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hemp plant seeds for sale

Hemp plant seeds for sale
Genetics of CBD seeds of Sativida Seeds Shop® have the following peculiarities:

CBD Seeds

Sativida Seeds Shop ® is an online store where you can buy CBD seeds of the highest quality for reasonable prices.

Our company is internationally recognized for its provision of guaranteed quality and a variety of products that perfectly suit current market demands of the CBD seed growers.

Our company consists of a group of doctors specialized in treatments with cannabinoids (CBD), laboratory technicians and scientific assessors examining and selecting the finest strains of CBD seeds that we can offer to our customers with a certified quality standard.

Our collection of products consists of feminized, autoflowering and medical seeds that contain a high concentration of CBD, all at an affordable price and available online. Nowadays it can be complicated to find the best hemp seeds that suit your personal needs and preferences. For this reason, we have made clear separations between the types of hemp seeds based on the final utilization purposes and your experience level as a cultivator.

With an objective to simplify the growing process for you, all of our seeds have been feminized so there is no need to identify and remove male plants, instead, you can purely focus on bud producing female species. Our seeds take 7 to 8 weeks from the initial germination process to the final stage of harvest. This makes them a perfect choice for the first time growers that wish to achieve abundant flourishing. CBD Critical and Master Kush are the most commonly bought and recommended strains that are very easy to grow and maintain for a first-time grower.

Genetics of CBD seeds of Sativida Seeds Shop® have the following peculiarities:

  • They are feminized seeds
  • They do not contain male chromosomes, which ensures the resin bud in the buds
  • They are photo-dependents
  • They are Autoflowering seeds
  • They are adapted to outdoor cultivation
  • They are adapted to indoor cultivation with the help of artificial light
  • Easy Plantation and Germination processes
  • Easy maintenance and pruning of the plants

CBD Seeds

Medicinal Hemp seeds or also known as CBD seeds are opening up as a new alternative for the therapeutic use of this plant.

To provide our visitors with the greatest variety and innovation of alternatives rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), we have added different types of hemp seeds with a high content of this component in this section. Sativida Seeds Shop® seeds have been produced in accordance with the utmost standards of laboratory research and examinations. Our seeds are completely organic, ecological and have no presence of any pesticides, herbicides or artificial components.

As has been recorded both in preclinical studies (model animals) and clinical trials (human patients), the use of Cannabidiol can help alleviate the symptoms of various serious conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, cancer, alcoholism, depression, and other pathologies.

Types of Hemp CBD Seeds

Industrial Hemps is characterized as being a dioecious plant, meaning that the sexes of the plant are in separate structures, which makes it possible to obtain hybrids very easily from the crossing of different varieties since their genetics are relatively fast. Thanks to the efforts of growers and specialists in Hemp genetics, there is nowadays a very wide variety of strains of this plant.

On our website you can find all the information necessary for successful cultivation of each variety, the effects it produces at the time of consumption, as well as information on the strains of your interest.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized hemp seeds are seeds that are genetically manipulated so that they only produce feminine plants. All of that glorious, tasty and cannabinoid-rich flowers that you see on photos and internet are bloomed purely on female hemp plants. To provide the most abundant harvest with the highest guaranteed quality, Sativida Seeds Shop® offers a great selection of feminized seeds. This type of hemp seeds is very suitable for the growers that use artificial light both for indoors and outdoors cultivation.

As the best option for the indoors cultivators, our store offers CBD Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, where for the outdoors growing CBD Cheese is recommended.

Autoflowering Seeds

Industrial Hemp is also characterized by a short photoperiod to bloom, however, due to a great diversity of breeds created by professional growers, it is possible to find strains that can bloom at different stages of the lighting cycle. Generally after a very short growth period, which is about two month.

Autoflowering hemp strain is a recently developed breed of the plant that is considered to be the best choice for the indoors home growers. These seeds are created for the purpose of providing high quality, convenient maintenance, easy germination, and growing experience. This type of hemp seeds has a short vegetative period and gives flowers regardless of the photoperiod stage. Our autoflowering seeds have a vegetative period of approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the germination process and do not require a separate vegetative and flowering lightning. The flowering of this seeds purely relies on the age of the plant and not the time of year or the light/dark hour ratio.

Some of our CBD seeds that are an autoflowering type of seeds are Master Kush and CBD Critical. Both of these strains are very easy to grow and provide a high-quality harvest regardless of the experience level of the cultivator.

Regular Hemp Seeds

Regular hemp seeds are obtained by natural pollination and give rise to male and female species in a normal proportion, so it is necessary to identify the sex before the total opening of the flowers to avoid pollination.

For Your Consideration

Certain strains are not recommended for beginners or for the first contact with the hemp components, please, a dosage above the recommended CBD could produce drowsiness. Read carefully the description of each variety of CBD seeds.

Feminized hemp seeds can be produced in a number of ways:

Feminized Hemp Seeds For Sale

Industrial Hemp Seeds

Top quality feminized hemp seeds for sale from Bulkanna! We are industrial hemp seed suppliers for high CBD hemp cultivars such as Berry Blossom and Cherry Blossom. These USA strains are bred to produce low-THC industrial hemp flowers with CBD concentrations suitable for efficient extraction. Contact us today to learn more about our current pricing on our available feminized seed stock for 2019.

What Is Feminized Hemp Seed?

Feminized hemp seeds refer to seeds that have been produced from female hemp plants that have been forced or coaxed into producing male flowers utilizing a variety of different methods.

Since the hemp plants chosen for creating the seeds are female to begin with, forced male flowers on these plants will carry almost all X chromosomes and the seeds resulting from a self pollination will be female plants at around at 99% rate.

These feminized seeds will carry a double XX chromosome instead of the standard XY split that results from traditional pollination from a male plant.

How Is Hemp Seed Feminized?

Feminized hemp seeds can be produced in a number of ways:

Most simply, female plants may be left to grow un-pollinated far beyond their natural harvest date, which will then cause many varieties of cannabis to throw out male flowers in response to the stress.

Essentially, as the plant reaches its maturity, and has still not been able to fulfill it’s mission to reproduce and create seeds, it then resorts to whatever measures it has to take to ensure its future generations through self pollination which can include producing its own male flowers.

However not all strains of cannabis will produce male flowers predictably in this fashion, making this process of feminization less feasible on a commercial scale.

A more reliable and commonly used method of creating feminized seed is to apply a solution of gibberellic acid or colloidal silver to select female plants which in turn will also stimulate the production of male flowers.

The pollen produced by these male flowers would in turn be considered feminized pollen and will carry almost 100% female chromosomes. Any female flowers subsequently pollinated with this pollen will produce nearly 100% female offspring utilizing this technique.


This feminization process must be carried out using carefully selected mother plants in order to reduce the prevalence of hermaphroditism in seeds created in this manner.

Cannabis plants will naturally show hermaphroditic traits across various phenotypes, thus seeds produced from plants with hermaphroditic genetic traits beget more hermaphroditic offspring… instead of the desired 99% and above ratio of females plants obtained from proper feminization.

Mother plant selections from proven genetics are crucial for this reason in the creation of stable, predictable, feminized seed stock with a low prevalence of hermaphroditic expressions.

High CBD Industrial Hemp Seeds

“High CBD” feminized hemp seeds are produced simply by selecting high CBD, low THC cultivars of industrial hemp and using one of the above processes in order to produce a feminized seed with the desired genetic profile.