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Are cannabis and sex a match made in heaven? Read on to learn more about why cannabis and cannabis-derived products can impact your sex life. Want to spice up your intimate relationship with a different gift? Try the new cannabis edibles that can boost her libido and increase her sex drive. Need a bedroom boost? CBD and sex go hand in hand. Learn why and shop the best CBD products for sexual wellness including CBD oil for sex and CBD sex gummies.

Let’s Get It On: CBD and Sex

As the social stigma surrounding cannabis-use changes and legalization slowly spreads across the country, more and more people are integrating this natural compound into their every-day lives; for pain, anxiety and other health issues. And now, it’s made itself useful to couples in the bedroom.

For some people, increasing their sexual pleasure in the bedroom is as simple as turning on their favorite playlist, or buying a new piece of lingerie. However, for others, it might be a bit more difficult to get in the right headspace, every time.

In this article, we break down exactly how to use CBD for sex, and suggest a few ways to try using CBD to spice up your love life.

“Approximately 64 percent of the respondents who had tried CBD out in the bedroom said it had improved their sexual experiences.”

Are Cannabis and Sex a Match Made in Heaven?

We’re not going to mince words here: cannabis can make people horny. Very horny… and chatty and hungry, and probably sleepy, too.

To reap the benefits of this natural aphrodisiac, you can smoke it, bathe with CBD bath soaks, use it in a CBD vape pen, add it to lubricants, or snack on CBD dark chocolates. This makes CBD the perfectly uncomplicated, all-natural method of increasing pleasure during sex.

Although Americans are reportedly having less sex than we used to, it appears that people who use cannabis regularly are actually having more sex. And with legalization of CBD beginning to catch on, creatively incorporating it into one’s sex seems like a no-brainer to us!

Researchers at Stanford conducted the largest study to date on how cannabis impacts sexual activity. Pulling over two decades of data from the ongoing National Survey of Family Growth, they compiled information provided by 28,176 women and 22,943 men.

The survey respondents had an average age of 30 and were weekly consumers of cannabis. In comparison with non-consumers, men reported 22% more sex, while women reported 34% more sexual activity.

Interestingly enough, the respondents who reported more than weekly cannabis use had an even higher increase in sexual frequency.

Using CBD and THC for Better Sex

If you live in a state where you can find legal, easily-accessible THC (hellooooo West Coast) you’ve probably already experienced the joys of smoking a little weed and getting-it-on with your partner. With the right conditions, the right amount, and a little aid from our CBD friend, a THC-high can be a wonderful, dreamy, addition to your sexual experience.

Here at Rosebud, we believe in a well-balanced cannabis diet. If you’re new to the game and you want to pregame with a little THC, but you’re worried that you’ll get “too high” and ruin the moment, consider using CBD in addition to THC for better sex.

Taking a dose of CBD oil before dosing with THC will help your endocannabinoid system balance out the high; basically, you can still reap the benefits of THC and keep your head straight and in the right mood for intimacy.

Although the certified organic MCT (coconut oil) in our Rosebud CBD oil helps speed up absorption, you’ll still want to allow about 20-30 minutes for CBD oil taken orally to take full effect.

It’s also important to be discerning about what you’re puffing on prior to playtime. Teaera Roland is a holistic medical practice owner, offering state-approved continuing education courses for medical professionals specializing in cannabinoid medicine. She left us with an expert tip, “Too much THC can induce anxiety and take-away from the mood. Be strain specific. A strong indica will make a piece of chocolate and a pillow way more enticing than a naked body.”

Anandamide: The Bliss Molecule

Have you ever heard of anandamide?

Anandamide (pronounced “a-NAN-da-mide”) is an endocannabinoid that our bodies produce naturally; interestingly, it has a similar chemical structure to THC.

Fun fact: Anandamide is named after ‘ananda’ – the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss or delight.”

Recent studies illustrate that happiness and anandamide are more intrinsically linked than we realized, hence the name. It would only make sense the “bliss molecule” would increase a blissful sensation, specifically during sexual intimacy.

Teaera shared her professional insight with us: “For females, sex is multidimensional. Stereotypical and anecdotally to women, sex can be more mental. So, activation of the CB1 receptors, aligning neurotransmitters and allowing for more available dopamine, would allow her to be more ‘in the moment’ and, therefore, able to climax more easily- and actually have a stronger and longer climax. Activating CB2 receptors can allow for a stronger message of touch to be sent to the brain.”

Men vs. women: the Biological Advantage

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia recently studied how cannabis can impact women’s libido.

They discovered that cannabis-infused topicals can positively increase sexual stimulation and arousal in women. The study illustrated that there is a significant relationship between the concentration of endocannabinoids, and sexual arousal in females.

The science is not yet conclusive, but you could extrapolate that when we aren’t producing a high enough concentration of endocannabinoids, we can supplement with phytocannabinoids, resulting in a positive increase in sexual health.

When it comes to the female reproductive tract, cannabinoid receptors are found all over the reproduction system; in the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina and vulva. These cannabinoid receptors play a large role in the pleasure, and sometimes pain, associsted with sex.

These receptors are key in improving low libido and the inability to achieve orgasms. Men experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction may also benefit from using CBD. CBD increases blood flow and nerve sensation, which can help enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for all parties

So ladies, if you’re looking to get down with ya bad self, light up and get after it!

Determining the Best CBD Dosage for Sex:

Generally speaking, there are several factors that play a role in finding your correct CBD dosage; concentration or strength of the CBD, body weight, desired effects, and tolerance levels.

When you’re first experimenting and trying to find the best CBD dosage for sex, it’s best to go slow. Start with 5-10 drops of your CBD oil, orally. Wait until after the CBD has reached its peak before trying a slightly higher dose- around 4 hours for CBD oil.

So, Where Does This Leave Us?

Though the dawn of a new, green era is upon us, truth be told- there hasn’t been a ton of research done in the space where cannabinoids and sex intersect.

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While there is a growing number of couples who report that CBD has helped improve their sex lives, there is still much more research to be done on the subject of CBD and sex.

At Rosebud, we’re optimistic that this will change in the near future. For now we say: experiment your hearts out!

’Tis the season for love, after all.

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Best Edibles for Female Arousal

Before prohibition, people consumed more cannabis. For millennia, they used it to treat various ailments like depression, seizures, and pain. But many don’t know that until doctors prescribe cannabis to them. People also use cannabis to increase their sex drive. And to intensify touch and sexual sensations and improve pleasure and arousal.

The cannabis industry has recently launched a whole range of products. Among them are those that increase sexual desire. So there is no reason why a couple should not have a fantastic, mind-blowing and fulfilling sex life.

Marijuana and sexual arousal have been lustfully linked since ancient times. And nowadays, with legalization in the U.S., cannabis science is spreading from coast to coast. So the public’s interest is piqued. Here we go to a special topic: the best edibles for female arousal.

Relevant Cannabinoids: CBD, Delta-8 THC, & Delta-9 THC

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be an excellent topical lubricant for an ideal body experience. It does not offer any intoxicating effect (high). But delta-9 THC and delta-8 THC produce a noticeable high.

Unlike delta-8, the high associated with delta-9 can be pretty intense. Delta-9 can make the user want to lie on the couch and not move! Delta-8 THC is a phytocannabinoid found in many different tasty treats. Delta-8 products are among the best edibles for female arousal.

These tasty treats come in various forms, such as gummies, cookies, brownies, and cereal treats. Your favorite hemp varieties can be consumed as edibles. This is also true if you like the experience of sex and want to liven things up in the bedroom. If you don’t want an edible in the form of gummies or cereal treats, you can opt for oil.

Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC

Experts say that delta-8 THC provides a perfect balance between the preferred properties of CBD and THC (delta-9). A person with delta-8 THC would likely experience the sedative effect and enjoy the high. And combining CBD and delta-9 THC can lead to the user’s most remarkable sex experience.

Most of the best edibles for female arousal that you can find are delta-8 dominant. This is mainly due to the smoother and longer-lasting high. Moreover, it is legal in most states and comes in tasty and effective delivery methods.


Cannabis affects sexual desire differently, according to experts. Some believe that cannabis strains lead to different preferences during sex. But they don’t guarantee any results. These experts advise us to forget about the strains and focus on the dosage and take it.

Some believe that the real magic comes from its terpene profile. Terpenes are cannabis compounds responsible for flavor and aroma. If one strain reminds you of diesel and the other smells like lemons, it’s due to their different terpenes.

While it’s almost certain that terpenes play an essential role in cannabis-induced effects and how they can affect us, the exact details are still unknown. Studies on the individual properties of each strain and how they may affect our bodies are still inconclusive.

Does the Method of Administration Matter?

Most likely, yes. Everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids. So there is no universal formula that fits everyone. But keep in mind some essential factors when choosing the best edibles for female arousal. Some examples are the terpenes, the method of consumption, and the dosage.

Cannabis & Female Libido

There are initial suggestions that dopamine activity increases when estrogen peaks during ovulation. However, this hasn’t been proved scientifically. So women would feel an increased sensitivity to pleasurable stimuli during ovulation. This mechanism, combined with cannabis, increases the perception of sensations. And the result is an increase in sex drive.

Terpenes can influence the various effects of cannabinoids and how they impact our bodies. Indica and high-THC hybrids with high levels of limonene terpene can increase libido. You can find arousal-enhancing dark chocolate with other flavors like milk chocolate and rainbow rocks.

However, the best edibles (CBD-containing) usually combine CBD and THC in a pleasant ratio (e.g., 5:1). This keeps you slightly buzzed and cool.

Why Weed Makes You Hornier; Weed & Libido

There are many explanations for why people associate cannabis and sex. First, the best edibles for female arousal reduce anxiety and improve concentration. So if you have more stamina in bed, you are likely to enjoy sex.

Second, some of the known effects of cannabis are mood enhancing and energy-boosting. Some weed strains will make you talkative and make you flirt better with your partner. You will perform more romantically in bed and satisfy your partner’s sexual cravings with increased energy. But, remember not to go too far!

Researchers conducted a study at the University of Missouri in St. Louis and published their work in Psychology Today. They examined the relationship between weed and sex. Of the 22,943 male participants, 22% reported increased sexual activity after using weed.

It turns out that THC and sex are closely linked. For example, THC improves sensation and creates a perfect mood for sex. Some researchers also claimed that weed stimulates cannabinoid receptors in the testicles. And it thus enhances the sexual experience in men.

Boosting Your Libido

To increase your sex drive, you can choose the best edibles for female arousal with a higher limonene content, such as Do-Si-Dos or Wedding Cake. These two are Indica-dominant hybrids with a high THC content that will quickly fill you with a body-warming euphoria before transitioning into blissful relaxation.

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Cannabis strains that contain high levels of linalool have a pleasantly calming effect. Consuming them is the right way to enhance your solo session. Cannabis users report a smooth start before an intense euphoria sets in with a slow fade. And that sounds a lot like a good orgasm.

Cannabis & Sex: Can Weed Make Sex Better?

Cannabis is one of the things that can enhance sensory abilities. For example, music can become louder and more beautiful after using cannabis. Food can taste better, and other experiences become more attractive. Therefore, we can conclude that cannabis can make your sex experience more enjoyable.

How cannabis increases your sexual desire is still a mystery that researchers have not solved yet. But people have been using this wonder plant for a long time to improve their sexual experience – in both men and women.

Benefits & Effectiveness

Some medical experts are still skeptical about the use of cannabinoids for sex. But anecdotally, the best edibles for female arousal are beneficial for:

Sexual Anxiety

Some people suffer from sexual performance anxiety. This condition (symptom) prevents them from having a good sex experience. Recent studies (2019 & 2020) suggest that CBD plays a role in treating anxiety disorders.

Researchers found that adult men taking 300-600 milligrams of CBD showed a significant anxiety reduction. CBD could reduce all types of anxiety associated with sexual activity and better sex life.

Low Sex Drive

A 2017 study suggests that weed can interact with the part of the brain that regulates arousal. For this reason, weed may be helpful for people with low sex drive. However, a 2015 study reports that excessive use of weed can decrease sex drive in men.

Poor Lubrication

Lubricants on the market may contain CBD as an ingredient. There is not enough information on the use of CBD in lubricants. However, recent research suggests that CBD may relieve inflammation and chronic pain.

People who struggle with vaginal dryness or painful intercourse may use CBD lubricants.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

A 2014 study showed that Sativa strains could increase sexual and ejaculatory performance. Still, we need more research to understand how the plant works.

There are essential cannabinoids (e.g., delta-8 THC) in the best edibles for female arousal. And medical practitioners believe that these cannabinoids increase blood flow to the penis. This can relieve ED and facilitate longer-lasting sex.

Delta-8 THC chocolate bars are available in dark chocolate, cookies’ n’ cream and milk chocolate. Aside from increased blood flow, delta-8 THC is an excellent ingredient for relaxing and calming the body and mind.

Benefits of Using Cannabis for Sex

People consume cannabis edibles for various reasons. Some use the best edibles for female arousal; others want to use them to relieve pain and mental fatigue.

Sex is an individual experience. Using marijuana can help regulate certain social behaviors that ultimately benefit arousal. Feeling comfortable in your skin and developing a more creative attitude are benefits. This can help you have more fun sexually.

Also, with cannabis, you can reduce any performance anxiety in your body and mind. Every person is different.

CBD & Delta-8 Best Edibles for Female Arousal; How They Work

Consumption of delta-8 increases blood flow in certain areas and opens blood vessels. This is because cannabis is a vasodilator, i.e., a medication (or drug ) that opens (dilates) blood vessels. Increased blood flow and dilated blood vessels can lead to a pleasurable and more intense orgasm in women.

The best edibles for female arousal can promote a state of relaxation and ease. You won’t always reach these stages without the help of hemp or delta-8 products, e.g., infused olive oil.

Studies suggest that cannabis can be an aphrodisiac. That is, it can produce desire and alleviate sexual problems. This fascinating new field is gradually attracting more and more attention. But it’s always tricky to do cannabis research on sexual function.

ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, refers to a complex cell signaling system in the human body.

Medical researchers believe cannabinoids can interact with these receptors. There are numerous ways that the body responds to cannabis, making it useful as a medicine, for example

  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory

Best Cannabis Strains for Female Arousal

It is always worth experimenting and documenting. Learn by experimenting with how you feel when using any of the varieties. Some can be uplifting, typically Sativa strains or hybrids. But Indicas can also provide an uplifting experience. Other strains can invite you to get cozy and watch a movie, leading to other things later. As the high increases, so does the libido.

Various cannabis strains can produce different effects. Some cannabis enthusiasts may prefer CBD, delta-8 THC, or delta-9 THC, depending on the result (high) they desire.

For the best weed edibles for the best sex, you need some of the highest quality delta-8 THC, CBD or delta-9 THC. Another factor, of course, is which hemp products are legal in your state.

THC Dominant

Do-Si-Dos is known among cannabis experts for its great taste and aroma. Its THC content is around 25-30%, and it is an actual Indica-dominant weed that produces waves of energy that soon turn into an intoxicating sensation and conquer your body. At the same time, your mind will experience deep relaxation.

Another fantastic cannabis strain for sex is Wedding Cake. It’s a potent modern and balanced Indica hybrid with a soothing and joyful effect that calms your body and mind. It contains more than 20% THC, and its primary terpene is Limonene.

Some people want to increase their libido but are concerned about pain. Well, there is evidence that weed can relieve pain, especially strains with higher levels of CBD and terpenes like humulene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Cannabis is a vasodilator; i.e., it can increase blood flow and open blood vessels. Using CBD For Sex , which has a dominant and highest-quality CBD content, you can enjoy an unforgettable night.

Increased blood circulation and dilated blood vessels mean an incredibly intense and pleasurable orgasm for women. Full-spectrum CBD extracts with natural fruit flavoring can make your bedroom even more intimate and enjoyable.

CBD Dominant

Harlequin is a Sativa hemp that produces clear-headed effects. Because of its high CBD content, it can relax the body. Many people consider it one of the most effective strains for treating pain and anxiety. It contains myrcene terpene, which enhances its pain-relieving properties.

Hot Blonde is a hybrid strain with some notorious Indica properties. It provides you with a relaxing, sexy evening. You can stay functional with this strain, as it will only allow your body to rest and wash away all anxious thoughts and feelings.

Smoking buds of the best weed strains or eating edibles obtained from certain strains can help you intensify your intimate moments. Along with some medicinal properties of certain cannabis strains, you will get an uplifting euphoric boost that can enhance your lustful sexual desire.

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The best weed edibles for female arousal are better for many as they are much more manageable. With the best edibles for female arousal, it takes longer for the THC to be processed in the digestive tract and for its effects to be weakened.

It also combines the perfect ratio of THC and CBD in the right potency, so it can keep you incredibly relaxed and buzzed to last through an entire passionate night.

What’s The Best: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

It seems that the classifications are less important than the terpenes in a particular variety. These strains are merely botanical classifications based on the physical/morphological characteristics of the plant rather than its chemical profile.

There is some evidence that cannabis relieves pain, and previous studies have shown that Indicas are the preferred strain for pain relief from these love-enhancing herbs. There is no wrong or right strain for female arousal. Which strain is best depends on how your body reacts to the strain and what kind of high you aim for.

The best edibles for female arousal should undergo extensive taste testing and be evaluated by independent third parties to ensure you are getting the best CBD, delta-8 THC, or delta-9 THC experience.

Risks & Side Effects

Some side effects are caused by cannabis components, mainly CBD or THC.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cannabidiol is safe to consume, and the only potential side effects are possible interactions with other medications one may be taking.

Meanwhile, the consumption of THC can cause temporary side effects, including

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Slower than average response times
  • A general feeling of being high
  • Memory loss
  • Issues with coordination
  • Increased heart rate

Researchers have warned that regular or high doses of THC may increase the risk of developing schizophrenia in people with a predisposition to the disorder.

Neither THC or CBD appears to have serious side effects. Neither substance can be lethal when taken correctly. The other components of cannabis, such as the terpenes, also do not appear to have any significant side effects.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a perfect and slightly different gift for your partner? Instead of a traditional and sometimes dull dinner date, chocolates, flowers and jewelry, you can try a new cannabis product. There’s nothing better than spice things up in the bedroom with this; Using Delta-8 For Sex with high-quality ingredients, you can last a whole passionate night.

What I didn’t know about CBD and sex (but I’m so glad I do now)

Just like caffeine can be the elixir that helps you start your day, CBD can be the one that helps you finish it.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You’ve got this.

You probably don’t need Valentine’s Day as a reason for romance, but sometimes the anticipation can be more akin to dread than thrall. Maybe life is clipping along and you are fine, but oftentimes that just is not the case, and the fallout can be stress that affects not only your daily life, but your nightly one, too.

So sometimes coordinating your head, heart and body just might need a little help. And just like caffeine can be the elixir that helps you start your day, CBD can be the one that helps you finish it.

What is CBD

The marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa, has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. The two most prevalent and commonly known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These active compounds are known to exert powerful anti-inflammatory, immune response, psychoactive and pain relieving effects through the activation of cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body.

How does CBD work?

Your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that produces its own cannabinoid substances that bind to tiny receptors found in your central nervous system and other peripheral tissues, including your sexual reproductive organs, switching them on or off to regulate a variety of functions including sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation and immune response. Both CBD and THC are chemically similar to your body’s endocannabinoids. This allows them to interact with your cannabinoid receptors to effectively enhance these systemic functions.

Will CBD make me high?

No. CBD and THC can both bind to the receptors in your brain, but they operate in opposite ways. In general, THC activates these receptors, causing the euphoria associated with marijuana, and CBD blocks any intoxicating impact caused by the receptors, so you don’t get high. And even though CBD doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, research has indicated it may boost your mood by enhancing your own endorphin-like neurotransmitter, anandamide, and the love hormone, oxytocin.

Why use CBD in the bedroom?

How is CBD good for sex?

There are many cannabinoid receptors in your reproductive organs and sexual tissues. When ingested, CBD can enhance your nightlife by reducing anxiety that can be distracting and inflammation that can cause discomfort, allowing you to focus on pleasure. When applied topically, CBD also can help relax blood vessels to increase blood flow to your sexy bits to enhance arousal, sensitivity and lubrication. While not fully understood, if you struggle with dryness and painful sex, using a lubricant that contains CBD can improve sexual performance and relieve pain.

So whether it is stress, anxiety, dryness or discomfort that stands in the way of a randy romp in the hay, CBD is uniquely capable of addressing each and every concern that amounts to your sexual wellness. And by relaxing muscles, easing tension and managing pain, it could be a game-changer for you postpartum.

Want to know what the best CBD products are for getting your groove on? Check out our top picks below!

1. Best aftercare serum: Quim Happy Clam Serum

If there’s a better product tagline out there than “eye cream for your vagina,” I haven’t found it. Happy Clam Serum (again, SLAM DUNK on the naming here) from Quim (!) is formulated for regular use to keep everything moisturized and happy–not just during sexy times. In addition to CBD, it’s packed with nourishing ingredients like apricot oil and calendula to soothe and hydrate along with tea tree oil which can help reduce the risks of UTIs and yeast infections. After sex, around your period, after a bath–literally any time you need a little bit of comfort apply and enjoy. A little extra pampering will pay off when you’re getting down to business. Promise. (After all, you’ve probably got a regular skincare routine for your face, right?)

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