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Heirloom cultivar Cannabis seeds from across Asia and Africa including Deep Chunk, X18, Afgaan 90, and Afropips Malawi Gold. Kwik Seeds specializes in exotic hybrids, heirlooms, and rare landraces. Worldwide shipping for the The Real Seed Company.


Heirloom: This category is for landraces that have undergone several generations of selection in the West. Typically, this results in higher THC levels than would be normal for true traditional domesticates (i.e., real landraces), which are maintained by less intensive methods of selection and cultivation. For example, an heirloom such as ‘Deep Chunk’, which was inbred by Tom Hill for four decades, has markedly lower CBD and much higher THC than the actual hashish domesticates employed in Afghanistan. To the best of our knowledge, none of the heirloom cultivars offered here have been outcrossed.

Heirloom Cannabis Seeds

Kwik Seeds specializes in Cannabis heirlooms, exotic hybrids, and traditional strains (“landraces”).

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