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buy marijuana seeds denver

Buy marijuana seeds denver
High-quality cannabis seeds aren’t as easy to grow and sell as, say, sunflower or pumpkin seeds. The breeding process takes time, according to Ben Holmes, a former cannabis breeder who now specializes in hemp.

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Fantastic Seeds and Where to Find Them: Buying Marijuana Seeds in Denver

Quality control is important no matter the motivation for growing cannabis. As convenient as clones are, you’re stuck with the paranoia of buying B-squad genetics and any diseases or pests they might carry. Using seeds brings more environmental control and peace of mind, and they’re cheaper in the long run than clones. So why are they so hard to find?

High-quality cannabis seeds aren’t as easy to grow and sell as, say, sunflower or pumpkin seeds. The breeding process takes time, according to Ben Holmes, a former cannabis breeder who now specializes in hemp.

“It takes two to three years to develop a seed, to make it sellable,” he says of breeding sturdy, potent genetics. “It’s tremendously expensive to do it on a large level if you want something good.”

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Cheap Herb: Denver Dispensaries Selling Eighths for $25 or Less

Few dispensaries sell and market their own seeds, relying on wholesale suppliers instead. Thanks to the legal boom in business, however, Colorado has more than enough commercial seed breeders to go around — but it’s hard to figure out who carries them. After scouring menus and bud bars, we’ve compiled a list of Denver-area seed breeders and where to find them.

1. The Green Solution
Ten metro locations
If you walk into any Green Solution location, the first thing you’ll notice is the selection. So it’s no surprise that TGS is a dispensary leader in cannabis home-growing products. Not only does each location sell clones and seeds with TGS genetics, but they also sell male marijuana pollen to use on female plants for crossbreeding. That is NOT recommended for beginners, however. Check out the Green Solution’s online ordering option to see what genetics are in stock at the closest store near you.

2. 14er Holistics
2897 Mapleton Avenue, Boulder
As seed-breeding programs continue to fall by the wayside, 14er Holistics remains one of the finest dispensaries to do it. The innovative Boulder pot shop has been selling seeds and tinkering with strains since 2009, creating rare and potent strains like Mamboe (Mamba Double Underdawg x Tahoe OG) and Charlotte’s Tange (Charlotte’s Web x Tangistan Kush). If you’re unsure about driving all the way to Boulder for seeds, buy some of 14er’s stanky flower to make it more worthwhile.

Marijuana Deals Near You

3. The Bank
The Bank is an offshoot of the Clinic, one of Denver’s most esteemed dispensary chains. One visit to a Clinic bud bar and it’s easy to tell why, with award-winning takes on Grape God Bud and Tangie. Unfortunately, you can’t get those local favorites from the Bank, but it still has interesting strains to choose from with similar genetics. Classics like Bubba Kush, Durban Poison and SAGE are used to produce hybrids like Grape Kush and Lemon Poison. The list of pot shops that sell the Bank’s seeds changes regularly, but it’s almost always a safe bet to find them at any of the Clinic’s four locations or five others listed below.

The Clinic
2020 South Colorado Boulevard

This strain is a perfect night time strain that is highly sedative that can relieve chronic pain and that it can relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety. Consumers may feel munchie feeling that is a great help if you are having a loss of appetite. This is a perfect strain for those who prefer quality over quantity.

Top 10 Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Denver

Denver is a place where cannabis dispensaries can freely grow and cultivate cannabis seeds but it is also a place where you can buy high-quality seeds that are potent and is known to have good genetics. Denver’s cannabis industry aims to cater to all kinds of consumers providing their needs for recreational or medical uses. In this article, we’ll show you different kinds of cannabis seeds that are grown in Denver.

Godfather OG

According to different sources, this strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains. It has Indica-dominant genetics that is a cross breed of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. The reason why it is known to be the most potent cannabis strain is because of its THC content that ranges between 34-36% which makes it known to be “the Don of all Kush’ strains”.

This strain won a lot of High Times Cannabis Cup for being one of the best Indica strains. It gives a high that will incredibly give you cerebral high in just a few hits. Its high is addictive because it also has euphoric effects that give total relaxation that leaves users the feelings of happiness and calmness.

2. Irish Cream

This is an Indica dominant strain that is a cross breed between Real McCoy and Cookies and Cream. This strain is known to be the coffee-and-cream flavored intoxicants because of its taste and aroma brought by its potency. It has an exceptionally powerful cannabis strain that aims to give you a pleasant experience with its 27% of THC content.

This strain offers a classic taste and aroma of fresh herbs, pine and sweet taste of cream. Its potency is ideal for treating anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain. It cerebral high tends to make you sociable, relaxed and happy, an all at once experience.

3. Chemdawg

This strain is known to be a pungent marijuana strain. It was originally crowned as the record holder for the highest THC content of 32.13% with unknown genetics or history. It has balanced hybrid genetics that makes up its overall qualities that are loved by consumers.

This strain is known to have uplifting effects that are conducive for boosting creativity. This is a strain not intended for a newbie because of it’s high but once you handle it, you will incredibly enjoyable. This strain may be difficult to grow but it is worth it because it is high-yielding and it is extremely potent.

4. White Tahoe Cookies

This strain is known to be the new kid in the block because of its characteristics that came from its Indica-dominant genetics. It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tahoe OG that contributed to its strong qualities. It has a THC content of 27% that brings an enjoyable high.

In terms of its effects, it would only take in a couple of minutes to serve its euphoric high that will make you understand how potent this strain is. It has a relaxing vibe that will turn into the feeling of sedation perfect for those who are suffering from insomnia and other sleep issues.

5. Strawberry Banana

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is known to be a delicious strain that tastes like a desert. But don’t fall for its taste and aroma because, at a THC content of 31.62%, it will definitely give you a punch. This is a strain perfect for novice and connoisseur because of its growing difficulty and it impacts on human consciousness.

As the name implies, it has the flavors of the sweet and fruity scent of banana and strawberry that delivers an overall cerebral head high that makes you feel total relaxation that is a fantastic way to handle chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

6. Emperor Cookie Dough

This is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid that has an extremely potent effect that has a cross breed between Emperor OG and the Girl Scout Cookies. One thing that makes this strain standout is because it offers balance effects that boost both mind and body functioning with its THC content of 31%. It has a combination of mental and physical stimulation that contributed to its potency.

This strain has a biscuity scent with hints of citrusy notes when properly harvested and cured. When exhaled you will have an initial impression that this strain has accents of the sweet tart. After its sweet fragrance has been smoked, it will give the user sensations of cerebral effects of mental engagement in doing complicated tasks and will give the feelings of well-being. As the high remains in the body, its sedative effects will take effect that will let your energy gradually increase as you fell asleep.

7. Canna Sutra

This strain is derived for the popular love guide Kama Sutra that has properties that enhances senses for romantic encounters. It has a THC content that measures between 23%-29%. This strain offers a potent and body high effects along with its balanced combination of an earthy and sweet flavor and aroma.

It has a dense small-medium bud gives a subtle effect but after a couple of minutes, it will give you the of serenity and contentment. Because of its THC content, users may feel the vibe to be trippy. This strain benefits recreational and medicinal cannabis.

8. Veganic Strawberry Cough

This strain has a genetic makeup as an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica that makes it an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross breed between strawberry fields and an old staple Haze genetics. This strain consists of THC content that ranges between 20-26% that makes it a favorite by veteran consumers because of its consistency.

Consumers may feel the feelings of elation a euphoric high while giving you a melted feeling from fatigue and tiredness. The effects of this strain may be felt quickly within 10-15 minutes. It has a distinct taste and smell of the tropical sweetness of berry with some notes of grass and earth with an after taste of herbally and spicy.

9. Northern Lights

This is a strain known to be the two hit and quit strain because of its mental and physical high. This award-winning strain received a lot of recognition in Cannabis World Cups as an outstanding potent recreational and medicinal cannabis strain. It has Indica ancestors that are bred from Afghani and Thai that contributed to its outstanding qualities. It is considered as a potent strain because its THC content can reach up to 33%.

This strain is a perfect night time strain that is highly sedative that can relieve chronic pain and that it can relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety. Consumers may feel munchie feeling that is a great help if you are having a loss of appetite. This is a perfect strain for those who prefer quality over quantity.

10. Sour Diesel

This strain is popular for its energizing and positive high brought by its potency with a THC content that ranges between 25-27%. This strain is distinguished by its fuel like smell that indicates its ability to provide Indica physical relaxation and a Sativa High.

The effects of this strain give a peasant and warm head high rush that can easily uplift the mood and leaving a sense of euphoric high that leaves you the feeling that is free from mild stress, anxiety, and depression. It has a long lasting high that could last up to 2 to 3 hours that is why experts would remind that if you have a low THC tolerance, limit the dosage intake of this strain.

Final Thoughts

Dispensaries in Denver are quite picky about the strain types that they want to sell to the consumers. These strains not only have great qualities but these strains are easy to grow because of their natural hardiness.