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feminized marijuana seeds canada

Feminized marijuana seeds canada
This type of marijuana strain has a high citrusy flavor to it with a touch of sweet and minty flavor. Because of it, it provides an interesting and.

Feminized marijuana seeds canada

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All Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds Available

Yes that’s right. We have feminized marijuana seeds for sale in our website and you are guaranteed that you will receive female marijuana which will produce bud which contains the THC. Female marijuana seeds are little higher in prices but they can always save you time and money in the long run.

AK 47 Feminized

This strain grows well in indoor settings both in soil and hydroponic systems. It can also grow outdoors with favorable results if grown.

AK 48 Feminized

The AK-48 marijuana strain is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, but it mostly has retained its Sativa qualities. Usually, it would take 7-8 weeks for the plants.

Amnesia Feminized

This is a type of a female or feminized cannabis seed has its genetic composition originating from Afghanistan, Hawaii, and South East.

Auto Afghan Feminized

Afghan is a very traditional strain which can be grown any grow environment. It has the characteristics of a wild plant. This was upgraded into.

Auto Berry Feminized

Lowryder, Grapefruit and Blueberry marijuana strains were crossed to produce Berry Autoflowering Feminized. It is more than what its mother.

Auto Diesel Feminized

Diesel Auflowering Feminized smells like green citrus mixed with a smell of fuel. It got its name from its smell. It has a physical looks which.

Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix

If you want to try our Autoflowering varieties for outdoor growing but don’t want to buy 10 seeds per strain, then this is your chance.

Amnesia Feminized

This is a type of a female or feminized cannabis seed has its genetic composition originating from Afghanistan, Hawaii, and South East .

Big Bud Feminized

This type of strain provides high amount of harvest for an easy to grow and low maintenance strain. It is well known for delivering great.

Black Widow Auto Flowering

Black Widow Auto Flowering marijuana strain is a hybrid with a mixture of cannabis sativa and a higher percentage of cannabis.

Blue Cheese Auto Feminized

A lot of attempts were made to cross Cheese and Blueberry marijuana strains. Both are high quality and have names of their own in the.

Blue Mystic Feminized

Blue Mystic Feminized is a type of Cannabis plant which is fruity or herbal in flavor and produces heavy buds in shiny shades of blue depending.

Bubba Kush Feminized

Bubba Kush Feminized is a hybrid of Og Kush and Bubba. This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow and produces powerful and prolific.

California Dream Feminized

This type of marijuana strain has a high citrusy flavor to it with a touch of sweet and minty flavor. Because of it, it provides an interesting and.

Cotton Candy Feminized

Cotton Candy Feminized is a strong sativa dominant plant that produces long spear-like buds and excellent leaf ratio that would come handy.

Dutch Treat Auto

This type of marijuana strain has a strong citrus scent with a hint of harshness in its smoke that also tastes like orange and eucalyptus. It provides.

Early Girl Feminized

Early girl feminized is taken to be one of the easy to grow strains. This mostly sativa hybrid at around 90% is also ideal for beginners as.

Fucking Incredible Feminized

Fucking Incredible has dense, large and dark green leaves with orange hairs. This plant is 100% indica. This strain was created by the combination.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

It is one of the most sought strain in the world because of its unique chocolate taste and immediate stone effect in the body right after smoking.

Great White Feminized

It is an easy to manage autoflowering plant with good potency. It is likely to have high CBD. Great White feminized strain originated from.

Haze Feminized

In general any strain of Haze can be feminized to remain a Sativa type or a hybrid Sativa. To feminize a strain is to genetically change the.

Jock Horror Auto Flowering

Unlike other hybrids that are products of two cannabis strain mutation, this cannabis plant is a hybrid of three best marijuana strain of Northern.

LA Confidential Feminized

LA Confidential Feminized is all female species you can find. This means that the male sex doesn’t exist and the expected harvest of all.

Malawi Gold Auto

Malawi Gold Auto Flowering is popular for its sweet earthy and lemonesque scent and flavor. It is very easy to grow and is found to have dense.

Morning Glory Feminized

Morning Glory Feminized seeds typically yields slightly below average of all the other strains, it is around 450 grams per square meter after.

Northern Lights Feminized

Nothern Lights is one of the well loved strains around the world because of its quality. It is good for growing outdoors because it can reach..

Northern Widow Feminized

Northern Widow Feminized is mixed with the effects of social high. It is dominantly a stable sativa so it is presumed to work well in the mentally.

Purple Power Feminized

The Purple Power strain has been developed in order for the qualities of the yummy purple strains to be cultivated successfully and effectively.

Purple Haze Feminized

Purple Haze is good for treating anxiety, muscle tension, and stress. It is also good for recreational use because it is not very.

Short Rider Auto Feminized

Short Rider Autoflowering Feminized is good for beginners because it is very easy to grow and since it is an autoflowering variety.

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Strawberry Cough Feminized was originally developed in New York by Kyle Kushman. Being named as Strawberry cough, you can expect.

Sweet Tooth Feminized

Sweet Tooth Feminized has a high potency level with incredibly high yield. During maturity, this weed looks like a silver frost covered plant.

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized has won the prestigious cannabis contest “High Times Cannabis Cup” in 1997, 1998 and 1999 because of its.

White Widow Feminized

White Widow is one of the favorites among marijuana growers and smokers because it is very potent with high THC content and is very easy.

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