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california marijuana seed companies

California marijuana seed companies
Plant to Harvest Duration: 90 days.

California marijuana seed companies

Item Number : BM-000

Blueberry Muffin is a company favorite. This seed produces plants that grow uniformly and produce frosty colas highlighted with purple flakes. The buds smell powerfully like fresh baked blueberry muffins, making the naming of this strain a piece of… muffin. The smoke is energizing and may be good for relieving pain due to arthritis and ulcers.

Strain Characteristics

Uniform plant growth

Consistent high yielding plants

Buds smell like blueberry muffins

Produces frosty colas highlighted with purple flakes

Smoke is energizing

Plant Growth Characteristics

Growing Zones: Grown throughout California and Oregon

Germination: 2-7 days.

Germination Percentage: 90% guaranteed

Flowering time: 45 days

Expected Outdoor Harvest: September 10th – 25th

Drought Tolerance: Insert if High, Medium, or Low

Nutrient Level Requirement: Insert nutrient levels

Yield: Insert Yield

Plant to Harvest Duration: 90 days.

Typical Cannabinoid Levels: THC% 20; CBD% .05

Dominate Terpenes

  • List the donminant terpenes for this strain.

Genetic Research and Development

  • The Blueberry Muffin Strain is a Humboldt Seed Company Signature Strain. Our award winning Signature Strains have all made their mark on the world and are some of our company’s more significant creations. These well-known strains don’t often need introductions, but you can be sure to see what all the excitements about when you purchase from the source.


Retail Micro Vial Blister Pack: Humboldt Cannabis Seeds can be purchased through your local dispensary in the traditional micro vial blister pack (shown below).

Retailer Boxes: Retailers can purchase “Retail Display POP Boxes” that contain 5 micro vial blister packs. Each individual seed blister pack has its own unique Universal Product Code (UPC) and corresponding bar code so they can be easily configured for your point of sale system.

Bulk Bags: Cannabis growers can take advantage of our advanced seed genetics and purchase pre-packaged bulk amounts of cannabis seeds from us at a reduced cost.

Signature Strain

Many years in the making, this special strain was derived from our famous Purple Panty Dropper and the Razzle Berry strain.

Ordering Online

Because of licensing restrictions, you must call to obtain a username and password for our website prior to ordering online. Please register on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website.

Retail Locations

We maintain a list of retail locations on our website that you can purchase Humboldt Seed Company products. Visit our retail listing page to find a location near you!

Product Slide Show

Take a look at all the shots of this awesome strain of cannabis seed!

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California marijuana seed companies

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