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cannabis seeds birmingham

Cannabis seeds birmingham
The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store works with an elite selection of top breeders that have been hand-picked from every corner of Europe, the United States of America and beyond, to ensure that our customers receive the best possible balance of seed selection, quality and reliability.
You can be sure that each and every one of the strains you’ll find at The Vault meets or (as is often the case) exceeds the most rigorous quality-control standards in the industry.


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    The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

    Why choose The Vault? Let us break it down for you, buddy:

    We’ll look after you: The Vault is FANATICAL about customer support and will always go the extra mile to deliver grade-A service at every stage of your shopping experience. Led by our passionate founders Jack and George, you can expect to get only the very best of help from your buddies here at The Vault.

    We give away more freebies than any other cannabis seeds site: No matter how big or small your order with us, we’ll throw in FREE PREMIUM SEEDS to sweeten the deal. The larger your order, the more we’ll reward your loyalty with EXTRA FREE seeds! How do you like the sound of that, buddy?

    Nothing will ever stand between you and your cannabis seeds: We provide discreet stealth shipping options with guaranteed delivery to anywhere in the world at NO EXTRA COST to you!

    You won’t find cheaper prices at any other UK-based seedbank: If you find a better price on any of the products we sell (Not counting discounted items or special offers, those are already the best in the industry as it is!), we’ll refund you the difference and send 2 x FREE White Widow seeds with your next order!

    We run the best promos on the planet: The Vault’s regular generous giveaways, competitions and amazing deals are the stuff of legend in the cannabis seeds world.

    We’re more than a business: The Vault is a movement with pro-legalisation activism in its DNA. We will not rest until we’ve done all we can to educate, spread the word and bring about positive change regarding medical marijuana.

    No hidden charges: The Vault ensures that our pricing and structures are as open as possible: So you can sit back, relax and have fun picking your seeds without sneaky hidden costs coming to bite you in the ass. We include stealth shipping for free and guaranteed delivery (where tracking is available) at NO additional cost!

    You can count on us: But don’t just take our word for it – check out what the community has to say about how legit we are at GrassCity, on Facebook, at Best Seedbank, at Rollitup, or by having a read of our Customer Testimonials. Try us once and you’ll find out why countless legions of experienced collectors come back to us time after time.

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    If so, you’ll love shopping at The Vault!

    You’ll only find the cream of the crop at The Vault.

    We only ever work with the world’s most trusted cannabis seed breeders to bring you the best marijuana seeds for sale uk.

    The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store works with an elite selection of top breeders that have been hand-picked from every corner of Europe, the United States of America and beyond, to ensure that our customers receive the best possible balance of seed selection, quality and reliability.
    You can be sure that each and every one of the strains you’ll find at The Vault meets or (as is often the case) exceeds the most rigorous quality-control standards in the industry.

    Do you like choice?

    Of course you do! Who doesn’t? That’s why The Vault has worked hard to secure an enviable line-up of seeds from all-star breeders like: Barney’s Farm, Big Buddha Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, CBD Crew, Dutch Passion, Female Seeds, Greenhouse Seed Co, Mr Nice Seedbank, Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seeds, The Joint Doctor, World of Seeds and many, many more!

    A large number of the breeders you’ll find at The Vault have won multiple awards, including the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup: So rest-assured that when we say these seeds are of the highest possible quality, we mean it!

    Want to find rare, obscure or emerging new genetics?

    The Vault is on a never-ending voyage to scour the earth for promising new breeders – and hunt down rare and precious seeds from mythical breeders that have since passed into legend.

    If you can’t find a breeder that you are looking for at The Vault, let us know: We’ll explore the possibility of working with them and adding their brand to our roster: But only if their seeds make the grade first!
    What are you waiting for? Have fun scoping out our fine line-up of breeders now!

    Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in some countries. Please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.

    Cannabis seeds birmingham
    We have been working around the clock since closing our current premises 1 week ago to secure a new premises which will facilitate us very well.
    There is a shop we may have the keys for from the start of next week, just a few finalisations need to be done first regarding the lease agreement.
    If this goes through our new location will still be on the Bristol Road South and only half a mile away from our current premises….I’ll be keeping you all up to date here how that materialises over the next couple of days.

    New Staff – Cup win – Shop Relocation – Online Purchases 😀

    Hi all, just a quick update on all the goings on behind the scenes at BSB Genetics.

    Firstly I would like to introduce Jon to the scene. Jon has a vast wealth of experience in growing and consuming and has previously worked in the hydroponic industry. A customer of 12 years Jon is incredibly familiar with BSB Genetics. All this is fantastic but what really stands out is Jon’s passion for this trade and his enthusiasm. For these reasons there could be nobody more suited to work alongside me and help keep the daily running of BSB Genetics on track. Once a new retail premises is up and running Jon will be there to help and advise in all the legal ways he can ?

    Secondly, but not least, last week we won 2nd place ‘Best Seeds Bank’ at the Hemp & CBD Expo being pipped to the post this time by none other than Attitude Seeds Bank, and finishing ahead of 3rd placed Dinafem Seeds, 2 giants I am happy to be sandwiched in the middle of ?
    The Expo has again been a fantastic success for us with multiple new business opportunities to be snapped up and an ever growing online presence for BSB Genetics through the largest online seed providers.

    Here are some online places you can purchase BSB Genetics seeds:
    (Please e-mail me to [email protected] to have your website added to this list)

    Shop Relocation:
    The business has over recent years been totally consumed by my in-house brand BSB Genetics meaning it’s been almost 2 years since I last ordered seeds for sale from any other breeder. And with the business now heading in a different direction with wholesale distribution it means I no longer require a large high street premises to operate from.
    So I am in search of a far smaller premises which can provide a small showroom where purchases can be made over the counter and an office where I can work from, that’s the goal.
    I am still looking to remain local to the Northfield area where the business has always been established but there is currently no urgency to jump into the first available premises.

    Sales – where to purchase direct from us now over the counter:
    The full collection of BSB Genetics, The Cali Collection and Easy Seeds still remains on sale in my parents jewellery shop located exactly opposite my previous shop:

    S&J Jewellery
    896 Bristol Road South
    B31 2NS
    0121 604 0040
    9:00 TILL 5:00 Monday to Saturday

    For wholesale enquiries please e-mail me to [email protected]
    Our official wholesale distribution partner is ?

    Cheers, Lee & Jon
    BSB Genetics

    Product Earth Expo – No Sales at S&J Jewellery this Thurs, Fri, Sat

    BSB Genetics will be exhibiting this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Product Earth Expo and for this reason there will be no seeds available to purchase at our current temporary location ‘S&J Jewellery’. Today is the last day to purchase seeds and they will again be available from S&J Jewellery on Monday.
    Please visit us at Product Earth if you can make it over this weekend, details of the event here:
    Hope to see you there.
    Cheers, Lee & Jon
    Temp Tel: 0121 604 0040

    Relocation Update

    A meeting with the landlord of a new property I am hopeful of securing now looks imminent and could happen today (fingers crossed).
    What could be the new premises is only half a mile away and still on the Bristol Road South.
    It’s an ideal sized property and pretty much ready to move straight into.
    There are other options but this property is most suited due to it’s location and it has rear parking.
    There are plenty of vacant properties if this one doesn’t materialise so I’m not panicking and with the nature of the business also being manufacturing and wholesale with retail clients travelling from across Britain being on a busy high street is no longer necessary and preferably avoidable. This means many locations with lower rental values away from busy shopping area’s are well suited for my trade.

    BSB Genetics stocks are currently on sale at S&J Jewellery right opposite the old shop.

    I’ll update again once things are set in stone.

    Relocation Update – New Store Could be Open Monday……

    We have been working around the clock since closing our current premises 1 week ago to secure a new premises which will facilitate us very well.
    There is a shop we may have the keys for from the start of next week, just a few finalisations need to be done first regarding the lease agreement.
    If this goes through our new location will still be on the Bristol Road South and only half a mile away from our current premises….I’ll be keeping you all up to date here how that materialises over the next couple of days.

    We’ll be moving our stocks out of the current premises tomorrow (friday) and will leave a collection of our top sellers at S & J Jewellery located right opposite our current premises for anybody wishing to purchase on Saturday. The Eazy Seeds collection of seeds has been available from S & J Jewellery through the previous week and there are still plenty of stocks of all 8 strains in that collection you can pick up any time from S & J Jewellery:

    5 seeds – £25
    10 seeds – £45
    30 seeds – £119

    Chunky Pineapple (Cheese x Skunk X Pineapple)
    Critical + (Big Bud x Skunk)
    Citrus Haze (Lemon Haze)
    Widow Maker (Black Domina Fast Version)
    Mango Dream (Somango Fast Version)
    Sensi-47 (Sensi Star x AK-47)
    Jah Kush (Rated one of worlds most powerful strains)
    NYC Diesel (Legendary Elite Diesel clone)

    Once we move into our new premises the doors will be open for purchases of BSB Genetics, The Cali Collection and Eazy Seeds. The shop will of course resemble a war zone until all works are completed to get the layout and stocks sorted so if you do pop over please mind your step as we expect it to take several weeks to get things into order.

    The shop we currently are working to move into was fully refurbished just 3 years ago and is in excellent condition and also has rear private parking for 2-3 vehicles.

    Keep checking in here and as soon as things are set in stone I will make them known here.

    For now for Eazy Seeds and from Saturday BSB Genetics seeds please visit:

    S&J Jewellery
    896 Bristol Road South
    B31 2NS
    Tel: 0121 604 0040

    BSB Genetics coming to a shop near you!

    As of last week the entire range of our BSB Genetics and The Cali Collection seeds are available for wholesale purchase from or e-mail [email protected] who have sole distribution rights for us.

    It’s been an immensely busy year so far and looks set to only get busier with the upcoming Product Earth in August (Worcester) and the CBD & Hemp Expo (Birmingham NEC) in September, both events we will be exhibiting at.

    Our first BSB Genetics A4 sized magazine is almost completed and expected to go to print in the coming weeks, if features all of our strains including also the Easy Seeds range and limited edition first issues will be available in store for just £1 each.

    In the current climate the US strains are dominating, but we have just refreshed the packaging and took in fresh batches of seeds for Moby Dick and Power Plant which are fantastic old school European varieties both famed for their high yields and extreme potency, definitely check them out in the BSB Genetics feminised category.

    INSTAGRAM: Within the last 2 weeks Instagram have closed down our page, not surprising as these attacks are rife within our community and we have been attacked on multiple occasions from also Facebook, the banks, the police, website hosts, Paypal and the list goes on. I (Lee) am currently running BSB Genetics on Instagram from my personal account (Lee Mallett) so hopefully you can all find me on there, but other ways of contacting me are: Tel: 0121 475 5 475 / E-mail: [email protected] / Facebook: BSB Genetics / or fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form here which sends me an e-mail notification.

    So the big news for JULY 1st is that we are now available for other shops around the UK to start stocking up on, so ask you local seeds distributor to look into stocking our range for many of the most successful strains on the market.

    BSB Genetics 2019 Update

    Hi all, firstly let me apologise for the lack of recent content on this site. The plan was for the launch of a new website by March just gone in time for BSB Genetics first expo at the Hemp & CBD Expo, and work begun on building a new site in the summer of 2018. A long process followed with the new site launch cancelled last minute as it was not what I had expected especially having waited so long.

    So over the last couple of weeks I have decided to have a crack at updating this current site, the plan still being to have a new website built, but in the meantime this site will continue to be the main face of BSB Genetics.

    Currently there are still around 8-9 new strains to be added here to complete the line up of 43 strains under our BSB Genetics and The Cali Collection ranges.

    Currently online sales are not possible through this site, however our genetics are currently available through:

    Really Kool Seeds (Glasgow, Scotland – on Instagram) (Amsterdam)

    Demand continues to soar for our strains and we are working hard behind the scenes to allow for almost all seed outlets across the UK to soon be able to carry our ranges.

    2019 has seen the addition of 8 new varieties, 5 new The Cali Collection strains and 3 new auto flower strains.

    We also took home 1st prize for “Best Seeds Bank” at the recent Hemp and CBD Expo beating the likes of Homboldt Seeds, Dinafem, Blimburn & Growers Choice which was a huge moment and has led to a lot more exposure and increased demand.

    Our new business address is:

    Birmingham Seeds Bank
    897 Bristol Road South
    B31 2PA

    Tel: 0121 475 5 475
    Open Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm / Saturdays 12pm till 5pm

    All enquiries please contact the above number or e-mail me direct to:
    [email protected]

    For the most up to date happenings please follow us over on Instagram @ BSB Genetics

    Cheers, Lee Mallett

    BSB & Kaliman Seeds Working Together!

    It’s official, the cat’s out of the bag!
    Over the last almost Two years I (Lee, BSB Genetics owner) have had a fantastic working relationship with Rockster of Kaliman Seeds over in sunny Spain. I have been carrying his full range of feminised genetics including the official “Cheese #1”, the only true 1989 un-hybridized clone of the original mother plant. Bringing Rockster’s range of Cheese hybrids to the UK market has been a real success with many happy returning customers. But behind the scenes away from the public eye I have got to know Rockster himself on a more personal level and through what for me has been the toughest Two years of my personal life (unrelated to the business) Rockster has been there and fully supportive of me as any true friend would be in someone’s time of need.
    So we have became more than just business associates and the bond between us has lead to the successful joint venture of our businesses.
    Rockster has now became an official breeder on behalf of B-S-B Genetics and in return for his efforts of the last near 12 months of producing new strains for our range we will be working hard to help him grow his brand name on British shores.
    Rockster himself is originally from London, England, so he is a true Brit at heart and his efforts to bring forth the true UK Exodus Cheese for today’s connoisseur Cheese smokers, plus a range of Cheese hybrids (Rockster’s Cheese, Exodus Haze, Nitro Express to name a few), he really does deserve a lot of recognition, especially considering most breeders only create a Cheese type hybrid to try and cash in on the name without really appreciating the true value in the quality of the original Exodus Cheese.
    The first batch of seeds by Rockster are due in around the start of May 2017 and the strains will be: B-S-B Cheddar #1, Blue Cheddar #1 and Original Blueberry.
    Every seed which makes it’s way onto our B-S-B cards for sale will be of A1 quality, no small pale seeds, that’s a promise made by Rockster himself who has his own reputation to uphold.
    Through our Facebook page “BSB Genetics” we will be keeping everyone updated regularly on the progress of these new strains with photographs and behind the scenes information. So you can be absolutely certain of exactly the genetics you will be purchasing.
    We will also be running a free seeds promotion at launch date so please keep on checking in here for the blog post advertising that and also head on over and like our Facebook page for the latest updates as well as the upcoming promotions.

    Working together only makes us stronger, and from that gained strength do flowers grow.

    You can check out Rockster’s official webpage and Facebook page using these below links:

    kaliman Seeds Website:
    Kaliman Seeds on Facebook:

    Auto Sweet Tooth – Still #1 Two years on….

    Our Auto Sweet Tooth variety has lead the way since we introduced auto flowering strains to our B-S-B Genetics range 2 years ago. Despite the introduction of Auto Northern Big Bud which is a huge hit and super successful strain and the great success of our Auto Tangerine, Auto Blueberry, The Beast Auto and Auto Blueberry Haze, our Auto Sweet Tooth still refuses to be knocked off top spot as sales consistently roll in.
    She is an absolute beast when it comes to yields, producing right at the top end of what you’ll get from the best yielding varieties that are none auto flowering….she completely blows the myth out of the window that auto varieties don’t yield high amounts – you’ll get 600+ gm2 or up to 200g a plant in ideal conditions!
    Then there’s the taste, her name is no coincidence, she was named Sweet Tooth because that’s exactly the craving she will satisfy, she’s one of the sweetest tasting varieties you’ll ever come across and customer feedback is a great testament to that.
    Hardiness….she is possibly the most hardy auto variety you’ll also have the pleasure to work with, her levels of mould resistance are fantastic meaning she stands up very well to a wide variety of changing conditions. This makes her a joy to work with for both inexperienced and very experienced growers as you really cannot go wrong with her, and if you give her what she needs you’ll be rewarded with whopping yields of sweet sticky goodness.
    Success rates on these seeds are higher than any other strain in our shop we have had feedback on, that’s around 1300 different strains from around 150 different breeders, so an amazing achievement for this variety.
    So don’t look past adding Auto Sweet Tooth to your collection, she should certainly be your first port of call if your looking to work with auto flowering varieties.

    Here is a quick link to the shop page where if your based in the UK aged 18+ you can purchase these seeds…..

    Amnesia OG – Early feedbacks are in…..

    It’s still early days for this ultra potent hard hitting strain, but the positive vibes have already been shared with me in the shop.
    Germination rates are excellent, she sprints out of her shell like Usain Bolt out of the traps and she’s quite literally unstoppable!
    Amnesia OG looks firmly set to become one of B-S-B Genetic’s top varieties amongst our loyal customers, and once our loyal growers / review experts have sent us some top notch photography of her we are absolutely certain your going to be head over heels for her.
    Check her out in our feminised seeds collection, quick link here: