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cannabis seed banks that ship to australia

In South Australia, you will get a fine of $50 to $150 for carrying under 100 grams of marijuana or 20 grams of hush.

Cannabis seeds Australia

Weed is the most frequently used illegal drug in Australia. Considering marijuana is so popular, many Australian cannabis lovers will be happy to hear that the law surrounding using and growing weed seems to be becoming more flexible. Using medical marijuana became legal in 2016, and it is only a matter of time before recreational use will follow suit.

Even now, most states don’t deal out hefty fines or prison sentences to those who use or grow cannabis in small doses. Yet it is not always easy to get high quality marijuana for a good price. Some people are therefore considering growing their own. Because of that, there is certainly a demand for cannabis seeds. However, it is illegal to sell them in Australia itself. That’s why more and more people opt for importing cannabis seeds from other parts of the world, which is possible – if you choose a reliable and discrete supplier.

In this article we will discuss the Australian law for cannabis seeds, state by state. That way, you will know exactly what risk you are taking if you want to grow your own weed. You will also learn more about the ins and outs of importing cannabis seeds in Australia. Of course we will also discuss some types of cannabis seeds that may be suitable to grow in Australian conditions and where to buy them. So keep reading to find out more about cannabis seeds Australia.

Australian law on cannabis seeds – the basics

At the time of writing this article, it was still illegal to grow cannabis seeds in Australia. The law seems to be changing slowly but surely with the use of medical Marijuana becoming legal in 2016. And although using and growing cannabis is officially not legal in any state, many states don’t impose heavy penalties when you do so in small doses. In fact, several of them prefer to offer treatment instead of punishment in case of limited possession or cultivation of weed.

Also, some states have specific policies for penalizing the way marijuana is grown, condoning outdoor growing more easily than indoor cultivation in artificial circumstances. However, keep in mind that if you want to grow cannabis commercially, you will still run the risk of harsh penalties. Below you find more information on the restrictions for growing cannabis in each state.

Australian Capital

In this state, it is fairly safe to possess up to 25 grams of marijuana or grow up to 2 plants, unless you do it hydroponically. If you stay within these limits, you risk a fine of $100. When this is not paid in 2 months, you have to participate in a treatment program.

New South Wales

If you possess up to 15 grams in New South Wales, you only receive a caution, but this can happen no more than twice.

Northern Territory

Possessing up to 50 grams of marijuana or (naturally) growing up to 2 plants is worth the risk in this state – if you are willing to pay a $200 fine when caught.


If you are caught possessing under 50 grams of marijuana in this state, you can be offered a diversion and will escape criminal charges. Keep in mind though, that this only applies to the first time you are caught.

South Australia

In South Australia, you will get a fine of $50 to $150 for carrying under 100 grams of marijuana or 20 grams of hush.


In this state, you can get off with a caution 3 times in 10 years, unless you possess more than 50 grams.


Victoria works with cautions as well – you can get away with a caution twice, as long as you don’t possess more than 50 grams.

Western Australia

No criminal charges will be filed against you in this state if you possess under 10 grams of weed, or grow it. You will however have to attend a Cannabis Intervention Session.

Things you need to know about the sales of cannabis seeds in Australia

As mentioned before, selling cannabis seeds is illegal in Australia. This makes it difficult to buy them there, but importing seeds from elsewhere is an option. Please remember that you can only grow a small number of plants without risking criminal charges. It is advisable to only grow buds for your own consumption and to not sell weed or seeds to others. The law is not that flexible at this point. Now if you are planning to import some cannabis seeds, where do you buy them and which should you choose?

Which cannabis seeds to import

As you have been able to read, some Australian states condone the cultivation of a few cannabis plants, or are lenient with their penalties when you do so. In some cases, this applies to growing your plants outdoors only, not when you do so in artificial circumstances. So if you want to buy cannabis seeds from abroad and you want quick results, it is wise to try autoflower seeds. These are less dependent on perfect light circumstances and more resilient to molds, pests, et cetera. This makes them more suitable for growing outdoors and you don’t have to wait for very specific light or weather conditions for them to flower. Autoflower plants do so automatically when they reach a certain age.

If your ever browsing the web and have wondered where to get marijuana seeds online from in Australia, you’re not alone. Thousands on a daily basis search for seed banks that ship to Australia.

Seed Banks that Ship to Australia – Best Online Marijuana Seedbank

If your ever browsing the web and have wondered where to get marijuana seeds online from in Australia, you’re not alone. Thousands on a daily basis search for seed banks that ship to Australia.

If you’re one of those people then quite likely by chance you have stumbled on our website and reading this or another post. But what matters most is the fact you’re here now.

In todays post, I would like to discuss the best cannabis seed bank that ships to Australia. But before we go right to it, what do consider the best?

There are 3 things and they are; Prices, Discreet Packaging and Shipping Times.

The Cannabis Seeds Australia seed bank we’d like to discuss is ILGM.

ILGM Stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. They are an incredible company with relentless staff that constantly hammer away at nothing but excellent service. For 3 years we have been getting ganja seed orders to Australia now without a hassle.

What about prices?

The prices of the cannabis seeds range from $50 per 10 pack up to the hundreds for more comprehensive options such as beginners, medical and white widow grow kits. These kits come with everything you need to cultivate seed to harvest which includes fertilisers, boosters, bug blaster, root protect and mold control. All of these will see that your grow will make it from seed all the way to harvest with big, frosty nugs.

How about discreet packaging?

ILGM definitely has the option to choose discreet packaging. If you are unsure whether normal packaging will work for you, the stealth option is always there to assure your mind.

Last but not least, how about shipping times?

Shipping times vary depending on the influx of cannabis seed orders ILGM is receiving but generally anything between 7 – 21 days is usual.

The Conclusion

Well thats enough about the best seed banks that ship to Australia. The last words we have are, try them out yourself with a small order and see how you go. You won’t be disappointed if you order from this company. In our opinion, ILGM are top of the line, genius breeders from the Netherlands which means you are guaranteed pure strains. Rest assured your order will come swiftly, discreetly and cheaply! Order from this Australian Cannabis Seedbank today to check it out yourself!