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ghost ship seeds

Ghost ship seeds
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Ghost Ship

breed by Colorado Seed Inc.

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Basic / Breeders Info

Ghost Ship is a mostly indica variety from Colorado Seed and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . Colorado Seeds Ghost Ship is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Colorado Seeds Ghost Ship Description

This strong, kushy, purple indica draws largely from its Purple Kush Starship roots � an outstanding strain with a strong body high and almost muscle-relaxing effects.

Generally kush-structured with very beautiful, mostly purple buds on strong stems. The nose is right in between the sinister Kush and the friendly Starship. A classic indica buzz, Ghost Ship has a mellow and easy feel without lethargy or couch-lock.

As with most indicas, it can be a bit slow to root, so be careful not to overwater when young. Slower feeding (similar to OG Kush or Starship) works best for this strain.

Genetics Ghostship #2 x Gupta Kush
Strain Type Indica
Sativa/indica % 30/70
THC % 20%
Yield Good
Bud Density Average
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Height/stature Average
Grow Ease Intermediate
Nose/smell/taste Purple and kushy. Tasty!
User Experience Strong kushy indica. Mellow but not lethargic.
Grow Tip As with most indicas, it can be slower to root and therefore easy to overwater when young. Slower feeding similar to OG Kush or Starship

Ghost Ship Lineage / Genealogy

  • Ghost Ship »»» Purple Kush x Gupta Kush BX
  • Purple Kush
    • »»» Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
    • Hindu Kush »»» Indica
    • Purple Afghani »»» Indica
  • Gupta Kush BX2
    • »»» Ghost Og Moonshine x Rugburn Og BX2
    • Ghost Og Moonshine BX
      • »»» x Ghost OG BX
      • Ghost OG x Blue Moonshine
        • Ghost OG
          • OG Kush Ghost cut Probably
            • »»» Chemdawg x Probably
            • Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
              • Lemon Thai »»» Sativa
              • Hindu Kush, Pakistan »»» Indica
            • Chemdawg
              • Unknown Indica »»» Indica
        • Blue Moonshine F3
          • Blueberry F2
            • Blueberry Line F1
              • »»» Temple Flo x HTAF F1
              • Temple Flo F3
                • Floral Line
                  • »»» Purple Thai x Afghani
                  • Purple Thai
                    • »»» H.O.G. x Chocolate Thai
                    • H.O.G.
                      • Mexico »»» Sativa
                    • Chocolate Thai
                      • Thailand »»» Sativa
                  • Afghani
                    • Afghanistan Probably Indica »»» Indica
              • HTAF F1
                • »»» Thailand x Afghani F1
                • Thailand »»» Sativa
                • Afghani (specified above)
      • Ghost OG (specified above)
    • Rugburn Og
      • »»» Ghost OG x Rare Dankness #1
      • Ghost OG (specified above)
      • Rare Dankness #1 BX2
        • »»» Triangle Kush x BX2
        • Ghost OG x (Ghost OG x Chem Dawg)
          • Ghost OG x Chem Dawg
            • Ghost OG (specified above)
            • Chem Dawg (specified above)
          • Ghost OG (specified above)
        • Triangle Kush
          • OG Kush Florida (specified above)

Map of the Ghost Ship Family Tree

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Triton: ..Jormun, tell him with your own mouth.

4.21 Phantom Ship Seeds

Phantom Ship Seeds

Original name

유령선 씨앗 幽霊船の種


Seed number

4.21 4.21 4.29
Release date

December 14, 2017 date
Date rares added

Supplement story added

n\a n\a n\a
Voice acting added


Purchase cost

Phantom Ship Seed (English)

This is seed 4.21 in the English version. This four-star seed costs 700 stars to unlock. Their explorations are set in Coral Reef Beach.

Ghost Ship Seed

This is Ghost Ship Seed in the Korean version.


This is 4.29 in the Japanese version, not 4.21. Starfi’s name in the Japanese version is likely the English word “Starfish” without the “fi.” There doesn’t seem to be a good way to transliterate this, however.

Two characters appear in 4.35 Pirate Seeds’ stories.

Seed Vital Info

1 2 3
Number No. 136 No. 137 No. 138
Name Pearl Starfi Triton
Name (Korean)
Name (Japanese) パール (Pearl) スタッシュ (Starshoe?/Stash?) トリトン (Triton)
Plant Pearl Oyster Plant Starfish Fruit Triton Shell Flower
Rare Details Captain of Phantom Ship The one and only sailor of Phantom Ship Sailor of Phantom Ship, the wraith of sea The captain of Silver Pearl, with a pet snake named Jörmungandr Pearl’s younger brother who became the Sailor of Phantom Ship
Voice Actor
Normal Rare Rare+ Normal Rare Rare+ Normal Rare Rare+
Growing Time 10s-2hr 10s-4hr 10s-6hr 10s-8hr 10s-16hr 10s-24hr 10s-24hr 10s-48hr 10s-72hr
Coins Yielded 25 50 70 75 150 180 150 300 400
Masters at 30 4 1
Exploration Time 15m 25m 27m 17m 27m 30m 20m 30m 32m
Collection Prize

Stories – The Horizon on the Phantom Ship

Story 1: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 2000 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Pearl, Pre-Req: None

Story 2: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 2500 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Starfi, Pre-Req: None

Story 3: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 3000 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Triton, Pre-Req: None

Story 4: 3 friends, 6 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 15 stars, Req: None, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 1-3

Story 5: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, 15 stars, Req: Pearl Rare, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 4

Story 6: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, 15 stars, Req: Starfi Rare, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 5

Story 7: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, 15 stars, Req: Triton Rare, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 6

Story 8: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 15 stars, Req: None, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 7

Story 9: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Pearl Rare+, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 8

Story 10: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Triton Rare+, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 9

Story 11: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Starfi Rare+, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 10

Story 12: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 7 stars, Req: None, Pre-Req: Phantom Ship 11

Pearl: My name is Pearl. I’m the captain of this ship. I show no mercy for people who get on the ship without my permission.

Pearl: ..Could it be because the sea wind is chilly? ..I’m getting dizzy. Seems like I’m in a bad shape recently.

Pearl: Once I finish up this work, it would be nice to get a plenty of rest by going to a warm island to the south.

Pearl: .. .. ..This work? ..Was there some kind of work..that I.. must do? Seems like..I forgot about..something.. head is..

Pearl: I should go in and get some rest. So I’d be on my guard.

Starfi: Huh? He can see me now? Hmm

Would this mean that I became so real that I can be seen through human eyes now?

It was worth getting busy with draining away Pearl’s vitality.

Starfi: I’m Starfi! The phantom. I couldn’t leave this world for a certain reason and I live by borrowing Pearl’s body just a bit after remaining here like this. Ha-ha

Starfi: Pearl was raving out loud saying things like he doesn’t like it, it hurts or he wants to go back at first but he’s behaving himself now

Starfi: It won’t be too long before I achieve my desire. LOL..

Triton: Could that be it? The evil phantom ship only in a rumor. Would I be able to find a clue on my big brother there?

Triton: It’s already been seven years since I came out to the sea looking for my missing brother. Hey bro, I already became the captain of this huge ship.

Triton: People tell me that I should give up on looking for you now. But I believe you’re surely alive somewhere.

Triton: It’s just that you can’t come see me for a certain reason, right? That’s why I’ll find you. Wait for me.

Triton: Get the ship close to the phantom ship! I’ll go there myself!

Triton: The inside. It’s quiet in here. Is anyone here?

Pearl: . Who’s there? Why are you in this ship without my permission?

Triton: You’re my brother Pearl.. right? How come you’re in a phantom ship. And you just have the same appearance as when you had left..

Pearl: .. .. . Who are you?

Triton: . Hey! It’s me. Triton!

Triton: P.. Pearl, My big brother! Why are you like this all the sudden? Wake up!

Starfi: ..I can’t believe you’re calling little Pearl your big brother? ..You’re his younger brother?

Starfi: ..Now that I think about it, I think he might have said something about his younger brother back in his hometown a long time ago..

Triton: You.. what are you? Where did you come from all the sudden?!

Starfi: Now, let’s not worry about trivial things

Starfi: Anyway, it’s been a long time since I had a living human guest. I guess I’ll be able to taste the fresh vitality not from Pearl!

Triton: Vi..lity? .. .. .. ..This evil spirit I felt since a while ago.. You must be the wraith of this phantom ship.

Triton: But why is the wraith stuck to my big brother?! Is it because of you that my brother became strange like that?!

Starfi: Huh? It’s not what you think

Pearl and I are really getting along well. Look, like this

Pearl (possessed by Starfi): I usually stay calm in Pearl’s body. Hahahaha. It’s very cozy in here

Triton: You.. you prick.. How dare you do this to my brother.

Pearl (possessed by Starfi): Oh my

Seems like Pearl was waking up while we were kidding around

Pearl: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Tri..ton. Why are you here..

Triton: Pearl! Are you okay?! ..I’m the one who should ask you that question. Why are you here.

Triton: You said you’d become a sailor of merchant ship. But you stopped writing me all the sudden.. and I was so worried because I didn’t hear from you.

Triton: Do you know how much I was seeking around for you? On this sea.. for several years.. Sob.. I missed you. Pearl..

Pearl: I’m sorry. Triton.. ..As I was writing.. ..a letter to the room.. the deck..was noisy..

Pearl: Outside.. a pirate ship out of blue..people were..running away.. and the phantom..our ship.. ..the cries..the screaming sounds.. Uh..Ugh..Argh!

Starfi: Hey hey hey, what are you doing

? The brainwashing I casted on him may wear off if you do something like that.

Starfi: Now, now. Captain Pearl. Pay attention and look here. Now, think about who you are. Don’t you have work to do

Pearl: ..I’m the captain of this ship.. ..I protect this vessel..and do not leave.. The work..I have to help.. Starfi’s..revenge..

Triton: What are you doing to my big brother! You demon.. I’ll send you back to hell!

Starfi: Wait. Stop! You can’t be doing this. If you do something awful to me, your brother won’t be safe either

Starfi: Since Pearl is bound by my spell, we’re just like one body now. Hahaha.

Triton: You prick.. Don’t babble without thinking.. Get away from my brother’s body right now!!

Starfi: Ow! Wait! Stop! Please put away the sword! It’s dangerous! Pearl will get hurt if you do that! Even I can’t leave as I please before the curse is lifted!

Triton: *Sigh*.. Then tell me. How to lift the curse!

Starfi: Wait! I’m not finished! Don’t put that sword on me

Starfi: Perhaps.. After I make my wish come true. The curse will naturally disappear. I also.. might be able to leave.. Well, I’m not sure how it’s gonna be.

Triton: ..What is your wish?

Starfi: Revenge against my death.

Triton: .. .. .. .. ..Alright. Since I have no other way for now, I’ll help you by believing your word.

? You’ll also help me with my revenge?

Triton: No. I’m just going with you for my brother’s freedom. Don’t flatter yourself. If I find another way in the middle, I can ditch you anytime.

Triton: Oh, and taking away my brother’s vitality will be prohibited from now on.

That’s too.. ..I mean not too much. Alright. Enough already. Could you please put the sword away.

Pearl: I’m sorry. Triton.. I got you into this because of me..

Triton: Don’t say that. It was a trip I started to find my big brother from the beginning. I’m just happy because I met you.

Triton: Now, Pearl. Let’s go to my ship. Thinking about how much hard time you had in this old and shappy place until now.. I just.. *Snivel*..

Starfi: Oh.. Haha. Uh

I’m sorry this ship is old and shabby.. But unfortunately, I’m stuck in this ship.. Haha. Since I’m a phantom even though I might not look like one

Triton: ..You’re really not helpful at all.

Triton: Pearl, wait a second. I’ll be right back after explaining my situation.

Triton: I handed over my position as a captain.

Starfi: That was fast! Aren’t you giving up your position with such responsibilities too easily?!

Triton: I had no intention of becoming a captain from the beginning. They just followed me on their own and hailed me as captain.

You’re such a heartless captain

Ugh, enough with that sword now.. .

Pearl: Too bad that you have to abandon a big ship like that because of me.. And even the sailors who followed you.. I feel ashamed.. as a big brother..

Triton: You’re so.. You don’t have to say that, Pearl. There is nothing you have to be sorry about.

Triton: I’m just so.. thankful that you’re alive like this.. *Sob*..

Starfi: Ah.. Hey. You brothers.. Can we go on now.

Triton: ..Alright. It would be better to start moving as soon as possible. Then captain, give us the sailing order!

! Let’s hurry up and move!

Pearl: Oh. Am I the captain. .. ..Alright. Good. Although I’m not sure where this will end.. Let’s go for now.

Pearl: Sailors, it’s time to weigh anchor!

Triton: Pearl, What are you doing?

Pearl: Yes? I was just.. thinking about cleaning up the deck since it was dirty..

Triton: Pearl! Why is my big brother doing this kind of work when I’m here?! Give me the mop.

Triton: You need to get some rest. Here. Sit here comfortably. It’s bad for your health if you overdo it.

Triton: Here. These are the fruits I brought from my ship. Eat them while they’re fresh. You can easily be lacking vitamins if you stay at sea for a long time.

Pearl: Alright.. Triton, what about you?

Triton: My stomach is full just by watching you eat

Triton: ..Hey. You demon.

Starfi: .. .. ..Huh? You must be kidding. Did you just call me?

Triton: Do you see any other demons at this place? Here.

Starfi: What’s with the mop?

Triton: Wipe the deck.

Starfi: What. ..Why should I?!

Triton: You talk too much when you’re just a parasite stuck to my brother. Stop complaining and just clean up. Oh, and do not approach within a 5m radius of my brother.

? How can I do that in a small ship like this?! A 5m radius is outside of the ship!

Triton: That’s great. Just fall into the sea or something. Oh, I guess you don’t die because you’re a demon. That’s too bad.

Starfi: Hey, aren’t you being too harsh just on me

?! You just keep being mean to me!

Starfi: You said you’ll help me get my revenge. When will you do that for me. Are you saying that is doesn’t matter even if your brother dies because of my curse?!

Triton: .. .. ..How can I help you? Tell me.

Starfi: Find the enemy who made me like this. Hehe. As you can see, I’m stuck on this ship

Starfi: I was going to find him myself if I take away Pearl’s vitality to gain his body but you don’t let me do that either.

Starfi: I guess you can do that yourself, right? Hahaha

Triton: Who should I look for.

Starfi: Actually, I don’t remember exactly

Perhaps my brain structure has also changed after becoming a phantom.. I have a dim memory

Starfi: But I remember one thing for sure. My enemy is.. the man who was.. the captain of our ship!

Starfi: Although I was loyal to him by devoting my body and soul.. .. ..I was betrayed. The pirate captain with black beard.. Find that man for me.

Triton: ..Alright. Demon. Don’t worry about cleaning up the deck and go inside with my brother.

Pearl: Triton.. What are you trying to do?

Triton: It’s nothing, Pearl. Don’t worry, I’ll also go in there soon.

Triton: And you, demon, stay put. If you try anything on my brother because I’m not watching, I’ll send you to hell and forget about what we promised at that instant.

Starfi: Oh Please

You keep blowing hot and cold.. Okay

At your service.

Triton: .. .. .. .. ..Jormun. You heard everything, right? Come out here.

J’örmungandr: You called me after such a long time, Triton!

J’örmungandr: Mmm.. My jaw feels stiff since I didn’t talk for a long time

Triton: ..Snake’s jaw is quite flexible to my knowledge.

J’örmungandr: I said I’m the snake god of the sea!! Address me properly, Triton!

Triton: Well, does it matter?

Triton: ..Anyway, you said with your own mouth that you know everything about this sea.

J’örmungandr: Sure! That’s because this almighty snake god of sea can hear and find out everything on the black sea. And I don’t forget anything either! Isn’t it so awesome?

Triton: Enough with that. Then do you alson know about the man with black beard that demon is looking for?

J’örmungandr: Of course

Triton: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Why didn’t you tell me this before?

J’örmungandr: That’s because you didn’t ask

J’örmungandr: And have we even been alone after coming to this ship? You were always going around together with that big brother or whatever of yours!

Triton: .. ..You could have just talked, right?

J’örmungandr: No!! Do you think I’ll talk with mere human?!

Triton: I’m human also.

J’örmungandr: You’re an exception since you’re a human that I approved of! I don’t want to talk with mere human beings other than you and don’t want to let them hear my noble voice either.

Triton: But my big brother is much greater and more wonderful human being than me.

J’örmungandr: Ah, I don’t know! I just don’t want to! I can’t help it!

Triton: You’re so stubborn.. .. Anyway, tell me about the man that demon is looking for.

Triton: I want to get that demon away from my brother as soon as possible and return home with him.

J’örmungandr: Hmph! What does that have to do with me?! And I don’t want to talk about mere human affairs either.. But I’ll let you know as a special case since you’re asking me a favor!

J’örmungandr: But what that phantom is saying is a little different from what I remember..

Triton: ..What do you mean?

J’örmungandr: Well, you know

as far as I remember..

! Are you done now? Why did you lock us up in the room?

Pearl: Are you okay, Triton? You look pale..

Triton: It’s okay, Pearl. Don’t worry.

Triton: And you demon. I found the man you told me about.

Starfi: Huh?! Already?! How? How could you do that?

Triton: You don’t need to know that. Anyway, about the man you’re looking for..

Triton: He died a long time ago already.

Starfi: What are you talking about? If you’re lying, it’s not funny

Triton: Why should I lie? I’m just telling you the truth. That man was dead. Even before you died.

Starfi: Whaat?! Are you kidding me now? Are you telling me to believe something like that out of the blue?!

Triton: ..Jormun, tell him with your own mouth.

Jörmungandr’s Voice: What the hell. I said I don’t want to talk in front of other human beings. You’re so..

Pearl: The S..snake talked?

Triton: Pearl, this guy’s name is Jörmungandr. He is the snake god of this black sea although he may not look like ti. He knows everything about this sea.

Jörmungandr’s Voice: Right, I’m Jörmundandr, the snake god of black sea.

Jörmungandr’s Voice: Hey you, the guy that looks like starfish. Was your name.. Starfi.

Jörmungandr’s Voice: You were doing odd jobs on a ship as an orphan left all alone in the world Then a pirate captain named Blackbeard had taken you. And you’d become a pirate on the ship.

Starfi: H..How did you know that?!

Jörmungandr’s Voice: I told you I know everything that happens on this sea. How many times do I have to tell you to understand? That’s why petty human beings will never learn..

Jörmungandr’s Voice: I don’t know why you’re annoying Triton by jumping around saying Blackbeard is your enemy but

Jörmungandr’s Voice: The pirates of Blackbeard were destroyed by the hands of the Navy that came out to sweep pirates.

Jörmungandr’s Voice: And on that day, Blackbeard died. ..You probably lived a few days longer.