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freedom of seeds

Freedom of Seeds are extremely dedicated to producing amazing top quality cannabis seed genetics.

Freedom Of Seeds

Freedom of Seeds are extremely dedicated to producing amazing top quality cannabis seed genetics.

Working very closely with Canadian, Spanish, and Dutch cannabis seed breeding friends, The Freedom of Seeds team has created mind blowing high yielding connoisseur regular, feminized, and auto-flowering strains. Their aim is to offer reliable and trustworthy seeds.

Freedom of Seeds is a seedbank which is associated with some of the most credible marijuana seed breeders in the world like TGA Subcool Seeds, Dutch Passion, Serious Seeds, Soma Seeds, and Flying Dutchmen among many other reputable breeders. They also have their own seed brand and some of which are Chunky Skunk, Blue Angel, Goldberry Regular and hash Lover pot seeds.

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Freedom of Seeds

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About Freedom of Seeds

Not to be confused with Freedom Seeds (which is an entirely different cannabis seed bank), Freedom of Seeds originates from Brighton in the UK and offers a combination of the old favourites as well as some of their own innovative hybrids that everyone should give a go.

Product Information

You will find influences from high quality seed breeders like TGA Subcool, Flying Dutchmen and Soma Seeds with the Freedom of Seeds Seed Bank range. But there are also some really good new varieties produced by their own fair hands. Look out for strains including Chunky Skunk, Mighty Grape and Godberry that all offer something a bit different for anyone growing weed. There are regular, autoflowering and feminized seed options in a variety of different strains, all in quantities that will satisfy everyone from commercial growers through to the absolute novice. And because Freedom of Seeds are here on the Original Seeds site, you can be sure you are only going to get the best when it comes to quality and the best when it comes to price.

Freedom of Seeds Availability

Take a look below and start choosing your Freedom of Seeds marijuana seeds now. In just a few days, you could start growing some of the best weed you’ve ever had. You can select from our exclusive pick and mix range right through to bulk seed packs of 200.