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Maria T. – July 28, 2019 :

Fruity Pebbles Seeds (10 Seeds)

A Social Weed with a Tropical Berry Taste and Aroma

Fruity Pebbles seeds are named after the famous fruity cereal that is colorful and tastes like tropical fruit. These feminized seeds are well-known for producing dense, colorful buds that are extremely potent. The buds have a sweet tropical flavor that provides a relaxing cerebral effect.

This strain was first created by Alien Genetics and sold in clone form only. Now, Dutch Seeds Shop offers Fruity Pebbles seeds for sale so everyone can get a hold of them easily. Also known as Fruity Pebbles OG, it is an indica dominant hybrid cross of Tahoe Alien, Granddaddy Purple, and Green Ribbon.

Because of its high THC levels and indica dominant lineage, this cannabis plant is very dank, pungent, and has an incredibly sweet taste. Knowing its Purple and Tahoe Alien lineage helps to understand why it is so potent.

These pure indica weed seeds produce distinctive buds, wonderful for trichome extraction and fragrant properties with fuel overtones. According to personal accounts, the stone has an impressive gravity in comparison to a usual indica, which lasts up to six hours. Alien Tech has been included in the development of some of the most powerful blends such as Alien Dawg and Alien Kush.


Flavors Berry flavor
Flavor strength Medium
Flowering Short (7-9 weeks)
Height Medium
THC level Medium
CBD level Low
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Hard
Medical Yes
Yield Medium
Cultivate Indoor/Outdoor
Genotype 55% Indica, 45% Sativa


Growing weed from these marijuana seeds is not that easy and special care and attention are needed. Although this plant is an indica dominant hybrid, it grows like a sativa so you will need sufficient space because these plants get quite tall. They also require the proper nutrients since they grow into large plants that can reach heights of two feet or more.

When ready to harvest, these plants will give off a very pungent odor and the buds are very resistant to mold and mildew. You can successfully perform both indoor and outdoor grows with Fruity Pebbles weed seeds as long as you provide the proper ventilation and humidity levels.

Yields are usually above average and the flowering time is from 7 to 9 weeks. You can expect to yield about 16 ounces indoors and 18 ounces outdoors per plant.

Character & Flavor

The buds come in a fruity array of colors and many people consider it one of the most beautiful marijuana strains. Colors range from deep purple to bright red, although you can see a variety of rainbow colors in between. Most commonly, buds are a mix of purple, green, orange, red, and yellow with tiny red hairs, lots of white-frosted trichomes, and resin. Some phenotypes show their granddaddy purp and Tahoe OG lineage with tones of fluorescent light green and yellow as well as deeper purple tones.

Medicinal Application

Fruity Pebbles averages from 18-22% THC, but do not underestimate this strain. More people will tell you that the effects sometimes feel like it has the effect of weed with 30% THC content. It is commonly used to treat a variety of health conditions to include chronic pain and fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, or paranoia. It also provides relief for cancer patients who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy treatments.


Since this weed gives you a very cerebral high, some users may become prone to anxiety or paranoia. On some occasions, users may experience dizziness. Other side effects include cottonmouth, dehydration, and dry eyes. It is a good idea to consume lots of liquids when using this strain as well as buy some eye drops from the nearest drugstore.

11 reviews for Fruity Pebbles Seeds (10 Seeds)

Ann Clark – April 3, 2019 :

Fast delivery. This is a very bushy strain! My favorite strain. It grows really well

Kevin Davis – May 15, 2019 :

10 out of 10 popped. Very happy.

Dav >July 12, 2019 :

Super relaxing strain with a strong sweet smell. I can’t wait to see the finished buds, they sprouted with some purple and yellow on the cotyledons. I have ordered 5 seeds and got 4 females and 1 male. Not long delivery

Gord – July 13, 2019 :

Never ever tried such a fruity mj before. Smoked it with my buddies and almost everyone got stoned immediately just a few of us needed some more minutes. Would recommend to anyone who wants to reduce stress or pain.

Maria T. – July 28, 2019 :

It’s a superb sweet and sour strain! I’ve got like 450 grams per plant. And I was delighted with the fast shipping, great service!

Amir Amir – August 4, 2019 :

Super fast and secure delivery. I got my seeds and cultivated a really bushy friend for medical purposes. Recommend it!

NIK – August 18, 2019 :

This bud is so amazing! I am a first-time grower and have never done it before. My growing experience with DSS seeds was great, I’ve got 8 plants from 10 seeds. My plants are super tall and bushy, thank you!

Thomas – August 20, 2019 :

I was so pleased that 7 out of 10 of my seeds popped, and my plants grew up strong, healthy and beautiful! I’ll definitely be back for more!

William P. – September 1, 2019 :

This strain is soo delicious! It smells like fruits and tastes super juicy I could eat it! I’m obsessed with growing green stuff so I decided to germinate FP seeds and now I’ve got tall beautiful lady in my garden that provides me with dense super tasty buds. Would recommend buying seeds here!

Danny – September 3, 2019 :

I’m not an experienced user so it’s a way too potent strain for me. However, the seeds were nice and I managed to cultivate the plant.

dpms.lr308 – September 12, 2019 :

This was my pick for setting the bar for some good chronic and it hit the mark freaking awesome head high nice and strong and if you stuck your face in the plant and took a whiff it really smelled like a black pepper smell so cool !! I highly recommend this strain to anyone and everyone who smokes.

This plant is short and bushy and easy to manage. It is good for growing in an indoor setup and the cola development makes this plant well suited to alternative grow techniques such as SOG and SCROG (Sea of Green and Screen of Green). The buds it produces are super dense and the resin content is super high, with the result that a bad case of sticky fingers is waiting for the end user!

Dutch weed seeds

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Dutch Kush Cannabis Seeds

Lowlands Classic… Dutch Kush is a cannabis plant for couch lock surfers and medical users seeking ultimate tranquility, a powerful and relaxing indica that grows big and finishes quick.

The popularity of the Kush has seen many varieties come to the market. However, Paradise Seeds customers will know that we do not rush into things! We have taken our time to develop our twist on the Kush, which has been enhanced with special Dutch genetic powers, and bred for extra strength and performance.

The result is a plant that comes with all the force you would expect from a resinous strain famed for its hash producing qualities. Into this mix we have added a genetic accelerator, which gives the grower a cannabis seed that achieves rapid growth and a quick finish harvest after 8 – 9 weeks.

Growers will notice the distinctive growth of Dutch Kush. The plants are characterized by multi branches with exceptional calyx development – growing on the stem with little space between them to produce full sized and very compact colas. Once in flower, the aroma really bursts through strong and pungent, a reminder to check the carbon filters.

This plant is short and bushy and easy to manage. It is good for growing in an indoor setup and the cola development makes this plant well suited to alternative grow techniques such as SOG and SCROG (Sea of Green and Screen of Green). The buds it produces are super dense and the resin content is super high, with the result that a bad case of sticky fingers is waiting for the end user!

In an outdoor setup, this plant will also thrive. The big bud yield and nugget density means that Dutch Kush loves the warmth and the sun that dominates in southern regions, although the quick finish will also offer some guarantee of great results in more northern regions of Europe, Russia and America.

Once dried the flavor really flows with the taste of earthy caramel and coffee bouquet with undertones of citrus and sweet skunk. This succulent tasting smoke is the hors d’oeuvre to the main event. The effect is a swift lift off with an increased sensory awareness, particularly in the audio and visual departments. Soon after, a mighty indica veil descends over the user, submerging the body into a state of deep and wonderfully euphoric relaxation.

This indica dominant marijuana strain is a great antidote to insomnia and stress and is also an excellent choice for medical patients who are looking for a natural treatment to manage pain and bring relief.