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Finding the best CBD for CrossFit can help you prepare, recover and relax in between stressful workouts. Here, we’ve rounded up our top picks. The Best CBD Products for CrossFit (and how to use them) If you CrossFit, it has been hard to avoid coming across CBD in your social media feeds since the Games. Athletes like Brooke Ence, Kara

5 Best CBD Products for CrossFit

As CBD products become more and more popular, it’s no surprise to find an increasing number of athletes looking to find the best CBD for CrossFit Training and recovery.

The only problem is that with a wealth of different Cannabidiol (CBD) products out there in all different strengths and guises, it can often feel difficult, if not impossible, to know which one to throw into your CrossFit gym bag.

That’s where this guide comes in.

Here at Boxletes, we’ve tried and trusted dozens of this year’s leading CBD products tailored to the sports and athletic performance market to help you determine the right one for you.

Below, we’ll outline our top five picks, as well as explain everything you need to know to make the most out of CBD for CrossFit.

In a hurry? Here are our favorite CBD products for CrossFit:

    Best CBD Gummies for CrossFitBest CBD Oil for CrossFitBest CBD Muscle Rub for CrossFitBest CBD Isolate for CrossFitBest CBD Tincture for CrossFit

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil for CrossFit?

There’s no denying that the rapid growth in popularity of Cannabidiol is all thanks to its numerous and plentiful health benefits.

Whether it’s in gel, capsule, oil, or even edible form, it’s often used to manage pain-related symptoms of numerous health conditions, promote physical healing, and improve well-being.

So it’s no surprise that more and more members of the CrossFit community are turning to CBD to enjoy the following benefits.

1. Aid Recovery

Cannabidiol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which can be beneficial for reducing muscle stiffness and soreness.

Studies on animals have also shown CBD to have pain-relieving properties which can be invaluable after an extra hard workout or when recovering from injury.

2. Reduce Performance Anxiety

Although more research is needed to prove exactly why it happens, Cannabidiol is said to interact with receptors in the brain to produce a relaxing effect.

This is one of the reasons some people use it to help with mental health conditions such as General Anxiety Disorder, but it’s also the reason why CrossFit athletes may find it helpful to treat another form of anxiety; performance anxiety.

If you’re in preparation for a big event like the CrossFit Games, for example, then taking a CBD gel or using a tincture before bed can help you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest and may even help to calm nerves on the big day.

3. Improve Mental Focus

Whether you’re competing in a competition or just aiming to up your game while training in your favorite local CrossFit gym, there’s no denying that CrossFit is as much a mental activity as a physical one.

The good news is that CBD can help create a sense of mental well-being that leads to improved focus and clarity while working through a tough hero workout.

4. Reduce Post-Workout Fatigue

If you’ve been wary of trying CBD because you’re worried that it will make you feel high and sleepy in the same way that THC products might, we’ve got some good news for you.

CBD helps to modulate the dopamine receptors in the brain which can improve mental clarity and attention and manages to help you feel awake and alert while simultaneously enjoying CBD’s relaxing properties.

Top 5 Best CBD for CrossFit

1. Jibe Wellness CBD Gummies


Quantity: 30 gels

CBD strength: 30 mg per gel

THC level: Less than 0.3%.

Though we prefer their blackberry ones, Jibe Wellness CBD Gummies come in a variety of different flavors, making them a tastier and more enjoyable option than taking standard CrossFit supplements.

Of course, that’s not to say that a delicious taste is all that these 25 MG gummies have to offer.

The product has earned rave reviews from its loyal users which praise it as an excellent relaxant that does a great job in improving sleep.

Made to the highest quality standards in the USA, Jibe Wellness CBD Gummies are our top recommendation for any CrossFitter interested in utilizing CBD.

  • 100% vegan
  • Mader from USA hemp
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • Only has 30 gummies per order which may mean frequent restocking if used regularly
  • Since gummies affect the whole body, this one may not be a good choice for athletes looking to relieve soreness on certain muscles

2. CBDMD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you’re looking for the best CBD oil rather than gummies or other forms of Cannabidiol, then Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is hands down our top recommendation.

  1. Full-spectrum hemp extract which packs all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids you want without taking you over the legal THC limit.
  2. MCT oil, a natural oil which has its own wealth of health benefits.
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Available in three different strengths (750 MG, 1,500 MG, or 3,000 MG), this high-quality CBD oil can be a powerful recovery tool and help you approach your next workout with optimum energy levels.


Quantity: 750 mg – 1,500 mg

CBD Strength: 25 mg per serving

THC level: 0.3%

  • Available in natural or mint chocolate flavor
  • Made with USA-grown non-GMO hemp
  • Available in multiple strengths.
  • Expensive compared to other CBD oils.

3. Planetarie Muscle Rub


Quantity: 1 x 2.6 oz stick

CBD Strength: 25 mg per application

THC level: Less than 0.3%

While the last two products were excellent choices for all-over physical and mental wellbeing, Planetarie’s Muscle Rub is the best choice for targeting specific muscles after a particularly brutal workout.

The 1,500 MG stick is made from water-extracted Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), a raw CBD which offers high CBD levels without tinkering with THC limits.

The CBDa is combined with organic ingredients such as mango butter and jojoba oil which help you to effortlessly and comfortably glide the CBDa into the skin.

All in all, this is an excellent choice to aid muscle recovery or take care of nagging aches and pains

  • Comes in a convenient roll-on stick which makes it easy to add to your gym bag
  • Effective for both pre and post-workout
  • Planetaire offers a subscription service that sends you a regular supply at a discounted rate.
  • Doesn’t last as long as other CBD products.

4. Pure Spectrum 99% Pure Cannabidiol Isolate


Quantity: 1 gram or 5 gram options

CBD Strength: 99%

THC level: 0

Pure Spectrum 99% Pure Cannabidiol Isolate is, as the name implies, the purest and most raw form of cannabidiol you’re going to get, ensuring maximum effectiveness no matter whether you’re looking to rejuvenate sore muscles or calm your nerves before a competition.

However, that’s not all that we like about it.

First, we love that Cannabidiol Isolate is perhaps the most versatile way to buy CBD, as it can be used in cooking, recovery drinks, or combined with other CBD products to up your intake.

Secondly, although the tin is only small (1 gram), it’s also the most affordable way to use Cannabidiol as the actual off-the-shelf cost is much lower than other forms of CBD.

  • Works well as an effective pain reliever
  • Made from organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract
  • Comes with free shipping and a 15% discount when you join the Pure Spectrum Subscribe & Save program
  • The small tins may not be enough for some CrossFit athletes

5. Jibe CBD Tincture


Quantity: 1 x 2.6 oz stick

CBD Strength: 50 mg per application

THC level: Less than 0.3%

If you enjoyed the cost, quality, and 100% vegan ingredients used in the Jibe gummies we looked at earlier but prefer to take your CBD in oil form, then the Jibe 1,500MG CBD Tincture may be your best alternative.

Offering 50 mg of CBD per millilitre, this safely potent tincture combines CBD with MCT oil to provide you with full mind and body benefits.

The tincture also uses a natural citrus flavoring to make the tincture more palatable, something which may hold lots of appeal if you love the effects of CBD oil but not the natural oil taste.

At such a high strength, 1 milliliter per day should be enough to help most CrossFit athletes boost their recovery process and improve focus.

  • 100% vegan
  • Made with grown-in-the-USA hemp
  • Has a natural citrus flavor
  • Jibe doesn’t offer discounts for repeat purchases the way other CBD brands do.

How to Use CBD for CrossFit

  1. The minimal (if any) THC content ensures it can be taken safely without worrying about feeling high.
  2. It comes in a wide variety of forms which gives you the freedom to use it in a way that works best for you.

Here are some of the most common ways to use CBD to improve your CrossFit performance:

1. Capsules and Softgells

Capsules and soft gels are one of the most popular forms of Cannabidiol, especially in sports and athletic performance, as they are convenient to carry around and easy to take.

However, if you have trouble swallowing pills and capsules, you might find one of the following alternatives more appealing.

2. CBD Oil

CBD oil can be one of the most effective ways to take CBD.

Place a few small drops under the tongue and the capillaries in your oral mucosa enable the oil’s health-promoting properties to be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster and much more fully than with other methods.

3. Muscle Rubs

Throughout this guide, we’ve talked a lot about the anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol, so it should come as little surprise to learn that many sports-based CBD brands offer a variety of creams and rubs to help soothe those aching muscles.

Our skin has a high number of cannabinoid receptors which activate something known as the Endocannabinoid System when CBD is applied topically.

This system enables the Cannabidiol to bind to those receptors, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain in the process.

4. In the Bath

If you picked up a CBD oil like the CBDMD Full Spectrum brand we looked at earlier but decided that you don’t like applying it under the tongue, another solution is to simply add a few drops to that relaxing, post-workout bath you take.

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Adding as little as 25 MG can help to lower stress and leave you feeling more relaxed while adding a higher dosage (up to 100 MG) will help you to make the most of CBD oil’s pain-relieving properties.

For the best results, it’s a good idea to stay in the bath for at least 15 – 20 minutes so that the CBD has enough time to work.

5. Cooking

Last but not least, did you know that you can add CBD to your food and drink.

Whether it’s part of your caffeine-free pre-workout drink to help you feel relaxed and focussed, to help amplify the effectiveness of your favorite recovery drink, or simply as part of a meal, adding a few drops of CBD oil can be a helpful way to ensure that your body absorbs as much CBD as possible.

Using CBD for CrossFit: How Often to Take It

If you’re new to using Cannabidiol, it’s a good idea to start with small doses and gradually increase it until you feel the benefits you want.

But how often should you take it?

Whichever form you prefer, you’ll find that CBD is most effective when used regularly, with daily usage of oils and capsules, in particular, being especially useful if using CBD for your mental well-being.

Muscle rubs or other forms of CBD that you’re taking specifically for pain and inflammation can be used both before and after a workout and can be taken as long as is necessary to get the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using CBD Oil for CrossFit

How Much CBD should I use for CrossFit?

There’s no standard answer to this question other than to use as much as you’re comfortable with.

If you’re just starting to introduce CBD to your CrossFit training, you may find it a good idea to start with a small dose for the first few days and then slowly increase that dosage until you achieve your desired result.

Is CBD legal in CrossFit?

Yes, CBD is legal in CrossFit and other sports providing there are no traces of THC.

Cannabinol isn’t currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List, which means that you can safely use it to help prepare for competitions.

Does CBD Increase Athletic performance?

Although CBD may not directly impact your athletic performance, it can help you to sleep better as well as alleviate pain and help stiff, sore muscles to recover faster, all of which tend to lead to better performance

What is the Best CBD for CrossFit?

If you’ve read through this entire guide, you should know everything you need to know in order to choose the best CBD product for you.

You’ve learned about the benefits of CBD for CrossFit and the best ways to consume it to enjoy those benefits to the fullest. You’ve also learned about the best CBD products on the market, with five different but equally excellent options to choose from.

The only question that remains to be answered then, is which one of those five choices is right for you?

The honest answer is that it all depends on what’s important to you.

If you’re looking to try CBD but don’t want to spend a large amount just to see if it’s for you, then the affordable and versatile Pure Spectrum 99% Pure Cannabidiol Isolate is definitely worth a look.

If your top priority is to soothe aching muscles and relieve pain and inflammation, the small-but-powerful Planetarie Muscle Rub may be the one for you.

However, if you’re looking for our recommendation for the all-round best CBD for CrossFit, one that not only provides maximum benefits at a relatively affordable price but also tastes good, then there’s no doubt that it has to be the Jibe Wellness CBD Gummies.

The Best CBD Products for CrossFit (and how to use them)

If you CrossFit, it has been hard to avoid coming across CBD in your social media feeds since the Games. Athletes like Brooke Ence, Kara Saunders, Bethany Shadburn and more have been posting about using it, either for themselves, their pets or both. CBD is here and it appears to be here to stay. With all that exposure, the questions come every day – but the number one question I get from my CrossFit friends about CBD, is either, “how much do I take?” or “Which product should I use?”

I am an avid CrossFitter, I compete with some regularity, and I use CBD every day. I am not a doctor (which should immediately tell you, you should listen to me more, because only 13% of medical schools even teach about the endocannabinoid system, (Colorado University is one of them, I got you Dan Levy!)

First, let’s be clear: You can’t overdose on CBD. Overdosing on CBD would be, I guess, you took a lot and feel really relaxed? The horror!

But you also don’t want to be using an unnecessary amount, because good CBD is not cheap (If your CBD is what you would consider “cheap” it’s probably because it’s trash) So I am going to break down what I take, how much I take and when I take it. This has worked extremely well for myself and a good friend, as we both have come back from injuries that basically shelved us for almost a year. We are both now back to training and competing, pain-free.

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I use Pure Spectrum products because I know the hemp is grown right here in Colorado, at the largest USDA certified Organic Hemp farm in the United States. Getting that label from the USDA is not easy – and it covers everything from their growing practices, to how they harvest the plants and make the product. Pure Spectrum is big on their “Seed to Sale” transparency. In an industry where hustlers are always looking to increase their profit margins and are increasingly looking to places like China to import cheap, polluted, low quality CBD – I like knowing what I am putting in my body, is pure, organic hemp. They also post third-party lab tests of their product on their website. In the health and fitness industry or the supplement industry, that’s pretty rare.

So to make things easy for you guys, I broke down exactly what I take, when I take it and how much I take. I also have a list of my favorite products below, ranked in order of importance, to me. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Here is my daily CBD calendar:

Morning: Pure Spectrum Black Label Cannabidiol Oil (1 full dropper)

Honestly, if you only buy one product and only use it once a day, this is what you should have on deck.

Pre-workout: Pure Spectrum 99% Isolate powder (Ill just use a key to measure out my dose, cover the tip of your house key liberally. Figuring out white powder dose sizes on the tip of a key is a skill you may or may not already have :)))))

Afternoon/Post-workout: Pure Spectrum Black Label 5000mg. I refill old THC cartridges for my vape pen with the Pure Spectrum oil. Lifehack. You’re welcome.

Evening: Pure Spectrum Hydrating Face Creme/Black Label RECOVER salve If it was a hard training day or I can just feel some soreness coming on, I’ll use the pain salve or muscle lotion topically as needed but I use the face and hand lotion every day.

CrossFit Games athletes Brooke Ence and Logan Ewing (Center and Left) with Mile High CrossFit owner Bekka McCoy.


The CrossFit “Hibernation” Dose:

This was something my good friend and training partner Westy Guill and I coined after playing around with dose sizes and different methods of ingesting CBD. Any day we train more than once, or get under heavy weight, this is the go-to. You will go directly to sleep and you will sleep like a tiny baby and awake feeling refreshed and ready to, as Brooke Ence says in the Pure Spectrum commercial, “do it all over again.”

Scoop the 99% isolate powder on to the end of a popsicle stick. Use enough to cover the entire curved end. Put the powder under your tongue, hold it there. While holding it under the tongue, take a full dropper of the 5000mg Black Label tincture and squeeze it under your tongue as well. Hold both there for at least 60 seconds if possible. Enjoy – this has also been referred to as “The Hangover Dose” – so if you want, use it after hard training or hard drinking apparently.

Your shopping list:

I put these in order of importance to me personally. If I could only have one product it would be the 5000mg, if I could only have two, the 5000mg and the powder, etc.

Pure Spectrum Black Label 5000mg Cannabidiol Oil
Pure Spectrum 99% Isolate Powder
Pure Spectrum Black Label RECOVER salve
Pure Spectrum Hydrating Face Creme

Pure Spectrum boasts an 80%+ customer retention rate, which is unheard of in most industries. This is because their products work. I have spoken with numerous people who told me they tried CBD a while back and did not notice any benefits. I always encourage them to give it one more chance and to use a reputable company like Pure Spectrum. Nearly all of them contact me a month later and can’t believe the difference. They were using ground beef and saying they didn’t like red meat – I got them to try some filet mignon, and their view changed.

CrossFit Games athletes Logan Ewing and Brooke Ence flex-off during the Pure Spectrum CBD commercial shoot at MBS CrossFit. Both Games competitors trust Pure Spectrum for their recovery needs.

Follow any of the links in this story to check out Pure Spectrum’s full product line. Find out why Games athletes like Brooke Ence, Emily Bridgers, Dani Horan, Logan Ewing and many, many more, let Pure Spectrum be their advantage. wild/STRONG readers get 10% any order, just use the code: WILDSTRONG at checkout.

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