Cannabis Seed Finder

Get details and read the latest customer reviews about Seed Finder (Free) by MJ Grove on Leafly. Search all cannabis strains from over 80 growers with Seedfinder | You have over 30 selection criteria at your disposal for free! Check at Linda ⭐

Seed Finder (Free)

The cannabis seed finder is a way that you and MJ Grove can work together to get the products you want. Many companies offer only what is on their website. At MJ Grove we strive to be different and offer everything you want and more. If you have always wanted to try a specific strain then let our detectives get to work. We will find you what you want!

Don’t know what you want? Submit what strains you have liked and what you are looking for and MJ Grove will find you a new favorite seed. MJ Grove puts the customer first. That includes finding seeds specifically tailored for you.

The Seed Finder sets MJ Grove apart. We want to put the customer first and that is what we are going to do! Allowing us the opportunity to supply you the perfect match of cannabis genetics is just one way we will always put the customer first.

Seedfinder – Search Engine

With the help of our SeedFinder we enable you to quickly and efficiently find exactly those cannabis seeds that meet your needs & growing conditions. Buy marijuana seeds you really want!

Your selection criteria

The search engine allows you to define your personal selection according to the following criteria: Cannabis seed type, THC content, yield, flowering time, growth height, climatic conditions as well as to pre-select by cannabis seed grower.

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Discover now with SeedFinder

However, the SeedFinder can also be questioned by you far more specifically. So you save a lot of time in research and can prepare your cultivation purposefully with the ideal cannabis seeds.