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clementine?s terpentine seeds

100% recommends Clementine’s Terpentine

Clementine’s Terpentine Reviews

What do people have to say about Clementine’s Terpentine? Read reviews on Clementine’s Terpentine and know what Clementine’s Terpentine is all about. Do you have experience with Clementine’s Terpentine? Write your own review and help other people out!

100% recommends Clementine’s Terpentine

Last review on 2018-06-10

When I first stumbled upon this strain, I thought what the heck is that smell. It wasn’t pungent, but it had a very strong pine smell. It finally hit me the smell as turpentine like. The bud was gold with orange leaves. The buds were dense, and gave a good amount of flower when I used it in a grinder. I first smoked a joint and before lighting I pulled on the joint to get a taste of the bud. The taste was piney, sweet and savory. The effect went straight to the head at first. I was able to do some programming and solved an issue I had with the code – I got a little creative. The munchies did kick in fiercely. I vaped this medicine and the effect was greater and the bud tasted a little more salty (earthy) sweetness with the pine flavor being dominant. Overall this is some decent medicine. My pain diminished and I was functional and creative. I also recommend watching a movie with this bud – I was able to concentrate on the movie better critically watching and evaluating each scene. This bud will also make a little more social as it uplifts you emotionally.

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A nice pine smell to it, with a similar taste that has a hint of citrus. Drags pretty smooth, especially for a strain described as skunky. Creates a focused lifted sort of mood, aware, but not paranoid. Got as a pre-roll in a sale from Nectar. Would definitely recommend.

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Marijuana (Cannabis ‘Clementine’s Terpentine’)

General Plant Information (Edit)

Full Sun
Edible to birds
Late summer or early fall
Under 1″
Late summer or early fall
Culinary Herb
Medicinal Herb
Cooked greens
Seeds or Nuts
Culinary Herb/Spice
Sow in situ
Suitable in 3 gallon or larger
Least Concern (LC)
phenotype of: 24k Gold

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