Free Cannabis Seeds Samples

Free Cannabis Seeds Totally free cannabis seeds – Northern Lights – High THC and high yielding cannabis seeds – over 20 different types including autoflower and 100% female seeds. Totally free How to get free weed during the pandemic? Easily! Free weed can be legally obtained if you join studies, donate plasma, or simply ask for samples! Free is great and at OgMi Farms we want to reward your loyalty by giving you some of the finest USA genetics absolutely free! That’s right, every order receives a minimum of 3 free seeds. Freshness is all important when it comes to seed genetics, which is why we like to change the free seed

Free Cannabis Seeds

Totally free cannabis seeds – Northern Lights – High THC and high yielding cannabis seeds – over 20 different types including autoflower and 100% female seeds.

Totally free Lemon Haze Autoflower cannabis seeds. Worldwide delivery – no order necessary – autoflower and 100% female seeds – choose from over 20 different strains.

Lemon Haze cannabis seeds – totally free! Worldwide shipping – no order necessary – autoflower and 100% female seeds available.

Totally Free Cannabis Seeds

Free Critical Autoflower cannabis seeds. Worldwide delivery – no order necessary – over 20 different strains available – autoflower and 100% female varieties.

Totally free Critical cannabis seeds – worldwide shipping – no order necessary – autoflower and 100% female seeds available – over 20 strains to choose from.

Candy Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Totally free cannabis seeds – worldwide delivery – no order necessary – over 25 different strains to choose from – autoflower and 100% female varieties – kush, skunk, haze, cheese, indica, sativa and many maedical marijuana seeds available.

Totally free Candy Kush cannabis seeds! Worldwide delivery and no order necessary. Over 25 different strains available. Autoflower and 100% female varieties.

Totally free Bubblegum cannabis seeds – worldwide delivery, no order necessary – choose from over 20 different strains including both autoflower and 100% female cannabis seeds.

How to Get Free Weed in 33 Simple, Easy, Totally Legal Ways

If you live in a state where cannabis is legalized, there are a few ways how to get free weed and try out what the market has to offer. There are several referral programs that will send you free stuff by mail if you refer them to a friend, or sometimes you can even ask your local joint dispensary for a free sample.

You can get seeds, edibles, vapes, gummies, pre-rolls, and other products. There’s also the possibility to try different Indicas, Sativas, and various hybrids.

Do you want to know all the ways in which you can get that free Mary Jane? Keep scrolling and find out!

Free Medical Marijuana

Chronic illnesses are notorious for the financial hardships they bring on to patients and their families. Luckily, several programs offer free medical marijuana to help ease your medical condition, and lessen the financial burden it carries.

Dispensary 33 Cannabis Compassion Program

This Chicago-based dispensary has created the Cannabis Compassion Program to help financially distressed patients.

Anyone who is currently receiving need-based government assistance (SNAP or Medicaid, for example) qualifies for this program.

But, to apply for the program of free marijuana , a person needs to be a registered Dispensary 33 patient for at least 120 days .

Applications are available twice a year. Applicants who get into the program get $240 store credit every month for six months. They can try out anything ranging from flowers, pre-rolled joints , concentrates, edibles, topicals, and so on.

The Higher Path Compassion Program

The Higher Path is an LA cannabis dispensary that offers free medical cannabis and cannabis products to all LA residents with low incomes. How to apply ?

  • Become a Higher Path member
  • Show a valid MMIC or doctor’s recommendation
  • Fill out the application
  • Upload supporting documents

Weed for Good Program

Weed for Good works with health facilities, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations to donate free marijuana to low-income and people suffering from chronic and terminal conditions.

You can request medicinal cannabis, donate it, or apply to volunteer.

Free Medical Cannabis for Low Income Patients

While some cannabis brands offer discounts to special groups, such as veterans, first responders, students, low income families, individuals with disabilities, etc., others go even further by offering free medical cannabis.

For example, Sweetleaf Collective offers free medical cannabis to low income HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. You can apply to get your free sample by providing the letter of diagnosis, doctor’s letter of recommendation, and proof of low income.

Eaze also offers free medical cannabis to low-income patients. To get more information on eligibility, you can contact one of the brand’s partner organizations: Operation Evac, Weed for Warriors, This is Jane Project, Bay Area Americans for Safe Access, or Dear Cannabis.

How to Get Free Weed in Clinical Studies

Wonder how to get more free medical marijuana samples ? Join some of the numerous scientific studies all over the world!

Participate in research, help science, and get some fine weed in turn. Some research studies will even pay you to participate!

  • The US NIH has an extensive database of cannabis studies you can apply for. The Johns Hopkins Research Unit is regularly updating its list of cannabis researches that need volunteers.
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For example, the University of Colorado is currently recruiting older adults (60 and up) with pain issues and sleeping problems to test cannabis for these issues.

You’ll be getting free legal weed samples and doing something good for humanity.

  • University of Kentucky College of Medicine Research — if you’re willing to participate in research and help science in exchange for cannabis, the researchers at the University of Kentucky are looking for a volunteer.

They’re doing a study on the effects of marijuana on young users. All information is confidential, and you can apply on their website or give them a call.

    pays its volunteers and has clinical trials in Los Angeles and Kansas City, so you can get free legal weed this way
  • MAPS funds worldwide clinical trials so anyone in the world can participate.
  • The CUChange lab is currently looking for people who suffer from low-back pain and anxiety to become a part of a study. They will get to try free edibles and they will get paid $220 (for two appointments) and $335 (for three appointments). The only requirement is that you’re older than 21.
  • Australians can participate in the following studies .
  • Canadians can help out the Apollo Cannabis Clinics in their research of medicinal cannabis.
  • Brits can participate in Project Twenty21 .

Before Joining Free Medical Marijuana Research

When applying for a scientific study, always apply for more than one to increase your chances. Once you get the calls, if possible, go for the one that doesn’t include placebo to be 100% sure you’ll get the real thing.

Free Medical Marijuana Card

If you happen to live in California, you can apply for a medical marijuana card for free.

  • MMJ Doctor will also give you a free evaluation if you refer three friends. Furthermore, they’ll also give you a $20 replacement if you rate them on Google and a free photo ID at the checkout if you review them on Facebook, Yelp, and Google.
  • Cannabis Care Clinic , too, can help you get free medical marijuana . Their HELP — Help Each Other Low-Income Program is aimed at people who are on social security disability or have low or supplemental security income, less than $950 a month.

The program covers the cost of doctor visits, evaluation, and MMJ. All you need to do is fill out the form on their website , and they’ll contact you.

How to Get Free Weed Through Reward Programs

Not only can you get free samples but also full-size freebies through various reward programs that your local weed shops and online retailers may offer. Some of the most popular ones include:


For a limited time only, you can get 5g of free sample weed if you order 30g+ of any strain or combination of strains from NUSHOP.

You can only get one special offer per order, and the strain you get is a surprise. You can’t choose it.

Flowerzy Offer

Flowerzy brings another limited-time offer — free ⅛ oz. T1 CBD flower for new customers. You can get it if you spend $25 on a purchase or if you enter the code EYETOKE at checkout.

Cloud Cannabis

How to get free weed samples ? Join the Cloud Cannabis loyalty program ! You can get 1 point for every $1.00 you spend:

  • For 250 points, you’ll get: 20 mg caramel edible for 1c, 1 gram of value tier cannabis flower for 1c, and free lighter
  • For 500 points, you’ll get: 2x 1c preroll (manager’s choice), 100 mg gummy for 1c, free t-shirt
  • For 1,000 points, you can get: ⅛ of gold tier cannabis flower for 1c, 1 gram of wax from Mitten Extracts for 1c, any vape cart for 1c (excluding live resin carts), 5 prerolls (manager’s choice)
  • For 5,000 points, choose from: 1 oz of gold tier cannabis flower, 2x of any 1g vape carts, 2x of any 1g concentrate, and 2x of any edible for 1c.

Weed Giveaways

Cannabis Cactus Magazine Giveaway

Cannabis Cactus magazine offers free giveaways for everyone who downloads their app. You can get anything from Blazy Susan Fanny Pack to Dutchie Swag Bag.

The Grove Dispensary Giveaway

How to get free weed samples if you live in Michigan? We still remember the good old Pot for Plasma Giveaway , but now we have more g ood news for Center Line residents! A new cannabis dispensary called The Grove is about to open on 26352 Lawrence Avenue in Center Line (Michigan) on April 16.

If you are one of the first 100 customers to make a purchase, you will get a card that will earn you one free joint each week for a year. If you come to the Grove’s opening day, you will get a free pre-roll on your second visit.

Get Free CBD

Winning CBD products is definitely much easier than getting free sample weed , and right now you can win CBD oil from different sponsors.

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CBD Samples

On top of everything, even the best CBD companies offer free CBD oil samples or CBD gummies throughout the year.

  • For example, BATCH , previously known as Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, has rebranded and is currently offering free CBD samples so everyone can try their full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oils made from the finest organic ingredients.

You just have to pay for the shipping. Not as great as free weed samples , but still a good offer. You’ll get a sample that will provide you with five servings of CBD oil, with 33mg per serving. What’s best, they ship worldwide.

  • Yes Life is a company that sells various CBD products, from hemp CBD oils, CBD creams for pain, to CBD oil for pets. At the moment, the brand is offering two free samples, hemp CBD oil (relax), and hemp CBD cream (relieve).

All you need to do is complete the form on their website , and you’ll be contacted by their customer service (by phone or email) to verify the provided information.

  • When it comes to free cannabis products, Organica Naturalis is yet another brand that offers daily CBD giveaways . Each day you can get one of the six free sample packs that include two full-spectrum CBD oil capsules (25mg).

Keep in mind that the sample pack is limited per one person/household.

  • No Borders Naturals has one sweet offer for gummy lovers and pet owners— free CBD gummy sample (regular or vegan), and free CBD dog treats sample that you can try out before buying the whole bag .

You are, however, required to pay for the shipping, and shipping is free only on orders over $75.00. So if you’re their regular customer, don’t forget to put these in your shopping cart.

  • Getting free weed samples by mail? Sounds perfect! Even better if you love writing, because we have a treat for you! CBD Testers are offering free Delta 8 THCV and CBD samples to people who are willing to test them for seven days and write a short review. offers a free sample of premium medicinal CBD. offers free CBD samples (minus the shipping) to all new customers. You can choose between 8 different samples: Exotic 1g flower, CBD pre-roll, 1g CBD flower, 1g Delta-8 flower, CBD melatonin gummies, Delta-8 gummies, sample pain cream, and Delta-8 pre-roll.
  • Limitless CBD offers a free CBD oil sample (5ml/500mg). offers free CBD samples (minus the shipping) to all customers that have never placed an order with the brand. You’ll also get only one free sample per person. Just fill in the form and choose your prefered sample. offers a free sample pack of its Delta 8 gummies. Just make sure Delta-8 is legal in your state. offers free samples to new customers. However, the offer is limited, so you might want to hurry to get your free cannabis samples . Just fill in the form and choose the product you’d like to try: CBD gummies, softgels, capsules, cream, tincture, or additive.

Free Hemp Flower Samples

You can also get free hemp CBD flower samples, which will provide you with the same flavor as marijuana without getting you high.

  • You can get free kush samples from buyCBDonline . You only have to pay for the shipping to enjoy their Bubba Kush hemp flower pre-roll . offers 1 g of Hawaiian Haze flower strain. You only need to pay for the shipping ($7.50).

We know that hemp flowers may not be as exciting as free cannabis samples. Still, they’re of equal quality as cannabis (minus the THC).

The most reliable way to get weed for free is, of course, to get a job in the industry (there are lots of (fun) options , and you’ll definitely get free flowers.

Free Cannabis Seeds

If you want to grow your own cannabis plant but you’re not keen on spending too much money, you can get some seeds free of charge.

But first, check if your state’s regulations and laws allow home cannabis cultivation. Some states treat the cultivation of cannabis as a felony , and charges and punishments can be fairly severe.

Some allow cultivation for medicinal purposes only, while others have not yet legalized cannabis at all, so be careful.

Seedsman Free Seeds Promotion

Seedsman has several amazing free marijuana seeds promotions at the moment.

The retailer has an enormous selection of cannabis seeds divided into varieties, flowering type, strain type, or medical conditions. You will get up to 6 free seeds with every purchase, and you can choose between a regular, a feminized, or an autofem set of cannabis seeds.

Plus there’s also a bonus. You will get 4 more seeds if you pay with Bitcoin.

The Vault Offers

The Vault cannabis seeds online store currently has over 20 offers on free seeds. Although each offer includes buying something from their website, the number of free seeds they give out is pretty generous, so it’s worth taking a look.

Seed City Offers

Seed City is another online cannabis seed bank that offers a great variety of seeds. They, too, offer free weed seeds samples with every purchase on their website.

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Seed Seeds Store Weed Giveaway in the UK

Seed City is hosting non-stop cannabis seed giveaways where you can win free weed seeds packs.

MSNL Offers

MSNL, a retailer from the Netherlands, also offers free seeds with every purchase . You can get up to 7 feminized seeds for free!

Pevgrow Offers

You can get even more free seeds from Pevgrow ! Make a purchase and they’ll send you some free seeds. Moreover, if you leave a comment or review them on Google, they’ll make sure you get rewarded with free marijuana seed samples .

True North Seed Bank Monthly Giveaway

This Canadian online marijuana seed bank is giving away free seeds every month. The only requirement is to subscribe to the True North Seed Bank newsletter.

The company randomly selects a winner every month and gives them a pack of $100 worth of cannabis seeds.


Alternatively, you can make an account on GrowDiaries for a chance to get some very nice rewards and free cannabis samples .

Keep a diary of your plants, share photos, interact with the community, share opinions and advice, and you may win rewards every month. The best diary also has a chance to win the annual prize.

More Weed Freebies

There are other cannabis products that you could try out for free, and many companies would gladly send you samples. Here is a glimpse of some of the fun stoner stuff you could get without paying.

Free Weed Stickers

Dallas Cannabis Company is concerned about spreading proper information about marijuana and its medical uses. They will happily send you free stickers to help them grow their community and raise awareness on cannabis, its components, and its use.

Bud Love , too, will send you some free stickers if you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Stoner Days also gives free stickers to anyone who sends two self-addressed stamped envelopes to their office in Upland, California.

Free Magazines

If you’re a cannabis industry professional or an investor, you may get free weed stuff , including cannabis magazines.

Just fill out the form on their website, and Marijuana Business Magazine will send a monthly subscription to your preferred address, and so will the Cannabis Business Time .

Free Apps

There are some pretty impressive cannabis apps that can help you find info about cannabis, strains, laws, the dispensaries near you, and so on.

Some of the best apps are:

All apps are available for iOS and Android users, and you can find more detailed information on their websites.

Free Weed Hotline

The Colorado-based Leaf411 is the first free cannabis hotline where trained nurses will answer all your questions about cannabis and CBD. They also have a directory of cannabis-related businesses, clinicians, and support groups.

You can call them Monday-Friday 9:00 am–7:00 pm MST, or you can use the chat feature on their website.

Final Tips on How to Get Free Weed

Free weed sounds too good to be true, and that is almost the case.

Finding a good and reliable source that will give you something so expensive for free (be it just a sample) is extremely difficult.

Until you find that dream job that allows you to make money by smoking weed, or weed festivals are open for business again, this guide will help you get some cannabis freebies while also saving up on cash.

Now that you know how to get free weed , feel free to share your experience with us!

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Free Samples: Cannabis Seeds

Free is great and at OgMi Farms we want to reward your loyalty by giving you some of the finest USA genetics absolutely free! That’s right, every order receives a minimum of 3 free seeds.

Freshness is all important when it comes to seed genetics, which is why we like to change the free seed promotions on a regular basis. This ensures we’re only ever giving you the freshest seeds, which pass our own testing procedures and also means, you, our regular customers reap the rewards of a varied seed collection.

We want you to keep coming back and to say a big thank you to our loyal customers, we like to mix things up nice and often, so you can sample as many of our outstanding marijuana strains as possible. Make sure to check back in regularly and get something special every time you buy.

Of all these free cannabis items, it’s the seeds that have probably caught your attention. The Free Seeds are limited inhouse genetics at random. No need to worry, though. These seeds come from some of our rare varieties. The fun will be in trying to discover which is which. Regardless, it’ll be a pleasant surprise.