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Buy Cannabis Seeds New York & start growing high quality plants today! 20% OFF. your order and receive FREE Seeds and FREE Shipping! NEW YORK If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in New York, you have many options available to you with a wide selection of marijuana seed types and strains. Now that marijuana is legal in Learn everything you need to know about cannabis culture, laws, history, and where you can buy cannabis seeds in the Empire State.

Buy Cannabis Seeds New York, New York

Buying Cannabis Seeds New York has never been easier. With direct shipping coming out of the USA, we offer the highest quality Cannabis Seeds in the US. Shipping is free when you order over $99, and you will also receive Free Seeds if you are paying by Cash. Furthermore, we of course have other payment methods such as Paypal, Cash, and Bitcoin. The Seed Fair holds some of the largest inventory online when it comes to buying Cannabis Seeds. From our favorites of White Widow, Northern Lights, and Girl Scout Cookie, you will also find the best quality here at The Seed Fair.

New York is a great place to grow, amazing sights, and is known for the best Universities in the country. As well, with a rich history of culture and attractions, it is no surprise why we love New York. Subsequently, some of the best weed farmers in the world are in New York. We have many different Cannabis Seeds that you can choose from for the home beginner grower to the more experienced. Choose our selection of Indica, Sativa, Auto Flower, and Feminized Seeds. In addition, we buy from the best producers from the around the world. Our search is never done when it comes to providing our customers the best Cannabis Seeds from our planet. Shipping to New York can be 5 to 10 business days depending on USPS and Buy Cannabis Seeds New York.

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As well, The Seed Fair ships discreetly and your charges on your bill will also be discreet as well. There are many great ways to add Free Seeds to your order. As a result, Pay by Cash and receive 5 Free Seeds. If you are ordering over $99 your shipping will be free.

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In addition, New York is finally going Green, take advantage of our products we have to offer today. In order for us to serve you better, get in touch with us by using the chat below and we can answer any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing The Seed Fair, and buy cannabis seeds New York today!


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Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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How To Choose The Best Cannabis Seeds For You

Our Cannabis Seeds for sale have very high yields and have a germination percentage of 90%. When choosing the right Marijuana Seed to grow, always look for the level of difficulty when choosing. We carry many variety of seeds that require different skill levels. Our Marijuana Seeds will have a chart on how to grow, quality of the seed, and a description of the effects as you smoke. Click below on our products so that you can begin to discover the great seeds that awaits you!


Berry Weed Strains

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What are the specific Cannabis Seeds and how do I know what is best for me

Weed Seeds essentially are all Feminized. These seeds are created by putting together two female plants and creating the offspring with only an X chromosome. Feminized seeds are the most popular when buying Pot Seeds. The premium seeds we carry are cultivated from well nurtured feminized plants. Feminized Green Seeds always produce vibrant, dense, high yielding buds than the male marijuana seed. Plants that are grown from feminized Marijuana seeds are able to self pollinate. By doing so you will be able to produce a very high yielding crop that you can enjoy and smoke everyday when you Buy Cannabis Seeds New York.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

The Seed Fair also carry’s non feminized marijuana seeds as well. These seeds you can find on our site are called Regular Marijuana Seeds. These seeds are considered as an “unsexed” type of plant. Regular Weed Seeds are completely natural that have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any form. They are bred from pure genetics one male and one female and produce a 50/50 mix. Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the most popular in Marijuana Seeds. However many still like buying Regular Marijuana Seeds so we keep a great selection available for all customers. Regular Marijuana Seeds offer a lower price usually than the feminzed seed and often does a better job in keeping the genetics of each parent marijuana plant.

High CBD Cannabis Seeds

We also have started to carry High CBD Pot Seeds. CBD has become increasingly more popular amongst online dispensaries. CBD (Cannabidol) is a non psychoactive foundation of marijuana which means that it is not meant to make you high, but simply help you with ailing issues. Medical issues such as chronic pain, migraines etc. Many customers are looking for the treatment that Cannabis can provide without being stoned. CBD works by blocking receptors in the brain to help combat against chronic pain, stress, nausea, headaches as well been known to stop seizures. The Seed Fair has the best in CBD Marijuana Seeds as well as the best service when looking for the marijuana seed that is just right for you.


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Buy Cannabis Seeds New York

Buying Marijuana Seeds online in the USA can be very frustrating. Many dispensaries have late shipments, issues with product germination and as well as payment methods. The Seed Fair helps make your Pot Seed experience easier than most companies. We keep our shipments fast and discreet but making sure there are no labels on the packages. We ship mostly by express shipping to make sure you receive your product on time. As well we keep simple payment methods so that your payment for your Pot Seeds are protected. Since we have a location in the USA we will be able to ship your products to your door with no issues. Choose The Seed Fair today!

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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In Canada

We also have a location in Canada as well. Buying Marijuana Seeds online in Canada has never been easier. We use our shipping methods through Canada Post to make your delivery faster and easier. We have many different payment methods for your Pot Seeds including E Transfer. Choosing this payment method you can do at checkout and makes paying your Marijuana seeds very discreet and easy. Our products that deliver in Canada are of the highest yielding and highest quality of Weed Seeds online in Canada. Choose The Seed Fair today so that we can show you we are the best online!

How to Germinate Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds should be germinated the same way as all the other strains. Our preferred method is to soak your marijuana seeds in water for 14 to 17 hours. Then you will need to transfer your seeds carefully into a paper towel. Fold the towel over two times and add a couple droplets of water on the towel. Place your towel of Pot Seeds in a dark and warm location with a temperature range of 70 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep the towel always damp and this will help mimic nature to help your seeds crack and sprout. Once the marijuana seeds have incubated between 2 to 7 days depending on the strain you chose, there should be a white root starting to show. Once this root (known as a tap root) reaches one half inch, you can finally transplant the seed into your growing medium. You will need to poke a hole with a pencil (1/4 inch) and drop the seed making sure the tap root is facing down. Water the soil lightly to keep it moist a couple times per day. When your leaves from your Cannabis Seed starts growing out you are on the first start to growing your marijuana plant.

Why Choose The Seed Fair When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

The Seed Fair has a dedication to our customers to help bring quality and great client care to each of our members. We search the globe for high end marijuana seeds so that our customers can choose from the best on our planet. We are fully online to help you with any questions that you may have. You may contact us by email and or our online chat with any questions regarding your order as well as product and growing questions. We are trying to give our customers the best when it comes to Buy Cannabis Seeds New York. Try The Seed Fair today and you will not be disappointed. Oh also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter as we do email out many great discounts on a weekly basis.

Buy Cannabis Seeds New York

Where can I buy cannabis seeds New York? In particular, we are talking about the best cannabis seeds New York that will give you 100% value for your money.

The state of New York has a well-pronounced cannabis culture. With a population of 8.5 million Americans and one of the most prominent pro-cannabis governors, you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place choosing your best cannabis seeds New York shop. However, The Seed Fair is here to end the dilemma.

Read on to find where you can buy viable cannabis seeds in New York, how to order yours, the legality of your seeds, and more practical knowledge than you could ask for.

Is possessing cannabis seeds legal in New York

So before we can delve into anything about the best cannabis seeds New York has ever seen, are they legal in the state housing the statue of liberty? We are talking about seeds that you can grow for flowers and not the flowers’ legality.

The 2018 Farm Bill allowed hemp cultivation under federal Law. Marijuana legalization is two-way in NY. Since 2014, patients under the New York State Medical Marijuana Program can legally possess marijuana. On the 31st of March 2021, legal adult-use cannabis came to be after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) .

New Yorkers aged 21 years and above can buy, obtain, transport, and own up to three ounces (about 85 grams) of marijuana. And if you are the concentrate person, you are allowed up to 24 grams.

What does this mean for those who would like to grow legal marijuana in New York? Under the new laws, a New York adult is allowed to grow up to six plants. You can grow up to twelve if you are more than two adults in your household.

However, there are no growing regulations at the moment. To Be specific, the newly created Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is tasked to come up with growing regulations for medical patients six months after its creation.

Adult-use marijuana growers will have to wait a little longer to start home growing. The OCM is expected to announce adult-use marijuana growing guidelines no later than 18 months after the state allows the first sale of recreational marijuana. Note that sales are currently prohibited until proper regulations are set up. Technically, this could happen on the 1st of April 2022, at its earliest, as the new tax structure laws don’t take effect until then.

So is it allowed to buy or sell cannabis seeds in NY? The answer is a YES! You can purchase your seeds today as you wait for comprehensive growing regulations from the Office of Cannabis management.

Conditions Eligible for Medical Marijuana Treatment in New York

According to the NY state’s health department website , to be a registered NY medical cannabis patients, you need to have been diagnosed with these conditions:

  • Damage to the spinal cord’s nervous tissue with presenting intractable spasticity
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neuropathy
  • Opioid use disorder (only if enrolled in a treatment program under article 32 of the mental hygiene law.)
  • Opioid replacement
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

However, the state has an additional provision before you can be enrolled as a medical cannabis patient. One or more of the following should accompany the conditions above:

  • cachexia or wasting syndrome
  • severe or chronic pain
  • severe nausea
  • seizures, or severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • PTSD
  • opioid use disorder

The Best Pot Seeds in New York

Where can I buy the best marijuana seeds in New York? You can now get the best cannabis seeds New York, only at The Seed Fair . Boasting years of experience honing our skills and knowledge, we are here to change your cannabis growing experience.

Order your cannabis seeds New York online and get them delivered to your doorstep today!

The Seed Fair brings you over 80 different cannabis strains . We are always on the lookout for the best strains, so you never miss out on the best growing and medicating experience.

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We believe that cannabis is for everyone within the legal threshold. So whether you have zero experience growing or have tonnes of breeding experience, we have got you all covered. We have included variety in our seeds. Novice growers can enjoy seeds that have a more straightforward growing process yet guaranteeing high yields. Experienced growers get to challenge themselves with our feminized, autoflowering, CBD rich or regular seeds.

Our seeds have a germination percentage of 90%. When you buy your best cannabis seeds New York from The Seed Fair , we reward you with extra seeds so you can get 100% value for your money.

Why The Seed Fair For The Buy Cannabis Seeds New York

You may ask, what sets us apart from the rest? Why should you buy your cannabis seeds from The Seed Fair? Is it even worth it? Well, here are five reasons why we are the best cannabis seed seller in NY.

  1. Avoid the hassle and order online – from the comfort of your bed or living room, it’s no longer about convenience but also about your safety over this pandemic period. Browse our seed shop and choose the seeds you like. Add them to your cart and get them delivered to where you are.
  2. We care about you, so we answer all your questions 24hrs a day – Our customer service representatives are always around 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Reach us for any questions regarding our seeds, your order, and everything cannabis.
  3. You get to save even more – Get free shipping for all orders above $99 wherever you are in New York.
  4. 3 quick, easy, and secure ways to pay for your order – You can securely pay for your order through Mail Cash ( You will get 5 Free Seeds Option), Paypal, and Email Transfer.
  5. Enjoy our fast deliveries – Even with the raging pandemic, we have set up strategies to get your order delivered as soon as possible. After placing your order, we ship it out in less than 24 hours. Your order should be delivered between 5 and 10 days from the day of ordering.
  6. Peaky neighbors? How about discreet packaging? Our parcels are delivered in discreet packaging that doesn’t show or indicate what’s inside.

Popular New York Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Here are our top three of New York’s most popular cannabis strains and why they are a favorite for many users and growers.

White Russian Feminized

What happens when you cross two legendary cannabis strains in the name of AK 47 and White Widow? White Russian is a balanced hybrid queen with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica properties. This “Best Overall” strain in the 1996 Cannabis Cup offers a seriously potent 19% THC content whose effects are best enjoyed by high-tolerance users. It is a medium-height plant with a short flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Experienced users can get rewarded up to 600g per plant of this queen’s white trichome-filled flowers.

Northern Lights Autoflower

If you are an Indica darling, then go for our Northern Lights Autoflower seeds. This 80% Indica, 10% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis strain brings with it an intense relaxation that creeps in fast and lasts longer than your average strain. Growers enjoy its quick flowering (8-9 weeks), and with a medium height, it is relatively easy to grow. Our Northern Lights Autoflower seeds grow into 400g of smokable flower per plant.

Trainwreck Autoflower

Feeling like a wrecked train inside? The Trainwreck Autoflower will give you the energy of a bullet train, thanks to its 60% Sativa dominance effects complemented with 40% Indica genetics. The triple-A strain boasts 18% THC content and flowers in just 8-10 weeks. It compensates for its tall plants with a yield of up to 500g of flower per plant indoors, going up to 700g outdoors.

A comprehensive guide to Buy Cannabis Seeds New York

The cannabis space can intimidate, especially for new entrants. That is why The Seed Fair put together this simplified yet comprehensive guide to your cannabis seeds.

What is the difference between marijuana seeds and hemp seeds?

First, cannabis is a broad term that covers marijuana (recreational and medical) and hemp. Scientifically, it is a genus in the cannabaceae family of plant classification. Marijuana refers to the variety of cannabis plants with over 0.3% THC. Hemp represents the non-psychoactive variety of cannabis plants, thanks to their lower than 0.3% THC content.

Feminized vs. Autoflowering vs. Regular vs. CBD Marijuana seeds

Let us start with feminized seeds- what are they, and why should you buy them? Feminized cannabis seeds are made by crossing to female plants. The result is a female plant that produces smokable flowers. The chances of germinating a female plant from feminized seeds are 99.9%. They are perfect for growers interested in flowers. However, breeders may want to stay clear.

Regular seeds are those with a 50% chance of being male or female plants. They are a favorite for breeders who use the male plants to pollinate female flowers to create a new strain.

Autoflowering seeds produce plants that do not depend on tweaking the light cycle to start flowering. Novice growers particularly love these seeds for the same reason. A good number of autoflowering seeds also have hardy characteristics when talking about their mold and disease resistance.

Welcome to the world of CBD seeds. These will go against most marijuana strains to offer high CBD cannabinoid content in their flowers. For many marijuana plants, the CBD content is neglected at times. The CBD to THC ratio in these strains is significant. However, some seeds grow into plants with no THC. The CBD in these plants helps to even the psychoactive intensity while promoting better medical benefits.

Adult-use Marijuana vs. Medical marijuana

These terms are mainly used when talking about the legality of your marijuana. Here is what they mean.

Sometimes, adult-use marijuana is termed recreational marijuana. At The Seed Fair , we believe that marijuana is a medicinal plant, and whether you are using it for the high, you get to reap the medical benefits like pain relief and calming anxiety.

Medical marijuana is used by patients suffering from identified conditions to ease some signs and symptoms. Research has it that the cannabis plant interacts with our bodies through phytocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

The cannabis plant is home to over 100 phytocannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most abundant and effective phytocannabinoids). When taken into the body, these are compounds that mimic the action of endogenous cannabinoids produced in our bodies. This way, the plant cannabinoids from cannabis supplement the function of endocannabinoids when in low supply.

So how does endocannabinoid deficiency come to be? The endocannabinoid system is made up of endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes. The system’s core function is to aid in neuronal communication in regulating some biological functions such as eating, sleeping, and pain reception.

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Whenever our bodies are abnormal, the system produces endocannabinoids that attach to the receptors to kickstart a chain of homeostatic reactions to promote normalcy. When the body gets back to normal functioning, the enzymes will eliminate further functioning of the endocannabinoids, so they do not offset the balance achieved.

Because of the enzyme action, endocannabinoids are not stored in our bodies awaiting future use. So in case, there is an abnormality that requires their action, their production rate may be inadequate to deal with it quickly. This is why our bodies need to be supplemented by the cannabinoids in cannabis plants.


If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in New York, you have many options available to you with a wide selection of marijuana seed types and strains. Now that marijuana is legal in New York, it is the perfect time to learn more about growing your own marijuana and where to get the best cannabis seeds in the Empire State.

Is Marijuana Legal in New York?

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation in March of 2021, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, making weed legal in New York. The legislation established the Office of Cannabis Management to oversee all matters related to legalized marijuana including medical, recreational and hemp. The new legislation legalized possessing, purchasing, and transporting up to 3 ounces of marijuana and up to 24 g of concentrate for adults 21 years of age and older.

Can I Grow Pot in New York?

There is now a framework for legal home growing of marijuana, although it will take some time to iron out the details and guidelines for the cultivation, production, and sale of marijuana in New York. In previous attempts to legalize marijuana, the governor had been opposed to New Yorkers growing their own pot unless it was for medical use. Recent legislation changed that and now under the new law, adults 21 and over will be allowed to grow up to six plants, (three mature and three immature), or 12 plants, (six mature six immature), for households with more than one adult.

History of Pot Legalization in the Empire State

Medical marijuana has been legal in New York since 2014, under New York’s Compassionate Care Act which allowed the possession, manufacture, delivery, use, transportation, and administration of medical marijuana by designated caregivers and patients. In addition to a medical marijuana program, New York decriminalized marijuana in 2019. State legislators wishing to legalize recreational marijuana had been unable to iron out differences around social equity, race, and enforcement of cannabis laws until recently. The new law directs 40% of the tax revenues from marijuana sales to go towards helping minority communities that have been hurt disproportionately by drug prosecutions. Automatic expungement is included in the legislation for those who were convicted of acts that are no longer considered illegal.

Under the new law, towns, villages, and cities can block retail marijuana stores and consumption licenses for local businesses. Local governments cannot, however, opt out of allowing adults to consume marijuana.

While we wait for the regulations on home growing to take effect, both medical marijuana patients and recreational users can start thinking about the types of cannabis seeds they want to grow in New York.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

It used to be that regular cannabis seeds were the only choice we had to grow our own marijuana. Regular cannabis seeds have not been genetically altered to determine the gender of the plant and produce both male and female marijuana plants. Only the female plant produces the beautiful buds we love and when cultivating with regular marijuana seeds the grower must weed out all of the male plants or you risk ruining the entire crop.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are exactly that, cannabis seeds that guarantee you will grow a female plant. When growing your own marijuana with feminized seeds, you can dedicate more time to caring for your plants. Feminized seeds are a good choice for beginners who do not have to worry about identifying the gender to weed out the males.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are also nice for beginners because they automatically enter into their flowering cycle regardless of changes in lighting. Typically, a reduction in light exposure causes marijuana plants to enter the flowering stage. With auto flowers, you can be sure your plants will start to bud within a specific timeframe instead of by altering your lighting schedule.

What Types of Cannabis Seeds Are Best to Grow in New York?

Whether you are looking for regular seeds, feminized or auto flowering, Mosca Seeds offers one of the widest selections of cannabis seeds online. Our New York seed banks are ready to ship high quality cannabis seeds right to your door, with award-winning strains sure to satisfy an experienced cannabis connoisseur or a new enthusiast. Choose from potent indica strains sure to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day, or a nice sativa blend for a creative boost to your daily to-do list. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a hybrid blend to balance out relaxation with rejuvenation.

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of the best pot seeds available with many cannabis cup winning strains. We keep your favorite cannabis seed strains alive and cultivate exciting new drops all the time with best practices in cannabis seed genetics. Check out our Seed Bazaar and see how easy it is to buy cannabis seeds in New York.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in New York

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in New York in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Empire State.

New York — that state that never fails to stir the imagination with the Big Apple, Letchworth State Park, and Niagara Falls.

However, there’s a new reason to think about the Empire State — legal cannabis.

That’s right, now that cannabis is legal in New York, residents are allowed to grow marijuana seeds from the comfort of home. If you’re ready to grow your own trichome-packed buds — keep reading!

You’ll soon discover the best online seed banks that ship to New York, top-rated seed strains, grow tips, and New York’s history with weed.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in New York

Finally, New Yorkers can grow their own cannabis seeds at home. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

In other words, you need to understand the fundamental laws that govern cannabis cultivation and use in the Empire State. Here’s an overview of current cannabis regulations in New York:

  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • Recreational cannabis is legal
  • CBD is legal
  • It’s legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds from seed banks

As you can see — you’ve got the green light to enjoy weed to the greatest extent. Below, we’ll discuss in-depth the best seed banks, top-rated strains, grow tips, and the landmark moments that shaped and continue to shape New York’s cannabis laws.