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78 strain > The Cali Connection ▷ Feminized Marijuana Seeds | hybrid | THC content 15-20% | Average yield ✨ Buy cheap & anonymous ✔. 22 strain > The Cali Connection ▷ Feminized Marijuana Seeds | Sativa | THC content 15-20% | High yield ✨ Buy cheap & anonymous ✔.

78 strain

78 by Cali Connection is a marijuana seed derived from the famous Cookie line of strains. This strain is the result of the wonderful combination between two legends, Gelato 33 on one side and Gelato 45 on the other. Get ready for an amazing cookie flavored experience!

Cultivation and yield

As for its cultivation, 78 will be ready for harvest after 68 days. If grown indoors, it can produce up to 300 gr x m2 of the best buds. The plant grows short and bushy, but quickly due to its vigorous growth. The smell of this strain is very intense, so it is advisable to use filters. You can expect a higher yielding plant compared to its parents due to the combination of the two.

Euphoric effects

When smoking 78, a very spicy blueberry/citrus taste stands out, also combined with earthy undertones of lavender. The effects of this variety stand out for combining energetic euphoria coming from Gelato 33 and relaxing sensations typical of Gelato 45. 78 is the ideal strain to relax, letting yourself be seduced by the smoke that will quickly fill your room.

22 strain

The 22 strain by The Cali Connection is a cannabis seed closely related to the cross between Jack Herer and OG Kush. The cannabis plant has a very high terpine profile. Anyone who wants to make extracts can’t go past the 22! The taste of the weed is rather floral/piney/haze with an incredible room smell that is very similar to the taste. The yield is extremely high due to the Jack Herer influence and the flowering time is extremely fast. The cultivation should be done mainly indoors.

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The 22 feminized cannabis strain is mainly aimed at sativa lovers who need a massive harvest in only 9 weeks. The short flowering time is very unusual for such a pure sativa. Expect 400-450g/m² in indoor grow.

The 22 produces stunning amounts of resin. The trichome coverage extends even over the secondary leaves which will be covered in sticky resin. 22 is a special phenotype of Jack Herer, chosen specifically for her fast flowering time and trichome coverage.

22 is also the perfect candidate for placement in a ScrOG setup. Make sure to use support rods because of her massive buds. Use at least 600W HID lighting or equivalent LED.

Aromas of lemon gas and pine make the 22 a delight. The effect of the 22 will invigorate your mind and make you more alert. Creativity will suddenly flow through your body and you will be stimulated to be productive. Therefore, 22 is an excellent cannabis strain for all hours of the day.