THC. Cannabis, on the other hand, well, it’s not a secret you can easily get “high”.

HempWorx is completely transparent, they grow hemp that is used to extract the oil in Kentucky farms, and produce products within the US. While it may sound like regular information, it’s more than that. Considering the fact that they extract the oil locally, their all processes, including growing, managing, and farming is controlled by the USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture).

Even knowing this information, there are still many people asking, is HempWorx scam? I’m completely sure that it’s not. While there are so many brands that get their products from who knows where; it’s amazing to find a seller that’s completely honest.

You should also check out other recommended brands that offer CBD products that are sourced from US-grown hemp.

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