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At Alchimia Grow Shop, marijuana seeds and accessories for cannabis self-cultivation are sold: indoor growing tents, vaporisers, fertilisers and additives for marijuana Get FEM and REG cannabis seed packs, plus bulk cannabis seeds from Brothers Grimm Seeds. Our weed and pot seeds have top germination rates. From $58. Insane Seeds Shop – Buy Cannabis Seeds Today from our Cannabis Seed Bank. Insane Seeds is a reputable seed bank company that delivers cannabis seeds to the USA.

Sale of marijuana seeds and growing accessories

Seeds from cannabis seedbanks from Spain, Holland and all over the world. Regular, feminised and autoflowering seeds.


Everything you need for cannabis cultivation, either indoors or outdoors.


Smoker paraphernalia: vaporisers, books, hemp products, microscopes.


CBD Products: oils, creams, extracts, capsules. Everything for your health and wellbeing.

Welcome to Alchimia online shop. Alchimia grow shop specialises in marijuana self-cultivation. Marijuana seeds and growing accessories can be discreetly and comfortably aquired.

Featured offers

Auto Slurricane
Critical Mass
Golosa Early
Gorilla Face – Reg
Eleven Roses Early Version
Eleven Roses Early Version

Featured marijuana seeds

Super Silver Haze

Green House seeds

White Widow fem. Dutch Passion
Sour Diesel
Mango Haze
Big Bud – Sensi Seeds
Purple Punch Auto

Latest marijuana seeds and marijuana growing accessories

White Fire Cookies
Bud Factor X
Tarta Helada
Cáñamo – Monthly magazine in Spanish

August 2022 – No. 296 + 2 Green House Persian Pie Fem Seeds

Mimosa Cookies
Bong Special Series Thug Life

New seed banks

Universally Seeded
Hypno Seeds
Bodhi Seeds
Trichome Jungle Seeds
Nomad Seeds
High Speed Buds
Homegrown Natural Wonders
Humboldt Seeds Company

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How to make a cannabis infusion

Infusions are a simple and effective way to consume cannabis for recreational or therapeutic use. The active ingredients of this plant are not soluble in water, so it is necessary to use a liquid containing fat, such as whole milk, to extract the cannabinoids more easily. In this article, we present a homemade recipe for making a cannabis infusion with whole milk.

Cannabis for chickens: The latest revolution on the farm?

In the last decade, the uses for medical cannabis have skyrocketed thanks to the legalisation of the plant in many countries. Now it is Thailand’s turn, and the country is on the verge of a new use for the cannabis industry and is going viral in the Western media with a new discovery. Could cannabis replace antibiotics in feed for farm animals? What benefits does cannabis bring to poultry feed? We’ll tell you all about it in this article.

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How to make CBD oil with CBD crystals

Preparing our own CBD oil can be a great solution to treat our ailments anytime, anywhere, by deciding on the desired concentration of CBD and the cannabinoid-bearing plant oil. Today we explain how to do it quickly and easily by using pure CBD crystals.

Silicon in cannabis cultivation

Silicon is a curious element: although it is not essential for the development of plants, its presence in plant nutrition boosts a series of interesting aspects, very important for any grower to take into account as they have great advantages. In today’s article, we explain everything you need to know to start benefiting from its properties.

Today we recommend you.

Cum Laude – Positronics Seeds

  • 5 seeds +2 Fem free 50.00€ 42.45€
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Get FEM cannabis seeds and bulk cannabis seeds with confidence from MrSoul, Original Breeder of Brothers Grimm Seeds.

This July 2022, we have Cinderella 99 seeds on sale for $99. Also, our FEM seed packs are on sale for $78, and REG seed packs are on sale for $58.

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We ship our female and regular photoperiod cannabis seeds to all 50 states in the USA. Over the summer, we ship seeds on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For international seed orders, use the contact form and we will assist you.

We sell and ship weed seeds in the USA safely and securely. Find exotic cannabis strains here and grow our proven genetics with confidence!

Our weed seeds are known for top germination rates in the industry. Get potent, uniform, fast flowering photoperiod seeds that never have intersex (hermie) issues from Brothers Grimm Seeds.

FEM CANNABIS SEEDS | 100% female seeds guaranteed

Apollo XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Cinderella 99 XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Durban Nights XX (FEMALE): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Durban Thai x C99 XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

G13 Genius XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Grimm Glue XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Killer Queen XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Pineapple XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Princess Haze XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Queen of Soul XX (FEMALE): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Rosetta Stone XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

SPACE QUEEN XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds


Apollo XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Cinderella 99 XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Durban Nights XX (FEMALE): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Durban Thai x C99 XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

G13 Genius XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Grimm Glue XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Killer Queen XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Pineapple XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Princess Haze XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Queen of Soul XX (FEMALE): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

Rosetta Stone XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds

SPACE QUEEN XX (female): 1 Pack = 9 seeds


Apollo Eleven (Regular): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Apollo Haze (REGULAR): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Cinderella 99 (REGULAR): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Killer Queen (REGULAR): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Princess Haze (Regular): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Purple Urkle x Cinderella 99 (REG): 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Queen of Soul (REGULAR) : 1 Pack = 13 seeds

Rosetta Stone (Regular): 1 Pack = 13 seeds


July Seed Sale 2022

G13 Genius Strain | G13 Genius strain information and origin story


“MrSoul of Brothers Grimm Seeds has to be mentioned as one of the pioneers in cannabis breeding, especially when it comes to female seeds. D.C. Seed Exchange has been working with MrSoul for over five years and has had nothing but positive reviews from our customers. If you are looking for stable, homogenous, tested feminized seeds, Brothers Grimm is one of the top companies in the seed business today.”

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“Legendary cannabis breeding outfit Brothers Grimm, revived in 2015, returns to the sensi stage with its take on a classic. retained the beloved spicy sandalwood aroma and musky flavor of the Jack, but added resin production, stability and yield while reducing flowering time.”



Office: 918 209 1916

Distributors: 858 241 3077

Snail Mail:
Brothers Grimm Genetics
P.O. Box 365
Johnstown, CO 80534

Accepted Payments

Venmo, Zelle, and Bank Transfers are accepted at checkout. To use a credit or debit card, go HERE.

Cannabis Seeds In The Usa

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