Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds

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Bubble Gum strain

The Bubble Gum strain is legendary for its smell reminiscent of chewing gum as well as its euphoric effect. The Bubble Gum strain grows into a medium-sized cannabis plant that generally doesn’t branch out too much, allowing compact, deliciously crystal-covered buds to thrive. The cannabis strain is very stable and the plants grown from it are very similar.

Originally, the Bubblegum strain was created by cannabis breeders in Indiana, USA. A few years later, the original genetics were transferred to the Netherlands and passed on to two different seed companies. Each then bred their own ‘Original Bubble Gum’ from this genetic base material.

Serious Seeds Bubble Gum is more of a sativa in appearance and effect, a robust and strong cannabis plant, with its so characteristic sweet smell (which really resembles a typical bubble gum flavor) and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous strain. By the way, she is the only inbred variety (not an F1 hybrid) in Serious Seeds’ range.

Bubble Gum has won an outstanding 13 awards at High Times Cannabis Cups and similar festivals so far! In 2004 and 2005 she won 5 local and national cups in Spain alone! In 2006, Bubble Gum received its best award; it was named ‘Cannabis Plant of the Year’ by ‘Soft Secrets’ magazine because so many Spanish growers won with the same plant in local competitions that year. In September 2016, Bubble Gum feminized seeds won third place in the Sativa category at the 2016 Expogrow Cup in Irun, Spain.

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The specatacular sweet strawberry flavor of this cannabis strain is very well pronounced in plants grown from feminized seeds! Incidentally, Bubble Gum is also the mother plant of the legendary Strawberry Banana, produced by Crockett Family Farms.

In November 2018, an extract of Bubble Gum produced by Nectars Collective won FIRST place in the Hybrid category at the 4th Annual Jack Herer Cup in Las Vegas, USA!

So many renowned and highly qualified testers can hardly be wrong that Bubble Gum Weed can be counted among the best in the world.

In indoor grow you can achieve up to 450g/m2. Outdoors it depends on the conditions the plant faces, but should always yield around 100g/plant and can be harvested after max 10 weeks from germination to maturity.

Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds

Bubble Gum is an indica-dominant cannabis strain which has a delicious flavour of strawberry bubble gum. Its long, thick, resin-coated buds are flecked with pink making an attractive sight. It is easy to grow and adapts well to all grow-media as well as cultivation techniques.

Indoors these plants remain fairly squat at 80 – 100 cm. tall, producing excellent yields of between 550 – 600 gr/m 2 in just under 8 weeks of flowering. Outdoors plants can get much bigger, 180 – 250 cm. tall, producing commensurately larger yields. Northern hemisphere harvests will be ready towards the end of September.

The scent of pink bubble gum along with strawberry gum flavours are clearly noticeable. Its THC content is around 18% and the effect delivered is very physically relaxing albeit with a mental alertness.

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