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Two Rest Daily Drops Rest Daily Drops •1500mg CBD• 1 fl oz / 30 ml WHAT IT IS: CBD + CBN! Let's face it, saving the world is exhausting….so why can't we SLEEP? Our Rest tincture was formulated for all of you superwomen who suffer from evening anxiety, inflammation, or general restlessness. WHAT IT DOES:​ Our blend "Because every woman should experience six things in life: love, great orgasms, God, happiness, luxury, and rest." Brown Girl Jane, a brand beloved by Halle Berry just launched their first fragrance. Find out more here.

Obsessed with Rest

WHAT IT IS: CBD + CBN! Let’s face it, saving the world is exhausting. so why can’t we SLEEP? Our Rest tincture was formulated for all of you superwomen who suffer from evening anxiety, inflammation, or general restlessness.

Our blend of 1500mg Broad Spectrum CBD and naturally occurring terpenes is designed to support deep and rehabilitative sleep, leaving you more refreshed in the morning.

This potent tincture is made using the finest-quality Broad Spectrum CBD oil, 100% Coconut MCT oil, and organic peppermint oil.

Rest can be used for daily wellness, and won’t cause any haze or intoxication.

Crafted using all-natural, plant-based ingredients grown in the USA and tested by third-party labs for purity.​

REST can be dropped right under your tongue, or in your favorite drink or food.

How Do I Take My CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures work best when they are dropped right under the tongue (sublingually). This way, the cannabidiol enters your bloodstream quickly due to the blood vessels in the area. Alternatively, you can add the same amount to your coffee, tea, smoothie, or smooth food (think yogurts, hummus, guacamole, oatmeal).

Where should I start?

A good place to start is with one dropper full. Hold the liquid there for 1-2 minutes and then swallow.​ Once you know how your CBD tincture works with your body, feel free to use up to twice a day.​

When is the best time to use tinctures?

You can tincture anytime, but ideally, take your CBD tinctures following a meal or with a healthy high-fat snack. This allows for up to 5 times the amount of absorption in the body.

Is it working?

Everyones body responds a bit differently to CBD, so please allow up to three weeks of consistent use to experience the desired effects. Your internal scale will be balancing, and it takes a little while for you to find your ideal dose and for your receptors to respond.

What are the benefits on CBD for skin?

CBD is known for its calming, balancing, and pain relieving effects on skin. Further, in studies performed at the National Institute of Health, it was shown that cannabinoids exert anti-inflammatory effects in skin, through both their actions on keratinocyte cytokine production and their modulation of immune cells.

How does CBD work topically?

CBD is highly anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant which reduces lipid product from the sebaceous glands. Overproduction of sebum leads to acne, and inflammation is the root of all skin evil, redness, puffiness, clogged pores among other skin issues.

CBD are powerful antioxidants—more powerful than vitamin C and E. CBD is particularly helpful for acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA does not evaluate supplements like our collection, instead it only evaluates foods and drugs.Check with your physician before starting a new dietary or supplement program. All products are legal in all 50 states and BROWN GIRL Jane does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

We Tried It: Brown Girl Jane’s CBD Products For Better Mental Health

Five months into 2022 and already it feels like it has been a year. New levels come with new devils (new stresses) and though we are proud of our accomplishments in the year so far, as a team, to say we aren’t in need of a vacay is an understatement. A part of recovery from burnout includes being intentional about how we approach our self-care practices. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, the xoNecole team decided to put better mental health into practice. And what better way to prioritize our mental health and manage our stress levels than through the use of CBD products?

The first Black woman-owned CBD brand that came to mind was Brown Girl Jane. CBD is the non-psychoactive ‘cousin’ of THC known for its more medicinal properties. When infused in products like oils, water, and gummies, CBD is used to provide relief to those experiencing health conditions like anxiety, stress, inflammation, depression, migraines, and even chronic pain. With product offerings like Balance Wellness Drops, CBD Gelées, and Rest Wellness Drops, Brown Girl Jane is taking up space as beauty and wellness innovators tapping into the power of CBD.

BGJ has a wide variety of products, both edible and topical, and we at xoNecole were all very excited to try them all. Here’s what each team member had to say about their experience with Brown Girl Jane’s CBD products:

Brown Girl Jane’s Aromatic Body Oil

Courtesy of Kyra Jay

“First of all, it’s the aesthetics for me. I love the cute packaging and the gold text on this bottle is giving luxury! Roses to all responsible. I have very dry skin so I usually use oil over lotion on areas of my body like my heels, toes, elbows, and fingers. So, I was looking forward to trying this one out.

“There was little to no scent at all which kind of disappointed me as someone who enjoys smelling things but I can see how this is would be a plus for someone who is sensitive to strong fragrances. That definitely doesn’t take away from its quality. It left me glistening, as it should, and if there was a travel-sized version I would carry it everywhere I go. Hint. hint.”

Kyra Jay, Brand and Social Manager

Brown Girl Jane’s CBD Gelées – Anti-Stress

Courtesy of Kyra Jay

“I’ve always been very interested in trying these after seeing so many people say that CBD gummies really helped with their anxiety. Living with an anxiety disorder and knowing there’s something that can possibly help was comforting. I tried the strawberry rose flavor and I loved how tasty it was at the beginning, masking the taste of the plant initially.

“It definitely made me feel calm and eventually sleepy. I wasn’t very stressed or anxious at the times I took them so I’m curious to see how clutch they will be mid- or post-anxiety attack.”

Kyra Jay, Brand and Social Manager

Brown Girl Jane’s Heal Body Butter

Courtesy of Tyeal Howell

“So since becoming a mom I’m always looking for different products to add into my evening routine to really help me wind down for the night and get the best sleep possible. It’s sometimes so challenging for me to turn my mind off and allow my body to relax and release the day. The past three days, I have added some Brown Girl Jane products into my evening routine and they’ve been a complete game-changer.

“I’ve been using the Brown Girl Jane Heal Body Butter. I have been putting it on my lower back, my neck, shoulders, and my feet, and it has been so relaxing. I honestly almost feel my body relaxing and the effects of the CBD on my sore muscles and my tense areas instantly. I’m obsessed and I will continue to add this as a staple in my evening routine, for sure.”

Tyeal Howell, Special Projects + Client Services

Brown Girl Jane’s Glow Luminous Facial Serum

Courtesy of Tyeal Howell

“I’ve also added the Brown Girl Jane Glow Facial Serum into my evening skin care routine and I loved it as well. I think I probably used a little too much the first time but the second night that I tried it I used a little bit less and it still felt so good. The combination of both of these products into my evening routine has really allowed me to relax and just take a deep breath and ease into my night.

“I’ve been using both of these products right before reading my book and laying in my bed and they’ve been just really relaxing. I love them both. If you’re looking for some nice CBD products to add to your evening routine, I highly suggest the Brown Girl Jane products. They’ve been a game-changer for me.”

Tyeal Howell, Special Projects + Client Services

Brown Girl Jane’s Rest Wellness Drops

Brown Girl Jane

“If you’re anything like me, the word ‘rest’ is typically one of those mythical moments you hear about but rarely achieve or witness every single day. There’s life, there’s stress and there’s the Big ‘A’ wearing its scarlet letter loud and proud: anxiety. Between those three culprits, finding organic and consistent rest for me, as of late, has been like a modern game of musical chairs. I’ve tried it all…melatonin, sleep aids and even working out before bed. I might’ve landed on one for a while, but none of it gave me the rest I was looking for nor the aftermath of a truly great night’s sleep (you know the rest I’m talking about – when you wake up refreshed, energized, and barely know what day it is).

“For me, an ally and advocate of cannabis, I was hella intrigued to discover if Brown Girl Jane’s Rest Wellness Drops would end up a nighttime staple or just next to the staples in the bottom of my nightstand drawer. Before I hopped in the shower I took one dropper-full and placed it under my tongue; I let it sit there for 30 seconds before swallowing and proceeding with my normal nighttime routine. Shower, facial, lotion, brush my teeth, and spray my melatonin spray on my pillowcase. By the time I’d crawled into bed, I felt relaxed, at ease, and at peace. My mind wasn’t racing as it normally does before bed, it was rather in a state of subtle euphoria.

“Just to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a fluke, I continued trying the drops for a week and each time, I found myself reaching for the drops as part of my nighttime wellness routine. The beautiful part? I don’t feel addicted to them, I feel aligned with them. I’m so impressed with the experience that I’ve texted just about every friend of mine and raved about finally witnessing the mythical ‘rest’ moment firsthand. ‘Girl, you won’t believe the sleep I had last night.’ Because every woman should experience six things in life: love, great orgasms, God, happiness, luxury, and rest…lots of rest.”

Ebonee Thompson, Social Media Manager

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The Pros & Cons Of Having Sex With Different Penis Sizes

Anyone who says that penis size doesn’t matter is lying. If you’ve got a penis, or you have sex with a penis, you know that certain sizes and shapes feel better than others. There isn’t a right or a wrong size, nor a good or a bad. All penises are great, no matter the size, but there are some pros and cons for each.

Here are some sex tips for every sized penis.

Sex With a Small Penis

Men with smaller penises are often much harder when erect than those with a large penis – as the blood flow has less space to fill. I don’t know about you but a harder penis equals a good time to me.

The Pros of Sex With a Small Penis:

Better and more attentive lovers

Quiet as it’s kept, small penises can be more enjoyable than larger ones. Almost every tiny dicked dude I’ve had sex with was a better lover than his big penis counterpart. Guys with less-than-average penises tend to have a lot to prove, and who am I to try and stop them?

Better for anal play

When it comes to anal sex, size most definitely matters. Most women complain that anal hurts. A bigger penis tends to be too much for butt sex. I’m way more excited to have anal sex when I see that the guy doesn’t have a third leg. Small penises are ideal for backdoor fun because they don’t cause pain, tearing, bleeding, or discomfort.

Easier to make adjustments

You can always make a small penis larger, but you can’t make a large penis smaller. With sex toys such as penis extenders any penis can become a bigger penis. Penis extenders are external devices that stretch the penis to make it longer. You can also use a cock ring to create a firmer, bigger erection. As well as penis pumps—a vacuum pump— that can temporarily grow a penis up to an inch in both length and girth.

The Cons of Sex With a Small Penis:

Limited range of motion

Smaller penises tend to “fall out” more often, creating a limitation in the type of sexual positions they can perform. Positions like doggystyle and spooning are great positions that will give maximum access. As a general rule, people with smaller penises should stick with positions that facilitate deep penetration, to utilize the entire shaft length.

Sex With a Average Penis

Random fact, most men are average. The average penis in America is just over 5 inches. Only 15% of all men have penis larger than 7 inches and just a tiny 2% are bigger than 8 inches, as documented in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. So by these statistics, most men have an average normal penis of about 5 inches. But average doesn’t have to mean bad, in fact, when it comes to sex, its a good thing.

The Pros of Sex with an Average Penis:

Works with most positions

If a guy is on the smaller or bigger side, certain positions can be tough. If he’s in the average range, the world is your sexual oyster and you can pretty much try anything without too much discomfort.

Average penises just feel better. Contrary to popular belief, most of us don’t enjoy having our cervix banged up. Average sized penis fits more comfortably in the cervix. Never have I ever heard someone say that sex was painful from an average penis. The most sensitive part of the vagina is the lower part, and a man with an average penis will have no problem reaching it. He can cause all of the pleasure without all the length.

Better blow jobs

It is a lot easier to perform oral on a man with an average penis than on a man with a larger or smaller one. When he’s average, you don’t have to worry about it fitting in your mouth or gagging and they’re easier to deep throat.

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The Cons of Sex With an Average Penis:

I see none! Moving right along!

Sex With a Large Penis

For some people size really does matter. Although size has no bearing on its ability to give and receive pleasure some people just prefer bigger. The bigger, the better. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all have preferences. To each their own.

The Pros of Sex With a Large Penis:

Never will be too small

A lot of men worry about being big enough to please a woman. By now we all know that it’s not the size of the boat that matters but the motion in the ocean. Skill trumps size any day, but at least if you have a large penis you won’t have to worry about a partner finding you to be too small.

Easier orgasms for some partners

Whether from just the excitement or from actually being stimulated more, some people find it easier to climax with a larger penis. In particular, a thicker penis will provide more of a “stretching” and “filling” feeling. Girthy penises can stimulate the G spot without the use of specific positions or angles. For women a longer penis can also reach the posterior and anterior fornices, which can be very stimulating.

The Cons of Sex With a Large Penis:

Big penises sound fun on paper but in real life, bigger is not always better. There is such a thing as “too big.” That might be a hard thing to accept, and what constitutes as too big differs for each person. Having sex with someone with a too big penis can be painful.

Foreplay and lube are mandatory

I’ll always advocate for the importance of foreplay in sex with any size of the penis. There’s so much more to good sex than just thrusting of dick in and out. When you have a partner with a larger penis foreplay becomes mandatory. Lube is also mandatory; very few women produce nearly enough natural lubricant to handle the sustained action of a thick penis.

Limited sex positions

Excess length poses a real problem with heterosexual sex: vaginas are not bottomless pits and the cervix at the back end is for most women very sensitive. This means that certain positions like the ever-popular doggystyle are off limits, but sex positions like cowgirl and missionary are better suited because they avoid thrusting too deep.

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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Partner Before Becoming Exclusive

If you frequent TikTok, you’re well aware of its many different sectors–whatever it is that you’re looking for can be found on the social media platform, from beauty tips and style advice to morning and evening routines. TikTok is also a great resource for relationship advice! It goes without saying that you should take what you find on TikTok with a grain of salt or double-check with your own provider depending on what advice you’re seeking out.

One professional handing out a wealth of relationship advice is Jeff Gunther, LPC who I stumbled across via TikTok. Late last month, he dropped a TikTok entitled “8 questions to ask your sweetie before you become exclusive” that featured 8 top-tier questions to ask potential for a deeper dive before making things official-official.

Similarly to the topics that couples should discuss early on in dating to establish what might be non-negotiables, the questions that Gunther proposes to precede exclusivity in your relationships are a great indicator of whether to move the relationship forward or take a step back. “None of these questions are deal-breakers unless you want them to be deal-breakers,” Gunther tells xoNecole. “I believe all the answers can be talked about and processed successfully before you decide to commit to a new partner. However, if the majority of these answers are not to your liking you may end up either delaying becoming exclusive or ending things so that you can go find someone who’s a better match.”

Additionally, Gunther recommends revisiting these questions and the responses every six months as a relationship check-in as a means to stay on the same page. “People grow and change in relationships and it’s important [that] you’re still a good match as you move forward,” he explains.

Okay, but what are the questions? I’m sure you’re wondering as I go on my tangent. Keep reading to learn more about the 8 questions to ask before becoming exclusive and why.


8 questions to ask your sweetie before you become exclusive.#mentalhealth #therapy #therapytok #relationshiptips #dating #datingadvice

1. What is your definition of ‘cheating’?

As Gunther pointed out in his TikTok, the definition of cheating can differ from person to person and therefore from relationship to relationship. There are different types of cheating (i.e. emotional cheating, sexual cheating) and different levels of cheating (i.e. online affairs, sexual fantasies, financial infidelity). And because cheating has levels to it, one person might have a hard line of no intimate contact of any kind with a person outside of themselves.

Another person might be more flexible in their approach to things like flirting, watching porn, fantasizing, etc. In order to be aligned on what crossing a line and what respecting a line looks like, this question should definitely be discussed.

2. What kind of relationship do you want?

Relationships are not one size fits all and can be tailored to the ideal that both (or more) parties desire. In addition to the more traditional monogamous relationship, there are also nonmonogamous relationships like monogamish, solo-poly, a free relationship, and the more well-known polyamory. Also, just because people might decide to be in a monogamous relationship doesn’t mean the ‘structure’ they are after in a relationship is the same across the board. Again, one size does not fit all.

There might be rules or boundaries that are necessary to put in place and respect if a relationship is to take place. For example, guidelines like sharing passwords or not sharing passwords might be discussed or if people share a living space, a boundary of what alone time in a relationship looks like might be established.

3. What type of kinky stuff are you into?

In regards to kinky stuff, Gunther briefly explains in his video, “You’re not trying to yuck their yum, you’re just trying to know what to expect.” And that is the perfect way to approach this particular question. When it comes to discussing taboo topics, even in the safety of partnership, it can feel a little daunting, especially when there can be an element of sexual shame looming in the atmosphere. Approach this question with an open mind and allow people to express their fetishes, fantasies, and kinks freely. After that, it can be decided whether those kinks work for both parties or if they absolutely don’t.

4. What’s your biggest worry about me?

Though the nature of the questions doesn’t seem harmful at all, it is possible for everyone’s perception to differ. This immediately made me wonder what it looks like to have this conversation with ease–doing so in a way that creates as safe and comfortable of a space as possible rather than tension and guardedness. In particular, Gunther suggests that we “enter into this question with curiosity and do your best to be compassionate. We all have red flags. Most of us don’t know what they are.”

It can feel like a loaded question to prompt an ask that prompts someone to convey a concern, worry, doubt, fear, or red flag and it is easy for the response to trigger a desire to go on the defense. Instead of going on the defense, welcome that feedback as the gift that it is. He adds that the opportunity is in fact a “chance to reassure them or give them more context about something they’re fearful about. This question allows you two to be honest about how you’re feeling instead of keeping it bottled up and hoping for the best!”

5. Are you okay with being my primary support person?

As humans, we all rely on others for support from time to time. Because we have emotional needs, it is natural to look to a partner for support, especially in relationships. In relationships, the people in them tend to lean on each other more than those outside of the relationship. For this question, it is important to understand how emotionally supportive and available your potential partner may be in relation to the relationship. If the answer to the question is no and therefore there is more of a need to rely on your community than the other person in the relationship, Gunther prompts his viewers to ask themselves, “Am I okay with that?” If you are, that’s totally fine. And if you’re not, that’s fine too.

6. What are you giving the most energy to right now (school, work, family, friends, this relationship)?

When thinking about pushing a relationship forward into exclusivity, what the other person realistically has the capacity for is an important element to factor in. Understanding where you and the relationship potentially rank on someone’s list of priorities and how that impacts the health of your relationship and your happiness should be discussed sooner rather than later. “If your sweetie is focusing more on work instead of the relationship and you’re let down with that answer it is 100% appropriate to ask them for a timeline of when they’ll be able to prioritize you over everything else. It’s also 100% appropriate for them to tell you that they don’t have an answer.”

Another example could be seeing one another frequently throughout the week is important to one person, but the other person doesn’t have the bandwidth to accommodate or prioritize the relationship the way you would like to be prioritized — that’s something that needs to be discussed. Likewise, if there is room to accommodate different priorities and less in-person time together is something that could be respected (not just tolerated), that should be discussed too. Like the seasons, energy and priorities can shift, which is why doing relationship check-ins every six months or so is encouraged so that everyone stays on the same page.

7. Does anyone else think they’re in a relationship with you right now?

This question right here! In today’s dating landscape, gray areas can be commonplace and the status of a relationship could very well be up in the air, or at the very least unclear to everyone involved. If the two of you are casual and have still been entertaining other people, or even if there are some persistent exes looming, this question is very valid and should be asked before moving into the official relationship category. That way it is clear to both parties if the two of you are single-single or if there is some communication that might need to take place to make boundaries clear to people outside of your relationship out of respect for the relationship you are creating with each other.

8. What do you think is most important that I should be aware of?

And for the last question, it’s an open-ended one that allows both parties to take the stage and share anything they feel is important to share with the other person. Overall, you want to be present in the conversation, even when you aren’t necessarily fond of the feedback or response you’re receiving. By being present and responding with curiosity, you come closer to making a sound decision regarding the potential of the information. This is always the case – the more information, the better you’re able to make your decision.

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Your September 2022 Horoscopes Are All About Giving Yourself Grace

September is all about getting organized, working together with others, having patience, and believing in your dreams. There are real possibilities and opportunities for growth this month, but it’s all about perspective and where you choose to focus your vision. With Virgo Season in full swing, there is more to get done and do than any other time of the year, as Virgo is all about accomplishing the mission. However, rushing your intentions or the work you are doing can lead you to places that don’t serve, and having patience with yourself and others while handling business this month is key. Use your intuition wisely, trust your instincts, and get creative.

On September 5, Venus moves into Virgo and is ready to clean house. Anything or anyone that isn’t healthy or beneficial to your heart is not sustainable in this energy, and Venus in Virgo expects the best of the best. This month is about recognizing the power you hold in life, and knowing you deserve everything you truly want in love. A few days later, Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year. Mercury will begin its retrograde transit in Libra from September 9 to September 23 and will finish its retrograde transit in Virgo from September 23 to October 2.

With both of these signs being very logical signs, it’s all about the mind and communication right now. This time is about paying attention to the signs, not getting too ahead of yourself, and of taking things one day at a time. Know that the messages will come, but it’s also equally important to tap into and understand your own personal truths as well so that you can communicate that clearly.

The Full Moon occurring mid-month on September 10 is happening in Pisces, and it is the Harvest Full Moon of the year. This Full Moon is all about dreams coming true and manifestations appearing. A Full Moon in Pisces gets emotional, and overall this is a time of deep growth happening within and without. On September 22, Libra Season begins, and the energy moves from detail-oriented, goddess energy Virgo, into relationship-oriented, love-focused Libra. With Libra Season moving through, new relationship developments will be taking place at the end of the month and September is a time of working together with others instead of alone.

The New Moon in Libra on September 25 before the month ends is bringing this love energy front and center, and by the end of the month, you should be setting your intentions for love, connection, and balance. September is overall about giving yourself and others grace and believing in the beauty and magic of what is becoming for you. Here’s what else the month has in store for your zodiac sign.

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Aries Horoscope for September 2022

September is a month of paving new paths for yourself and seeing new doors open for you in life, Aries. The focus is on the work you are doing right now, and the return you are seeing. It’s all about finding the balance between your work priorities and what your body and your health need from you as well. With the Sun moving through your 6th house of daily routines for most of the month, this is the time to get organized, make space, and focus on what is best for you overall.

Mercury goes retrograde this month and will be moving retrograde in your 7th house of love and relationships from September 9 to September 23. With a New Moon also in this area of your chart on September 25, the message is clear right now, and that is that sometimes it’s better to come together with others and work as a team, rather than trying to have the upper hand. Seek the peace within your relationships, and take note of what abundant circumstances are appearing for you.

Taurus Horoscope for September 2022

This month is all about emotional freedom, joy, and connection, Taurus. There are a lot of positive experiences for you to enjoy in September, and you are feeling like you have your people around you, supporting you every step of the way. This is the month to share the love and allow yourself to receive it as well. When you can live in your authentic truths, you inspire others to as well and people are meeting you where you are.

The Sun and Venus are moving through your 5th house of romance for most of the month, and love is truly on your side right now. The intentions you have been setting when it comes to your love life and your close relationships are seeing fruition, and it feels good to know where you stand with others and vice versa. The Full Moon on September 10 is a time of revelation when it comes to your friendship and community, and you are gaining clarity on who has been there for you through it all this month.

Gemini Horoscope for September 2022

September is all about having patience, Gemini. With your ruling planet Mercury going into retrograde this month, there is a need to take things slower, water your seeds, and give yourself grace through what is becoming for you right now. The more you can live day by day trusting yourself, your value, and your gift of manifestation, the more you can allow the universe to meet you halfway. Lists of gratitude serve your soul well this month, and it’s all about perspective.

Mercury will be in retrograde in your 5th house of romance for a few weeks, then it will move into the area of your birth chart having to do with the home and your foundations in life. Overall this month is about finding the balance between having fun and protecting your energy, and sometimes you need time to figure out which is which. The New Moon in fellow air sign Libra happening at the end of the month on September 25 will be an awakening experience for you and will allow you to reconnect with your hope and inspiration.

Cancer Horoscope for September 2022

This is a groundbreaking month for you, Cancer. Things are changing for you this month but they are overall changes that have needed to be made and are setting you up on the path toward success. September is all about flowing through change and finding your ground no matter what is happening around you. Remember that the Universe has your back, and go from there. You are stronger than you know.

There is a Full Moon happening on September 10 in fellow water sign Pisces, and this Full Moon will be giving you all the insight and clarity on where expanding your horizons is necessary, and on seeing the bigger picture. With Mercury moving retrograde in your 4th house of home, family, foundations, and your inner world for most of the month, foundations are shaking and you are getting the opportunity to rebuild for yourself in a way that makes more sense for you. Remember that what leaves your life is not sustainable for you to continue and that the detours you are experiencing this month are blessings.

Leo Horoscope for September 2022

Now that Leo Season has passed, you are getting the opportunity to regroup, reflect, and get some much-needed rest, Leo. There is an energy of a lot happening in your life this past month and for September, and allowing yourself and your mind time to process means everything right now. Don’t overthink things or sell yourself short, and trust that giving yourself time and grace to work through what is appearing for you now will be better for everyone in the long run.

With the Sun and Venus moving through your 2nd house of income, value systems, assets, and self-confidence in life for most of the month, you are gaining clarity on what you are putting out, what you are receiving, and if this is where you want to be in life. You deserve to live abundantly and find stability in this success, and September is the month of recognizing what you need and if you are truly getting that in life. Don’t be afraid to flip the script this month, switch things up, and ask for what you want.

Virgo Horoscope for September 2022

Virgo Season is underway, and the spotlight is on you right now, Virgo! September is your month of stepping up, leading the pack, and showing up for yourself and your life. You are feeling powerful every step of the way this month and are not only proving to others what you are capable of, but most importantly proving it to yourself as well. Remember that who you are is beautiful and enough, and allow your authenticity to shine in all its glory this month.

Your ruling planet Mercury will be going retrograde on September 9 and will begin its transit in Libra and your 2nd house of income, before moving into Virgo and your 1st house of self from September 23 to October 2nd. Overall, this is a time of going over your finances, replanning, and valuing yourself more than anything. With Venus in Virgo from September 5 to September 29, the confidence will be with you to move through anything, and there will be love showering on you in magical ways. You can get through anything, Virgo, and you are doing so with a smile on your face this month.

Libra Horoscope for September 2022

September is a month of balance and synergy for you, Libra. This is the month where you are experiencing a coming together in your life, and love and magic are unfolding for you right now. With a lot of energy in Libra this month, things are moving fast for you, but you’re dancing with life as if it is nothing to you but another day. The cycles of life are moving, and you are finding a lot of gratitude for the way things have panned out for you.

With Mercury going retrograde in your sign from September 9 to September 23, Libra Season beginning on September 22, a New Moon in Libra on September 25, and Venus entering Libra on September 29, the message is clear right now; and that is to spend more time on yourself and for yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a little more selfish this month, as this is the time for you to recognize the gifts you hold, the beauty within you, and the power you have in life. Repeat, “I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming” throughout the month.

Scorpio Horoscope for September 2022

September is all about clarity and recognition for you, Scorpio. Truths are coming to the surface this month that cannot be denied, and the answers are right in front of you. This is the month to listen to your heart, open your mind, and prepare for a new day. Remember that you are beautiful and capable no matter who else can see that, and the more you believe in yourself and all that is possible for you in life, the more blessings that can show up for you this month.

The Sun and Venus will be moving through your 11th house of friendship for most of September, and this is a good month to expand your horizons, network, and meet new people. Focus on your intentions right now and know that the key to manifesting is to believe it is already so, rather than getting stuck in the vision of worry or of what you don’t want. The New Moon at the end of the month is closing some chapters in your life, and you are ready for this release.

Sagittarius Horoscope for September 2022

September is an inspiring month for you, Sagittarius. This is the month to move forward with your passions and tap into your inner courage and creativity. Remember that you are protected and supported every step of the way on your journey in life and that your wise soul is needed in this world. It’s all about your aspirations and expressing yourself and your gifts in September. It’s time to shine, Sag!

The energy is in your 10th house of career and reputation this month, and this is a good time for following through on your goals and knocking off your to-do list. Personal achievements are being made in September, and the light is shining on you right now. With Mercury moving retrograde in your house of intentions, hopes, and dreams for most of the month, your goals may be looking different right now than they did before, and that’s okay. Instead of doing things how you always have, look for new ways to express yourself and be open to new possibilities right now.

Capricorn Horoscope for September 2022

Love is flowing through your world this month, Capricorn. Soulmate connections are in your life, and there is so much love around you in September. This is the month to come together with others and allow your heart to experience all the beauty and joy that this life has to offer you. Opposites attract, and that is the energy you are feeling this month. You are seeing that previous conflicts or disagreements don’t have a space in your heart today, and you are tapping into the forgiveness, grace, and commitment that is in your life right now.

With the Sun and Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo for most of the month and moving through your house of adventure and travel, this is a good month to go on an adventure. Take that trip that you’ve been putting off, read that book that’s collecting dust on your shelf, and expand your horizons. The Full Moon in Pisces mid-month is also coming through with all the intuitive guidance you are looking for. This is a month of enlightenment, communicating from the heart, and following your intuition.

Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

September is a month of new beginnings for you emotionally, Aquarius. Your heart is opening up to something new, and you are walking through new doors this month. September is your time to be free, live free, and allow yourself to rewrite your story. Remember that this life is yours to live and that you don’t need approval from anyone else to be happy. You deserve this fresh start that this month is bringing into your life.

With Mercury moving retrograde in a spiritual, adventurous, and inspiring area of your chart this month, the clarity may be a little more difficult to attain for the time being. Work with what is presenting itself to you, and know that everything you need to know will be shown to you at the right time. Be patient when it comes to plans and detours, and trust that when you follow your intuition, you will be on the right path. The New Moon happening before the month ends is bringing things full circle in your life and clearing any obstacles that presented themselves to you in September.

Pisces Horoscope for September 2022

Important achievements are being made this month, and you are getting the positive recognition you deserve, Pisces. September is a month of victory for you, and a month to move through confidently. Be your biggest cheerleader this month and allow others to show you their support as well, trusting that it’s coming from a genuine place and that you are deserving of the success that is unfolding for you now. You are moving mountains in September and claiming your blessings.

With a New Moon in your sign mid-month on September 10, you are seeing your intentions manifest into your reality. This New Moon is all about positive recognition, and seeing yourself in the beautiful way you wish others to. Self-love rituals are key this month, and you deserve to be adorned and treated right. With the Sun and Venus also moving through your 7th house of love for most of September, there is a lot of harmony, grace, and love showering down upon you this month, soak it in.

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5 Lessons We Learned From Season 1 Of ‘Rap Sh!t’

If you’re like most Issa Rae- and good TV-loving humans with a pulse, you probably ran, not walked, to catch HBO Max’s Rap Sh!t. On top of celebrating Black women in their most authentic essence, the show highlights Florida’s rarely seen yet indulgent side. As a Florida-born and raised woman who loves her Cuban sandwiches, slowed-down music, rims, bass, and never-ending sunshine, seeing Rap Sh!t pay homage to my state has been like receiving an overdue love letter in high school from the guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks.

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Rap Sh!t follows the unlikely yet revived friendship between Mia (KaMillion) and Shawna (Aida Osman) as they dip their perfectly pedicured toes into the world of a rap duo. The two, who belong to different worlds in the same city, in Miami, Florida, find themselves randomly paired together after connecting on Instagram and soon are drunkenly creating a viral hit called “Seduce & Scheme.” Mia, a single mother and 9-to-5 influencer with more followers than funds, finds herself intrigued by the possibility of doing the unthinkable: being a rapper. Shawna, on the other hand, is a semi-established “woke” rapper with a seemingly stalled career and a fraud scheme or two up her hotel reception sleeves.

The two are different – as most great connections and friendships are – but they make it work. They see the magic. They understand that what they have is rare. While they wade through the world of pimps-turned-managers, toxic ass boyfriends and mothers, and deferred dreams, they find that making it is the easy part; maintaining it is where it gets tricky.

As usual, Issa Rae authentically gets the stories of Black women right. With Insecure, we saw it come to life in California; in Rap Sh!t, we see the Black Girl Magic in the Sunshine state away from reality TV. For far too long, Florida’s music scene has been considered gimmicky hip-hop by the mainstream – with artists like Major Nine, Tom G, Tokyo Jetz, and even the show’s star KaMillion – staring at us, waiting for us to “get” it. Hip-hop in Florida is just as monumental as in any borough in NY or any ‘hood in Cali.

There’s more than the beaches and nightclubs; the show represents the duality of how something appears and the underlying beautiful spots we often don’t take the time to see. Similarly, the duality of being a Black woman in America is that, wherever you reside, and whoever you stand beside, you’ll always have the weight of working towards a dream while ensuring your superwoman cape doesn’t strangle you simultaneously. Rap Sh!t gets all the things right about being caught in the middle of doing everything for others, by others’ standards, and with everyone else in mind at the expense of your destiny.

While we sit on pins and needles waiting for season 2 of Rap Sh!t, we can rest assured that the five lessons we learned from the show will live rent-free in our heads until then. And if you haven’t binged the season already, be aware that some light spoilers are ahead.

1. Be a better friend.

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

First things first, Shawna is a questionable, if not bad, friend. While I’m not saying Mia is perfect, there’s a layer of superiority that Shawna knowingly carries around with all interactions she has. From claiming to be the “pen” behind the entire group while belittling Mia to nothing more than branding, to taking it upon herself to be more focused on her boyfriend than her business (while leaving Mia to do all the work, which she doesn’t get credit for); it’s not hard to see why the two had a disconnect. In life, we have to understand that, as Oprah, we rarely meet our Gayle; so when we do, we have to work like hell to be the type of friend to them that we’d want in our corner. The connection and trust you have for someone to give them the title of “friend” are more understated than we acknowledge.

Part of me wonders if there is a conflict in how Shawna and Mia treat friendship because they’ve received friendship on opposite ends of the spectrum in the past. One from the outside looking in and the other from the inside looking out. Either way, check on your strong friends, your weak friends, your rich friends, and your poor friends. Being a good friend is as simple as showing up consistently. This season, we saw Mia showing up more for Shawna than vice versa. It could be because, secretly, Mia was searching for someone who would see her as more than the loud, popular influencer she is. She wanted someone to finally see her for her.

Still, consistently we see Shawna put herself and her ego over her friendship, her group, and the promises they made to each other. Now, Shawna has to pay the price for it by losing the authenticity of a true friendship. Point blank: Romantic relationships aren’t the only relationships that deserve your attention. Your friendships are like any other relationship in your life; they deserve to be watered, prioritized, and nurtured.

2. Chase those dreams.

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

I’m not gonna hold you long on this one, sis. The known dream for one (Shawna) and the unknown dream for another (Mia) came together by simply stepping out of their comfort zones. Imagine if Shawna kept her nose turned up at the “Seduce & Scheme” track or if Mia had politely turned the opportunity to freestyle down because it wasn’t her “thing.” Too many of us stay in places where we’re comfortable simply because we’re scared of what happens if we fly.

Be more fearful of the magic you’re leaving behind if you DON’T fly. Chase those dreams. Do all the things. Even if every inch of your body trembles. Have something to reflect on and say, “I’m glad I at least tried.”

3. Pivot!

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

Shawna starts the season off as a “woke” but not watched rapper. Sure her rhymes have bars that would likely impress someone on a BET Cypher, but beyond that…nobody’s checking for it, and she knows it. Sometimes, you have to be flexible about HOW you get to your destination (within reason) without sacrificing the journey itself. There is so many layers of who you are that exist and the intersection of change and more change. Sometimes the pivot is truly your purpose, shifting gears. With Mia, they laughed and doubted her transforming from an Only Fans model and influencer into a solid rap artist.

Both ladies leave us with an important reminder of just how important it is to be flexible and open to change. That’s not to say you need to abandon your dreams, but it is to say that sometimes the vehicle to get to your destination isn’t quite what you picture in the Lyft app in your mind. Be open to change. Be open to the pivot. Be as aggressive about both.

4. Don’t be a Reina Reign.

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

Be you. Do you. Authentically. Even though Shawna was probably less likely to throw on Trick Daddy before hanging with Mia, that music, that beat, that feeling is in her Miami-born DNA. So she’s able to bring the pieces of her that aren’t the traditional sides seen in Miami and fuse them with the parts of Miami that make it one of the most intoxicating cities in the world.

Then there are Reina Reigns of the world. The ones who will code switch their way out of their blessings and purpose simply because it sells. Or because people like it. Or because people will click. Peeling back all the layers of who they are will reveal the truth, but the mask has to get hot and heavy on the surface. Be you. Do you. Love you, sis. ‘Nuff said.

5. Say bye to toxic men.

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

Cliff is trash. There, I said it. As women, we can sometimes find ourselves clinging to what was for fear of what maybe-kinda-sorta-may-never-be-again. Stop blocking your blessings by holding onto dead weight, begging to be let go. Also, when someone shows you who they are – believe them. I think at one time Cliff (Devon Terrell) genuinely loved Shawna, as long as she fit into the box of what he deemed her most valuable. If a man makes you choose between the deliciously honey-drenched versions of yourself, don’t hesitate to decide for him.

If you can’t embrace me in all of my Caresha excellence, don’t expect to ever witness my Michelle O. magic.

The moment she stepped out of that box he’d placed her in, he began to treat a diamond like an empty roll of toilet paper; sadly, Shawna allowed it. There are so many relationships in my past that have me wishing I would’ve done things differently, but the reality is no one could’ve told me what was toxic until I was detoxed from it enough to see it. Still, we know when the ones closest to us hurt us in the ways they know will penetrate us the most: words.

It’s easier said than done, but you deserve better than toxicity in any relationship in your life – especially the one you lay up with while they minimize your greatness—hard pass. But don’t worry; they’ll spin the block once they realize they can’t find your replica. That’s not your business, though. Focus on your focus and love who (shows and proves) that they love you right back.

Rap Sh!t was a fantastic journey into our layered and often complex relationships with our friends, love, and dreams. Whether you’re chasing one or all three simultaneously, you deserve all the good sh!t – no seduce and scheme, necessary.

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Halle Berry’s Go-to CBD Brand Is Launching a New Fragrance Line

In addition to her extensive fashion, lifestyle, and beauty coverage for InStyle, Brandi has worked as a writer and editor for E! Online, a fashion and lifestyle writer for Hello! US, an editor/on-camera host for AOL, contributing writer and red carpet correspondent for Variety and Cosmopolitan, and has also served as the Hollywood correspondent for Australia’s 9News’ TheFIX. Her editorial features can also be found on Vitruvi, MTV News, Madame Noire, Hello Beautiful and more covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and entertainment news. Her articles have been syndicated by the likes of Health, Marie Claire, Essence, Shape, Yahoo!, People, and more.

Surrounded by a vivid display of breathtaking floral arrangements inside of Atlanta’s dreamy flower-covered REVISED Garden Room restaurant, Brown Girl Jane founders Malaika Jones, Tai Beauchamp, and Nia Jones wrapped up the final day of the brand’s inspirational Health and Wellness Summit with an exciting announcement.

As waiters swapped trays of champagne for sleek mini bottles and passed them around the room, the trio revealed they had taken a dive into the fragrance world and would soon be launching Brown Girl Jane’s first set of perfumes.

Attendees, including the brand’s Shea Moisture grant recipients and finalists, like Look Good Live Well Founder Ariane Turner, immediately opened and sprayed the bottles. “It smells so good,” she said after spraying the LaMu scent on her arm.

And there’s a big reason Brown Girl Jane’s new fragrance collection, which launches Nov. 18, is so enticing: they were developed using 25 years of scent science and neuroscience techniques in partnership with renowned fragrance house Firmenich.

The collection “uncovers the link between emotions, ingredients, and colors using proprietary, claimable, and science-based technology such as brain frequencies,” the brand shared in a statement. In other words, the all-natural fragrances not only smell really good, but the embedded innovative technology causes sensory reactions when you wear them.

As a bonus, they’re launching just in time for the holidays, and make for great stocking stuffers and gifts.

“Scent is something that is so close to us, especially as women of color,” Malaika tells InStyle on a Zoom call. “It means so much, like the smell of walking into your mother’s house or the smell of your best friend, or, the smell of your latest trip. all of these sorts of things really evoke such strong memories. That was the foundation upon which we built the fragrance collection, and it’s an even larger love note to women of color in general, from the cities they’re named after to the sort of ease that each scent evokes,” she continues.

“That’s why we called it the Wanderlust collection,” Beachamp adds. “It allows us to feel transported as we inhale, and then our moods reflect that.”

VIDEO: InStyle On: Best Beauty Buys

The fragrance names were strategically chosen to reflect “where black women live” around the world, Beauchamp shares, adding that they were inspired by the culture in those areas, which are reflected in the scents.

The process from inception to finished product took over a year, Jones says. And they wanted to make sure that their signature wellness style was infused into the collection. “We were super excited about approaching product development and thinking about all of the ways to infuse wellness into really disruptive, innovative ways,” Malaika says.

LaMu is infused with coastal sage, salty plumeria, and coconut water — designed to uplift. Bahia contains water lotus, tuberose, and vanilla to relax and ease, and Casablanca comes complete with cardamom, soft suede, and glowing amber to give off soothing vibes of love and sensuality.

Brown Girl Jane’s summit, which Halle Berry hosted last year, is designed to uplift, inspire, and motivate women of color as well via days of health and wellness programming, with plenty of girl boss advice in the mix as well.

Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams hosted one of the virtual panels about mental health, and a select group of guests were treated to a luxe Cantu spa day at the St. Regis Hotel in addition to the lavish brunch. It was Black girl magic personified, and there was another surprise announcement to come.

At the end of the brunch, the founders also announced that they would be launching a 501 3c non-profit organization specifically tailored to help fund and support black-owned beauty brands. This would further the over $405,000 they’ve already given to black-owned brands in partnership with Shea Moisture and Vaseline.

“When we launched Brown Girl Jane, we always knew that we wanted to lead with our mission and that has always meant including and uplifting other women of color,” Nia details. “We wanted that to be equally as important as our product line.”

Each fragrance is priced at $62 and can be purchased on

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