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blueberry pot seeds

Blueberry pot seeds
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• Late October / Early November

Blueberry cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion belong to a feminised cannabis strain that originates from the cross of different genetics from Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Thailand. The result is a sumptuous Indica-dominant hybrid created in the 70’s that blends a wide variety of fruity flavours and blueish hues all over its leaves and buds.

Blueberry develops beautiful mid-sized/big marijuana plants that yield bumper crops of fat and compact buds overflowing with resin. If temperature drops dramatically at night, it acquires some beautiful purple hues.

Inexperienced breeders may have to be extremely careful with the amount of fertilisers they provide the plant with. However, should they get it right, the quality of the end product will make up for the effort.

Blueberry has an intensely fruity flavour and aroma, with notes of berries. The effect it provides is powerful but rather balanced, as it starts with a cerebral high and evolves into a long-lasting feeling of relaxation. No wonder it is among the favourite marijuana strains in Dutch coffee shops.

Characteristics of
Blueberry cannabis seeds

Sex Feminised
Genotype Indica-dominant
Suitable for Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering 56-70 days
Indoor yield 400-450 g/m 2
Outdoor harvest time Late October / Early November
Outdoor yield 500-600 g/plant
THC 19.5%

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Blueberry cannabis is a great strain with an easy and straightforward germination process. Its genetics is closely related to indigenous landrace strains in the Afghani Mountains. Thus, it performs optimally when grown outdoors. It can withstand both cold temperatures and humidity, thanks to its resilient nature.

Blueberry Feminized (10 seeds)

Resinous Plant with Amazing Fruity Taste

This world-class strain is not only a fast germinating one but also a perfect one for both amateur and professional growers. It matures fast and gives high yields. When smoked, it produces sweet euphoric and relaxation effects. This strain is every smoker’s dream.

The nature of Blueberry strain seeds makes them very easy to grow. Among all cannabis, Blueberry has a celebrity status for its elegant flavor and relaxing effects. It made its first appearance in California back in the 1970s. This cannabis is a hybrid of Thai, Purple Thai and Afghani strains. Over the years, it has become a proud parent of many popular offshoots. This strain won High Times 2000 Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and came 3rd place at 2002 Cannabis Cup. Growers of Blueberry feminized seeds usually grow a number of seeds to find a special mother plant.


Flavors Berry


Flavor Power Strong
Flowering Time Short (8 – 9 weeks)
Height High (up to 225 cm)
THC Level High (up to 225 cm)
CBD Level Low (0.26% – 0.5%)
Climate Mediterranean
Feminized Yes
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Yes
Yield High (400-600 gr/m2)
Cultivate Indoor & Outdoor
Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa / 0% Ruderalis


Blueberry cannabis is a great strain with an easy and straightforward germination process. Its genetics is closely related to indigenous landrace strains in the Afghani Mountains. Thus, it performs optimally when grown outdoors. It can withstand both cold temperatures and humidity, thanks to its resilient nature.

For optimal growth performance, pack the soil with nutrients before planting Blueberry strain seeds. Keep the temperature mild between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit and occasionally prune off the very interior stems and branches. Encourage the plant to grow horizontally and produce more bud by snipping off the very top of the new growth.

Blueberry can handle cold nighttime temperatures. It has standard growth time of 8-9 weeks and performs best when harvested in October. When growing Blueberry strain seeds, use bat guano and worm casting to top dress your soil and help the buds take off.

Character & Flavor

Blueberry is perfect for growers of every caliber. The average THC level is 19,5%, but it can get as high as 24% depending on the growth conditions. With such level of THC, this strain is one of the most powerful indica strains you can grow today. With this strain, you can expect between 0,25% and 0,5% CBD. Blueberry strain seeds are very easy to grow. Characteristically, it is a dense and stout plant with red, purple, and blue hues. This product has a long shelf life.

As for the taste and aromas, the buds usually have an extremely fruity, sweet, pleasant aroma, and taste of blueberry.

Medicinal Application

With a THC of 19,5% on average, Blueberry can be used to treat stress and pain. The high quality of THC in this strain interacts with the endocannabinoid system making it a perfect strain to combat mental disorders and depression. Additionally, it can be used to treat insomnia, neuropathic pain, diarrhea, cramping, nausea, diarrhea, and depression.


Like every other powerful strain out there, this strain has some side effects you should be aware before you buy Blueberry strain seeds. It can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users have also reported dizziness in some cases.