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green beanz seeds

The initial drop will be a smaller drop of Chem4DD’s and Dog Poo F2’s lem or I will be in in the next day or so to update strain info on those, here’s some info on those strains, please feel free to ask questions, and I will answer them best i can, and or get lem in here to take care of any query’s

Green Beanz Seeds in the Mail


It took a bit getting started but i think we are running now.

The initial drop will be a smaller drop of Chem4DD’s and Dog Poo F2’s lem or I will be in in the next day or so to update strain info on those, here’s some info on those strains, please feel free to ask questions, and I will answer them best i can, and or get lem in here to take care of any query’s

DawgPoo F2
(ChemDawg DD F1 x Apollo 13 BX) x (ChemDawg DD F1 x Apollo 13 BX)

This project is an ongoing project and one I think I will continue. Its been fun and rewarding so far . The worse feedback Ive gotten from my testers and others that have grown her is her name.
Her name comes from two things. for one, her linage.
I used my garlic pheno female Chemdawg DD and bred her to a choice worked line Subcool put out, Apollo 13 BX.
The name didnt really come into play until my first test grow with her. As the F1’s were in flower, and I was in the room checking out the flowers, I thought I had stepped in some dog crap and quickly checked my shoes. They were clean but the smell still lingered. I traced the smell to the corner this cross was growing and named them DawgPoo. The name actually helped me remember the cross without going back to my notes.
She has a few siblings floating around Puget Sound building an epic reputation for this strain. basically, there are two superior keeper cuts going around the sound under the label of Kitsapscotts and Lucky DawgPoo cuts. These two cuttings are gaining popularity quickly in many medical growrooms in the locale.
Growing out these F2 seeds will show you why she is quickly becoming a legend here in the Pacific Northwest.
These F2 seeds are offered from a cross I made from 8 of the best females I chose from a garden of 30 females. They were the best of the best. and were bred with the two best F1 males I had as a semi open breeding.
There should be a few recessives show, but because of the semi bottlnecking for potency and flavor through my F1 selection, Im sure you will find multiple keepers out of a single pack.

This strain has a very abnormally high resin profile. and the turpenes will range between a fruity diesel, skunky funk, tropical fruit and a touch of garlic. This is truly a FUNKY strain.

Her flower time can range from the typical 8 weeks to way deeper. This is one girl I like to run deep. If you like a heady effect, 8 weeks will do. But if you want that funk, you gotta let her go deep. 11 weeks is about right in most rooms.

Flower : 9-11 Weeks
Sativa/Indica 60/40

Chem 4-DD
(Chemdawg 4 x Chemdawg DD F1)

The best Chemdawgs in the NorthWest come together in this cross.
The mother, Chemdawg 4, is locally known as the Quatro. She was first imported into this area by a good friend of mine a few years back. She has been cross checked and verified against other known Chem-4’s. She is the REAL deal.
Her flowers have that world famous dawg funk with a touch of lemon diesel as a chaser. Grown properly, she will be one of your biggest yielders in your room.
The father, my gem, is from Rezdogs first batch of Chemdawg DD’s. His sisters all exhibit that high trichome finish and dawg stank skunky turpene that makes your mouth water.
It is the best of the best in this cross. I have high hopes that this line will reveal truly epic plants. Ones you will probably pass down to your generations and friends.
Keepers are inevitable.

Flower: 8-11 Weeks
Sativa/Indica : 40/60

Green beanz seeds
Used in moderation, the conditions mentioned above may not manifest itself. Even so, users should expect to have dry mouth and eyes.

Berry White Strain Review

by bonzablogadmin · Published December 12, 2017 · Updated February 12, 2019

Some strains are famous for its magnificent cerebral effects. There are some that are well-known for the calming body high that it delivers. As some would think, is it possible to have strains that balance both qualities? Well, the breeder Green Beanz Seeds are way ahead of those who are asking that question. They have created Berry White, a strain that perfectly balances both.

Berry White is a cross between two strains which have gained celebrity status, Blueberry and White Widow. Berry White inherited the mouth-watering flavor and aroma, as well as the relaxing effects of Blueberry. It also took its euphoric and energetic high from White Widow.

Just by looking at its genetic lineage, it is easy to say that Berry White is a very potent strain. Though it is Indica dominant, it does promote a well-balanced high. Best of all, it does not lead to a couch-lock, if that is what the users are avoiding.

Berry White Strain Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage Bkueberry x White Widow
Sativa / Indica Ratio 35 / 65
THC % 19% to 25%
CBD % 0.1%
Climate Warm climate
Flowering Period 7 to 8 weeks / Early October
Average Yield 400 g/m2 / 450 g/plant

Odor and Flavors

The Berry White experience is unquestionably one for the books. It emits an aroma that deviates from what a typical cannabis smells. It comes with a sweet fruity scent that oozes with notes of blueberry. In a sense, the fragrance itself is already more than enticing and can be irresistible, just like its parent strain Blueberry. It also tastes pretty much the same as how it smells. Imagine drinking a blueberry milkshake, flavors of sweetness burst inside the palate upon smoking. During the exhale, a sweet and spicy pine flavor stays on the tongue.

Berry White Odor and Flavors – Image powered by


Berry White is considered as a treat in all its forms. From the eye-catching to its flavors, the thought of using it must be exciting. Now, that excitement becomes real once it is lit up.

Upon smoking, the effects of this strain sets in right away. Users would feel an upbeat cerebral buzz that induces happy endorphins. So, people using it can expect a joyful persona after smoking Berry White. Aside from feeling uplifted, most users also experience mental clarity as well as a boost in creativity and sharper focus.

While this strain transforms frowns into smiles from ear to ear, a relaxing sensation surges into the body as well. The body starts to feel loosened up and at ease without the heavy-hitting sedating effects that other similar strains cause.

Though the physical and mental effects blend well with each other, it is recommended to use Berry White as a night time strain. The calming effects it delivers on the body slowly results to feeling drowsy. This cannabis hybrid is perfect for those who just want to get things done before bedtime. It is also an excellent choice for those who want to feel mentally invigorated after a tiring day.

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Adverse Reactions

Berry White is an Indica dominant strain with a THC percentage that reaches up to 25%. It means that this strain very potent. It also suggests that some of the adverse effects it causes are more pronounced compared to others. Hence, people with low tolerance may want to use only a small amount, especially when using it for the first time.

Also, people who are already dealing with anxiety issues will want to avoid Berry White as it can cause a slight increase in anxiousness. Aside from that, paranoia and dizziness may occur when overindulging.

Used in moderation, the conditions mentioned above may not manifest itself. Even so, users should expect to have dry mouth and eyes.

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Medical Use and Benefits

Berry White has inherited a lot of qualities from its parents. That being said, it is definitely in-demand in the medical cannabis scene. From body relaxation to the mood-enhancing effects, many patients and doctors alike are enticed by what it could deliver.

In particular, Berry White can make its users feel elated and upbeat. As a result, it has been used to help people find relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. As it induces happiness, it helps these people wipe away negative thoughts and feelings.

It also has benefits for those who feel physical discomfort. The anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscle spasms and chronic pains. To that extent, migraines and headaches could also be eased by using Berry White.

Early on, users feel energetic and motivated. It results in higher productivity if they so choose. In that way, it does help combat fatigue. However, as the deep body relaxation sets in, it is followed by drowsiness. To this end, it allows people who have trouble sleeping get the quality sleep they need.

Berry White Medical Use and Benefits – Image powered by

Growing Berry White

Berry White is one of the most delightful strains that there is. With all the benefits that it gives to both the recreational and medical cannabis users, there is a lot of reasons to cultivate the plant. In fact, growers are likely to find it as pleasurable as using it. Being resistant to molds and mildews helps make it easier to grow too.

Regardless of where it is planted, the reward comes sooner than later as it has a quick flowering time. After caring and nurturing, growers can expect to harvest dense olive-green popcorn-shaped buds with blue and purple hues.

Growing it indoor does not require much training with flowering time occurring as early as seven weeks. For every square meter, the plant can produce as much as 450 grams of buds.

For Berry White to thrive outdoors, it must be cultivated in a warm environment. Flowering should occur in early October with each plant yielding up to 450 grams.

Have you grown or used Berry White? If not, would you like to get your hands on this strain? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. We want to hear from you.